Barbara: “Disappointing season for Milan, Atletico an example”


BARBARA BERLUSCONI wants to be direct with the Rossoneri fans and is impressed by the work of Atletico Madrid.

Milan will want to forget the 2013/2014 season as they finished in a position that does not get the club into a Europe for the first time since 1998. Back then, Milan recovered quickly and won the title in 1999 but that’s fairly unlikely to happen in 2015.

The Rossoneri will need an overhaul to win again but cash doesn’t seem to be available and the first summer signing shows it as Michael Agazzi joined on a free transfer. But Barbara looks at Atletico, who have done well without a lot money.

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“Why I am in Lisbon? I have some important meetings with sponsors and I couldn’t miss out on a great evening of football, so unique and special as the Champions League final,” the Milan CEO and Vice President told Sky Sport Italia on Saturday. Adriano Galliani is also in Lisbon to watch the final and also to negotiate with Valencia’s officials about defender Adil Rami.

“Atletico Madrid? They are an example – through a project, good planning and an efficient network of scouts, even without infinite resources you can achieve great results. This year they won the La Liga, competing with clubs that have much bigger resources, like Barcelona and Real Madrid. Their wage bill is also a lot lower than Juventus’ and their turnover is about half of Milan’s. I think that Atletico Madrid have demonstrated that through excellent programming you can get results.

“Next season? We want to be direct with the fans – they shouldn’t be taken for a ride. This season was a very disappointing one and we have to get to work to bring Milan back to where it deserves. The objective to get Milan back to the Champions League in the 2015/2016 season.” Many experts and former players have said that the club should be clear with the fans.

“Ancelotti in the final? It doesn’t surprise me as he has already taken part in many finals. What surprises me in a positive way is Diego Simeone and Atletico,” added Barbara, who in these days is looking for investors for a new Milan stadium.

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-Quickly forgotten “the Barcelona example” ?
-Pointless statements from B.B ?
-She is far too smart for that kind of mistakes,(…).
-Don’t turn your CEO profile similar to A.Galliani’s,many people waiting your family to take action.


Preferable transfer window: Departures: – Coppola (free) – Amelia (~1m) – Mexes (~5m) – Silvestre (back to Inter) – Zaccardo (~1m) – Constant (~3m) – Essien (~2m) – Birsa (~2m) – Robinho (~5-6m) – Didac (~4m) – Matri (~7-8m) —————— ~ 30m in the case of good offer: – sell either Pazzini (starting from 15m) or Balotteli (>32m) – Zapata, if Manu offer more than 10m – Abate (>12m) – Muntari if there is any good offer (doubtful) – also reduce Kaka´s salary for this (probably last) season at milan (3m are enough) – perhabs Gabriel on loan Additions: –… Read more »


Really good but I would give Saponara a shot ahead of Honda, Mastour or Firmino


Dammit, completely forgot that dude ;), personally i also prefer Saponara over Honda and even Kaka, because he has so much potential and i love his technique and his quite underrated positioning. But admittedly his work rate is pretty low and, i don´t know how you perceived it, but imo he appeared rather lackluster and unmotivated in most of his appearances (somehow understandable since Galliani promised him that the team will be built around him as the number 10…).


Yeah I think a lot of it was confidence. I thought he was probably our best player in the first derby but admittedly that wasn’t hard!

Pa ibra

i like rodrigo of benfica. he’s skillful, score goals and can play outwide too. could be ideal

indo milanista

IMMOBILE would be best one to replace balloteli he is a pure class and somewhat better than Balo….
Perin, Doria, Santon , Rami, Tarrabt should be the most crucial signings….


Yeah but Immobile is on his way to Dortmund and i doubt that he would dismiss Dortmund for us…

Alex The Mauler (SWE)

I like some of your ideas especially Gaston Ramirez and Doria + Danilo Perin


This really is a complete good planned setup….may b needed some more things and by that i mean that Milan management must have some different plan so put this all good thing together and get the best out of it…..


Personally I would like to have Alessio Cerci over Adel Taarabt. Cerci is a really great player with still, more potential.


It would be nice to have planning, scouting and coaching like Atletico but we should be spending on a par with Barca at least if management hadn’t messed up the last 10 years so badly


I Wish Milan Can Sign Both Rami+Cissokho And Taarabt And Raise A Little Fund By Selling Matri(7-11m), Robinho(7-10m), Nocerino(3-5m), Zaccardo(3-5m), Silvestre(free-3m), Pazzini(8-15m), Essien(Free-2m), Amelia(free-2m), And Make At Least 30m From Them … … And Buy P.Nandi(5-7m). . . D.Tadic(7-11m). . . Guarin(8-11m). . . Alex(Free). . . Saton (8m or constant+4m). . . . C.tello Or A.cerci (10-12m). . .G.Ramirez(6-12m) . . . R.Lukaku Or C.Immobile(20-25m). . . . Remy cabella(Niang+2m-4m) … Spend At Must 80m On This Players … … Team: Abbiati, Nandi, Agazzi, Gabriele, Abate, Zapata, Rami, Alex, Mexes, Cissokho, Saton, De Sciglio, Bonera, Emanuelson, Muntari, Guarin, Ramirez,… Read more »


“We want to be direct with the fans – they shouldn’t be taken for a ride…” She says as Galliani promises DeSciglio will stay while the player lands in Madrid wearing a Real shirt.


Haha Athletico are the England of European football. Defending all match and then get a scrappy goal from a set piece.


And even Atletico spend waaaay more than Milan!


Athletico Madrid don’t buy over 30 players, so why are we planning on signing Alex 32yrs old from PSG on a possible 2.5m dollar salary instead of promoting Pacifico or buying Doria from Botofogo.

First we want to believe in youth now we want to be like Athletico Madrid, tomorrow we will want to be like Real Madrid, what a joke!

indo milanista

promoting lotti and paccifico can also be vital and crucial move

Kwabena Adu

Athletico Madrid doesn’t go for players because they are free or cheap,tell your father yo invest some money into the club and stop your talk talk..

Joe Argani

You can do this when Mr. Galliani is replaced by Albertini or someone else


Yes unfortunately you’re right. All of us are dreaming if we think Doria, Jovetic, Perin etc will arrive with things as they are. We’ll probably end up spending less than Torino in the transfer window.

indo milanista

yes this transfer season as usual is unpredicted only due to galliani… Unless Galliani leaves Milan wont see any glory days again

Milan fan

I look at your transfer targets and i laugh. You do realize that they will bring someone like Alex,or Parolo or a new Constant,Muntari or Essien.

That’s why they fall deeper and deeper every year. They don’t invest in real young talents,they only bring old and worn off players.

the referee

That embarrassing moment when a club like Ac Milan is thinking of being like Atletico Madrid.

Incredible rhymer

I seriously dunno why some milan fans are clamoring for ‘richards’ a man city bench warmer,a player that uses more of strenght than intelligence, a reject….ok ok if we keep getting rejects from other clubs how are we gonna compete with such clubs?


You´re quite right, however it´s really hard to find a solid and relatively inexpensive full back nowadays. Richards might play without much brains, but maybe that´s exactly what we need, some people who think less but fight more.


A man can dream. Of course odds are B&G will buy… i mean sign some free agents and stupidly hope for the scudetto. What fucked up strategy is that?! We need money, okay, there are basically two ways of making money. The small club strategy and the big club strategy. Small clubs buy young and cheap players, raise their market value as high as possible and sell them with profit, thats how small clubs earn most of their money. Big clubs invest. They buy class players and keep their key players, take the losses, but compensate the losses by winning… Read more »


I promise u, u will be more disappointed if u dnt invest in top players. Goats.


Emery, the Seville “out of contract” coach Galliani has been working to steal from his club will sign a contract extension on tuesday, Seville president confirmed with full confidence.

Galliani lost the battle to manage Milan successfully since 2011 when he sold Ibra and T Silva and it’s no surprise Milan still can’t go forward with him. As a fan, all you can pray for now isn’t a top player arriving but Galliani exiting first.

Unamused Observer

I’m sick and tired of people blaming Galliani on the exit of Silva & Ibra.So,what…you think Berlusconi wasn’t aware of it?!?! Hell,I’m positive he gave the order on the sale of those players.

Stop blaming Galliani for Milan woes….its getting more boring by the minute.

Incredible rhymer

@ neocortex…hmm we definitely need a fighter but definitely not the caliber of ‘Richards’ he is definitely a downgrade to abate plus he’s been out of action for like a year plus or more coupled with the fact that he’s English…c’mon mahn….we want to move forward…respect ur opinion though but am a fan of ‘forward ever’


Milan’s biggest problem isn’t the lack of money but the inferiority complex Berlusconi has. We have one of, if not the best, youth system in Italy yet we still proceed to buy washed up useless players. For example we bought a washed up player in Essien when we had Cristante. We had Saponara lined up since January 2013 yet someone let Allegri buy Birsa at the start of the season. Milan need coaches like Liedholm and Capello who weren’t afraid to play the youth. We have let promising players (Astori, Merkel, Strasser, Aubameyang)go for nothing.


how do you know if the youth you guys wanna promote is really good enough. I mean, you are comparing your judgment with people who are professionals AND watch these young lads play. How can you really force your judgment on them?


Galiany is cancer

Unamused Observer

NO,i think you’re a flat-out cancer. Calling out someone”Galliani” who has worked his whole life for Milan ‘a tragedy’. Believe me,he’s more of a Milan fan than you’ll ever be.