Berlusconi to meet Seedorf to discuss severance package?


SILVIO BERLUSCONI could deal directly with the departing Milan coach as the package has yet to be agreed.

Milan have pretty much already replaced Clarence Seedorf and it’s clear to all that Filippo Inzaghi will be the coach next year. Pippo is working for next season and yesterday he was even in a meeting with Menez, who’ll probably join his team.

But Inzaghi is not officially the boss and Seedorf still holds this title as the Rossoneri haven’t managed to agree a severance package with the Dutchman and his lawyers. It appears that Silvio could now take things into his own hands.

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Seedorf was Berlusconi’s pick in January. The President chose to appoint him instead of replacing Massimiliano Allegri with Inzaghi but the love between them was lost quickly and Milan decided to sack the former Real Madrid man who did a good job in his few months, coming close to reaching the 6th place that leads to the Europa League (needed one point).

Milan’s lawyer Leandro Cantamessa and Vice President Adriano Galliani have failed to find a solution and come to an agreement with Dorf and his men regarding the dismissal wage. If Milan fire Seedorf without agreeing a package, they’d owe him a reported €10 million as the 4 times Champions League winner has a contract worth €2.5 million net until 2016. il Corriere dello Sport reports on Wednesday that President Berlusconi could meet Seedorf in person to negotiate a deal.

The meeting between Seedorf and the former Italy Prime Minister could take place on Saturday or Sunday. Berlusconi is also expected to visit Casa Milan for the first time on June 6th and he’ll probably release some statements then.

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Sm khaleed

My advice to you is,PLS don’t agree any package(they must pay you). And for you B&G PLS just sell the club to a millionaire that can buy world class players. Forza seedorf.




Dont negotiate clarence!
Get your money and show galliani and berlusconi that they cannot do what they want and punish them for not giving you a chance!


I hope and pray Seedorf doesn’t agree to meet with this deluded mafia who thinks the whole of Italy revolves around him, a man who has lost his priorities and plays politics everywhere, I am sure he even does that in his house. Seedorf should send his lawyers to meet him, he doesn’t deserve a one on one meeting with Seedorf. Seedorf was supposed to retire from football ceremoniously, he was a football legend, but this straw brained man called Berlusconi made him retire in a rush and dumped him in a rush like garbage. If he didn’t want Seedorf… Read more »

indo milanista

Lets hope that unexpected happens and seedorf stays…. I will pray….,


This is how not to treat a legend like Seedorf who gave his all for our color (Red & Black), badge and Name AC Milan. No wonder Leonardo feels no remorse about going to inter and saying all sort about Berlusconi. Berlusconi and Galiani wants to run Milan aground , God will not let you both succeed in it.

Forza Milan

Alex The Mauler (SWE)

If i were Seedorf i would just say pay up… i hope he messes with Plastic face mind

Olalekan Mojeed

Seedorf should not agree any package with them he should collect his wages completly


Seedorf please don’t agree with Mr.Berlusconi.

Mos B

There is just two options here either seedorf remains as milan’s coach or they pay him up in full for sacking him… I pray seedorfs remains as our coach….

Pa ibra

proud of rossoneriblog fans for the constant support of seedorf. we’ll stand by milan and justice, not berlusconi and his decisions.


Ppl here are amazing.. wishing that seedorf should not accept negotiating his package means that this market will be as bad as the previous.

Anyway looking forward to see inzaghi winning and waiting for your comments

Alex The Mauler (SWE)

Doesnt matter anyways they will still sign some reject dispite having more Money


It’s nothing against Inzaghi.. It’s all about the management B&G to be precise. We all love Inzaghi just as we loved Seedorf as a player Inzaghi has our full support and I am sure he will do his best. Back to reality… Looking at this situation from the beginning and how he was sacked through the media, If you were Seedorf, what would you do? Look for a way to restore your pride or play dummy to those two old mofos? You don’t tarnish my image in the public and then cool talk me in private, it just doesn’t work… Read more »

Pa ibra

well only if berlusconi could realise that then keep seedorf and spend the 10 mil on transfers. otherwise pay the man his full money.

we all want a good market regardless of who’s the coach. but you can’t treat people anyhow and just walk away with it.

indo milanista

let em suggest an idea… Why dont berlusconi give him some other job… atleast he will stay at Milan… Make him a scout at Netherlands…. Sacking him would be too much unfair for him….


Turkish reports inform that Balotelli has agreed personal terms with Galatasaray…

Source ->—1892376-skorerhaber/?ref=OtherNews




Seedorf is a honourable person, he’s got pride and would never allow anyone rub his integrity in the mud. That’s what he’s telling Milan now and not just the money, he’s a rich and comforgtable guy buy he’s only telling BnG “Guys, you can’t eat your cakes and have it”


Why can’t seedorf stay and make inzaghi his assistant

Unamused Observer

Berlusconi is at fault on the salary agreement to begin with.I mean,Why would he decide to give a rookie who is yet to prove him a huge paycheck?SMH

This is the time seedorf truly must show he loves Milan. Reconsider his stance and negotiate by agreeing on a lower severance package. lol


Now I can say for sure that you are not a Milan fan.. Probably a troll seeking attention. You come on here to post negative comments on issues others feel very different about. I know it’s a blog and you have a right to your opinions, but judging from your username UNAMUSED-Meaning (adjective- not responding in a positive way to something intended to be amusing or feeling somewhat annoyed or disapproving) won’t waste my time reading or responding to any of your comments any more. You talk nothing BS.


Lol turkish rumors are worse than Italian rumors.


If Seedorf still have respect for Milan he will not play for real madrid legends!!

Kwabena Adu

If Milan had any respect for Seedorf they wouldn’t treat him like this…


pls mr seedorf neva ever agreed on anything. let them pay u fully. they must learn how to respect contact. Galliani is behind all this rabbish.


But why in the first place will milan pay some without experience that kind of money…i mean some players dont even earn that much

ninad dongare

The management of our beloved Milan is killing us Milan fans…..why can’t the owner understand it’s not only about him anymore….its about the hearts of all the Milan fans worldwide…We all die to see Milan like this….spend a little but wisely…Make us fans happy again


If milan can pay 12m for matri, I see no problem with seedorf refusing a deal. Berlu has damaged seedorfs’ chances of coaching at the highest level by humiliating him in the public and now seedorf is wrong in some peoples eyes. Seedorf along with other milan legends of his era like nesta, pirlo, maldini and gattuso brought a generation of supporters yet all were treated unfairly…

Milan Forever

Stand your ground Seedorf, all of us is behind you.


Please, remove ”Football News & Highlights”! It’s a bored thing. I hate the song!