TIM Trophy: Milan lose twice as Juventus win for the first time


Juventus made history , having win the TIM Trophy for the first time ever, after humbled both Milano clubs – AC Milan and Inter Milan. Inter had one win over AC Milan, and the Rossoneri, like the Rossoneri know well in this pre-season, lost consecutive matches at Stadio Adriatico, Pescara, Italy

Yes, I think we can call this tournament another failure – it was one of the finals tasks before the new season kick off, and Milan still look very weak. With Andrea Pirlo, Thiago Silva and more missing out the squad, I can make a list of excuses that lasts forever, but I believe this was a serious downfall.

The TIM Trophy takes place every year at different stadium around Italy, it never had been at any of Juventus or AC Milan/Inter Milan stadiums before in order not to give any team a home advantage, but still, also without the major push the crowd is providing, the tournament wasn’t top-leveled.

This is pre-season and this is known, but all the competitor teams, had not shown enough competitive, having closed one game with penalty shootouts, one with one-nil win, and the last, which was the game for the title – ended with Juventu’s two-nil winning over AC Milan.

Both Klaas-Jan Huntelaar and Flavio Roma had a limping beginning to their AC Milan way. The Dutch striker was part of the team Leonardo featured at the first and the second Rossoneri game, but like all the team, couldn’t find the net during the entire two halves that featured two different matches.

Roma from the other side, played only for the second match against Juventus, made some savings but conceded twice against The Old Lady. Marco Storari stood between the sticks during the first half (match), and saw only one ball heading to his goal.

Juventus 6 – Inter Milan 5

I started to watch this match when there were around 15 minutes on the clock. I wasn’t much interesting in it because I’m not an admirer of any of those teams, but still, it supposed to be a match between two best candidates to the Scudetto title.

Starting Line Ups:
Inter (4-3-1-2):
Julio Cesar; Santon, Samuel, Materazzi, Chivu; Vieira, Cambiasso, Thiago Motta; Stankovic; Quaresma, Mancini. Coach: Mourinho.
Juventus (4-3-1-2): Buffon; Grygera, Legrottaglie, Cannavaro, Molinaro; Salihamidzic, Melo, Poulsen; Thiago; Iaquinta, Amauri. Coach: Ferrara.

After 1-1 in 45 minutes from goals of Inter’s Thiago Motta and Juventus’s new Italy national team player Amauri, the match was sending to penalty shootouts battle. When Inter’s full-back Santon didn’t beat Buffon goal, and Legrottaglie scored – Juventus got two points and Inter had one. Next game: Milan – Inter.

Other Writers Comments:

AC Milan 0 – Inter Milan 1

After some minutes of rest, Inter Milan came on the ground again and now it’s for a derby. Both clubs should be hating each other, but in the last time we saw these two sides playing each other, it was boarding, and unsuccessful for Milan, who lost then by two goals scored by Diego Milito.

Starting Line Ups:
Milan (4-3-1-2):
Storari; Oddo, Nesta, Favalli, Antonini; Abate, Gattuso, Flamini; Ronaldinho; Pato, Huntelaar. Coach: Leonardo.
Inter (4-3-1-2): Julio Cesar; Santon, Samuel, Materazzi, Chivu; Quaresma, Vieira, Thiago Motta; Stankovic; Milito, Balotelli. Coach: Mourinho.

The Rossoneri played with 4-3-1-2 system with Ronaldinho behind two attackers Alexandre Pato and Klaas-Jan Huntelaar who made his first appearance ever with AC Milan. City rivals Inter played with a similar system – with Dejan Stankovic behind Diego Milito and Mario Balotelli.

After four minutes of playing, Milan right-back Luca Antonini unleashed a powerful kick towards Julio Cesar’s goal, which easily grabbed from the center. But only two minutes later, Italian youngster Balotelli could score from a free-kick, but it was flied just above the crossbar.

In the 15th minute, Ronaldinho curled a cross into the penalty area, which located Pato’s head, who headed the ball, but Cesar claimed the ball perfectly.

One minute later the whole stadium lights were turn off and on for several of times, the referee had no other choice besides freezing the game. The match was frozen for about eight minutes until the stadium light were back on.

The Italian champions utilize the breaking time (when the lights were off) to do some stretches and it helped indeed: On the 23th minute, Inter earn a free kick took Ricardo Quaresma, who crossed the ball right upon Mario Balotelli forehead, who headed Inter’s first and only goal against Milan.

Ten minutes later Brazilian gifted Pato found Huntelaar nearly the box. Pato tried to accomplish a clever double-pass, but Huntelaar who couldn’t see Pato is waiting for a ball-return, tried to do it by his own – the Blue & Black defense cleared the area quickly.

Milan played OK and made Inter defense some slim troubles but still there is much more to improve in the game. Due to this result, Inter had 4 points after two games. Juve are still with two and Milan with none. Next match: AC Milan – Juventus.

Other Writers Comments:

AC Milan 0 – Juventus 2

The final match of the TIM Trophy was between Milan and Juventus. Milan, with no chance to win this tournament, could just give Juventus the win, in order to make Inter lose the tournament. Juventus needed a win to lift the trophy for the first time ever.

Starting Line Ups:
Milan (4-3-1-2): Roma; Oddo, Nesta, Favalli, Antonini; Abate, Gattuso, Flamini; Ronaldinho; Pato, Huntelaar. Coach: Leonardo.
Juventus (4-3-1-2): Manninger; Caceres, Chiellini, Le Grottaglie, Marrone; Salihamidzic, Poulsen, Melo; Iago; Amauri, Iaquinta. Coach: Ferrara.

Same systems for both teams: Milan played with 4-3-1-2, like last match against Inter – Ronaldinho played behind Pato and Huntelaar, while at Juventus – Iago was behind Amauri and Vincenzo Iaquinta.

Milan tried to be on the driver sit of this game, but after unlucky attacking match against Inter, the Rossoneri couldn’t find the net also here. Juventus, who were more competitive since the start of the tournament took the lead in early stage of the game:

When 13 minutes were behind us, best Juventus striker Amauri easily gave the Old Lady to lead following a good counterattack – rolling the ball from the edge of the box under Flavio Roma’s body, who played his Milan first appearances, as well as Huntelaar.

The next real dangerous attack happened on the 26th minute, when a cross sending by Juventus, found Amauri again who tried to claim 2-0, but he shot from a very difficult position and it saved by Roma.

Juve’s second was supposed to be invalid: Milan played very slowly and the main ‘fool arounder’, Ronaldinho lose the ball in the middle of the field. The ball played forward very quickly to Amauri, who sent the ‘rubber-work’ to Iaquinta, Iaquinta unleashed a nice kick to unconvincing Roma and scored

But, as you have been told – this was supposed to be invalid as the replays showed Iaquinta was in offside position, but the ref accept this goal.

Milan youngster Ignazio Abate was very enthusiastic – five minutes after the goal, the 22-years-old Italian made a big run on the right-hand side, tried to cross – but Juventus’s ‘keeper Alex Manninger was there to block this attempt.

Ronaldinho had some really bad efforts in this tournament from free-kick position – I remember him good at that, but he missed it all. However, four minutes before injury time, Massimo Oddo tried his shots, but he and the whole crowd were disappointed as the kick went just wide of the crossbar.

The referee then whistled to the end of the match and the tournament: Juventus win the TIM Trophy for the first time ever, finishing it with 5 points, Inter with 4, and Milan finish again in the bottom with ZERO.

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By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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11 years ago

The matches wasn’t too attractive. Sory Milan didn’t win, but this is how football works. The best wins, and Juventus were the best. Amauri is an animal.