Barcelona 2-2 Milan


MILAN have secured an away point at the Nou Camp following a draw with Barcelona. Pato scored early to give Milan the lead, and the Rossoneri were the better side until 10 minutes before Barcelona scored (thanks to a slight abate error) from then on it was all Barcelona and a stunning David Villa goal gave them a deserved lead, but right at the death the Rossoneri rallied for a corner and took a point home from the Camp Nou!

The Rossoneri lined up in an attacking 4-3-1-2 despite speculation Allegri would play more defensive, Christian Abbiati started in goal, behind Ignazio Abate, Alessandro Nesta, Thiago Silva and coming back at left back was Gianluca Zambrotta. In midfield, Mark van Bommel was part of a trio with Nocerino and Seedorf, with a front 3 of Boateng behind Pato and Cassano.

Milan started with a bang! Just 23 seconds into the game and Pato scored to give Milan the lead! Straight from the kick off Milan were up and at it, after passing it back to abbiati and a kick out, nocerino passed the ball to Pato, who – with an immense turn of pace – who went 1 on 1 with Valdes and calmly tucked it under the spanish goalkeeper in a clinical fashion!

FC Barcelona-AC Milan: Official line-ups
Video of the Day: Milan 4-0 Barcelona

After the 5th fastest goal in champions league history, the match was a bit of a cagey affair. Allegri’s intelligent tactics to play deep but with some pressure, and then counter attack were working fairly well, Barca were struggling to create solid chances and the likes of Pato and Cassano were tracking back and winning the ball in their own half, meanwhile the team did look threatening on the break, though Barca still dominated possession in the opening 10 minutes.

Clarence Seedorf was rolling back the years, if you didn’t know he was 35 you’d never have guessed it, Milan were growing in confidence as the game passed the 15 minute mark, the Rossoneri were the better side and almost had a chance to double the lead, following a great run from Thiago Silva, unfortunately Pato’s first touch was just a tiny bit off, and Keita tracked back well, but Milan were playing very well.

Near the 20 minute mark, Barca had their best chance early on, a free kick from outside the box. Lionel Messi stepped up and very nearly levelled the scorelines, but the sound of the post clattering was a relief to Abbiati, and every single Rossoneri fan worldwide.

10 minutes passed and Milan were still in the lead, Barcelona had upped the tempo slightly, and had a decent chance around the half an hour mark as Messi shot from close range only to be denied by a very good Christian Abbiati save, but Milan were defending well, and still posed a significant threat on the break.

Moments later and Boateng picked up a knock and was replaced by Massimo Ambrosini.

With 35 minutes on the clock, Barca took the lead. As Lionel Messi drove into the box, he touched it past Abate and Nesta, but despite tracking the run, Abate let the ball roll through for Messi to latch back onto it. The argentine managed to get the ball back across goal, and Pedro was there to tap it in for the Catalan club to pull level.

The last 10 minutes saw Barca continue to press and seize the game, however, Milan held out until half time, and Allegri had a difficult team talk to give with the score at 1-1, Milan had done well, but 1 mistake came at the cost of a goal, and Barca had upped the pressure near the end of the half.

Just 5 minutes into the second half, and Cassano, who started well but fizzled out and became a bit of a liability near the end of the half, gave away a foul around 25 yards out, and David Villa stepped up scored with an excellent free kick to give Barca the lead.

Lionel Messi should have extended Barcelona’s lead within minutes, as he ran inside the box, but Alessandro Nesta dove in with an inch perfect slide tackle, a brilliant defensive move to keep Messi out, and he outjumped Messi to clear the ball away once more a minute later.

Massimiliano Allegri saw the game slipping away from Milan, and with Cassano virtually ineffective, Urby Emmanuelson was brought on to replace him with just over 25 minutes to go.

Inexplicably, with 20 minutes to go, Daniel Alves put in a terrible tackle on Urby Emmanuelson, who had done well since coming on, but the refereee gave him only a yellow, when at first glance and on the replay it looked a straight red, frustratingly, Milan weren’t able to muster up a chance, though there was still only 1 goal in it.

As the clock ticked and Milan still didn’t look like scoring, Massimiliano Allegri decided to gamble, and brought on Alberto Aquilani for Mark van Bommel with a shade over 10 minutes to go.

Just as all hope seemed lost, and the game seemed all but done, some terrific work from Nocerino won Milan a corner, in stoppage time. With 92 minutes on the clock, Clarence Seedorf played a fantastic cross into the box, and Thiago Silva outjumped everyone, including his marker Sergi Busquets, to plough the ball into the back of the net! A terrific header, and a great last gasp goal!

Milan played out the last minute and sealed the point at the Nou Camp, a terrific point!

Best Moment: Silva’s header, no two ways about it!

Man of the Match: Clarence Seedorf or Pato

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Great defending by Milan except for Zambrotta’s error who totally fell asleep and let Pedro score on the far post.

Typical Italian defending! Wish we had Balzaretti as a LF though!Hopefully Taiwo will come good this season.

We need some midfield players though. Ambrosini looks really terrible out there!

Our passing was WOEFUL! We need players like Montolivo and maybe Ganso!

Good job Mr Allegri, although I was confused when Ambrosini replaced Boateng as I thought Urby should have come on instead of Ambrosini to add some speed to our midfield!


I agree with this post. I am ecstatic to come away with a point in the Camp Nou. I also believe we have top class defending and a top class defense, but we need midfield reinforcements.

Andriy Shevchenko

Bomel and Ambro where awful last night.Bomel should work on ball control.l think we should buy clasy DM too(to bad we can bring De Zeeuw or De Rossi).Nocerino l don’t have a word guy is even better than Gattuso was.


Van Bommel actually had a pretty good match in front of defense.

Francisco Vasquez

Yes, Van Bommel had a good night, Ambro and Cassano on the other hand… and Nocerino did well but he needs to improve just a bit. The important thing is that we managed to get a good result in hostile territory 🙂 Man of the Match ?? too many options so I’ll just say that Allegri was the mastermind in here, he managed to find out how to break Barca. If it wasn’t because of Messi’s unnatural speed and that FK (that wasn’t that much of a foul for me ) the match might have been different. Our goals were… Read more »

Andriy Shevchenko


Moshood (sansiro 01)

A fantastic match from my team AC MILAN. I love nocerino.



Milanista Rossoneri

For me the Man of the Match is Professor Nesta




‘Pato Pato Silva Silva’

u know who was man of the match?? it was ALESSANDRO NESTA…..IF IT WASNT FOR HIM WE WOULD’VE LOST 4-2…..or 3-1…….GET THAT THROUGH UR THICK HEAD PIB


One must look at that tackle Nesta made on Messi… and how Messi reacted a bit child like… Messi didn’t see that one coming.

Yes, man of the match was hands down Nesta. There is no discussion on that one.


In my opinion, he is the best central defender in the world when healthy. Silva is right there with him. Best combo in the game right now.

Andriy Shevchenko

@Giancarlo yeah he had but his ball control is awful he lost ball numerus times.


Um, there weren’t many people ahead of him to pass to? The reality is the midfield was forced back. Van Bommel was actually very important in this game. Ambrosini wasn’t great though. His ball control is usually very good. And I don’t count numerous times. Van Bommel did an effective job.


Um, there weren’t many people ahead of him to pa*ss to? The reality is the midfield was forced back. Van Bommel was actually very important in this game. Ambrosini wasn’t great though. His ball control is usually very good. And I don’t count numerous times. Van Bommel did an effective job.

–Ok seriously this moderation things is starting to make me mad…


yuu guys cud be crazy.. Why re u quarreling over a match that has been played.. It’s like taking medicine after death..


will Prince be injured for Napoli match?


Allegri said in a the post match interview that Boateng had an issue, but nothing too worrisome and was removed as a precaution… we’ll know later today (wednesday).


pato goal is the fifth fastest goal in cl history.This fact i will use to irritate my arrogant man utd fan that always look down my AC Milan.Forza Milan!

lady gaga

almost everyone on this blog has been calling 4peace but u guys wont listn……. Tbh with both of u(pib and giancarlo),i’m highly disappoint in u guys……. sometimes i wonder if u have a girlfriend……… it really disgust me seeing pple turning a peaceful site into a war zone……… well,some of y’all might have been supporting milan 4a donkey years bt i do not think u know wat the club is really all about… To me= Milan means a club with so many int’ll trophy,a club with so much respect to all other clubs in the universe,a club dat treat his… Read more »


i’m telling u as long as PIB is here there’ll be no peace….he has an opinion about everything and insults every single player cept Silva and Pato


Yes, the problem here is PIB. He refuses to give credit to Nesta and Noc*erino. Noc*erino was very underrated today… and key to our goals (he won us the corner kick).

As long as PIB is here, there will not and can be no peace. If it’s not me who he is arguing with, it’ll be others.


who cares if he gives credit or not? we know who to give credit to don’t we? Let him give credit to whoever he wants its his credit.

Rambinator (RSA)

That may be true but you also need to tone it down a bit, especially on the Pato hating. You take offense when others disagree with you and you are aggressive in your responses. We are all Milan fans in this blog or ought to be, and we are all entitled to disagree with one another and there is no need for petty scuffles following disagreement. No one knows everything about football. An example is when you said that you would drop Pato for Alberto because he will suck but a moment of brilliance from him gave us the lead.… Read more »


I’m not toning down anything. I’ve said it clearly. I’m not hating on any of our players. I’m fair with all of them. And I stand by all of my statements. I was right about my remarks. PIB needs to go.


You must let that wacko trash kid alone, otherwise he’ll drive you mad.


B@rc@’s reign in europe is over.
Best moment: silv@’s he@der. FORZ@ MIL@N


just dont reply to PIB then if his comments are too provocative, just ignore.. end of story

Mexes D. Appenteng

Allegri said Milan is still Milan. Forza Milan!

Pato Is Brilliant

Nesta was total class. Omg just how did he waited, waited and waited for that great sliding tackle.. Pure legendary display.


Cassano was anonymous in this match, the problem is because his style of play.. he cant dribble past players like messi, cassano plays one-two football and yesterday when defenders are surrounding pato, there was no other option as all our midfield were holding the back and only seedorf who could help him. I like our 2nd half performance rather than the 1st one, and it’s because slowdorf wass turning up in the 1st half but seedorfinho appeared in the 2nd half, he’s always got the mentality to improve in the game! he’s a legend indeed.. in the second half we… Read more »


brilliant result. barca outplayed us like they do all teams, but our positioning was awesome and marking spectacular. although messi had chances we restricted him quite a bit credit to our defence. we cudve showed more courage on the ball when we won it back except in 2nd half we kept losing it easily, but its fine we still did well in this “test”. we will be ready for barca at san siro

Milan Penguin

Well, I have to say that I’m surprised with the result.
It showed Milan mentality.
The most shocking part of last night game was when Zambrotta (if I’m not mistaken)…standing still letting Pedro walk past him without noticing and scored !!!



It could’ve been better if Inzaghi there 😀
Forza Milan


how can the best moment be silvas header when alex puts the super turbo boost on after 25 seconds an nutmegs valdez! I was very impressed with allegris tactics, we held formation, didnt press too much an leave holes and hoped to hit them on the break. he looks like a proper manager right now and has restored my hope. Someone needs to work with alex on the runs he makes, he doesnt seem to understand where he needs to be or where he needs to go, other than that he has the pace,skill, touch and finish to be the… Read more »


Milan Milan solo con te [milan milan only with you] Milan Milan sempre per te [milan milan always for you] Camminiamo noi accanto ai nostri eroi [we walk beside our heroes] sopra un campo verde sotto un cielo blu [on a green field under a blue sky] conquistate voi una stella in più [you, do gain one more star] a brillar per noi [which will shine for us] e insieme cantiamo [and together we sing] Milan Milan solo con te [milan milan only with you] Milan Milan sempre per te [milan milan always for you] oh oh oh oh oh… Read more »


Rossonero4life,thumbs up to ΰ.Be steadfast.


you talk to much, i check this site to see that there is more people who are in love with the team and all i see here is your comments. Take a break or something and let people say what they wanna say.


its annoying to see phrases like “Slowdrof sucks, Allegri should get sacked, Nesta should’ve retired” THEY HAVE NO RESPECT ALL GLORY HUNTING C*UNTs


Nice games nice goals nice difns nice strking nice pato nice t.silva forza milan fooooooooooozzzza milan forza pato forza t.silva


Allegri……every sub was spot on and also good timing…..Kpb for Ambr0sini…..if he brought in Aquil@ni…barca would have ripped us apart…Ambr0sini made the defense continue soaking up the pressure from barca…..Nest@ Nest@ Nest@…..God Bless you for ur timely tackles and professional fouls on Messi…they were all spot on…blistering pace from p@t0 in d 5th most fastest goal in CL history…… Thi@g0 Silv@ well done and good header….Seed0rf Maestro….this boss has so much composure that when he holds d ball, u watching d game would be so confident…..N0cerin0, B0mmel, Z@mbr0tt@, Abate….y’all made me so excited yesterday……..Abb@ti well done….Urby and Aquil@ni….good job….I feel… Read more »


Milan should buy more midfielders to replace the old legs.I have so many respect to Ambrosini,Gattuso,Seedorf BUT their time is up.Milan should buy NURI SAHIN,RICARDO MONTOLIVO,GANSO.MY LINE-UP IF WE WANT TO BEAT BARCA:



you are assuming RM will just give us Nuri Sahin as a gift?


we don’t need anything just injured players back and we will give them a tougher match.

Andriy Shevchenko

Ganso is sh*t


at the moment, yes, but you can’t say he has no potential.




My ratings for yesterday would be: Abbiati: 7 – could have grabbed the ball before it crossed the goal length to reach Pedro, for the first goal. Otherwise made good saves, but still not the commanding presence he put in last season. Abate: 7.5 – Did exceedingly well against D. Villa, and Messi over all, but was also at fault for loosing concentration and letting Messi put that sublime pass. Nesta: 9.5 – Was absolutely solid, no other way about it, kept Messi and co begging for space through out. His 55th min slide tackle on Messi was legendary. T.… Read more »


Abate should go on the ball not on messi when he assist to pedro.It wasnt zambrota mistake but abate


I hope boateng is injured bcuz d guy sucks. Ambrosini shouldnt even be on d bench again. Urby should be in d starting lineup always.


Oh shut your mouth. Boateng is a very good player. people like you shouldn’t be milan fans.


Personally, I’m really excited about this result. I have worries about the midfield and thought that it would be very difficult for us to keep up, which left the possibility for a blowout.

However, I was very pleasantly surprised by the discipline and the shape of the team as a whole. Today made me a believer that this year’s squad can hang with anyone in the world even with some questions in the midfield (although I didn’t need too much convincing). Tactics can be everything.


AS a Milan Fan I hope that Galliani could buy these players for next year mercato:
Fernando from FC Porto, Hulk from FC Porto and Ganso
Milan needs young players that can do the difference so I hope that they get good players also the injuries and we have to start building our own football stadium like juventus did.