Poll: Who was Milan’s best player in 2012/2013?


WHO WAS the best Milan player in the 2012/2013 season?

The season has come to a conclusion and Milan finished the season in the third place thanks to a great comeback in the second half of the season. Milan started the season in horribly but picked themselves up and finished in a UCL spot.

There will be some changes in the summer, perhaps even in the coach position, but now it’s time to reflect on the passing season and pick the best Rossoneri player of the 2012/2013 season. So who was the best Milan player in this year?

Update: Milan deny Berlusconi’s Biscardi statements
Official: Abbiati signs contract extension to 2014

The only player who’s already confirmed for next season among those who have expiring contracts is Christian Abbiati. Abbiati had a great season and he won Milan many points and was certainly one of the best players this season. Another player who had a good impressive season in defense is Philippe Mexes who scored the most important goal of the year.

Mattia De Sciglio was certainly one of the revelations of the season in Serie A and his excellent performances for Milan gave him his Italy debut. Riccardo Montolivo was without a shadow of a doubt the most important player in Milan’s midfield, as he was the only one who could offer creativity. Stephan El Shaarawy started the season very well and carried Milan on his back in the 1st half of the season, and although he slowed down in the 2nd half of the year, he was still good.

It’s now safe to say that Milan won the Giampaolo Pazzini-Antonio Cassano swap; Pazzini scored 15 Serie A goals for Milan and won them some very important points. Super Mario Balotelli joined the team in January but stole the headlines immediately and mostly for the right reasons too as he managed to score 12 goals in the 13 games in which he played.

Who is your pick for Player of the Season? or many the best figure wasn’t even a player – but coach Massimiliano Allegri who is getting a lot of credit from the players for Milan’s big comeback this season as they went from 15th to 3rd.

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Montolivo was by far the most instrumental & consistent!


You’re forgetting abbiati…


I will choose Stephan El-Sharaawy as my best player of the season, because if not of him who carry the team on his back in first half of the season, we might not be in third possition now. Forza milan!!!


Agree w/ you…


el92, officialmonto, abbiati …

Saidi Tunde

Stephan El Sharawy.Without him Allegri will had been history by now.He single handedly carried team alone and was also pulling Allegri along for the first part of the season. For his sake also,I won’t Allegri gone,because Allegri hasn’t or don’t know how to make SES and Balotelli play and score together. Check for yourself since the arrival of Mario,how many games have they play together?How many goals have they scored together? El Sharawy is gradually fading,Allegri is foolishly benching him for no good reason. Silvio needs to save the career of guys like SES,Chrisante,Gabriel,Valotti,Ganz,Boateng etc etc. Where is Merkel?With Allegri… Read more »


2012/2013 Montolivo
2012- el Shaarawy
2013- Balotelli






SES •̸ϞƔ‎​‎​‎​ best player O̶̷̩̥̊͡f Τ̲̅ђε̲ yr


Every coach has his highs and lows, everyone is talking about the arsenal/milan game, barca/milan game, the most painful milan game as a fan was the depotivo-la-corona vs milan in 2004, when we lead 4-1 aftr the 1st leg and lost 4 – 0, we we’re the defending champions, the team was in its prime back then, ancelotti deserved to be fired, he also finished 5th with a team that had the best player in the world at that time (kaka) and still kept his Job, we hadn’t won the league scince 2002, 7yrs b4 allegri came. Galliani knws allergi’s… Read more »


EL-SHAARAWY was definitely my Milan’s best player of 2012/2013. Any doubt?


It has to be El Shaarawy, yes Montolivo was vital and Super Mario has scored an amazing amount of goals, but if you take away what El Shaarawy did for us then we wouldn’t have gotten anywhere!! Forza Milan!!!!


Getting out of the hardest period was the most important and who got the job done?? STEPHAN OF COURSE

Pa ibra

i like montolivo better but i think el sharaawy was more crucial. when he fades in the later stages, by then, there were many players sharing the burden while the 20 year old was the only one in the earlier parts of the season… thats the diference betwen him and the others.

Enwongo Milani

Forza El Sharaawy!!! Milan til our goat lay eggs!!!!


I hate to do this but @Sola what on earth is wrong with u..Costarcuta, Cafu, Maldini in their prime in 2004?..Wow..we won the league that year..yes 2003/2004..we had an 8pts deduction we stll played in the UCL..and won it..average players like Kaka, Pirlo, Gattusso were moulded to world beaters..even TS33 joined d fray..and we even won the Coppa Italia with Carlo..come on Carlo and Max are not on same pedestal..Thank you


Pazzini gets my vote! The was mostly a sub and still manage to store 15 goals…Everyone else was inconsistent!

But El Sharaawy must be given credit for saving Allegri’s ass especially at the start of the season.

Had it not been for El Sharaawy Milan would be fighting relegation or be just as horrible as Inter this season!

And he treats the kid the same way he treated Inzaghi…by benching him…so stupid!


Havin said that my Milan player of the season is…

..Phillipe Mexes..

He scored the goal that took us to the UCL playoffs


Pharoah of course, cos he took us past d red sea.


Milan after real madrid pair modric and lopez….hope we get them.my player of the season is montolivo

Kaka milan

Montolivo was instrumental…our new captain next season…but elsharawy is d best player of d season…..


El shaarawy is Milan’s best playa..witawt him we wudnt b here!!! He did it single-handedly


Simple questn..who’s ur milan best player,some r answerin by sackin sumbody. Is dat wat dey r askin?wat u fail 2 undastand is dat if d club decide 2 sack anybody nt bcoz of wat most of u sayin here.so leave who 2 mr B answer d questn ryt


I we choose Abbiati cus wit old age still d best


My vote is definitely for Abbiati!

lieutenant colonel nana-fynn



Thank you for big contribution from El Sha, Pazzini, Balotelli, Mexes, Abbiati, and others…
But I prefer Montolivo for the best player. He played very vital role, good vision and I’m glad he got few injured this season…hope next season he won’t get injury at all…


best keeper: abbiati, defender: mexes midfielder:montolivo best winger: shaarawy best striker: bslotelli


It’s a really tough question, all players (and Allegri of course) that are mentioned have been instrumental and the most consistent. However maybe Montolivo has been our best player as he was the most consistent one throughout the entire season, and you can really see the difference between our play when Montolivo is there and when he’s not. No I can’t pick one, I think all the players mentioned above have all done their part extremely well and deserves their praise!

Some Guy

Milan’s Top 5 players:

1. Stephan El Shaarawy
2. Riccardo Montolivo
3. Mattia De Sciglio
4. Giampaolo Pazzini
5. Mario Balotelli


berlusconi has chosen seedorf as milans next coach , according to mediaset


Didac,Bojan anda Traoré.


SES for sure!

How come Allegri is an option????? And who was the id*ot that voted him????????????


is Allegri a player (or coach)?? 🙂 anyways, may i know why i connot see comments with my HTC android phone, admin or anyone please? thank you.


My own goes to monty


I think el sharaawy is milans mvp without any doubt…also i suggest this possible milan..baloteli,desciglio,montolivo,els92,cerci,poli,veratti,zapata,astori,abiatti(or a good sub),mexes,cristante,pazzini,constant,dejong,saponara,abate(or a good sub..i really don’t like abate)…6 more players to make the squad @least 23..maybe from the primavera.


My vote was Montolivo. Though SeS, De Sciglio, Abbiati and also Pazzini are honourable mentions.

For me.
1. Montolivo 2. SeS 3. De Sciglio 4. Abbiati and 5. Pazzini.


@gaushow..i voted for el sharaaway and i think u are being very disrespectful and uncivilized by call our coach and idiot…i also think the admin made a mistake by including allegri’s name on d list cos such awards are made for players alone and it is wrong to place a coach in the same category as his players


Allegri is being very disrespectful with the supporters every game, so its ok..

Centurion Saklek milan

1. Abiatti


Poll: Who was Milan’s worst player of the season?


bonera/ amelia




If it wasn’t for Stephan, we’d be fighting for relegation. Ever since the arrival of balotelli and Allegri has locked down his talent to ‘helping in defense’. He’s the guy we should built the team around, and let him unleash the wrath of that talent on to our opponents. I look forward to seeing him and bojan torment teams through out europe next season. MY VOTE GOES TO STEPHAN! I AM PROUD TO BE A MILAN FAN!! That’s the theme for next season. Mark my words, we’ll reclaim europe with Seedorf. Fellow fans, let’s come together and and continue where… Read more »


FELLOW FANS WE ARE RECLAIMING EUROPE! We’ll fit all europe in milanello! @eugle, @1five1, @generalgattuso, @Ted, all milan fans turned into allegri fans, com’on guys, I know it’s difficult, but get over it, he’s gone, let’s support the team, no more segregation, no more insults, let’s conquer europe.

Elsha 92 is d best player….montolivo is great as we all knw him @ fiorentina…pazini,de sciglio,and ballo45 re great while mexes i also great coz he scored milan s best goal of d season against #anderlect#and d most important goal of the season…1st elsha92 2nd monty and 3rdpazzo mexes is superb……..forza milanooo!!!

tynny ruicosta

I preferred ses above anybody

tynny ruicosta

I preferred ses above any players in milan

R kenny

El92 best player of d season.


@cyborg, easy bro, u might get an heart attack if allegri dosnt get sacked, lets jas sit back, relax n see what happens.

musa labaran

el sharaawy was the milan & serie abest player scoring 16. Goals with out any shotout on pen. so that his team mates made their own contribution with collective efforts so that keep up. FORZA MILAN

General Gattuso

My vote goes to Allegri and Mexes. Insult me if u like i don’t give a deam i will always say my mind. Forza milano


el sharaawy is best and montorivo
the worst are: traore, bonera, muntar, noce,
report: in few hours late barbara and garian meet whith mr alleg perhaphs is going to sacked


Abbiati deserved the best in my opinion as he has been showing a whale of performance in this season by keeping the goal safe, especially in post-winter market term, but Montolivo has turned into pivotal role in tactical set up as he bond between Milan’s offense and defense lines in such tremendous way as ‘traitor’ Pirlo ever done.


montolivo nd allegri


sounds like some people are still in denial…. Guess they’ll eventually come to the party as time goes.


If Allegri really goes i’ll start preparin my “told u so” speeches when Milan will get no results next term. Believe that


ok… but if Milan plays better than now you cant post here anymore.. done?


yeah that probably won’t happen but will admit like a man i was wrong and let u rape me with “told u so”