100 days of Seedorf: The reasons for the Dutchman’s fall


CLARENCE SEEDORF will be sacked in the next days and Gazzetta dello Sport have an article explaining his downfall.

On January 16 2014, Clarence Seedorf replaced Massimiliano Allegri and became the new coach of Milan. Fast forward four months, the former midfielder looks set to be fired, despite achieving good results, and be replaced by Filippo Inzaghi.

Seedorf almost made it into the Europa League and while there’s no telling whether he would’ve stayed if Milan finished sixth instead of eighth (were missing just one point), in the eyes of the management he failed to meet the objective they set.

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But Clarence’s immediate firing doesn’t have to do with the results but with his rapports with the people at the club. La Gazzetta dello Sport‘s Alessandro Bocci has an article which has been published today, summarizing Seedorf’s tenure as the coach of the red and black Italian club that has won 7 CL titles:Milan, 100 days of teasing secrets and a few lies.”

Bocci writes that Seedorf has had issues with many people at Milan including President Silvio Berlusconi, CEO Adriano Galliani, his own assistant Mauro Tassotti and also with players in his own squad. Berlusconi personally chose Seedorf to replace Massimiliano Allegri, with whom he had problems, but it appears that he lost the confidence in Seedorf very quickly; as Gazzetta writes: Seedorf lost his job at the end of the season, but his chances of staying were scarce after a few weeks.”

100 days that shook Milan – Seedorf cries, Galliani laughs, Barbra waits, Silvio decides (Screenshot from the front page of La GdS)

The first sign was the defeat to Udinese in the Coppa Italia but the real tear came on February 8th in the match against Napoli when Seedorf decided to bench captain Riccardo Montolivo, play Ignazio Abate in midfield and give Philippe Mexes the captain armband – a thing that the club didn’t like. On March 18 2014 there was a meeting, in which Galliani, Berlusconi and Barbara took part among others. In this meeting Seedorf was discussed and Silvio was informed of the new reality at Milanello and the dissatisfaction of some of the players with the presence of Seedorf and the way he handles things.

Those days were hot as between the meeting, the defeat to Parma and the elimination from the Champions League – the Curva Sud leader ‘il Barone’ said to the press that “Seedorf told us a week after arriving that he doesn’t want three quarters of the current Milan players in the squad.” Berlusconi and Galliani grew angry with the 38-year-old former Ajax & Inter man.

The club was even annoyed with Seedorf’s eating habits: he famously asked for scrambled eggs in the evening of Atletico Madrid-Milan (yes, you read that right) and also didn’t like the fact that trainings started in slight delays and of course they didn’t appreciate his words to the Curva. But there were other problems: tactics, the way he managed the locker room, his relationship with Galliani and Tassotti and the interviews he gave to the press without getting permission from the club.

Important matches in Seedorf’s 100 days (screenshot from La Gazzetta dello Sport)

Silvio was apparently disappointed with Seedorf on the tactical level. Berlusconi wanted to see Pazzini and Mario Balotelli playing together from the start but Seedorf refused, saying he wouldn’t have a striker on the bench if he did that. Berlusconi was also unhappy with the growing murmurs of the Italians in the squad and wanted to see the team playing differently.

“Clarence doesn’t listen to my tactical suggestions… I might as well have kept Allegri,” Berlusconi is rumoured to have said about ‘Dorf. The club also didn’t sanction Seedorf’s desire to bring Jaap Stam, Hernan Crespo, David Endt among others to the training staff due to their expensive costs. Even Barbara Berlusconi wasn’t in favour of such move, because Milan knew they wouldn’t have any money coming from the Champions League as they failed to finish in the 3 top Serie A spots.

Seedorf also misconducted when it came to Tassotti, in the eyes of Berlusconi. It’s said that Clarence sent an email to Tassotti, explaining to him what he can and cannot do. Mauro didn’t like it and therefore asked to leave. It’s no secret that Berlusconi wasn’t very fond of Allegri but they spoke on the phone more often than the rate in which Seedorf & Silvio talked.

“At Milan coaches don’t command – Milan command,” Galliani said. Seedorf to Milan was a marriage that was destined to fail; as Bocci writes: “Milanello is a little old world and Seedorf didn’t realize he was breaking crystals one after the other.”

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in SEEDORF I believe

i never knew mr. B&G are now master tacticians.i guess they should coach the team themselves.in this moden world, which world class coach would allow himself to be control like a gadget.am suprised you guys are not ashamed of yourselves.


makes sense. Seedorf is a strong willed guy and, nowadays, Milan isn’t looking for a manager; they’re looking for a puppet.


i wish burlesconi just sits on the bench and practically shows us all his supposed managerial skills


My God they are going to attempt turning Pippo into a robot! what a shame!


the thing is pippo always been a puppy and will continue. no disrespect i love pippo but character and coaching wise I believe Seedorf has so much more to offer


Any manager worth his salt shouldn’t listen to tactical suggestions from the president, if anything they should have more say in transfers like in England.

ardian >>FORZA MILAN

Seedorf did well, think over in what condition he step up and took over milan, why did inzaghi not do it ??they asked him?? but ´´just because he was scared´´ he know he will fail, but seedorf step up and took the job, he was brave and had a strong moral, even milan was just over 20 points behind eropa spot, he fail in Europa by only one poin, he did a great job, Forza seedorf <3 the only reason i think AC MILAN are choosing inzaghi right now, its because they don´t have Money, and inzaghi know the youth… Read more »


Tasotti’s case was a clear one of EGO…after all i coached him as an assistant under Carlo- now he is barking orders at me.


primavera??? nope, B&G will buy mediocre and free player..


Nothing mentioned “I” haven’t heard of before and even with that, Galliani and not Milan masterminded Seedorf’s exit from the first day Seedoft took the job because he had made promise to Inzaghi when he block his move to Sassuolo.
Agreed Seedorf might have made mistakes which he admitted to after the last game of the season but is this the way to resolve it? NO. Galliani’s dirty plans to ensure that he fulfils his promise to Inzaghi worked, SIMPLE. All those excuses are just negligible.


I have never heard off a coach getting sacked for reasons as ridiculous as this story says.

The club was even annoyed with Seedorf’s eating habits: he famously asked for scrambled eggs in the evening of Atletico Madrid-Milan (yes, you read that right)

What the hell is wrong with eating that?


This club is turning into circus…

Milan fan

Well he failed because he was stubborn,he didn’t play Italians and Milan’s young talents he played only players like constant,muntari,essien,zatapa,baloteli…..you get my drift. He never played Pazzini who is a born striker.
He wasn’t respected in the dressing room.

I’m glad he’s gone,forza Pipo


Another inane post… When did he ever play “Zatapa”?


‘Zatapa’ played 3 times under Seedorf (according to WhoScored http://www.whoscored.com/Players/14063/Fixtures/Cristian-Zapata).

“Milan fan” only cares about skin color but we already knew that


lol! he didn’t play italians? but then you say he played only players like balotelli who is an italian? go home


Inzaghi: “Milan is my life, and I retired to work as a youth coach for Milan. I do everything they tell me to do.” words of inzaghi,he has been a puppet from the youth team because milan is his life therefore his personality,pride and right makes no sense to him bcos milan is his life. sorry, seedorf cant and wont be anydoby’s puppet bcos he is a man.

indo milanista

Inzaghi is no puppet but is a Loyal Milan Fan…..
I agree that its wrong to sack seedorf… But if anyone could replace him then it was no one other than Inzaghi
Inzaghi is well versed with the conditions of milan… and his primavera players….
And in coming years with no investment by Berlusconi plsyers from primavera are the only hope for bringing milan back to glory days….


fan, wasn’t pazzini injured when Seedorf got the job? And if Seedorf played both pazzini and balotelli and one of them got injured who would you replace them with? Petagna? Robinho? Seedorf was coaching like it was his last, he had to win every game as possible to reach the European spot. Pazzini wasn’t even inform till almost the end of the season.


Like I always say, let the managers be managers, let the coaches coach and let the players play


What’s the deal with tassotti though? How come he never stepped up to coach?

Circus Milan

fan: what are you talking about, that Seedorf didn’t play italians and youngsters? I thought Balotelli was italian though. But have you ever been checking out AC Milan 1st team roster? Tell me, who italians and youngsters was suppose to play?


mmmm boneror…. hehehe…


This club is a joke

we are Red and Black

Correction, Management is a joke

Milan Forever

I think Seedorf should understand more than anyone who B&G are. I understand Seedorf wanted the best for his Milan and have the good results to come quickly. However, all this things could be a happy ending had Seedorf approached B&G in a more subtle way and not barging in with demands. He is a very experience player but not yet an experience manager. On the other hand, B&G treatment to Seedorf is not acceptable in any standards. They might be able to get away doing this to a NOBODY, but not to Seedorf. I used to hate Leonardo after… Read more »


Don’t I just HATE that Galliani’s pic? I remember vividly in one of those matches, we scored and were leading by two goals and Galliani’s face was like we were loosing by 10-0 very pathetic guy.

Alex The Mauler (SWE)

This just pisses me off if… If all they do is complain then they can just coach the team themselves i will soon run out of pacience and leave this club i have had enough of this BS

el what

i think he player big part in this stuation, how enexperience coah want to what he want like mourinho who have 2ucl infact he want to start frm highwhere his not, its not that i dont like him but put yourself in b g place what cn u do?


Seedorf speaks his mind and that’s what got him the sack. Of course he’s going to want three quarters of the team replaced — they’re useless — but you don’t say it out loud.

the referee

Its said that he said it the Curva sud who were questioning him by the time. You don’t expect him to lie to them(us Fans), do you?


Pls enough of all these coming from Senor Berlusconi. Pls just allow peace to rain. Hope u not gonna fire Inzaghi after one Season??? Dorf did a magnificient job. For the 1st time this Season, Milan won 3 Games on the trot and even made it to 5. Pls allow Him to continue. Things have changed, the Ancelotti you condemned has been winning Trophies everywhere he goes. Think Twice before you sack Dorf. I’m concerned cos Milan is MY CLUB and My HOME.
Forza Milanooooo


For the first time since 2011 the team won 3 on a row.

Milanisti since 98

I think maybe Seedorf just thought that all people from the club believed and fully supported him, so he acted slight arrogantly. Maybe he didnt realize that the way he acted would offended the people who more senior than him at Milan.
It was only his first time manager carrerr, without any experience, and the people gave him so much hope to resurrect Milan, this was so obvious going to happen.


Galliany is a snake


Inzaghi will be controlled and milan will fail again


All I Want Iz Milan Should Sign Top Players And Let The Gabages Go. . . . . Milan Should Sign Both Rami And Taarabt .. And Raise A Little Fund By Selling Matri(7-11m), Robinho(7-10m), Nocerino(3-5m), Zaccardo(3-5m), Silvestre(back to Inter-free), Pazzini(8-15m), Essien(Free-2m), Amelia(free-2m), Birsa(4-6m), Constant(3m-6m) Gabriele(loan), Bonera(3-6m). . . . . . And Make At Least 33m From Them … … And Buy P.Nandi(5-7m), D.Tadic(7-11m), Alex(Free), Doria(10-13m) N.Murru(free-2m), C.tello Or A.Cerci (10-12m), A.Vadillo(6-10m), Itube (20-25m), Remy cabella(Niang+2m-4m) … Spend At Must 75m On This Players … … Team: Abbiati, Nandi, Agazzi, Gabriele, Salamon, Abate, Zapata, Rami, Alex, Mexes, Cissokho, De… Read more »


The Above Squard Will Let Us Have A Good Starting Eleven And A Good Reserve Team, Even A Good Sub In Every Game Tell Me We Cant Beat Juve 4:0 With This Team In Next Season Scudetto Final To Get Bal&Gal 50m They Borrow Us Back


Those two (B&G) are ruining relationships with our legends (Maldini, Leonardo, Seedorf…). Even Verona GM Sean Sogliano said loud and clear that he refuses to be Galliani’s waitress. Seedorf has a caracter and he wants to be respected.

Out with Galliani, please! He is old enough to leave!

rosssoneri fan

Galliani is piece of crap… Seedorf did the right thing leaving Milan.. who would want to be controlled…


well, well, well. seedorf got the job because he was Berlusconi’s candidate, right? well, he got what was coming to him why? 1.lack of respect to Allegri, said allegri was cause for failure and got walloped himself at the very next game. silencio!! 2. BECAUSE BERLU recommended you, you felt you could behave as you wish? wrong. Galliani won the battle of vice-presidents with Barbara( for now), so never count him out. he didn’t want to kiss **s, to stay on the job but did so to get it. hypocrite. he held secret dinners with berlu at his villa at… Read more »


You know Abate is naturely a Winger? that he came out of Our primavera a winger, he got turned to a Right back few years later.

Obinna Bobby

€10.million Or Nothing Seedorf!

milanisti bali

Seedorf is a legend..lets respect him..but now is pippo time..lets grow …