Poll: Should Milan try to sign Ibrahimovic?


Having already signed Luiz Adriano and Carlos Bacca on long-terms deals, is there any room at Milan for Zlatan Ibrahimovic? Club President Silvio Berlusconi keeps teasing a return but is it the right move for the red and black club to go after the 33-year-old Sweden international?

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What are we going to do with three strikers?


Well, Miha plays a two-striker formation. So really, three might not be enough.

Pa ibra

menez, niang, luiz adriano, bacca…that’s more than 3. besides el sharaawy and cerci might as well be used as strikers.

zlatan could be super useful for a year or two and I’d support his arrival but feels it’s to late now that two new strikers had already signed.

yes to zlatan & bacca
or zlatan & luiz adriano.
no to all three at the same time.




Bacca and adriano aren’t experienced?


As much as I would love to see Ibra in a Milan Jersey, from a rational point of view, I feel the money would be better off spent on getting two very solid centre backs. Laporte/ Romagnoli and Hummels imo seem like realistic options and would balance the squad making them a real force.


4nw, i want nt Ibra. Our forward is save. Ibra wldn’t want to be on d bench so we want luiz n bacca to be upfront.


Ibra is needed to reinforce the FEAR factor which Miha wants …. Plus with him, all our players would become better with the right mentality … the MILAN mentality

kwabena Adu

IBRA has the winning mentality…. He will bring the best in our players.If we can pay his salary then I will say YES


Ibra is great but…..if he returns he will stunt the growth of our young attackers.


Having Ibra can be a hit or miss that will depend on the coach. Ibra is a great player but I believe he sometimes makes every team he plays in one dimensional. PSG was awesome against Barcelona without him. But he also brings the best out of other players, just ask Boateng and Noccerino. If Mihajlovic can find the right solution and formation with the team and Ibra, then having Ibra would make Milan feared through out the world. It’s a gamble I believe is worth taking because Bacca and Luiz Adriano would be even better with Ibra as a… Read more »


Comment:i think ibra should be bought so that he will be supporting bacca or adriano ,he has more experience than them,i think he will be a good option too


no serious team builds a team around a 33yr old. Ibra is a great striker but right now we need exuberant playmakers and quality defenders to complete the team.


Ibra is an extraordinary 33yr old who is not injury prone. He is a champion who wins in every team he plays in and we need proven world class champions in the team for us return to the top.

I want the scudetto this season.


You want a scudetto this season.
I want a team that will last.
Imagine how we could invest that money in younger, promising players.


Comment:we dont need ibramovic


Comment: dnt need ibra we need to work on our defense


Ibra is a one of a kind player who can make ordinary players look great Need I remind people how he even made Nocoreno and Prince look good? He’s scoring record in every team he’s played in is great he’s as strong as an ox and fit as a fiddle he’s not only a world class player but also a black belt in martial arts so he’s obviously dedicated to his fitness can shoot at 100mph from anywhere inside or out of the box he see’s passes before anyone else and can set up as many scoring chances as anyone… Read more »


To be fair, Boateng was good.
Not great. But good.
At least better than the midfield we had recently, except maybe Bonaventura.
Ibra certainly didn’t help him get a hattrick in 14 mins.


There is also the part that he got moved to the wings instead of being left as a box-to-box midfielder since he was good at his defensive duties. He also got pretty cocky/lazy in his last year and literally walked around everywhere. The performance from his previous season clearly got to his head and he started sucking lol.


Comment: milan should buy ibra because all team will fear milan with his presence we can sell (menez and cerci )but we need to build our defence at least with two great cb


Ibra would be great but just for one or two seasons..


Ibra will win us the scudetto like he has done at every club he has been to in his first season. The second coming Forza Milan


There are many Pros and cons! But if his coming means that there is no more money for new CBs, then i woud say no! I fear that the 3 new CF are too old, economicly speaking. We have enough Fire power right now. Mitrovic , Gabigol or Zickovic would make more sense for a Substitute. Also J. Guidetti is right now free! (U21 CF of Sweden) If money is not a constrain, then having Ibra, Bacca ,Adriano would be Letal! I read about Menez as AMF..maybe they are right, dont know. I Hope they keep Shaarawy! Selling him would… Read more »


I dont think we need Ibra. Yes, he is extraordinary player but also too old. Milan only need young and talented atacker who can use Bacca and Adriano for getting experiences from them, like Gabigol.

I want to believe that Miha will get best of Pharaon and sometimes will give the playing time to Mastour

Also, It would be better to see 2 more Midfielder and 3 more Centerback like Axel Witsel, Baselli, Romagnolli, Kamil Glik and Abdennour…



Barca doesnt “need” Messi, Real doesnt “need” Ronoldo, but those two give them something extra that other teams dont have…Ibra would do the same for us, we may not “need” him, but Ibra would give us a weapon which no other serie A club could match…let us not forget that qualifying for the UCL is a MUST.


Well said


Sensible comment…! And looking at how other teams are rebuilding, we certainly need IBRA…!


Ibra is awesome but you guys also should remember that he is a type of player with huge chauvinism like he represents a country as individual I remember how he kicked rodney strasser in his back only for fun Or how el sharaawy didnt receive a pass from him when el sharaawy could run into one on one positions I rather have two world class defender that have both the half of ibras salary check only then we be considered dangerous The team with the less possible goals aggainst is the champion thats 90 % of the case I say… Read more »


0_o I’d kick Strasser too. He was horrible.
Ibra is one of the greatest pure strikers ever. He’s not one for passing the ball, he’s one for getting the ball and finishing. That’s what he was brought into the team to do and he did it well. An ego with the skills to back it up is the least of our worries when it comes to this situation.


I couldn’t agree more
well said


Oh well. No need for ibra anymore as bacca will partner adriano. Both are similar in many ways but also different in the sense that adriano does better in air. Both have some flair n skill and can complement each other well just like tevez n rooney which I thought were too similar to play together. We still have niang n menez so no need for ibra


Yet we are to even THINK about signing a playmaker. Its almost like we are forbidden to have any playmakers in our team. I dont call montolivo, poli, dejong bertolacci muntari essien van ginkel even close to creative midfielders

aminu Ibrahim

Realy own my advice milan don’t sell menez because he is a great player also he have skills he can beat any defence he pass all milan forward


Ibra is a great striker but Milan doesn’t need strikers, it needs CBs. Buying Ibra would probably take up our whole transfer budget and instead and his salary would be too high. It would be a dream if we could land Hummels. We got Bacca and Adriano up top, Bertolacci and Mauri in the midfield, but we haven’t got anyone for defense. Let’s make the most of our remaining transfer budget and try to buy some good CBs.



Lets buy a top class defender and midfielder first please.


when will the match scheduele be released??


Comment:i think milan needs to signcertains players dat would definitely bring back our winning mentality n fear factor,players such as nani,witsel,ibra,kolarov and two young and talented central defenders,nani is actually a talent available considering d amt of money fenerbahce is abt to pay for his services,i think milan should hijack d deal and sign him he wil b a good addition to the team

Pa ibra

menez, niang, luiz adriano, bacca…that’s more than 3. besides el sharaawy and cerci might as well be used as strikers.

zlatan could be super useful for a year or two and I’d support his arrival but feels it’s to late now that two new strikers had already signed.

yes to zlatan & bacca
or zlatan & luiz adriano.
no to all three at the same time.


Zlatan is great and all but we already have like 6 forwards… (ElSha, Menez, Bacca, Cerci, Luiz Adriano, Niang)
Not to mention some young lads like Mastour and Di Molfetta coming up
And we haven’t sold Matri ( -_-)


The way I see it we should zlatan and not worry if he’s a one or two year player. We have so many young promising players I don’t why we need more. We have SES,Niang,Suso, mastour. We have modic mastalli and likely mauri. As well as de sciglio, Ely?, maldini jr?,. Experienced players we have bacca, de Jong, Lopez, abate and Montolivo. Other than them who has international experience and club experience at a high intense level? Who are our young ones going to learn from and recieve support. We need more leaders and zlatan is one of those. His… Read more »


I don’t see the point in getting Zlatan, unless we’re playing him in the CAM position like what he basically does for Sweden.


Comment: ibra adrino and bacca pair wouldnt be a bad idea if he comes then we should say yes to a scudetto pls ibra come


Reading some comments above makes me feel like WHAT??? Some people don’t want Ibra and yet BERLUSCONI and his children keep talking about him. Say what??? I’d give Menez and Matri away for free to bring IBRA back. We have a great goal keeper in Diego Lopez, a great destroyer in Nigel De Jong, why then can’t we have the greatest Goal scorer upfront? To those saying we don’t need Ibra, you guys should go and look at how Inter, Roma and Juve are building then you’d correct yourselves. This season won’t be a walk in the park, it’s going… Read more »


dere shoudnt even be a poll on bringing ibra back…cause personally i would rig d election to hav him back.I dont need to start explaining why but we need to let some players go..menez,cerci and matri must go..honda and suso for AM or sell honda and bring in wijnaldum or saponara..a new cb…formation should be like dis
abate paletta newcb antonelli
betollacci de jong bona/monty
ibrahimovic bacca/andriano


Prior to Bacca and Adriano I’d have said yes but now we need to concentrate and use the resources we have to strengthen the defence.

Who knows, towards the end of the window if we can agree a good deal for Ibra then go for it. For now though he’s not a priority IMO.


Ibra will be excellent , he wants to be a milan legend that’s why I would see him coming back
He won’t cost much the fact his contract is expiring next year
But we need a solid defender first top class
Adrian is ok but SES and Cerci would out class him
I would love see milan playing 2 4 4
With SES as a midfielder


Comment:Firstly, with Ibrahimovic, Milan will have a realistic chance of wrestling the scudetto frm Juventus,he has always done that.He is a proven goalscorer, an assist maker,a team carrier and a leader on the pitch.Getting ibrahimovic back would be awesome,even the so called Juventus would be afraid,with him top three is guaranteed. But the issue is that his arrival would likely dampen Bacca’s potential as ibrahimovic always want to play alone upfront, that’s evident @ PSG as Cavani had to play out wide like a winger, that could b d only problem


Comment:pls bellusconi nd galliani bring ibracadabra back to sansiro. We need him. my new milan formation goes dis way. lopez-palleta- romagnoli- abate- antonnielli – dejong-bertollacci – bonaventura – menez -ibracadabra – bacca ………………..cerci nd matri should be sold. FORZA MILANOOOOOOOOOO.


Comment:bellusconi nd galliani we needo Ibracadabra.bring him to win d scudetto for us.look at his profile he is a champion everywhere he goes. pls bring him back to sansiro……… This is how I want Milan formation to b like….. lopez- palleta- romagnoli- abate- antonielli- dejong- bertolacci- bonaventura- menez- ibracadabra- bacca….. 4-1-3 -2..?…..?………?… matri, cerci should b sold….


I can’t tell why people ignore what menez has done for Milan last season.I prefer to have menez bacca and luiz, and paying for witsel rather than selling menez to reduce his price and bring zlatan over. we can’t build a team around a 33year-old, scudetto won’t come this year, and if you think couple of signings will do that you’re wrong. we’ve been waiting since 2011, we can wait one more year and see Miha build a young team for the future. not saying that Zlatan isn’t good, he’s a champ and we can’t argue about his capabilities but… Read more »