Milan’s squad as X-Men characters (by Hugo Quadros)


FAN ARTICLE By Hugo Quadros.

Now that the 13/14 season is over, we begin to look back and evaluate it. A season that was far away from the expected, brought some clear ideas about our squad and how the club has to act in this summer transfer window.

No doubt Milan has some peculiar players that have their own features, and I prepared a matchup with them and X-Men characters. Check it out:

Barbara: “Disappointing season for Milan, Atletico an example”
Milan set for Rami talks, Niang to join West Ham?

May 23 (yesterday’s date) is an important day in Milan’s history (@acmilan)

Christian Abbiati – Storm

– Nobody remembers but is one of the most important in the group.
– Can be affected by his emotions, losing control of his powers and making him vulnerable.

Philippe Mexes – Juggernaut

– Is not a real mutant like the others, just a strong human.
– Once he started running can’t stop (tackling everyone on the way).
– Mentally weak.

Adil Rami – Colossus

– Super strong and powerful.
– He has a superb stamina and a great speed.

Mattia De Sciglio – Iceman

– Is in the house since the beginning.
– The youngest in the main team.
– He’ll still reach his full potential.

Ignazio Abate – Quicksilver

– He can surely run, but that’s it.
– Have you ever listened someone saying that Quicksilver saved the day? That’s right, he won’t.

Kevin Constant – Deadpool

– Mercenary.
– Immortal (that’s why he’ll never go away).

Nigel De Jong – Beast

– Name says it all, an absolutely beast on the pitch.
– Indispensable on the group by his intelligence, stamina and desire.

Riccardo Montolivo – Mystique

– Can shift his form in many ways (he can play as DM, CM or OM).
– Very strong mentally and can influence everyone around.

Valter Birsa – Spike

– Does anyone remember him?

Adel Taarabt – Nightcrawler

– Can teleport to everywhere on the pitch, seems like there’s at least 3 of him.
– Excellent acrobat.
– Super agile.

Kaka, Balotelli, Gabriel and Robinho at Milanello this season (@mb459 on Instagram)

Stephan El Shaarawy – Shadowcat

– Can go through places no people can.
– Extremely agile.
– Very intelligent.

Ricardo Kaká – Archangel

– A reborn angel.
– Heightened senses on the pitch.
– Healing factor, which makes him come back over and over again.

Keisuke Honda – Ciclope

– Can’t open his eyes.

Robinho – Toad

– Too much acrobatic skills.
– No objectivity at all.
– Nobody wants him.

Mario Balotelli – Wolverine

– One of the most powerful in the group.
– Can regenerate from every circumstance.
– Heightened senses.
– Too explosive though.

Clarence Seedorf – Professor X

– Very influent.
– Useless physically but is the brain of the group.

If you miss someone on the list, let me know leaving a commentary below. #ForzaMilan.

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what about pazzo??!!


-Always had a passion with comics Very loved comic was the X-Men in early 90’s.
-I am thinking Pazzini is someone like Gambit,(…).
-At any time ready to play his cards,always aiming right always dangerous in a team working lever,not a fansy one from powers point of view,extremly effective never the less!
-In his first year had 15 goals,don’t remember right now if any assists were made by him back then,too bad he got injured.


Love this hahaha, this is so true.


If Abate was a Naruto character he’ll be Minato i.e The Yellow flash


If he was some one from dragon balls he’ll be some random guy who entered super saiyan.His hair colour fits it already


-Find a character proper to him and let me know…

Ariffin Affandi

Nice joke articles anyways and the magneto and co. should be galliani and co.


Hahaha this was actually better than I expected.
Cool article.

cuore rosso

Bonera = in a X-man movie he would be one of the useless extras like in the credits roll he would be:

Man #2

In another words he adds nothing to the movie and nobody knows he even exist in the movie.


This Is How Our Transfer Should Go. . . . I Wish Milan Can Sign Both Rami+Cissokho And Taarabt And Raise A Little Fund By Selling Matri(7-11m), Robinho(7-10m), Nocerino(3-5m), Zaccardo(3-5m), Silvestre(free-3m), Pazzini(8-15m), Essien(Free-2m), Amelia(free-2m), And Make At Least 30m From Them … … And Buy P.Nandi(5-7m). . . D.Tadic(7-11m). . . Guarin(8-11m). . . Alex(Free). . . Saton (8m or constant+4m). . . . C.tello Or A.cerci (10-12m). . .G.Ramirez(6-12m) . . . R.Lukaku Or C.Immobile(20-25m). . . . Remy cabella(Niang+2m-4m) … Spend At Must 80m On This Players … … Team: Abbiati, Nandi, Agazzi, Gabriele, Abate, Zapata, Rami, Alex,… Read more »


these ref out here racial no mc how is it cr7 get no yellow card an balotelli getting card right tru when he take off his shirt

the referee

Àfter scoring from the spot last night you mean?. Well he was yellowed. I have booked him.


Both Ronaldo and Marcelo got yellow cards for taking their respective shirts off after their goals.


Congratulations to Carletto for winning his third UCL-trophy! See how it is with a Milan man as coach. This could be us if we stick by Clarence and actually believe in him. I hope the management get their act together and let him do his job.

the referee

He helped Milan in closing the gap on Madrid with 2 CL trophies. Now he is extending that the same gap for Madrid. what a man 🙂

redouan arafat

Any news on rami??


The valencia bosses weren’t in Lisbon apparently, but reports say that the talks will go on for the next days and the feeling’s positive that Rami will be joining us on a permanent transfer.


Talks haven’t even begun, seems like our boy galliani wants to add aly cossokho to the deal, well atleast their both defenders, prolly now mattia can start playing on his preferred RB spot instead of LB, but lets just hope and pray something good happens this mercato.
insha Allah…FORZA MILAN


Berlusconi can be Apocalypse, the strongest mutant, he began this revolution and now his seeking to destroy what he once built due to his own selfish reasons.


Incredible rhymer

Barbara b. shoud be jean grey…Balotelli as ‘wanda’ with temper tantrums

Alex The Mauler (SWE)

Constant is Deadpool hell no Deadpool is Awesome Balotelli should be him as he is a troll

redouan arafat

Thank you

shev jhb

ancelotti is magneto! everything that is steel belongs to him lol!!!

el taz

the Honda one is racist.