Poll: Who was Milan’s best player in 2012/2013?


WHO WAS the best Milan player in the 2012/2013 season?

The season has come to a conclusion and Milan finished the season in the third place thanks to a great comeback in the second half of the season. Milan started the season in horribly but picked themselves up and finished in a UCL spot.

There will be some changes in the summer, perhaps even in the coach position, but now it’s time to reflect on the passing season and pick the best Rossoneri player of the 2012/2013 season. So who was the best Milan player in this year?

Update: Milan deny Berlusconi’s Biscardi statements
Official: Abbiati signs contract extension to 2014

The only player who’s already confirmed for next season among those who have expiring contracts is Christian Abbiati. Abbiati had a great season and he won Milan many points and was certainly one of the best players this season. Another player who had a good impressive season in defense is Philippe Mexes who scored the most important goal of the year.

Mattia De Sciglio was certainly one of the revelations of the season in Serie A and his excellent performances for Milan gave him his Italy debut. Riccardo Montolivo was without a shadow of a doubt the most important player in Milan’s midfield, as he was the only one who could offer creativity. Stephan El Shaarawy started the season very well and carried Milan on his back in the 1st half of the season, and although he slowed down in the 2nd half of the year, he was still good.

It’s now safe to say that Milan won the Giampaolo Pazzini-Antonio Cassano swap; Pazzini scored 15 Serie A goals for Milan and won them some very important points. Super Mario Balotelli joined the team in January but stole the headlines immediately and mostly for the right reasons too as he managed to score 12 goals in the 13 games in which he played.

Who is your pick for Player of the Season? or many the best figure wasn’t even a player – but coach Massimiliano Allegri who is getting a lot of credit from the players for Milan’s big comeback this season as they went from 15th to 3rd.

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no one else than montolivo. Not only because he is consistent but bcos he is the only irreplacable player in the team. Where would milan be without him. Second goes to abiatti for all the incredible saves almost on par with montolivo. Abiatti really saved us alot. Lastly ses and balo cos both carry d team for half a season. So they r joint 3rd


Max Allegri’s Milan in NUMBERS In the 114 Serie A matches Massimiliano Allegri has been in charge, Ac Milan have secured 234/342 (69%) points, scoring 206 goals, conceding 96, winning 69/114 matches (61%). Folks, here are d numbers: FIRST HALF OF 2011-2011 SEASON- 40 POINTS 12 Wins – 4 Draws – 3 Defeats 34 Goals For – 17 Against SECOND HALF OF 2010-2011 SEAS0N- 42 POINTS 12 Wins – 6 Draws – 1 Defeat 31 Goals For – 7 Against FIRST HALF OF 2011-2012 SEASON- 40 POINTS 12 Wins – 4 Draws – 3 Defeats 40 Goals For – 17… Read more »


where are the statistics against the big teams in serie A? and in UCL?

Can u get those too??

playing against siena, pescara, chievo, palermo, I dont expect anything but a victory

EL Qhembi

Its EL Shaarawy for me…….young, and was instrumental for our comebacks.
Slowed down in the second half yes, buh if it wasn’t for him we would be @ 5th or there about….


offtopic: Seedorf is in pole position to become Milan’s new coach. If he joins Milan then it will be on a 3-year deal. [Sky]


Ac milan agree terms with 29 year old defender renato civelli…source forzaitalianfootball


thas the guy that kissed Ibra on the neck


alao elder

Monty is d best


Out of topic : seems that Civelli the man who kiss Ibra in league one…haha..I don’t know about how did he play. But from the statistic, he is quite productive for a defender and he is tall…but I prefer we take Ogbonna or Dede…


i dont want to comment on allegri’s future i pray and hope he stays with us but if eventually berloscuni acts stupidly as he always does by sacking allegri,then so be it,i will wish maxi allegri goodluck and thank him for his effort in milan and immediately stick by the team and d incoming coach which i pray is not seedorf..but i doubt allegri is going


stop caursin the team Ted


Allegri only needs to discuss his severance package with Milan before his departure is official. €5m are separating the parties.


@cyborg, it doesn’t work that way. I have marked the names of fans here i expect to jump to roma ship next season as a sign of loyalty to allegri abd if they don’t then they are bunch of cowards and are not worth listening to.


best player? either Montolivo or Mexes

most important player? El Shaarawy. he scored goals from nothing when the team was not playing cohesively. were it not for his heroics, Milan would not have finished anywhere near the top 3


The best in milan.
1. Alegry
2. Bonera
3. Alegry lover forever till die.


Everytime i read some comments on this blog, i realise how poor the football culture is in other continents. I can remember telling someone to give me a match review, and he called me a moron. Weird! What isn’t weird is that it is dat same person who thinks “SEEDORF” is the answer to all our problems! Smh!! If u are going to use the “he is a milanisti, so he will be better” argument, wudn’t it be more “logical” or “reasonable” to support candidates who have some experience, i.e, van basten, rijkaard!? Not in his world though! I give… Read more »


im not cyborg… I dont think Seedorf is the best option… I just think that Allegris sucks..

And if you remember last season, we didnt lose the title for the injuries, or just for the Muntari goal.. We lost because we couldnt won against Lazio, Roma, Juve, Inter, Napoli..

Now, or you just doenst want to see this, or you are stupid…


Allegri stays or not, it’s non of y’all calls.. Crucified the coach or management,ain’t gonna change nothing!..
An official meeting will hold today and the both party’s will know each faith even though it’s obvious to the Silvio’s family who stays and who goes..
Plastic fans on this blog… The real fans left 2011/12 eg PIB,GIANCARLO,AJIBOLA,LADY GAGA and co.. Not like the present rossoneriblog fans we have that what they do mostly is passing insult on each others..
Guys, wake up and live right…


@kuchini, just snub em all


This is a bit off topic, but our midfield could have definitely used the services of Emanuelson, especially with the bans and injuries. I know many people are not a fan of him, but I think he’s much more impressive than Boateng, Flamini, Muntari, and Nocerino (this season).


Mine best player is MONTY. De wosrt milan match so far is MILAN VS LIVERPOOL FINALSM frm 3 0 first half to 3 3 second half. Bt accelotti was nt crucified. Losing 2 3 to man u @ sansiro and 4 0 zero to man u @ oldtrafford was anoda humilliation got frm leonado. No body crucified him.


Mostly everybody on this blog said seedorf is good for the Job. I just want your so call Mr president to give ur new coach the same team he gave Allegri and let see were milan will be on table next season.. I am not that Allegr fan but I think the man deserve a litle respect, berlusconi disgrace dis man in public and disrespect him, is a human and I think he deserve a little respect.. Allegri play ugly football and won u the league still manage to give u what u want this season.. Milan should pay him… Read more »


we won agaisnt few teams in CL coz allegri id too defensive and doesnt appreciate good fast football and thinks he can win 1 0 all games…think about group stage when we managed to bet only auxerre (drew and lost against real and ajax), when we lost or drew all away games against pelzen and borisov, lost to barca and drew another, this year we barely got out of the group winning only against zenit…for me thats a very bad record…lets not forget the knockouts ( lost to tottenham, almost lost to arsenal after 4 0 lead coz of shit… Read more »


2000 Fiorentina fans chanting against AC Milan yesterday… What a bunch of retards. Oh and there is no one “Man of the Season.” Everyone played their part. Except Bonera who we wish hadn’t played at all.


@phenol and kuchini,don’t mind all these unreasonable sentimental max haters.we lost to lazio,fiorentina and roma right?but answer me these,what positions did they finish on the table?would you prefer if we beat them all and go to europa league?Max has set a record as the 2nd coach in mIlans’ history to get such high points in 3 sucessive seasons.Hate him all you want but it won’t change the fact that he’s a damn good coach who wasn’t given the right players for him to shine but brought out the best in what he was given.

forza milan x tutta la tita


Reports say that if Allegri goes to Roma, Ta*ssoti is goin with him… U want that to happen? Question is for Allegri haters


i will say el92 because help milan in so many ways, and also all players too motoli..paz, balo,mexez,zapa, boag, and so many they all try their possible best…..


I didn’t want Tassotti to leave. If it’s his choice to leave then let him go, but i think it would be unreasonable of him to decide to leave just because allegri’s leaving. After being with us for so long. He should be the one to take over at roma because I think he’s ten times better than allegri.


Belusconi wants Seedorf and he gets him, well! well! ask yourselves this question, are we ready to endure Milan in next 2 seasons without a trophy? because Seedorf will start to rebuild his own team again according to his philosophy. I know 1 thing for sure, one day you will want Seedorf out pretty soon when the inexperience lapses and top club pressure swing on him. Left with me i want a Milan coach to be given the time to make mistakes and develop and if this would apply to Seedorf it would be great else we would have another… Read more »


i hope tassoti doesnt leave with allegri

seedorf, tassoti and paolo maldini, this would be a perfect combination….tassoti has enough experience as an assistant coach…maldini could take care for our defense and seedorf would be the suitbale motivator and tactician
with new energie and frish blood, milan could even challange juve for scudetto


its not that i want seedorf but i believe he will do well more than allegri considering is exposure in world football. Dis is a guy dat has won so many things as a player and i belive will do so as a coach too.


Honestly, the drama was worth it…..but berlu sacking allegri doesn’t make allegri a bad coach neither does it make berlu a good man………….in my opinion, a few more signings and allegri to carry on would yield bountifully soon, but it’s ok to bring another coach as long as milan does well (I’m just particularly scared of the experimental methond being put to use here) + seedorf is egoistic and too outspoken to manage balo45 (mark my words)


it’s official that AC Milan renew Daniele Bonera’s Contract to 30 June 2015. U can check it official.

Maybe we need him for seniority?




Maybe he’ll become our new coach

lieutenant colonel nana-fynn



The curva suds who are the real Milan fans have spoken. These guys follow Milan everywhere and cheer the team to victory with their heart, money, energy and time. THEY HAVE SPOKEN


curva sud have released a statement in which they express support for Allegri, there also against an unexpirienced coach


@Chudy, between 2002-2005 milan we’re one or virtually the strongest team in europe, the back five of dida, stam. Cafu, maldini and kaladze, frontline of sheva, inzaghi and super sub tomasson, loosing a 4 – 1 1st leg advantage to a deportivo side was a big sin, loosing a 3-0 halftime lead in a UCL final, was the worst result of all UCL finals, not making the top 4 wiTh the world best player in the team was disastrous, loosing to 7-2 agregate to man.utd was also crazy, and not winning the scudetto for 7yrs was…all this result we’re under… Read more »


I will support seedorf, he is our champion, he deserves a chance, he deserves our trust not allegri. If they don’t want him no problem, there are a billion more people who support him. If tassotti feels he can through away everything he has worked for and turn against milan just for allegri, then he can do it, this is MILAN, I know it’s a thorn to the hearts of some people who call themselves “real milan fans”, but THIS IS MILAN! NOT ROMA! NOT INTER! NOT JUVE! SUCCESS IS OUR DNA! If Seedorf is chosen as head coach I… Read more »


Name a best player simple,
Bt some people name the whole first 11. wtf?! My best player is Mexes!

Major temmy

Mine is mooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnntttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy he is truely a legend and pure leader,forza milan


@Sola u ve said my mind.de likes of nesta,maldini, cafu,stam,pirlo,seedorf,gattuso,ruicoasta/kaka, sheva and inzaghi(atleast most of dem were young) r in anceloti’s squad. In de likes of Nesta(old) T33, abate antonin/constant/deciglio,prince, robinho,mvb,(old)/pirlo(old) gattuso(old)/flamini,seedorf(old) ibra and maybe muntari in Alegris squad.and some1 is sayin allegri didn’t do well in europe. Pls brodas compare de squad and tel me de typ of magic Allegri wil do wit those players. Allegri did his best, under ancelleti I cried fo seven gud yrs fo scudetto bt it was nt achieved.allegri tanks fo giving me dt and I wish u all de best. Bt i must… Read more »


Christian Abbiati


El-shaarawy is the best,motillivo 2nd,Abbiati 3rd,De-sceglio 4th,Mexes 5th,Zapata 6th,pazzini 7th,Abate 8th,BallOteli 9th,cOnstant 10th. Allegri deserve the Best current seria a coah with my prove!


If we had a consistent season throughout and finished in this position i’d choose either montolivo or de sciglio. However in the first half of the season, one player turned into the finest young talent the world has ever seen carrying a club as huge as milan all by himself, while all seemed lost he was our glimmer. and thanks to him, third place was still far, but within reach with an anatomic effort. and we did it.

thank you il faraone, carry on at this rate and i see milan having their very own del piero. grazie