Milan: Meeting tonight to decide the coach case


SIVLIO BERLUSCONI and Adriano Galliani are expected to decide tonight who will be the coach next season.

Casa Milan opened to the public this morning but the fans have bigger things to worry about as they still don’t know who will be the coach next season and it appears that an answer for this very question could arrive this evening from Arcore.

Clarence Seedorf only joined in January, replacing Massimiliano Allegri who only managed 22 points from the first round of this Serie A season but the club is believed to be unhappy with the way the Dutchman has been running things.

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Seedorf is unlikely to continue as the coach, although it’s not 100% certain that he will go. Seedorf’s contract is due to expire in 2016 and it’s worth €2.5m net per season so Milan would owe him €10m if they decide to sack him. According to Sky Italia and a number of other sources like Gazzetta and Mediaset, a decision regarding Seedorf will be taken today.

Vice President Adriano Galliani, who has the responsibilities for the technical aspect at Milan, will travel to Berlusconi’s villa at Arcore to discuss the situation of the coach. Milan have a number of candidates lined up to replace Seedorf and the leading one appears to be Sevilla’s coach Unai Emery. The Spaniard, who’s won the Europa League, has been offered a contract renewal by Sevilla but Milan are hoping to convince him to reject their proposal. They seem to have until Tuesday.

Emery is reportedly the choice of Galliani, who also met Berlusconi’s yesterday along with the Political adviser of the party ‘Forza Italia’, Giovanni Toti. Sevilla are confident that Emery will sign a new deal and have offered him a pay-rise, offering him €1.5 million per year. Of course Filippo Inzaghi and Roberto Donadoni are always there as possible replacements.

Former Milan player Gianluca Zambrotta doesn’t believe that Emery is the right man for Milan and thinks that “they should either continue with Seedorf or rely on a coach that already knows the Italian language and the Italian league.”

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Ross Oneri

I will have to wait and see what Inzaghi has to offer but I think this is a very bad decision, I don’t why would anyone think Inzaghi will do better. Seedorf brought Milan back to life in only less than six months and that shows a lot in terms of potential. Inzaghi having coached youth sector does not merit this position because there are youth coaches who done better than him and I can’t say they deserve to be hired. All I see is Galliani trying to show he is the boss, well I hope the boss is making… Read more »

Olalekan Mojeed

Today is the day that i realize how problem in this club and the problem is (mr Galliani). Six month ago when Berlu appointed dorf as the head coach dorf made a statement that 85% of these squad is nt okay since then dorf as become the most enemy of galliani why is galliani distroyimg these club nw he want to get rid of him bcos dorf do not support him he prefer too waste €10m than to use the fund and get a better player galliani u nid a deliverance


rami leave?! dont worry we have great champions to replayce him(galliani will say)-(preatty boy)mexes, (sorry my foult)bonera, (im in milan so i im great zapata), (never leaving hospital)silvestre… i was after galiani with his argue with b.berlusconi but right now im really confused what’s going on with those two? both-barbara and galliani-instead of working toghether to get milan up on his legs trying to prove themselves who is more importand. talking things like-we will fight for better tomorrow, trying to make finances working well-with no cover at all!!! why the hell have you appointed seedorf? we should stay with allegri… Read more »


really want get rid of galliani and barbara to take control! hope she will bring some fresh air to club!!!
paolo maldini was right from begining in his opinion about galiani!!!


One thing that really worries me about Inzaghi’s appointment: 4-3-1-2