Poll: What should Milan do with El Shaarawy?

Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images
Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Stephan El Shaarawy looks set to return to Milan but it’s still unclear what the future holds for him.

Milan sent El Shaarawy to Monaco in the summer. The deal that was agreed is that the winger will go to France on loan & Monaco will have an option to buy him – an option that becomes obligatory once the former Padova man plays 25 matches.

However, in the last weeks it has been made clear that Monaco don’t want to keep El Shaarawy, who has played 24 matches for them since the start of the season and they will either send him back to Milan already in January or freeze him out of the squad and then get him on a flight to Milano.

The most likely option is that El Shaarawy will return to the red and blacks in the next weeks but it remains unclear what will happen next. If the newspapers are reliable then it’s difficult to see Stephan staying at Milan. The player however has 6 clubs chasing – three in Serie A and 3 in the EPL.

So what should Milan do with the 23-year-old who scored 27 goals in 102 Milan appearances (19 of them in the 2012/13 season)? Should they keep him or send him elsewhere?

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Keep him until summer, give him a chance, at least he is not injured now.

His pace can be very usefull.


Comment:Yeah Agreed, keep the lad as a backup for Bonaventura, atleast for d first six months. Let him prove himself


This is the right time 2 buy witsil i hope is dis comment if you want 2 help milan dis time midfielder


Yeah. Keep him. Afterall, he is much better than Cerci and Honda


I’m surprised that the hierarchy are so keen to offload him. He’s not been at his best over the last year or so but he’s a class player and with a bit of faith & patience he could become the player everyone expected him to become at Milan.


AS Roma and AC Milan have agreed terms for Stephan El Shaarawy, it’s a loan deal with an option to buy for €12m. (La Gazzetta dello Sport)


To Roma? To Roma who robbed us for 50m in the summer??? We are giving him for 12???

Galliani OUT now!!!

Anyhow, Matip and Banega are free agents in the summer, sign them pleaseee

Veer khase

Exactly, there is no point on selling el shaarawy for just 12m €.


I read that we have agreed to send him to Roma


Keep him, try playing him on the right


Exactly what I’m thinking. We’ve had Cerci and Honda playing there, apparently Boateng is the next option. Surely he would give us a better option than any of these guys.


Milan shd keep him till summer incase of any injury on our left flank.


Loan him to a smaller team then see what he can do. He wont have much playing time since jack at his best. Have been disappointed in monaco and recent years

veer khase

I am really frustrated about milan’s management. They keep the likes of cerci nocerino mexes zapata etc and get rid of promising players like sharaawy. Yeah, he endured a difficult season last year but i have no doubts about his talent. At monaco he was played as an out & out striker(not his ideal position). If milan really wanted to send him out, then instead offering him to roma, he should have been offered to liverpool. We have also aquired balotelli from them, & i am more than sure that klopp would have revitalised him.


Comment: keep El Sharrawy. letting him go, I’m
afraid we will regret in the near future.
we had Aubemeyang, we barely have him
a chance n now he’s a star striker in Dortmund.
Give El Sharrawy the chance to find his form
in Milan, he’ll surely sparkle.
Don’t sell him


If there is any good offer sell him, if not loan him. He is not suitable for 4-4-2 or for 4-3-1-2 if we ever return to that formation. Better for RM then Cerci or Honda? Since when. We need a midfielder who is better then Honda for that position, not awful one-dimensional wingers like Cerci and El Shaarawi.


@GB @Jenae thank you! Finally some sense on this topic.


Finally someone has spoken out . This guy has been pampered enough….given enough chance too. We bought him for 20m and he shone for only 6mnts and all defenders started marking him out,since then he couldnt make himself unpredictable. He has played about 14 matches in monaco no league goal. My opinion? Sell him to the highest bidder!


Man, there are some optimistic fans on this blog… How many goals and assists has SES had at Monaco? Or the last two years at Milan for that matter? Exactly.


Thank you. Last season’s aside with his injuries; 2 years ago and this year at monaco he was average.

People on this blog think that being young (25<) and fast is everything we need to improve our squad.
Speaking of speed, look at Cerci, he was useless.

Veer khase

I m completely surprised by your point of view on el shaarawy. You are saying that el shaarawy’s stats at monaco are bad. I agree. But the same could have been said about saponara;same can be said about darmian ,who did not impress when given chances in milan lineup. They were not used regularly but so has been el shaarawy. More than half of his appearances account as substitute. And he has not been used as LW in majority of matches.While he has struggled in ligue 1, he has put in excellent performances with national team.I am not saying that… Read more »


When Milan selled all the good players 3 years ago who scored the most goal in our team and kept us in the champions league qualification at the end of the season ? Exactly


The key words there are “three years ago.”


Comment: now i know that Galliani is stupid, roma collected 50m for both romagnoli and bertolaci, and u want to sell El shaarawy for 12m. I heard that juve show interest, why cant we swap him for RUGANI if we cant keep him


Honda nocerino zapata Alex poli cerci Diego Lopez out… Witsel isco loan Rugani/hummels/ some kind of world class CB. Just can’t wait for menez To come back I wanna see him play as a cam in a 4312 dang that’s Gonna be dangerous

Veer khase

Yeah milan are trying to get isco on loan as he has asked madrid for an exit. But it looks highly unlikely as juve & man city are also in the running. The only factor favouring us might be the friendship between galliani & florentino perez,but i have doubts about that too.


What do you have against Diego Lopez ?


Milan clearly don’t know how to manage talented young players. We should keep him. El Sharaawy was doing so well before Milan made the stupid decision to bring in Balotelli who is not a professional football player.

Milan did same thing again this season and send El Sharaawy away on loan. The club has no confidence in him and he knows it. He’s just lacking confidence right now and he will return to form if we keep faith in him.

Jesus Davila

We should keep him, we have already shipped sino to Genoa and if smart cerci will follow that leaves vacancy in the winger role, what am saying we should at lease keep him as backup and give him a chance.


Doesn’t el shaa remind anyone of a certain Brazilian Milan legend who left and did crap? Hint hint: his last name is related to the last word of the previous sentence


Oh god. Kids nowadays. Comparing SES to Kaka…


Comment:he’s talking about pato..be wise


be wise? kaka means crap in many languages


I was talking about kaka, but obviously I didn’t mean that el shaa is on kakas level but I’m saying the situations could be very similar


David if you were watching Milan matches when Kaka was around you would know that he was sold because he wasn’t performing to good after 2007


There is no point keeping El shara when he can not be guaranteed a space in d current milan squad.. A good option is to loan him to a club that will guarantee a space for him. We should all remember that we want milan to buy world class player this season. This involves real money. Its not wise to keep some just to be earning salary . Let another club pay that salary and will see what happens at the end of this season. He could return to milan if baloteli leaves .


I feel it is better to send elsharawy on loan to some small club now like empoli, let him score some goals and then sell him for 20 + millions.. I believe he can be a good player, like may be Roma’s gervinho or old joe cole at chelsea or may be guily at barca but I don’t think he has what it takes to be the world champion that we expected him to be like a robben or del piero or ronaldo.. now he is worth that 12 million only.. but we should have sold him in the summer… Read more »


If we sign Isco and Candreva we will be set. I am starting to feel that we should send Adriano away as well as Mauri on loan. De Jong seems to be set to go to leicester and if we bring in Caceres we should sell Mexes.


El sha should go on loan r even sell him….we need to stop treat him like he’s special……u guys bash bonventura an say he couldnt be on the bench for the old milan but u guys treat el sha like god…bias fans


well of course fans are biased! We support Milan and of course some players are more popular than others- some of us support our team because of certain players- Im first of all a Milan supporter and I love it when Milan have players like El- Shaarawy. He may not be Messi or Ronaldo but he is way more entertaining and likeable than Cerci and Honda!


Bona has the most assist in series a but still get overlook n one of the best dribbler if not the best this season soo far…,……..


Nobody seas that! most of the people here say we should keep him as a backup and nobody bashing on Bonaventura, why did you posted this comment?!


You don’t know how some fans bash Bonaventura….. Only on bleacher report Milan fans give him praise


Selling El Sharaawy for 12m thereafter isn’t a wrong although we bought Romagnoli and Bertolacci for 50m from Roma. Reason,if you are Roma you can’t pay 20+ for a player who have done nothing in the past 4 years.He isn’t Donnarumma whose market value has rises from 1m to 30m for being fantastic and confident at the age of 17.He isn’t doing well like Dybala whose market value has rised from 30 to 80m and so on.Thes players are growing and SES is decreasing. He can’t play on the left wing,We have Bonaventura there and he can’t sit on the… Read more »


Haha – perfect summary Lumen. 🙂


Genoa, Roma, Lazio and Juve are in the market to sign him…I would not mind selling him to any other club except genoa.. we sent suso there to get playing time, now we are sending cerci also there, if SES also goes to genoa, then suso will again be on bench. But we do need a back up for Bonaventura.. If SES is willing to stay on bench as a back up, then let him stay.


Lets hope at least that the likes of Menez and Boateng can give us some of the creativity we are lacking


I feel a loan deal like that of Niang wld do him some good.


Everything is going to be alright with El Shaarawy , maybe not today, but eventually.. please keep him we need him..


Maybe its time to sell him. But not for 12m to Roma. Not for less than 15m, and invest that money in a strong midfielder. We know that Milan don’t know how to get the best out of him. Might as well let him flourish in another team. I wish him well for his future and hope he can really come good for the National team.


Keep him!!!!!!




Just read that we r linked with fellaini again for 14 Mil pounds hahahahahah smh mate galliani is seriously out of his mind I can’t stand this anymore


It’s not so difficult and expensive to improve the squad mr galliani.Just keep el sha,put for sale lopez,zapata,poli,de jong,honda and sign matip,banega,soriano,mirallas.I hope this transfer window will be good for us.


LACAZETTE… ISCO… WITSEL…HUMMELS…. Sell half the squad n reinvest in quality young players for years to come but hey its Milan so go for fellaini n loan deals hahahahaha Miloan is on the rise begging for clubs to loan them players this is so sad

Pa ibra

yea I read the fellaini thing and was like wtf.. boateng and now him

Pa ibra

he’s abit like cerci unfortunately not creative and can’t really dribble as an attacker.. a hardworker and loved by everyone but not sure if that’s enough to keep him. a sorry situation.


yeaah… prasie our transfer guru galliani!! well done!


I dont like the rumours i am hearing seems like they are doing the same mistake again they will never learn… The club is going nowhere with Berlusconi and Galliani they have no clue of what they are doing


#dontKeepSES Stop this come-back-bla-bla. Sell to the highest bidder, invest in some1 like Vazquez or/and Banega and you will have your backup/ competition for Jack. We need player who have the character to be a leader, without fear. Who can come back even if they have some bad times. Like Bacca, like Adriano, like Bona, like Niang, Players who solve our problems now or very soon, but not only maybe or maybe not… If i read, get him back for the right flank, because he is better than Honda and Cerci. …. For Real? A Player who has clearly bad… Read more »


The idea of sellin El sharaaawy and signing kp boateng shows galliani and mihajlovic to an extent are brain dead. look el shaarawy is a better player than kp boateng. Galliani needs brain surgery . foolish man


Boa is stronger in the head. Has more as a leader. We will see how fit he is.


From what I’ve heard and rumours in Italy, El Sha had an addiction problem. Now this could be completely false, so don’t go reading to much into it. Apparently this is a very big problem though.


I love el sharaaway he’s always been a fan favorite. Hypothetically, id love him as a backup player. But the truth is:

1) he wants to make the euros, he won’t get regular playing time and therefore wouldn’t accept a bench role

2) people complaining about selling him for too cheap, his value isn’t high anymore after the poor recent seasons and absence due to injury. (Although it would hurt me to see him go to a direct rival!)


I’ll take elsharaawy back n get rid of cerci Honda nocerino I’m sure we can find space for him


What we need is a system where the coach has the full power to choose his targets like Simeone at athletico. People blame Allegri for signing Matri. But Allegri also asked for players like Hamsik, Galliani signed Aquilani. Allegri wanted to sell Pato and get Tevez, Berlu blocked it. He was not allowed to play aquilani since Galliani did not want to sign him. Then came seedorf. People blame him for signing grandpa Essien. But he also asked for young players like Adam Maher, Joel Veltman, Daley Blind etc. Inzaghi never asked for Torres but most of his wishes were… Read more »


This is on point, ive wanted to say this for a long time, well done. Lets put it like this, if a coach gets to choose between Nocerino, Soriano and modric, of course he would choose a modric right? But if the president isnt willing to spend and the vice president interfers, what is the coach supposed to do? He has made his wish/request, the rest is up to those in charge. And i hear Berlu wanting a coach who knows what players he wants, all coaches Want to coach the very best players, how is he supposed to do… Read more »


Berlusconi opened his wallet. Galliani decided to give his friend in Genoa the money.


seriously we need a sport director…


I hear milan are in advanced talks to sign jemerson which is good since Serginho is workin on it and palermo hav also wrapped up Cristante. I hope Cristante becomes a darmian or aubameyang at palermo. # galliani out.


I think we should keep him with us as he is very good option to play on either flank, mainly right which needed a good player ….


I voted to keep him in the sqaud, but I don’t think B&G are going to keep him. As much as I honestly can’t stand Wegner I think SES is the type of player that would thrive at Arsenal. If we can’t keep him, I’d like to see SES do well elsewhere and I think Arsenal would be the better club for him.

Buitenzorg Devil

If we still play with 4-3-3 then keep SES. Play him on the flank..


sell him to China