Barcelona 2-2 Milan


MILAN have secured an away point at the Nou Camp following a draw with Barcelona. Pato scored early to give Milan the lead, and the Rossoneri were the better side until 10 minutes before Barcelona scored (thanks to a slight abate error) from then on it was all Barcelona and a stunning David Villa goal gave them a deserved lead, but right at the death the Rossoneri rallied for a corner and took a point home from the Camp Nou!

The Rossoneri lined up in an attacking 4-3-1-2 despite speculation Allegri would play more defensive, Christian Abbiati started in goal, behind Ignazio Abate, Alessandro Nesta, Thiago Silva and coming back at left back was Gianluca Zambrotta. In midfield, Mark van Bommel was part of a trio with Nocerino and Seedorf, with a front 3 of Boateng behind Pato and Cassano.

Milan started with a bang! Just 23 seconds into the game and Pato scored to give Milan the lead! Straight from the kick off Milan were up and at it, after passing it back to abbiati and a kick out, nocerino passed the ball to Pato, who – with an immense turn of pace – who went 1 on 1 with Valdes and calmly tucked it under the spanish goalkeeper in a clinical fashion!

FC Barcelona-AC Milan: Official line-ups
Video of the Day: Milan 4-0 Barcelona

After the 5th fastest goal in champions league history, the match was a bit of a cagey affair. Allegri’s intelligent tactics to play deep but with some pressure, and then counter attack were working fairly well, Barca were struggling to create solid chances and the likes of Pato and Cassano were tracking back and winning the ball in their own half, meanwhile the team did look threatening on the break, though Barca still dominated possession in the opening 10 minutes.

Clarence Seedorf was rolling back the years, if you didn’t know he was 35 you’d never have guessed it, Milan were growing in confidence as the game passed the 15 minute mark, the Rossoneri were the better side and almost had a chance to double the lead, following a great run from Thiago Silva, unfortunately Pato’s first touch was just a tiny bit off, and Keita tracked back well, but Milan were playing very well.

Near the 20 minute mark, Barca had their best chance early on, a free kick from outside the box. Lionel Messi stepped up and very nearly levelled the scorelines, but the sound of the post clattering was a relief to Abbiati, and every single Rossoneri fan worldwide.

10 minutes passed and Milan were still in the lead, Barcelona had upped the tempo slightly, and had a decent chance around the half an hour mark as Messi shot from close range only to be denied by a very good Christian Abbiati save, but Milan were defending well, and still posed a significant threat on the break.

Moments later and Boateng picked up a knock and was replaced by Massimo Ambrosini.

With 35 minutes on the clock, Barca took the lead. As Lionel Messi drove into the box, he touched it past Abate and Nesta, but despite tracking the run, Abate let the ball roll through for Messi to latch back onto it. The argentine managed to get the ball back across goal, and Pedro was there to tap it in for the Catalan club to pull level.

The last 10 minutes saw Barca continue to press and seize the game, however, Milan held out until half time, and Allegri had a difficult team talk to give with the score at 1-1, Milan had done well, but 1 mistake came at the cost of a goal, and Barca had upped the pressure near the end of the half.

Just 5 minutes into the second half, and Cassano, who started well but fizzled out and became a bit of a liability near the end of the half, gave away a foul around 25 yards out, and David Villa stepped up scored with an excellent free kick to give Barca the lead.

Lionel Messi should have extended Barcelona’s lead within minutes, as he ran inside the box, but Alessandro Nesta dove in with an inch perfect slide tackle, a brilliant defensive move to keep Messi out, and he outjumped Messi to clear the ball away once more a minute later.

Massimiliano Allegri saw the game slipping away from Milan, and with Cassano virtually ineffective, Urby Emmanuelson was brought on to replace him with just over 25 minutes to go.

Inexplicably, with 20 minutes to go, Daniel Alves put in a terrible tackle on Urby Emmanuelson, who had done well since coming on, but the refereee gave him only a yellow, when at first glance and on the replay it looked a straight red, frustratingly, Milan weren’t able to muster up a chance, though there was still only 1 goal in it.

As the clock ticked and Milan still didn’t look like scoring, Massimiliano Allegri decided to gamble, and brought on Alberto Aquilani for Mark van Bommel with a shade over 10 minutes to go.

Just as all hope seemed lost, and the game seemed all but done, some terrific work from Nocerino won Milan a corner, in stoppage time. With 92 minutes on the clock, Clarence Seedorf played a fantastic cross into the box, and Thiago Silva outjumped everyone, including his marker Sergi Busquets, to plough the ball into the back of the net! A terrific header, and a great last gasp goal!

Milan played out the last minute and sealed the point at the Nou Camp, a terrific point!

Best Moment: Silva’s header, no two ways about it!

Man of the Match: Clarence Seedorf or Pato

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rossoneri sweden

we just play draw against barca and we still fighting.


Clarence Seedorf?? …y? ..bc he took th corner? think he didnt do well today. anyway 2-2 …i’ll take it! ForzaMilan!


u must be blind

Milan Fan

I agree. he looked slow. he should never play as the CAM ever again, he is way to slow. he is far better in the three man midfield. as soon as they moved him up, he played horrible. this game just showed that tactics can always beat skill. no matter how skilled a team is, all u need is solid D, and counter attacking football (ie. Inter in 09). Barce is not unbeatable!! ALLEGRI>GUARDIOLA FORZA MILAN


either buy a bigger tv or wear specs if u didnt notice his game..he always shows up in big games…no wonder milan cant get rid of him…


Nocerino played great. As did Seedorf, so I agree man of the match definitely Seedorf


Nesta showed that age can still come before beauty! Master class defending by the entire Milan squad!

rossoneri sweden

man of the match where the defence that stopt messi

Pato Is Brilliant

What a win! Pato and Silva are our awesome. I have no words to explain how excited I am!. Forza Milan.


I BELIEVE IN MILAN, Pato and Silva is our best striker and best defender. YES IT IS.


Is Abbiati still not a champions league goalkeeper? He was also vital in this game.


forzaaaaaaaaaaa milan. this is a never say die attitude from our side. we have proved that were clubs like real madrid, man u, arsenal and beryermunich have all fallen like a pack of cards. only milan stood its ground. this is pure milan identity. i am starting to believe that we can win this group after all. then wait till january to bring in ganso. then we can match anybody.


To all those ‘fans’ that didn’t have faith in our team, let this be a lesson. Half the comments were saying we were going to be raped. But I guess they forgot that we are AC Milan. Not Madrid not Man Utd but Milan. Also, to everyone that said Pato will flop, eat your words now. I don’t want to target u Giancarlo but u were one of the people that didn’t have faith in us and Pato. It’s one thing to be worried but to be completely pessimistic is unacceptable. Forza Milan


this is all planned by milan? 1st minute and last minute, did ya realize… bravo

rossoneri sweden

was it just me that have error


Great defending. Also great to see Seedorf and Nesta still doing well despite their age. Now let them come to San Siro.

Shev Johannesburg

We will win at san siro. Forza Milan


Giancarlo I hope you saw Pato’s magic. What did your fat big do today. Anybody that says Cassano is better than Pato is crazy… Please is Cassano a defender or a striker.. He was busy committing unnecessary fouls… Giancarlo eat your words.. Pato is the best striker in Milan.

It's Maqq

Nesta proved all his critics wrong who said he is a shadow of his former self just because he didn’t perform well against lazio. If pato and silva scored a goal than Nesta saved at least 2 very obvious goals. Nesta is my man of the match!


well,wat more can i say.fcb played wit thier full squad,imagine d scoreline if ibra & binho had playwd.forza milan,forza Allegri.


PIB as usual can’t credit the other players on the team that made it possible. He called Seedorf a nasty name… even though it was his corner that gave us the point.

Yemeni Milan, I don’t care what you say to me. Nothing you say to me will make me come down from position. Our team won because of the defense.


*won the draw that is.

rossoneri sweden

We crack the code on how to defeat Barca without playing dirty football


i admit, i thought we were goin to lose by 2 goals. but im eatin my words. maybe now allegri knws that pato shud start with ibra, not cASSano. nd silva, well, hes simply the best defender in the world.


Guys remember we missed three important players: Ibra, Taiwo and Robinho 😀


nesta was man of the match still as good as any centre half around. pato showed great speed for the goal but still lost the ball alot with his pace he should be looking for the give and go there would be no catching him.milan did well with out ibra and robiniho and losing boetang after twenty mins.seadorf was great on the ball when he got it. looks promising for return match.


a true milanfan doesnt insult the player!
And look what you did!
Many people in here is always insulted something.
Nobody is always right. Damn, kaka not coming back. And pato does score.
Face it.
Dont argue with it!


Seedorf and Nesta best Milan players on the pitch today


PIB And Giancarlo,please cease fire and let’s celebrate u guys are fantastic


Why? You insulted me in the other thread too… calling me a coward. I never went away.

rossoneri sweden

dont reply to them and they will stop argue with you


I’m pleased with Nocerino. He’s only played with the team for 20 minutes in a match, and he was thrown into a big match as a starter.


milan had a draw without robinho and ibra, imagine milan with ibra and robinho in that match against barcelona, i think score would have been “milan 3-2 barcelona” cos i think ibra would have scored, but i’m still really happy with the draw, cant wait for milan to beat barcelona in the san serio! FORZA MILAN!!! fuck barcelona the divers and cheats!


I dont want to be overly negative but I think some points need to be addressed. Milan’s defence was fantastic but they had no help from the midfield. Anyone would have put Aquilani on instead of Ambrosini so Seedorf could have stayed on the left and Ambrosini is barely a footballer. As a Milan fan personally I feel it’s unnacceptable for my team to be dominated so much and it’s down to bargain basement transfer windows and Allegri’s extremely negative tactics. The midfield needs far more pace and off-the-ball movement. Don’t be surprised if we drop points to BATE and… Read more »


ambro was a wrong sub.. Where was our Mr. X?


indeed. Ambro was worthless today and Seedorf had to play higher because of the sub, therefore he was more off the ball

Mahdi 22

Forza Milan!


Grezie Nesta, you are still great!! Keep it up! Mexes will be fit soon 😀


NOCERINO is the next gattuso wht a energy he was working very hard


y wasnt ambrosini captain?


Because he didn’t start


Believe it or not.. Pato is actually brilliant..


I think Noc*erino may be starting a bit more in the future. Juve lost out on a great player… and thanks Palermo.


Lol and we lost our phenomenal player (Pirlo).. You said he is finished but the guy is doing so well.


Yeah… well in one match… he’s 32 year old, past his best… lets see if he can keep it up all season. Another guy with wrong ideas.


You can argue that Juve took a gamble on Pirlo, having been injured a big chunk of last year, as much as I love Pirlo, I concede I didn’t expect him to perform as well as he did against Parma.




Guys ALWAYS have faith when you support a great team like Milan “There are many reasons as to why we have “Il Club Piu Titolato Del Mondo” printed under our logo and have the number SEVEN below the UCL trophy on our sleeve I hope we show some of these reasons against Barca like we showed R.Madrid at the Bernabeu Il Club Piu Titolato Del Mondo = The club with the most international titles in the world FORZA MILAN ” this was my what I had to say before the game (check )and yes, Grande Milan proved me right… Read more »

Milan Fan

Man of the match is Abbiati, he kept us in the entire game, or Thiago Silva, played great throughout n saved is in the end. Nest played amazing as well, really rebounded from the Lazio game. Cassano n Seedorf have to be better in the future


When some idiot said we were gonna be raped by Barcelona. I said it´s impossible to get raped by midgets. The honest truth. It´s impossible.

Pato was alone at top, he really needed Ibra at his side to assist. The long balls from defense almost killed us. The long balls only work if there is a target man to hold the ball. The Catenaccio play worked great for us.

We only made two errors. The referee calling a stupid call on Cassano and dropping Messi at his assist.


I said it, i bet on it…it is surely a draw and it ended so!!! Forza milan.


Yes…FORZA MILAN !!! A real fans never pesimistic to his/her team. Please from now on, don’t talk about Milan are going to be rape. Without Ibra, Robinho, we can still level them…


nobody is always right.

pib, please stop insulting the players. Ur not a real milan fan if u keep doing that. Its a shame u know

Giancarlo, please have more faith to the team. They will learn, and will fight.


Did some one see what the idiot Alves did to Nesta. What a moron Alves is.

Ac Milan will beat Barcelolololololna

Yeah alves is piss off to nesta for being too solid in defence lol nesta is 35 for god sake and he is still effin good…


@Giancarlo,u are a great guy but all u need is a little courage and boldness.


Excuse me? I’ve been here countering all this.

What courage do you have?


The match was eventually 2-1 infavour of us (*milan*) had he *abate* didnt gave away such a cheap goal to barca,
but wateva 2-2 is a great result, Forza MILANO


Lets hope we win at the san siro. I am the happiest man on the play. All english team should come and learn how to defeat barca


please stop the pirlo stuff.
He is past milan player.
With respect, i loved him. But we can do nothing about him. He is already juve player so face it.
Or do you want argue some stupid thing again?


Italian football is the best in the world,it’s full of tactics.Forza Italian football.


That’s why we love Milan!! Forza Pato & Silva & all Milan’s players and Forza Max Allegri!


We need Zlatan to beat them at Home, he can hold the ball longer than what we did today.. Robinho is also very important!