Barcelona 2-2 Milan


MILAN have secured an away point at the Nou Camp following a draw with Barcelona. Pato scored early to give Milan the lead, and the Rossoneri were the better side until 10 minutes before Barcelona scored (thanks to a slight abate error) from then on it was all Barcelona and a stunning David Villa goal gave them a deserved lead, but right at the death the Rossoneri rallied for a corner and took a point home from the Camp Nou!

The Rossoneri lined up in an attacking 4-3-1-2 despite speculation Allegri would play more defensive, Christian Abbiati started in goal, behind Ignazio Abate, Alessandro Nesta, Thiago Silva and coming back at left back was Gianluca Zambrotta. In midfield, Mark van Bommel was part of a trio with Nocerino and Seedorf, with a front 3 of Boateng behind Pato and Cassano.

Milan started with a bang! Just 23 seconds into the game and Pato scored to give Milan the lead! Straight from the kick off Milan were up and at it, after passing it back to abbiati and a kick out, nocerino passed the ball to Pato, who – with an immense turn of pace – who went 1 on 1 with Valdes and calmly tucked it under the spanish goalkeeper in a clinical fashion!

FC Barcelona-AC Milan: Official line-ups
Video of the Day: Milan 4-0 Barcelona

After the 5th fastest goal in champions league history, the match was a bit of a cagey affair. Allegri’s intelligent tactics to play deep but with some pressure, and then counter attack were working fairly well, Barca were struggling to create solid chances and the likes of Pato and Cassano were tracking back and winning the ball in their own half, meanwhile the team did look threatening on the break, though Barca still dominated possession in the opening 10 minutes.

Clarence Seedorf was rolling back the years, if you didn’t know he was 35 you’d never have guessed it, Milan were growing in confidence as the game passed the 15 minute mark, the Rossoneri were the better side and almost had a chance to double the lead, following a great run from Thiago Silva, unfortunately Pato’s first touch was just a tiny bit off, and Keita tracked back well, but Milan were playing very well.

Near the 20 minute mark, Barca had their best chance early on, a free kick from outside the box. Lionel Messi stepped up and very nearly levelled the scorelines, but the sound of the post clattering was a relief to Abbiati, and every single Rossoneri fan worldwide.

10 minutes passed and Milan were still in the lead, Barcelona had upped the tempo slightly, and had a decent chance around the half an hour mark as Messi shot from close range only to be denied by a very good Christian Abbiati save, but Milan were defending well, and still posed a significant threat on the break.

Moments later and Boateng picked up a knock and was replaced by Massimo Ambrosini.

With 35 minutes on the clock, Barca took the lead. As Lionel Messi drove into the box, he touched it past Abate and Nesta, but despite tracking the run, Abate let the ball roll through for Messi to latch back onto it. The argentine managed to get the ball back across goal, and Pedro was there to tap it in for the Catalan club to pull level.

The last 10 minutes saw Barca continue to press and seize the game, however, Milan held out until half time, and Allegri had a difficult team talk to give with the score at 1-1, Milan had done well, but 1 mistake came at the cost of a goal, and Barca had upped the pressure near the end of the half.

Just 5 minutes into the second half, and Cassano, who started well but fizzled out and became a bit of a liability near the end of the half, gave away a foul around 25 yards out, and David Villa stepped up scored with an excellent free kick to give Barca the lead.

Lionel Messi should have extended Barcelona’s lead within minutes, as he ran inside the box, but Alessandro Nesta dove in with an inch perfect slide tackle, a brilliant defensive move to keep Messi out, and he outjumped Messi to clear the ball away once more a minute later.

Massimiliano Allegri saw the game slipping away from Milan, and with Cassano virtually ineffective, Urby Emmanuelson was brought on to replace him with just over 25 minutes to go.

Inexplicably, with 20 minutes to go, Daniel Alves put in a terrible tackle on Urby Emmanuelson, who had done well since coming on, but the refereee gave him only a yellow, when at first glance and on the replay it looked a straight red, frustratingly, Milan weren’t able to muster up a chance, though there was still only 1 goal in it.

As the clock ticked and Milan still didn’t look like scoring, Massimiliano Allegri decided to gamble, and brought on Alberto Aquilani for Mark van Bommel with a shade over 10 minutes to go.

Just as all hope seemed lost, and the game seemed all but done, some terrific work from Nocerino won Milan a corner, in stoppage time. With 92 minutes on the clock, Clarence Seedorf played a fantastic cross into the box, and Thiago Silva outjumped everyone, including his marker Sergi Busquets, to plough the ball into the back of the net! A terrific header, and a great last gasp goal!

Milan played out the last minute and sealed the point at the Nou Camp, a terrific point!

Best Moment: Silva’s header, no two ways about it!

Man of the Match: Clarence Seedorf or Pato

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I never gave up during the match,that’s courage.You threw your hands in the air when things got tough.


I never threw my hands in the air, id*iot. You weren’t even commenting half the time.


The result was good for us, but more importantly the morale and confidence the team will get from this game and continue the season in style. Great game of defense and precision when it mattered. That’s how to win trophies. Now we need to build on that and have more creativity in the middle. We need opponents to be on the back foot when we gain possesion. Pato was decisive, but needs to work on his possesion football. Great game for the entire team, except for cassano who was a bit lazy and almost dampen the team’s spirit. Now where… Read more »


Pato at least you shut one Gianmoron up today…


Stop with the insults bro, We need to insult Barcelona, not our own Milan supporters 😉


The only mor*on here is. Surprised nobody has smacked you in the face yet.


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I’m the most excited mam today even it was a draw. This is what have been saying see pato pace gave us the lead and also emmanuelson little pace and that of aqua bring the game back. This why we need more young player with pace and experience.


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I am really sorry guys but i don’t see what everyone is excited about! yes it is a great result and yes we played well for like 15 minutes or so, but for me that’s it!! We scored 2 goals through pato’s brilliance and a set piece and defended well, but we didn’t really play football.. we were not able to construct any meaningful attacks and we had trouble even getting out of our own half.. the midfield is still too slow, wasteful in possession and technically weak. they cover pretty well but they don’t build the play.. sorry but… Read more »


Napoli is next.


Well Max allegri showed them a nice image of beautiful Italian defense. We wouldn’t concede the second goal if it wasn’t for Cassano being careless. I accept that we didn’t have anything to say in offense but pleas don’t forget we lost Ibra and Robinho and Prince because of injury while they had everyone. The fascinating fact fascinating is that we scored at the first and last minute! and we didn’t dive or do any unfair plays! Forza Milan!

gioele romeo

Heres what i thought: we did so well defending against a team which really should have dominated us, we did have a slighly old midfield when ambrosini came on (i was worried). Nesta was fantastic but ABATE for me was amazing, apart from not quite getting to the ball with messi, he stopped messi and villa numerous times on the flank. abbiati was amazing as always and so was silva. The last 10 minutes or so was good to see from milan because we were pushing for an extra goal, emmanulson and aqualani had some good appearances. Nocerino was not… Read more »


I’m really happy, i didn’t expected a draw. In the 2nd match, yes. But not now. It’s great with a bit of luck.
Nesta, Silva, Pato, Seedorf, Abbiati and Nocerino did great things all over the match.


Seriously, what I didn’t get it why max replaced KPB with Ambro? he should’ve changed him with Aquilani and MvB should’ve played till the very end…whatever, I’m glad with the final result. Made my f-king day!!! 🙂


Someone mentioned about funeral, we’ll be dead, or we’re finished. Guess what, we didn’t. So always have faith. That’s lesson learnt. Be a true supporters!!! Forza MILAN!!

gioele romeo

seedorf was class, you can really see him skills but as the game grew on he was just exhausted.


I think we are da best in that match…Playing them without 7injured player.We rule da world palz

Ac Milan will beat Barcelolololololna

Will i guess not to night for ac milan,but milan definately will win in san siro..i am truly a happy man today..barca is nothing lol their defence sucks really bad haha


It wasn’t Seedorf nor Pato. It was whole team, everyone played their hearts out. Their trick with defense line didn’t work, Allegri was brilliant here. The only concern was his first sub Boa>Ambro, i didn’t thought he could last till over.

I wouldn’t say Man of the Match… It was more Team of the Match. Everyone was brilliant! FORZA MILAN!


giancarlo always has something tosay about the other persons opinion and thats a fact….name calling….and all…i never say something in this blog because pple get a bashing just for their opinions….please guys can we not fight anymore?? for pplle who visit this blog and SEE fightS insults left and right is not right at all…

all i will say is THIS….ITS not who was best that counts but the result..obviously Barca were better by miles but Milan had a plan and it worked


Oh yes… that’s great… the name calling they do to me isn’t an issue, yet when I try to counter it is a problem? Seriously, stop being a hypocrite.


I hope Allegri realize that we cant win the Champions League if we play like this.. We have great defenders and of the best strikers. Guys stop with the insults, we are all Milan supports, lets insult Barcelona merda!

gioele romeo

how else can you play against barca, we have seen the top teams like man u crumble because they tried to play direct. Allegri did his research and knew that absorbing and counter attacks was the way to go, and it worked


For me MOTM: Nesta!


Yeah you’re right, and many people said he is finished after what happened with Lazio, how stup!d…


I´m gonna always talk down on Seedorf and Nest from now on, because then they always perform at there best.


grande partita!!!
Grande MILAN!…incredibile!

S - A

September 13th, 2011 on 10:44 pm

GAME OVER. We lose.

LOL. was over 30 mins left of the game


We didn’t win. So what’s your point?

S - A

“GAME OVER. We lose”

well, did we lose?


who are you? go away.


That was something Rossoneri23 was saying.

Thats why he isn’t here anymore.


Iniesta is out for four weeks now from what I’m hearing. Karma for what he said about Van Bommel.


LOl, but bro did you see how van Bommel tackled him hard in the Final (Holland – Spain), it was a red card 😀


what did he say about Van Bommel? i missed it.


twas lyk brazil against spain.. Pato and silva against pedro and villa


Thank God. My boys got me smiling. Lol

Max falase

Seedoff was d man of the match no doubt coz he was 12yrs younger in strength. Mourinho should take lessons frm allegri on how to play berca to stand still wtout aving a player sent off, n d match not losing its beauty n essence. Forza Milan.

Edwin Amewornu

AC Milan did very well more grace to the elbows of the rossoneris. good work done


Great forza milan will did well great to N 4 neste & 4 all milan up forza


I was one of the few that said give Nesta a chance to bounce back after the Lazio game after people went after him non-stop and called him finished… seriously… there was even an article on this site that said Nesta is done as a player.

Was I wrong?


Well maybe u were not wrong about nesta, but in pato’s case u were my friend u were DEAD! WRONG!!


Go away punk. You have issues.


You weren’t…And i was sure about that too…

So,Giancarlo,tell me about Pato now??
You think he had a bad game?? He didnt score?? Who else in our team could score a goal like that??


Theo theo theo theo, Pato was invisible most of the game. He had 5 good minutes. He couldn’t hold up the ball like Ibra… I’m still not impressed. It was a lucky goal.

Pato Is Brilliant

Two days gao Giancarlo said he want Pato to get swapped by Balotteli..


And I’d still agree with that.

But, you were talking cr*ap about Seedorf, Nocerino, Ibra, Boateng, Nesta… shall I go on?


Just today you called seedorf S.h.i.tdorf, yeah but you think thats ok, you have called Allegri d.u.m.b. you go after anyone over 30 on our team, you hate KPB, you don’t like Ibra, you dont like Nocerino, Aquilani, Fantonio, Robinho, Abbiati, you have attacked Galliani and Berlusconi as well, and these were disgusting disrespectful bashes on everyone of them. It shows what kind of human being you are.

Milan 4 Barca 0

wot a goal from pato , he skinned 3 players and rolls it through the keepers legs. Brilliant run and finish. I likes 🙂


nesta has great character he easily should av slapped alves.but he kept cool.


hey house lets celebrate. forza milan. we expect ganso to join us in january and that will be all. just one signing will do.


or mayb eriksen..hehe…but lets just get another TS33..if there r any…if only we wud’ve got david luiz when we had the chance for 2 yrs…but dnt frgt abt EL’SH92…now that the game is done m gng bk to stalking him..:D..


The whole team worked well together, I want more of this and not only when facing good teams.

Messi is a damn monster, it’s almost impossible to stop him.


Nesta stopped him in the 55th minute or so with that sliding tackle…


Nesta > Terry, Ferdinand, Vidic, etc..

Nesta is a real legend, he has proven to everybody that he is world class!


Hell yeah, and it was worth like £10M tackle…


This was a team effort to get the draw not a lot of people draw with Barca in their stadium


Hello Rossoneri blog Giancarlo and all those who are arguing with him: remember that there are other people on this blog and please take your fights to another place To all those who just personally attack GIANCARLO regardless of what he has to say: The guy is just expressing his opinions and like all other humans, some are right and some are not, I agree and disagree with him on a lot of opinions but I RESPECT all of them nonetheless, whether I like them or not. To Giancarlo: You don’t have to reply on each one of them just… Read more »

Pato Is Brilliant

Get lost you Pato-hater.. We dont need you.. You are the one who causes all this mess around here. You want Pato to get leave..


You put Pato over Milan. You don’t care for Milan. You get lost. You talk trash about other players on the team all the time. Get lost.


Nesta > Pato 😉


lmao this is so funny

Dare ezekiEl from kaduna nigeria

Wow! each time i come on dis site i feel at home n comfortable, i could not watch d match at home cos of lonelines, i had to go to cinema wit my milan jersey, i was d only1 wit milan jersey wit confidence even wen we wer losing, bt tank God milan did nt let me down, pato is d man


I keep on saying it Goalkeeper Abiatti is bad and sloggish but someone will argue thinking italian league is the same with spanish, english or champions league, Every strong team in Europe is made up of a 1worldclass keeper. 1Rock at the back-SILVA, and 1Agile striker-PATO.
Abiatti can never be Milan champions league keeper. HAPPY WE GOT 1POINT.


Allot of fans dont understand how important Nesta is for Milan. He is the reason that T. Silva has become one of the best defenders in the world.


Lets keep this simple: only band of id!ots and lunatic mor-ons say: Nesta is finished.


Nesta is still one of the best defenders around in the world, hands down


happy with the result. i think allegri made a mistake by giving priority to ambrosini after KPB knocked out. milan would play better if aquilani comes in to replace KPB. nocerino is trully milan’s best buy. forza milan!


Weird that Allegri did this. We needed more creativity and yet he choose defense over creativity 😡


Not Man of the Match… It’s Team of the Match. FORZA MILAN!


Seedoff made alot of bad passes today- but i guess we had no option in the absence of KPBoateng.


giancarlo always has something tosay about the other persons opinion and thats a fact….name calling….and all…i never say something in this blog because pple get a bashing just for their opinions….please guys can we not fight anymore?? for pplle who visit this blog and fight insults left and right is not right at all…

all i will say is THIS….ITS not who was best that counts but the result..obviously Barca were better by miles but Milan had a plan and it worked


then tell others to stop name calling and insulting.

i’m off. have a nice day.


NOW this is what you call an italian (half) job…bravo to every1 from B&G allegri to noco n aqua n urby…cassano n ambro were… well u cant be perfect otherwise we wud’ve won the match.. i have stated many a times barca always plays against pathetic weak def teams..arsenal manu spanish league…they cant defend for nuts… n guys this is just a start…we are still regaining our match fitness…i just wish ibra wud’ve been there…he wud eaten all these sloppy def..i mean masch busquets half fit puyol..??? can anyone not score against em?? even with pique…cassano ragged him like his… Read more »

Kelechi maldini

A note of warning to ibitoye. Dont ever under-rate nesta. If u do i will question your knowledge of football. My milan has always been my milan. It is bcos of fans like u dat some of us dont always comment on dis blog. U judge people by one match. Please my brother change. Forza milan.

Max falase

Giancarlo, remember were here to share feelings opinions on our passion n beloved team which is AC MILAN. let not pato is briliant comments or others get @ u. All for milan. a u guys play acting or what? Lets savour tonights draw.


Just because of today’s goal I NEVER EVER want Pato to leave Milan( not like i wanted him to leave before). I want him to be like Inzaghi. Did you see how he destroyed the whole defense with just one nudge. Damn man, in speed I think hes right there with CR and Messi. He launched himself like a torpedo. WOW !!


thiago silva said that his goal was the best headed goal of his carrier….cheers man.


man of the match is nesta for sure, he showed messi what a real defender looks like!

Red/black is my blood

Aliyu sucks. Forza Milan


The main reason why nesta was exposed against lazio was bcos of thiago sylva..he was exposed trying to cover for sylva..he stl gt class