Poll: Who was the best player in Torino 1-1 Milan?


Milan played one of their worst games in recent memory (or just since the last game) as they drew Torino 1-1 at Stadio Olimpico di Turin. Menez scored for Milan in the 2nd minute through a pk but Gilk levelled torwards the end of the match through a corner, obviously. Still, some players stood out, so vote for the best in the poll below.

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lopez. was the best, and inzaghi was the worst… no plan at all he startet agresiv ofensive playstyle that cost a red card, to get a win and as allways milan scores he thinks he have won the match, and trys to calm down the players and at last changes the only striker with a CB, and park the bus in front of the goal, as he dont know what to do… inzaghi i think you time is over, but i know that as you are gallianis and berlosconis dog and lick thir asses you can still kip the job… Read more »


last think if it wasent a good day for lopez we will have lost at least 5-1
and its nothink with the red card, they had so meny chances even when we was 11 man,,, so i dont think any of inzaghis fan should use the red card as an excuse or even inzaghi when he will speak to the press…


Lopez is the best..Please,send muntari out..He didnt deseve to put on that jersey again..He got no respect..


Only diego lopez played well


Lopez was the best, but who cares….???


Hurts so much seeing my team consistently perform this poorly. Even this time last year we had a few OK names and injured players. But this year its a (near) full strength team full of (virtually) nobodys.
Inzaghi was my all time favorite milanista. His style of play was personified by his intelligence and ambition. I may be bias but i think he has the necessary attributes to be a successful coach, although this sqaud and its performances is only showing the antithesis.


it was an absolutely pathetic and useless performance, i mean ive never seen a group of player sent out with such energy and enthusiasm, they get a penalty and score………. all i want to know is what runs through their minds at that moment because they decided to completely turn off. Literally every single pass was wayward all the runs were completely useless and the defending was atrocious. It was so unbelievably predictable, every torino attack was predictable. But for some reason millionaires disguised as professional players couldnt see the attacks. Armero was his usual idiotic self, Mexes and Rami… Read more »


Lopez & Bonaventura