The derby, Gattuso and what we might have in store in the coming months

Mateo Musacchio during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 21, 2018. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)
Mateo Musacchio during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 21, 2018. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)

By late October, Milan-fans would believe they’d have a feeling of what to expect from the rest of the season. However as things stand it’s all still as uncertain as ever.

With eight games played, the Rossoneri remain 12th in the league. A win against Genoa, in the postponed game, would make them sixth. Up until today Gattuso’s men have showed some very good form, but also some worryingly bad. The games have often been of two halves: one dominant, creative and exciting, and one uncertain, fearful and lackluster.

The matches against Napoli, Cagliari, Atalanta and Empoli are examples of this pattern. Milan played well at times, but when it mattered they were unable to close down and convert their chances. Gattuso’s side seemed inexperienced and fearful in the dying embers of games, neither threatening in attack nor secure in defense. After the poor start to the season, rumors had it that Gattuso was given three games to change this run of form. Rino responded by leading the team to a 4-1 victory against a strong Sassuolo-side, as well as clearly overcoming both Olympiacos and Chievo. While not the biggest of teams to beat, the Rossoneri started to show confidence and character in their play.

Davide Calabria and Ivan Perišić during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 21, 2018. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)
Davide Calabria and Ivan Perišić during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 21, 2018. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)

After the international break, and two weeks of preparation for Gattuso and several of the players, the Derby della Madonnina was upon us. This was going to be a real test of strength for Gattuso’s side. While it had been a frustrating start to the season, Milan had lost only once, a game against Napoli at the San Paolo, arguably one of the toughest games the current season has to offer. Maybe the Rossoneri’s stressful start to the season had just been a matter of stringing two halves together?

After a close opening, where both sides were feeling each other out, Inter started to dominate. Milan were pressed down low, were weak on the ball and showed indecisiveness and uncertainty on the counter. Disappointingly for some, Gattuso’s side didn’t seem to want to win the game, but rather settled for a draw. With some very good defending at times, as well as some luck, Milan managed to keep the score sheet equal throughout regular time. However, Inter were ready to pounce, and in the 92’ minute they got their chance. Donnarumma misjudged a cross from Vecino, rushed out towards the ball to leave an open goal for Mauro Icardi who had no problem beating Musacchio on the header. A heartbreaking goal to concede for the Rossoneri, who had defended for so long, but hardly an undeserved one.

Mauro Icardi scoring past Gianluigi Donnarumma during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 21, 2018. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)
Mauro Icardi scoring past Gianluigi Donnarumma during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 21, 2018. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images)

Still, Milan lost against a strong Inter-side, and a loss in the derby, however painful it is, doesn’t ruin the season just yet.

Earlier this week Higuain, Suso and Romagnoli praised Gattuso and the rest of this current Milan-side. Romagnoli claimed that the players have “absolute confidence in Rino” and that they were even “willing to die for him”. In other words Gattuso is, as he perhaps still should be, secure in his coaching position.

However Milan’s swift ever-changing character, between a defensive side, an attacking side, a confident side and an uncertain side, needs to be taken care of. The substitutions also need to be better. In the derby Cutrone was used on the flank without seemingly much to offer. Bakayoko was also subbed on, without impressing anyone, and Abate came on merely to run down the clock. Unlike earlier seasons, Milan has some good depth on the bench, potential game changers when used right. That is an aspect of the game Gattuso needs to utilize for all its worth.

Patrick Cutrone during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 21, 2018. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)
Patrick Cutrone during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 21, 2018. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)

However the form of some of the starting players has been disappointing at times. Çalhanoğlu has been a shade of himself before the summer. Musacchio, while often good, has struggled with his defensive positioning. And even with some great performances, Calabria’s apparent struggle with playing week in week out opens up room for the ever-so shaky Abate. Most of all, though, Gigio Donnarumma might have been the most disappointing player in the red and black shirt so far this season. This Milan-side hasn’t kept a clean sheet in the league since April. Gigio can hardly take the entire blame for that, but it’s still a nasty statistic for the young man. Even with evident quality and potential, he doesn’t look like a player worthy of his salary at the moment. He’s shaky with the ball in his feet and his aerial play is questionable. Milan is in nothing like a keeper-crisis, but for €6m a year you would expect more.

Luckily, the Rossoneri have some good players returning to the field. Conti will soon be back from his injury, Caldara is already back from his, and the exciting Brazilian prospect Lucas Paquetá will be eligible to play in January. With the possibility of more signings arriving this winter, Gattuso will have even fewer excuses for weak performances.

Gennaro Gattuso and Luciano Spalletti during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 21, 2018. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)
Gennaro Gattuso and Luciano Spalletti during Inter-Milan at Stadio San Siro on October 21, 2018. (Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images)

All in all though, Milan might still have a great season. The Europa League is there to be taken and the Serie A is still in the early stages. Gattuso’s side has also shown some great, creative and entertaining football at times. It’s “just” a matter of consistency. Because what’s frustrating is that after years of uncertainty many hoped for a steadier season, one where a Milan-side with evident quality in several positions was able to bring home three points most weeks. Instead, a Sunday night without being close to a heart attack still seems unlikely for a Milan fan, even if the opposition is Empoli. Still, it’s not just the small games that are problematic, this Milan-side’s apparent fragile mentality in big games is disappointing, as it used to be these games the club thrived in.

Many wrongs were made right this summer, but the Rossoneri still struggle with many of the same issues as before. What causes this can be speculated and debated, but the only thing certain is that this side is capable of more. Milan need to play like a big side, play with the quality that they do have, and show that quality on a regular basis. That is on the players, but especially on Gattuso.


  1. When it comes to man-managing and managing the dressing room, I am pretty sure very few coaches can do it better than Gattuso. But when it comes to real-time on-field tactical decisions at a moment of crisis, Gattuso loses his confidence and makes mistakes. Lack of experience is the only thing to blame for it. I don’t agree when fans scream ‘GATTUSO OUT’. That’s just fans’ emotions talking. Gattuso is our legend, our champion. He deserves the respect. He helped us through a tough time. Now it’s time for us to help him grow. Lets bring in someone with a profile high enough so Gattuso can learn from them. Just imagine Gattuso, making the right choices with Subs and less fearful of defeat. The whole Derby could’ve been different and yup guess who would’ve been hailed as the hero if we had won.. Oh YES, our own Grinta. Very few milanisti would mind a defeat if we played with courage and at least tried to attack some more with a good football. This defeat hurts because we didn’t WANT to win. We had the firepower in the team to win but we just didn’t use it. Subs were awful, no tactical prowess was displayed, hell I didn’t even see a good ball reaching our Striker, NOT ONE. These are the things that needs to be learned by experience. So, we need to bring in someone with experience in the big leagues. We should’ve brought Ancelotti when we had the chance, so the old master-apprentice combo could have revived again. C.Ancelotti would have been the perfect boss for Rino. In the end, win or lose, good football is all that matters to fans. You played without fear against Roma, and look at the result.
    Inter wasn’t the strong team it is hyped to be. You didn’t need to fear Inter, Rino. Their defense looked shaky against Higuain and Suso’s quick feet while ours stayed firm against their attacks. All you needed was to attack with everything you got and we could’ve easily won. The difference between the team was only your mindset of a draw. That’s where we lost.

    • Milan is not the place to help coaches grow. He needs to go to Chievo or Bologna or some pitiful team in Serie B for that.

      We are Milan. A legendary club second to only Real Madrid. We need to return to our rightful place in football and that is on top of Europe.

      Gattuso is not the answer and I am reading rumors on the web that we are linked with Arsene Wenger since Gazidis is coming to Milan soon.

      A very good idea since we have a young squad. It makes a lot more sense to get Arsene Wenger since Conte is tied up with his Chelsea contract and cannot coach any team until 2019-2020 season when his Chelsea contract runs out.

      I appreciate Gattuso as a footballer but no past legend is bigger than our Milan. I would have felt this way even if Marco Van Basten was doing as bad as Gattuso.

      Gattuso out! Let’s get a real coach especially if the rumors about Arsene Wenger is true I am all for it.

        • Sacchi’s last year with Milan was nothing great. Neither was Capello’s last term at Milan nor Allegri or Ancelotti. So what’s your point?

          And yes, Wenger. The same Wenger that beat the crap out of Milan in the Europa league in case you forgot.

          • Look at Allegri and Ancelotti now, they’re still at the top bro….. Not down for Wegner tho!!!

          • Wenger is a joke of a coach in this moment !!! Let’s be serious ! He hasn’t won anything important since I was child. Even my idol, Gheorghe Hagi, beat him in a final of UEFA Cup with Galatasaray. No, Wenger will not perform ever at AC Milan ! Capello, Lippi, even if they are old they are mega coaches, but Wenger is finished !

      • If you think we are at the same level with Real Madrid at the moment you are dreaming my friend, your team status doesnt win you games unless you have good players, we are a Chievo/Bologna in the making to become Milan.

        • I never said we a current on the same level as Real Madrid. Smh

          I implied that we are 2nd Real Madrid since we have have more CL trophy than everyone else except them. Is that not correct?

          And for those of you who are against Arsene Wenger coming to Milan, don’t be mad when January comes as it appears our new CEO Gazidis is planning that already when he arrives October 31st.

          So this might be more than just a rumor as Arsene Wenger is reportedly saying he will return to coaching in January.

          • Your not seeing the woods for the trees my friend
            If you and everyone else can see Gattuso’s limitations why is he still here??
            Enough of the sentiment and “respect our legends” nobody is questioning his status but anyone with even a vague understanding of football will tell you he’s not going to cut it
            He’s not making small mistakes here there glaring ones, I still get sick a little in my mouth every time I think of how isolated Higuain was all because of Gattuso being terrified to attack! What’s he going to do against Juventus?? My god he’ll literally park the bus straight across the goal and say 4 hail Mary’s and a decade of the rosary
            Inter are not that good and nobody tell me that man for man we’re not at there level, we looked like Benaveneto against them
            We are Ac Milan for fuck sake, a club thats one of the most decorated on earth
            What exactly do you mean by “Let him grow” what does that even mean?? There’s no school or college to become a top manager you either have it or you don’t and he doesn’t
            You sound like you want to give him a big hug and a reassuring arm around the shoulder, that’s all fine but don’t expect to finish any higher than 6th or 7th
            If this sort of soap opera was going on at any other top European club year after year of hiring totally useless managers just because they played for them the fans would revolt. I have nothing but respect for Gattuso the player he was a phenomenal champion who won everything including the holy grail which is of course the world cup but the simple truth is he’s as bad a manager as he was as good a player
            Anyone who would do what he did Sunday night from tactics to substitutions should not be allowed near a football team
            Ask yourself one thing. Would Gattuso the player of excepted the manager to do what he did and roll over and die at the feet of Inter because of fear of defeat???
            The Inter Milan fans are laughing there asses off at us because never before have they faced such a pathetic derby

      • While I don’t think Gatusso should be fired just yet, in particular since there’s no one better lined up (don’t believe conte will come now), I agree with you 100% nick – Milan is not the place for coaches to grow.

        But Milan needs, amongst many other things, good man management skills and Gatusso seems to do that pretty good. Gotta gove credit where credit is due.

        • I hear you but Andre Silva might feel differently about Gattuso’s man management skills.

          In any case, Gattuso won’t be removed before January. However I strongly believe that he will be replaced by Arsene Wenger because that is the coach I think our new CEO Gazidis will bring with him according to rumors.

    • “Just imagine Gattuso, making the right choices with Subs and less fearful of defeat. The whole Derby could’ve been different and yup guess who would’ve been hailed as the hero if we had won.. Oh YES, our own Grinta.” this is by far the most pathetic argument ive ever read on this blog, and god knows ive read many pathetic arguments here. So adolf hitler wouldve been war hero had he disbanded nazi and stopped the blitzkrieg from happening? Brilliant

  2. Can’t agree more, we lack consistency, and certainly Gattuso can work on his flexibility as a coach, but he is humble I like that keep things simple, he finded our best 11, now it’s up to gattuso to mix things up, up to the bench to show hunger, up to leodini to improve the level of this squad and up to us to support Milan.

    I could see the inmense presion Gattuso has on his shoulders, fielding Cutrone on the wing was due being afraid to switch the system. And taking Kessie instead of bona showed that he his afraid to be burned like the last time he took Bona when he was the MOM IMO.

    Perhaps one of his biggest flaws is to think short term, he focus on whats wrong instead of maybe also work on a plan B. Another big flaw is that he reacts too late, he push his luck way too much, But I know he will fix the LW role and the players who come from the bench.

    Higuain and Cutrone must play together, I have faith in Biglia will perform alongside Kessie, if not Bona can succeeded there also. Suso/Conti on the right, Hakan/Castillejo/Laxalt on the left. 442 is a solid plan B, very flexible if we want to attack or protect the lead.

  3. To me Milan was not total shambles, only for the avoidable mistake by donna. When we lose it’s like everybody does woefully but when we win, we won’t see any mistake at all. The only thing left for Milan to work on is the ability to hustle the ball from their opponents and stop defending all times.

  4. Raven, if you play Higuain and Crutone together, then if one gets injured or tired and needs to be substituted, who do we bring in?? 442 is OK when when you have applicable players. This is the problem when you have player like Borini as a reserve striker. The problem is Milan is a big club. Average players will not take us anywhere. When average players play for us, the end result is panic, fear at the crucial movement. This is exactly what happened against Inter. Temporarily, I would advise Gattuso to bench Calhanoglu. He is short one. We have been playing 10 against 11 with him. For us to manage this fear and panic, we need to be consistent in our winning and or continue to buy standard players. I pray we can get Ramsey or Rabiot. Paqueta arriving is a big plus. If Ibra arrives ,it will be awesome. We need his kind player. He can’t be on the pitch and be afraid of any opponent.

    • Agree but I was talking about fielding two strikers as a plan B, besides de did ok last season playing every 3 days with the sale 11

    • It is enough quality in the team this season, it’s the same team that defeated Roma playing sensational ! The problem is the coach, only the coach, if he decides well, the team will play well, if he decides wrong, the team plays like the last time against Inter ! The problem is Gattuso decided badly in a lot of games and this is not good at all ! The entire world has seen that Calhanoglu has a problem in this beginning of the season and Rino is insisting with him every game, why ??? Everyone is seeing that Donnarumma has at least one huge mistake per game and he is insisting with him, everyone is seeing that he substituted Jack when he was man of the match with Bakayoko against Atalanta, everyone is seeing that he put Cutrone in the last game in a position in which he can’t do anything positive… in my oppinion playing from the back ( his innovation for this season ) is the biggest mistake ever possible which I’ve ever seen that put the players in the situation of making mistakes. Rino is not the same coach like last year, he makes experiments and this is very bad for him and for us ! He is very inflexible regarding the tactics, regarding the players he has in his team, regarding his efforts to change something during the games. It’s very good that you have created a first stable eleven, but you must be very flexible when they are underperforming and be able to make changes in your team, in your system. In my oppinion, Bakayoko is a very good player but he is not used properly, Laxalt and Castillejo are very good players that he doesn’t know how to use, Halilovic is a hot hot prospect with a lot of flexibility regarding his position on the pitch that Rino is ignoring completely. If Ounas and Marko Rog would have played for us, Rino would have ignored them !

      • AlexMilan, Roma are the punching bag of seria a these days; defeating them wasn’t such an accomplishment. I think the main problem is indeed the players, the squad, which is good but not good enough.

  5. Dejo Savicević was in local tv studio last night and he said that these days is harder to break into Milan’s first eleven than at Barca or Real Madrid, and he is right.
    Halilović, Laxalt. Castillejo are just some of the names that didn’t even got proper chance to prove themself.
    And being ready to die for a coach when you are going to start no matter what is easy. You got yourself a loyal 11 players and 14 frustrated ones.
    And I like idea od solid starters but when a part of the team is underperforming it’s foolish not to give a chance to guys thst are hungry for minutes.
    I like this post because it sums things up objetively.

  6. I have just been reading comments on here from yesterday to today… Fact is, I am fed up and short for words, it’s really depressing what’s happening to my most beloved Milan & I have come to realize that many of the people supporting Gattuso probably have other teams they love and support too, hence the reason they ain’t so pained, hence the reason they think everything is okay and Gattuso will one day become Gaurdiola, hence the reason they find nothing wrong in the way we played against Inter, hence the reason some even think Donnarumma should keep starting, hence the reason some people think our problem is the players and not Gattuso…

    Mahn, I made a big mistake inviting my friends over to my house to watch that match, it was such an embarrassment, a total eyesore, everyone in that room could see clearly that Gattuso’s tactics was to come and defend and get a 0-0 draw from that match (hence making the match boring), the most boring derby I ever watched in my entire life, he was too cautious and was never willing to attack, I was so frustrated at how they kept taking the ball back and holding possession even on counter attacks that they were meant to jet forward, they slow the game down and took the ball backwards every time…

    So Cutrone came on and a friend of mine was like, oh yes finally, your coach now wants to play two attackers and get a goal at least, 4-4-2, then I jokingly told him not to be surprised if Cutrone is deployed on the wings, and how right I was… I hated to see Higuain who had a point to prove just walking up and down because there was no service to him…. There’s just so much more I wish to say but I’ll just leave it here..

    The thumb downs are very much welcome, after that derby I watched on Sunday, nobody, nothing even God or Jesus Christ can convince me that Gattuso will improve, he can never ever improve because he has proven it over and over again since last season that he’s rigid and never willing to take risks… Anyone remembers our losing streak after the loss to Juve last season? I hope we are not about to experience that again… Enough is enough, Gattuso just needs to leave, imagine I bought an extra decoder/satellite and paid a year upfront just because of Milan matches only and it just feels like a total waste of money and what’s annoying isn’t even the losses or draws, but how we play is very irritating…. I play football too and I can’t stand this anymore….!

      • Heard you, when I said ”Some Milan fans” there was no where there I mentioned names, I know you are a die hard Milan fan, but you can’t speak for everyone… I follow many Milan fans on twitter too & I even know a few in person…. I know what I am talking about, a man who has one car as his only means of transportation to work is more frustrated when the car keeps breaking down, than another who has two or three cars, when one car is failing, he just moves on the to next one while waiting for the other one to be fixed, even if that one being fixed is his favorite, he’s got a choice or choices….! Many Milan fans are like that, that was my point, I cheer for no other club, I never have since I started following Milan….You can say what I said was BS all you want, but I am very angry and pissed at this Milan and take it or leave it Gattuso will take us nowhere, he has proven that over and over again.. ”You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” and yes I play football too and I have my own team, same friends I watched the Milan match with, same friends I watched the Juve game with last season, they ain’t Milan fans but they can clearly see the problem…! No coach or manager who knows what he’s doing should be making the mistakes Gattuso is making, not even a rookie….! Gattuso is the only coach I know that comes with a game plan and sticks to that game plan to the end, even if the other team is lacking something which he can take advantage of by changing his formation and unlocking something… That’s totally absurd..!

        • ”Many Milan fans” I meant… Many started supporting other teams on the side as the years went on because of shame, being ridiculed by friends and family, unable to bear the pains. Now they’re waiting for the glory Milan days again, then they’d come back screaming Forza Milan, not like it’s a wrong thing, it’s their life choice, but you can’t compare the pains I feel to theirs, that was my point. ”Imagine a Milan fan telling me after that Inter game that we played a good game, we were just unlucky because of Donnarumma’s mistake… Gosh…! Did we watch the same game? Many other people like that on twitter, some even here… Just imagine and you tell me those ones are true fans, fans in love with mediocrity, God forbid….!

        • Yeah I only meant that that first part of your comment was BS, there are plenty of fans who are like that though, not only Milanisti. Those who have a fav team in Italy, England and Spain and support them “equally”. I completely hear what you’re saying.
          Just wanted to point out that my trust in Gattuso doesn’t mean any wavering fan basing for Milan as my heart is purely red and black. Just as I cant speak for everyone, you cant speak and say the and make a generalization like that, as it makes us other fans who support Gattuso look bad. Just speaking from my own perspective.

          I agree with the rest, you know I have love for you mate

          • Bro, if you read my comment very well, I didn’t generalize and I even used the word “Probably”.. But it’s okay, I get you…!

          • I still love and support Gattuso, but I can’t shut my mouth when I see something is not good or goes wrong, I was the first who supported Rino when Montella was sacked and I still think Rino is a smart boy and he can do better and learn from his mistakes but I hate in the same time his rigidity, the way he is ignoring some of his players, some of his good players. We should underline when something goes wrong, but we should be balanced, it’s not the moment of sacking Rino, he still have a chance and he should go all in for this chance ( the next 3-4 games ), if he fails he should be replaced. Some of the fans are very ardent, fervent and others ( like milan10 ) have fixations and think of theirselves that are smarter and superior and have an arrogant attitude.

          • exactly Alexmilan, very true! now is not the time, we’ll see how we’ll bounce back in the coming weeks, they will show what Milan and especially Rino is made of. never have any of us who support Rino said that he is flawless, we have admitted his mistakes, just hope he learns from them. and for now he has our confidence!

            besides, like I said in an earlier comment, i know it was a dreadful and pitiful display, but we lost against Inter, fans are reacting as if it was against SPAL at home like Roma… imagine what they would’ve done then…

  7. My problem is not with the person who is managing the club. I love Rino and I was one of the only admirer of him in this blog. My problem is the approach he is taking. years ago, After Carleto left, we hired Leonardo as a coach. He was young and inexperienced. He made lots of mistake but his approach to how we should play was right. His Milan was young attacking side with new faces. He made Borrielo a beast. a player that at most was above average. My problem is that Rino’s Milan is making some top, amazing players really weak. He is unable to change his mind. Higuain is always alone and we are making him isolated. Hakan is lost at the left side. Bonna is weak in center. He is too afraid to even use the player he bought. Caldara (before getting inured), Laxlat, Samu &… He also cant’ read the game. His subs are random at best & it’s like nobody on that bench can talk to him! nobody has the balls to tell him you are wrong. that was always his character. We need a coach who is open to changes and using his management team. not afraid of using young players. I know Higauin is amazing player but how many years he can play at top? we lost Silva; a young promising talent because of him. it’s lack of vision. our attacking side with bonna, hakan, suso, Cutro, Silva was a lovely combination. but Rino Used Kalinic instead of true talents and made him leave. again… lack of vision. Let’s be honest with ourselves. Rino was never the brightest.

    • Now, that’s sense you just put out there, common sense doesn’t need any logic….! Bless you…! And for everyone waiting for Gattuso to become Gaurdiola, I say, keep waiting…! You’d wait until chickens grow teeth….!

    • I agree with everything you said but what u said about Higuaine is wrong, the price was right, we missed that type of striker that provides 20+ goals from Zlatan left, we couldn’t leave that up to Cutrone and definitely not up to the very underperforming Silva. Silva is a great talent and needed time to settle, we needed goals so Higs was the best option for the money, not Moratta, not Belotti, not Immobile. We can get Silva back tho, Sevilla Can’t afford him.

  8. We are all obviously frustrated bcos losing ugly is different from losing beautifully and especially in a derby.

    My hope isn’t lost, mistakes have been made and nobody can reverse those hence, its time to move on. I want to see how they react to this defeat and hopefully Gatuso learns from his mistakes.

    • Yesss, exactly! Not sayng this just because it’s Gattuso, would’ve said it no matter who the coach was, but of course i am a bit more sentimental since he is our beloved Rino – he is our coach right now and I do hope he manages to fix this and guide us to success instead of failing, and we have to start from scratch with a new coach and another year with no european football. Im just hoping for the best of results right now, so we can carry on the good stuff that has been carried out. But Rino really has to improve his in game managerial skills. Fact of the matter is that when he has made the right subs, we’ve won – Roma and Oly – and when he failed we lost point – Atalanta, Inter etc. I want to say that he should bench underperforming players as well, but if you look at Biglia you can see what it does for the players confidence when it works. But then again, Kalinic is another example but in a more negative manner… I do think that Castillejo, who is a real winger, should be starting ahead of Calha in this time due to his poor form.

    • What I don’t understand is why everyone keep saying that they hope Gattuso learn from his mistakes but he is making the same mistakes over and over again.

      How many mistakes does a person need to make before they learn from it?

      This is not directed at you personally but I see a coach who is obviously stuck in his own way and has no intention of making any changes. That’s why he’s making the same mistakes every time.

      That’s the only thing he is consistent with. Making the same mistakes every single time. He’s not learning from it. How often have we heard Gattuso say “the team lacks courage”? Smh

      • I really do wonder myself, how many mistakes does one make in order to learn from ones mistake… Gattuso learns nothing and sure doesn’t seem like someone who’s wiling to try something different, everyone sees the problem, everyone knows the fix to the problem except for the one person who’s in charge of the problem, same we got with Montella, same same….. I actually don’t care if we win against Real Betis Thursday, I just want to see us playing good football, playing football worth sitting down to watch for 90 minutes even if we lose… The Milan derby is a war, a battle that we were supposed to go out there and fight to the finish, we are the red devils but we looked very much like scared chickens…..

        Gattuso in his days as a player would never accept going on the pitch with the intention of just taking a draw home against Inter.

          • I agree with you guys but we need to wait and see how they react.

            I read on Sportmediaset that Donadoni was contacted already, that means the Management too are not at rest about the current situation because they are not happy.

            Let’s hope he fix things better.

  9. No manager is perfect they all have their good and their bad. For gattuso, he is well respected and he tries to get the best out of his players. He’s instilled the grinta and he sees where we struggle.

    But more than ever his stubbornness to switch things may kill him. 4 3 3 was clearly now working against inter, suso was marked higuain was therefore a ghost and barely had an impact. What bothered me more than anything was subbing off calhanoglu and putting on cutrone and still KEEPING the 4 3 3. In what world is cutrone a winger? If you’re not going to switch it to two forwards then why bring him on. Kessie was our best and most physical player and he got subbed. Calabria for Abate was such a silly sub that it led to people being out of position for them to get the winner.

    For subs, it’s either gattuso gets them spot on or makes the most nonsense changes ever. Nothing in between. This is such a weird season cause for 30 minutes we’re out playing the oppenent playing beautiful football and then the next we can’t touch the ball. He needs to solve that and every game he needs to get these guys playing with desire and learn to close out the game.

    On paper our team is strong, and in glimpses we show just how strong we are. As for players truthfully only donnarumma and calhanoglu have been poor. This is the worst season donnarumma has had and its gotten to a point that whether its at his feet or in his hands he’s making me angry. One of the biggest goalies in the world and he shows no physical presence in his own box. He’s not commanding in the air and balls he should be catching all day long he’s putting back into dangerous spots. Finally have a great goalie in Reina and he sits on the bench. For calhanoglu I don’t know if it’s his divorce that’s hurting him but he should definitely be played more central. Convinced he’d flourish there.

    I sound like a broken record but why can’t we ever play a 4 2 3 1? It suits this team best. Once January comes around and if we get a striker let’s play with two strikers. I don’t care, I just want to see some flexibility in our formation and tactics. I love gattuso and I want him to succeed as a coach, but he shows no desire to want to change the formation and tactics and its hurting us and may eventually end his tenure here. One thing I know for sure, if they sack gattuso, I’m done with giving rookie coaches a chance at milan. Get a world class manager here that gets results. I’ll snap if I see Nesta start coaching next lol!

    • @Milanellofm. Yep. Totally see your point. I don’t think Gattuso will be around in January unless Milan improves drastically. If we are not around 4th place by then he will most likely be replaced.

      Milan will lose money and probably risk some financial fair play penalties if we don’t qualify for CL next season.

      • Ya man, last year not making into champions League we were saved by Elliott. If we don’t make it in this year we’re going to have some serious problems

        • Yeah, I just saw that about Donadoni. I don’t know man. I kinda had enough of Milan past players being our coach.

          I would rather someone like Arsene Wenger, Jardim, Conte or Gasperini.

          I am not impressed with Donadoni’s work and I think he’s not much difference from all the other Milan past players we had as coach.

          I hope we get someone else to be honest.

  10. Milan fans have every right to be mad after the disgraceful, disrespectful, and ugly display at the derby.

    But – Gatusso for all his faults shouldn’t take most of the blame. Yes he’s the man in charge, yes his Cutrone sub didn’t do anything, and so on. But the reason we lost is because the players were too nervous and afraid, rendering any buildup to be useless, and making our defense look shaky at best. Gatusso’s game plan didn’t include barely completing 3 passes throughout the first half, or barely crossing the half line!

    • Dude seriously?
      Baresis Dream how can you say these things and believe them to be correct?
      You have to have seen how he put the team out to play? The players did what they were told to do and nobody would dare break rank against Gattuso because he’s liable to punch you, I remember seeing Montolivo flicking Gattuso while walking off the training ground in a totally joking way with no malice or harm meant it was just a joke and Gattuso flipped out and whacked him round the ear like a bold school boy
      We’ve all heard the story’s told by former team mates of his famous temper so in my opinion the players are terrified to speek up for fear of reprimand
      I genuinely try my best to see not only yours but everyone who supports Gattuso’s opinion but I’m at a total loss to understand how you guys are behind him?
      I don’t care how good his past was or this “Milan DNA” bullshit that people keep throwing around, Gattuso is a shit football manager and will never change
      He’s achieved nothing in football management but still finds himself at the helm of one of the most iconic clubs in world football, how the fuck does that happen? (Again and again and again)

      • Dude – I’ve seen it over and over again for the last 6 years or so. Our players choke through some period of the season, the coach gets blamed, eventually replaced, and then a short good run is yet again followed by a dip in form. And cycle repeats.

        Time to face the obvious-our squad is not good enough. Yes, a good coach with some luck can make 4th place, heck even Gatusso can make 4th place. But our squad is still not good enough. Nothing close to being garaunteed CL spot. And no coach can change that.

        We basically got one top world class striker, a solid seria a LW, a world class LB, and decent/okay/good players in other positions. Not enough. Especially considering the bench which only has Cutrone.

        I love Leo+Maldini, and the Higuain transfer was nothing short of brilliant, but Bakayoko+Samu add little depth, and we are still very lacking in that department.

  11. My main issue with Gattuso is not just that he lacks ideas. Of course, I don’t expect him to come pre-programmed with every tactical weapon in the book. After all, the fact is, that he is an inexperienced coach and there’s a LOT to be learned. My worry is about his willingness to adopt changes should learned opportunities clearly present themselves.

    1) High pressing completely debilitates us.

    I’ve not seen another team crumble as much as we do when pressed. We resort to back passes and then booting the ball up field when there is no one left behind to pass back to. The only players I’ve seen manage this relatively ok is Biglia, and even then, his passing range is limited, so once he lays it off we’re still at square one, or Kessie, who is pretty strong on the ball. This is the go-to tactic against us. The thing is, high press comes with risks. When the closest players to the ball “rush in”, the players behind need to close ranks and get tighter to close down spaces. If you don’t do this very well, you can lose shape and give up counter attacking opportunities. To date I am yet to see an consistent/effective answer to this widely used ploy against us, even when poorly executed by weaker opponents. High time Gattuso sorts this out if he stays.

    2) Formation/flexibility. Gattuso is married to 4-3-3

    Hakan is not a winger. Period. And over on the right, while Suso does a decent enough job, (8 times out of 10 he will cut inside on his left foot) and frankly, I don’t blame him because the overlapping options on the right Kessie/Calabria/Abate don’t/can’t offer quality balls into the box (Calabria MAYBE 1 in every 5). Pep used 7 different formations one season at Bayern. In the book Pep Confidential he talked about the nuances he noticed in Madrid’s play that led him to deploy Messi as a false 9 for the first time at the Bernabeau. In particular, he noticed that Canavaro and Metzelder had a tendency to stay close to Casillas (which created more room for him to operate, as Guti and Gago were very good at closing down the midfield spaces. Barca went on to win that game 6-2. It’s things like these that show thought is being put into the game. In contrast; not to repeat the obvious, but Gattuso took forever to make (reactive) adjustments vs Inter, and when he eventually did, it was Cutrone out wide (??), and then Bakayoko, who up til now I am not sure what he offers going forward, or defensively. He’can’t even hang onto the ball for more than 5 seconds. Even Mauri at that stage would have been better (imo). He would have at least made himself a menace in the dying 10 minutes if we were determined to shut shop and hang on for the draw. Gattuso needs a clear game plan, as well as the ability to see and respond, when that game plan is failing right before his/our eyes.

    Genuine question, when Paqueta comes, who does he replace in the start 11?

    • The whole playing out from the back thing irks me more than anything simply because of how easy it is to play against it, all you need do is just press press press and sooner rather than later one of our boys will crack and to make it worse he even done it while TWO nil up against Napoli 🙁 I swear I almost still cry when I think about how we could of won that game had he of just told them to ditch that tactic
      Without doubt if Gattuso stays in charge he’s going to ruin Hakan, you can see the pain in his eyes
      As regards Paqueta a lot will depend on who’s in charge but if it were me I’d stick him just behind the front 2 in a 4312 formation and rotate him with Hakan

    • See, the problem with this comment and it’s analysis is that’s it’s very dependent on the team playing against us (in this example inter) –

      1. Both Chievo and Sasuollo tried to press is and failed miserably. Also, our buildup can be quite slow even if we’re not pressed.

      2. It’s peculiar that 2 coaches with a similar squad thought the proper formation is 4-3-3 but everyone here sees better. The truth is that no formation fits us naturally, because we don’t have a world class or even solid solution for every position on the field. The 4-3-3 gets the best out of Suso-Jack-Hakan because two of these play in their fav position, and Hakan plays in a position which still allows him to be somewhat dangerous.

      3. Montella changed formations every 3 seconds and he didn’t do that great; Morinio’s Chelsea had very little fluctuations in formation and did great. No approach is superior to the other; it depends on the squad and the competition.
      4. Most importantly – if anyone here thinks that hiring a top-notch coach e.g. Conte will make us a CL-level team, well he’s dead wrong imo. In a single match we can beat any team, heck Montella beat Juve, but in a season long campaign (with Europa-nothing league in the background) we simply don’t have enough.

      • Baresis Dream I’m not even going to bother pointing stuff out thats wrong with your comment like
        “Both Chievo and Sasuollo tried to press us and failed miserably” just look at the teams you mentioned??? Why not use Napoli as an example?? See what they did??
        ” It’s peculiar that 2 coaches with a similar squad thought the proper formation is 4-3-3 but everyone here sees better. The truth is that no formation fits us naturally” the only word there that fits is “peculiar” because thats exactly what Gattuso and Montella are as well as totally useless and the reason Gattuso stuck with it is because he knew no better. “Most importantly – if anyone here thinks that hiring a top-notch coach e.g. Conte will make us a CL-level team, well he’s dead wrong” my god man listen to what your saying? Why wouldn’t you want a top manager to at least fucking try to beat our rivals for the top 4 not to mention our greatest rival Inter??There’s only 2 teams in Italy better than ours and thats Juventus and Napoli, we’re man for man better than anyone else in the league
        “In a single match we can beat any team” What the actual fuck is that meant to mean? We should be happy to beat someone an odd time here and there?? You claim to support Ac Milan so please act accordingly
        Ya and so could the mighty Benaveneto beat Ac Milan and draw with them at home! of course any team can win at any given time but that sort of thing is reserved for the aforementioned Benaveneto not a club like us
        Stop arguing for Gattuso your starting to sound desperate for anything to cling to

      • @ BD we can agree to disagree mate. Anything I post is by an large just my opinion. But just on a point of clarity, I was not focused on Inter game. In fact I said it seems like the go to tactic used against us. As you rightly pointed out in support., even teams like Chievo and Sassulo come to press us high. Why, because it works (too often).

  12. “There is tension between Leonardo and Gattuso. I wouldn’t be surprised if Leonardo decided to sack Gattuso in the morning.”

  13. Maldini and Leonardo didn’t watch the match…I’m sure …Gattuso made his team play like that??? How about if we meet Juventus??..Barcelona??..psg?? Or Liverpool??..pls sack Gattuso before it’s too late.

  14. Gattuso will never learn….look at Inter Milan the moment they employed a proven coach they are in the champions league and we’re still here praising our mr Milan DNA Gattuso…

  15. I hope we are moving past the childish comments made on this blog for such a long time. It was a pleasure to read some of the best comments I have seen here. Keep it up guys! Well written arguments for both in favor and against Gattuso.

    Less attacking each other and more logical arguments will make this blog a pleasure to read for all Milanisti.

  16. DSTV keeps repeating this inter-milan game and everytime I still wonder why garrison is our coach. Poor poor footballing. I said it after d game with Napoli that this season will b same with others and I was right. We can win anything b/c there’s no pattern to win. We just play not to lose and sometimes we are lucky to win. Just imagine what inter did do us. Coach banking on counter when his fastest attacker(laxalt) is on the bench. Looking at what’s happening with laxalt and customer won’t advice we buy any promising player for this coach. He will just ruin them. If u can’t buy a player with reputation then don’t bring any foe gattuso b/c he is dumb. Same players always with very predictable subs. Just sack him

  17. Gattuso is stupid,mate…he can’t use the depth of the team to the max. He choose Musacchio than caldara.
    And he don’t have large tactical knowledge. His milan is monoton.boring.we don’t expect that milan with the depth of the squad like now.

    • If it’s Donadoni I say let Rino keep doing what he does… if he’s sacked it should be like what Nick said, Jardim, Wenger, Conte or someone. Honestly, with our young team, Jardim or Wenger would be perfect.

    • Why Donadoni? If we are all out of Italian coaches than look outside Italy. Jardim is free for god sakes. Donadoni haven’t conviced me that he is better than Gattuso so to express myself ugly: I choose evil that I know.

  18. Milan have issued no deadlines for Gattuso but are expecting an immediate reaction against Real Betis. Leonardo and Maldini did not like the team’s approach and Gattuso’s subs in the derby. It’s fundamental for the club to make CL football this season [GdS]

    Well, I say it’s not just fundamental, but very very fundamental…..!

    • So by what reports suggest is that we’re going for another former player in Donadoni??
      Is it part of the job description to have played for us while choosing?
      There’s at least 2 top class managers available in Wenger and Conte
      I don’t know what the situation is with the contract Conte had with Chelsea or if he can legally take over because there’s reports saying he can’t and Real Madrid’s lawyers looked into it

      • Yeah I’ve been reading that everywhere since last night, but I don’t want to believe it, hence the reason I’ve not said a word about it…!

        • Hey Haso how’s things?
          I’d be astonished if Leonardo and Maldini would hire Donadoni at least not while Conte is available but I think whatever his contract situation is at Chelsea is the problem! I don’t think he can take on work while he’s contracted to them or he’d lose like 10m or some insane figure like that which is due to him in wages! For that kind of money I wouldn’t take on work either 🙂

          • All’s well bro, thanks… Well, Arsene Wenger’s name just popped up somewhere tonight as the Donandoni rumor has been debunked, but I’ve only seen the story from one source, waiting till morning to see if other reliable sources carry this story too… Wenger won’t be a bad idea, at least for the transition and he’s good at managing young players….

  19. Wenger in England was outdated, he had no chance when in England arrived coaches like Klopp, Guardiola, Conte, Pochettino, Mourinho, even Mourinho in this moment is outdated there, with the utmost respect for him, when I hear you speaking about Wenger at AC Milan I am wondering how balanced you are and if it’s ok to have faith in your oppinion in the future, OMG !

    • He isn’t my first option, but Im thinking of how the team looks, he has been great with young players, and if you combine the attitute instilled by Rino, with the technical finesse that Wenger at least has been capable of to bring then this team can be very exciting. But he isn’t my first option either, would prefer him over Donadoni though…

    • That’s not fair statement. The EPL is the most competitive league with at least 5-6 teams challenging for the title. It’s very rare in England for teams to be repeat champions.

      Now as far as Arsene Wenger, in his final years at Arsenal the club board was more concerned with financial stability than winning trophies.

      Wenger was tasks with keeping Arsenal in the top 4 as the club plans were to recoup the money spent on their new stadium.

      Therefore, Arsenal had a lot of turnover with top players that can make the difference to balance the books. A constant turnover of your best players will weaken the squad.

      Klopp and Pochinttino hasn’t won the EPL. Mourinho is a disaster and always have been at every club after his 2nd season his teams usually does bad regardless of the league he is in.

      It’s only Wenger last 2-3 seasons Arsenal failed to finish in the top 4. He is still a good coach and a change in leagues and team is exactly what he needs to rebound.

      • No, it wasn’t rare at all, there were a lot of seasons dominated by United, a lot of seasons dominated by Arsenal !!! In the last 10 years, when english football become more and more rich, and all the teams started to bring a lot of starlets, the competitivity raised and United and Arsenal were matched by Chelsea, City, Tottenham and Liverpool. Wenger is archaic nowadays and doesn’t fit with italian football, in Italy any coach of medium level will overtake Wenger and here I can enumerate De Zerbi and even Donadoni. Don’t compare the physicity in England with the precious tactics in Italy !

        • EPL hasn’t been a physical game since the 80s and 90s. With the influx of foreign coaches like Wenger, Mourinho, Klopp, Pochinttino, Emery, Conte, Sarri, Guardiola, Ancelotti to name a few, the EPL is more tactical and entertaining.

          Serie A coaches still park the bus like Gattuso did against inter in the derby. That’s why the game was so boring. Milan played like most Serie A small teams playing away from home.

          I agree that Serie A is more tactical but so is the EPL and it’s understatement to think it’s not.

          Arsene Wenger would do great with the talent we have a Milan. I would take him any day over Donadoni.

          • Aaah dont agree that it’s more entertaining, honestly EPL during the last five seasons has been becoming worse and worse imo. Exception was when Leicester won.
            Before that it was so much pace etc, and so many goals in EPL, lived up to the title of the most entertaining league, but nowadays especially their so called top games are so-so.

            Otherwise I agree:)

  20. Berlusconi and Galliani really messed this club up really bad it just seems like Milan cant move forward or progress at all no matter what they try to do it is always the same thing… If Leonardo Maldini & Elliott cant save this club then nobody can but i dont think Milan fans understand just how badly shape the club is in and it will take years before they can repair the damage that has been done to this club there is no fast solutions to these problems fans must be patient

  21. The team is just mediocre, PERIOD!!!!

    Inter has much more quality, that’s why we lost. Because of a mediocre keeper, Donnarumma.

    • I thought donna the sinner’s maradona of gk? Oh i get it now, because like d10s, donna like to snort baby powder too right?
      Oh, and rino’s garbage coach, LIKE I SAID

      • With this group of players, no coach will succeed.

        Further, I also hoped that Gasperini will be coach after Montella. But still, I am behind Gattuso

  22. The agent of Trabzonspor star Yusuf Yazici confirms AC Milan’s interested in the young Turkey international. He is €40m-rated.

    • We need a player like Christian Eriksen from Spurs or Delle Alli, or Kevin de Bruyne, we need a modern playmaker able to push, push, push , not young internationals who will be ignored by Rino or another fearful coach… with Rino, even Paqueta will be eternal reserve… Why not to try 4-2-3-1 with Hakan or Halilovic OM, with Suso, Castillejo RW, Jack, Castillejo, Borini or CAPANNI LW, Biglia, Kessie, Bakayoko DM/CM…With 4-3-3 we need at least 2 good CM and one good LW, and the newest thing, we need a strong CB !!! With 4-2-3-1 we will need a good LW and a strong CB, with Musacchio we will have a groggy defence.

      • Bro, Yusuf Yazici is very good….! Left footed midfielder, some tag him the Turkish Messi, some others say Turkish Messi… Trazanspor fans are actually uncomfortable with the whole speculation, the guy is really good just the exact type of player we’ve been missing.. You can look him up… Rino won’t be here for too long, you’ll see…

  23. We are in this mess thanks to Mirabelli. Milan is not for trial, Gattuso should be an assistant to somebody, same with Seedorf and Inzaghi. We need a world class coach that will make us dream again. That wont happen with Gattuso. I’m all in for Wenger, he will make the ship steady again.

    It needs to be of note that I have a lot of respect for Gattuso and its very obvious he has the intellect and charisma to be a successful coach, But Milan needs the experience of a top class coach now. I had always hoped he would have been another Guardiola kind of coach, maybe a year or two more at the primavera would have made him that.

    Until a new coach is appointed, I Stand with Gattuso

    FORZA Milan!!!

  24. They say they want donadoni because of his milan roots but I don’t think he can take us to the next level he’s showed ups and downs in his career but he still hasn’t coached a top team other than italy. If they want to keep it italian I prefer Conte or prandelli. They’re proven and flexible. Others Ofcourse include Jardim, Wenger but I just don’t see it happening.

  25. Wow, “hakan aint a winger”, “rino is garbage coach”, “milan wingers are slow”, “4-3-3 aint working”, “donna’s garbage”, “milan should always fight for ucl spot” etc etc. im glad that many has finally converted to milan10ism. Better late than never/sorry i guess. One of these days these enlightened milanisti will actually start calling themselves milan10 and then we’ll have bunch of milan10s writing and responding to each other’s big ideas and milan, hell, the world will be a better place like utopian world according to girls competing in miss universe.
    However, there are still alarming amount of milanisti who still want to hold each others’ and rino’s hands while singing kumbaya together in the shower (we will hereby call them the uninformed) like this fine gentlemilanista who wrote this fine piece of article. Man he really put down in writing whats in his mind. However, he cant be more wrong. Like dirty harry once eloquently said, “opinions are like assholes; everyone has one” i concur but that doesnt mean all assholes are created equal. Theres fine asshole of allesandra d’addario and then theres asshole of that emaciated monster of [rec] movie.
    “Still, Milan lost against a strong Inter-side, and a loss in the derby, however painful it is, doesn’t ruin the season just yet.” indeed. The season has ended the day milan drew vs empoli.
    “the players have “absolute confidence in Rino” and that they were even “willing to die for him”. In other words Gattuso is, as he perhaps still should be, secure in his coaching position.” since when do opinions of players have important bearing on whether garbage coach should stay or not? Not even galacticos could dictate which coach should be madrid’s. The last time star players messed up with this matter was the dutch players right before wc ‘90 and any football fan knows the result. Also, since when are opinions of anyone who already side gibberish like “we would die for him” objective?
    “Unlike earlier seasons, Milan has some good depth on the bench, potential game changers when used right.” Like who exactly? Cutrone on the wing? Hes good st but he sure as hell aint overmars or rivaldo.
    “Gigio Donnarumma might have been the most disappointing player in the red and black shirt” maradona of gk *laugh maniacally like the joker finding batman lying naked on his bed* this garbage shouldve been sold to psg for 60m, LIKE I SAID. There were and still are bunch of german gk who’re better and much cheaper than him like leno, LIKE I SAID.
    “Luckily, the Rossoneri have some good players returning to the field” this is galliani speaking, im calling it.
    “Gattuso will have even fewer excuses for weak performances.” Hes shit outta excuses already
    “The Europa League is there to be taken and the Serie A is still in the early stages.” Yes yes, milan cant beat inter so el trophy are surely theirs to win. I mean, hell, rino agreed to bs opinion that milan group is ucl worthy *smiles like anton chigurh before he kills carson wells*
    “Instead, a Sunday night without being close to a heart attack still seems unlikely for a Milan fan, even if the opposition is Empoli. Still, it’s not just the small games that are problematic, this Milan-side’s apparent fragile mentality in big games is disappointing, as it used to be these games the club thrived in.” so why should rino stay again?
    Let me tell u a little secret: the real exact reason why some milanisti still want rino at the helm is because rino was part of milan they watched while sucking their thumbs (among other things) as children. It really doesnt make any difference whether its rino, pippo or even nesta, they’d still love them as coaches. Now thats some misplaced sense of sentimentality. Its ok if u still love ur old mini cooper ur daddy gave u as 17th birthday present, a car in which u lost ur lost ur virginity to father john. Thats human nature. But when ur drag racing and ur money is on the line, u must pick better car so u have better chance of winning. Get it? Its not rocket science at all, just common sense.

  26. I don’t think Conte is financially feasible for Milan. We would need to pay-out approx 10m as he is still under contract with Chelsea until next June (or Conte would have to agree to forfeit that fee – unlikely). Then, hes been on average 6-10M/year salary for a good while now. I’m not sure what our budget is for a coach but that might be out of reach.

    Gazidis and Wenger never got along. The internal fight for “power” at the club between the two was a poorly kept secret. Could be an issue.

    Donadoni….sigh. Certainly well priced (around 1.5m/year at Bologna), and he has that Milan DNA, but his record as a coach speaks for itself. Average of just over a point per game (1.2) in 16 years (approx 400 games) of coaching in Italy. Annnnddd….he loves to play 4-3-3. That move doesn’t inspire confidence imho.

    Jardim is an intriguing option. Done well at Monaco, considering the high turnover rate of players there during his tenure, he still managed to establish consistency. Heck even Bakayoko looked like a world beater under him – in the 16/17 season at least. And, he’s not overly expensive. Available, and prior to his title winning year he was on 2m a year (same as Gattuso).

  27. Tbh, im not surprised regarding the reports of tension between Leonardo and Gattuso, do you guys remember that there was tension between them even when Leonardo was the coach?

    • Yeah true, and even the Curva Sud in the beginning were skeptical about Leonardo coming back from the onset and that was because of Gattuso…

  28. ManUtd has many quality players but now 10th in the standing only because Mou -one of the most decorated coach in EPL- is BAD coach, right? some “fans” logic



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