Reports: Pato set for €15 million Corinthians move


ALEXANDRE PATO’S Milan exit is all but official according to reports in the Italian peninsula today.

Pato’s Milan experience is about to end if reports in Italy this evening are to be believed. Pato official asked for a transfer out of Milan and Sport Club Corinthians Paulista seem to have won the player’s signature.

Pato has failed to live up to his massive hype in his Milan years as though his numbers are impressive, in the last years he struggled with injuries and showed only glimpses of his old self from time to time.

Report: Flamengo to offer €10m for Robinho
Taarabt wants Milan move, kinda

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, today’s meeting between Milan Vice President Adriano Galliani, who is in Brazil on a mission to sell The Duck and Robinho, and Corinthians’ leadership went very well and there seems to be an agreement between the sides over the sale of Pato: Milan will receive €15m for him.

As reported by Gazzetta and Sky Sport Italia, there will be a meeting between the two sides again after the New Year to finalize the deal. Only in January 2012, President Silvio Berlusconi famously rejected Paris Saint-Germain’s €35 million offer for Pato and the player stayed at Milan. Pato had a very tough year and he will be hoping to find his old self back in Brazil. Alexandre Pato joined Milan in 2007 for around €22 million.

Meanwhile, Flamengo announced that they will no longer pursue Robinho as they don’t have the money for him. However, there are a number of other clubs wanting him including Santos and Atletico Mineiro.

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sammy clinton

Only a loan deal for pato

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I remember a few years ago, there was a few month period were people were calling Pato the best forward in the world. It would be a shame to sell him at price.


Long over due but finally/hopefully now we can and will get a top class striker who is not injury prone and has nowhere near an ego the size of Ibra’s one. Dzeko? Why not sell Kpb along with both of them and bring Kaka back too..? Now these transfers would defo be amazing Christmas presents for all Millanisti.


Dzeko is not a top class striker


He is just not at Man City because stupid Mancini keeps him on the bench. I think he would be a scoring machine at Milan.


@Ouch & Luke. Exactly. You’re one of the few guys on here who talks sense. 🙂


Sad but good news. Pato is a great talent but I fear he will never be the same as one can see his fear of re-injury in the way he plays now. It makes no sense to hold on to him in hopes of things changing when we need to focus on moving fwd and getting back among the elite. Good news for Pato though as he will get a chance to be home and, if all goes well, cement his place in the 2014 World Cup squad. Hopefully this turns out to be a win for both Milan and… Read more »

Forza Milan

Do you remember Snr Ronaldo? I bet you don’t. Do you remember that he was injured for almost 2 yrs without playing at all. If you don’t I will ask you to go and read about him and come back again. Thank you..


Either way it’s a gamble. Maybe if we were flying right now and he showed that he was up for it, then the club could afford to keep him on board as they’ve done for a few years now. However, we’re not and he doesn’t.

Thank you… silly twat.


Selling him at 15m isnt a good thing for me, i’d rather gambling on him and lose the 15m altogether because i believe that the way arsenal treating van persie was right! they keep believing in him and he became a great goal scorer for them before signing for Man.Utd.. Beside you can’t get any better striker with 15m in hand nowadays

Forza Milan

You are real Milanista.

Great speech @ andry


According to reports from Brazil, Pato had threatened to leave for free after his contract would expire in 2014.
Suddenly I don’t feel as harsh about him leaving us as I did before, although I believe 15 million is too little, 20 would be much more satisfying.


Yes, for 20m or more i do agree with Milan to sell him.. 15m for Pato’s talent is not right! What he needed the most is playing time and slowly im pretty sure that he’ll regain the confidence and start scoring like he used to do..

But if the player himself do not want to play for Milan anymore, then selling him is the best option rather than letting him go for free


Forza milan! Well, i wish milan best of luck in all their endeavour. But, as per pato,is better we sell him,cos, he earns much and does not play much due to injury. Lastly,i dont think PATO can play SERIA. Wishing him best of luck! Mr galliani and mr belusconi already know our new STRIKER. LASTLY, YEPES,ABBIATI, BONERA, WILL BE RELEASE AT D END OF D SEASON

Lol How can u be so sure???


too many rumor which player will come to milan but at the end no one come to milan… and galliani and berlusconi will say, our squad is enough to compete at serie A and champion… yeah i smell this scenario…


i wont complain if we get another blessing in disguise just like El sharaawy! Maybe de feo, or Ganz could become the next surprise.. but the chances are alim and i still prefer to see Milan buying a star

Yeah we re being linked with too much players….tooooooo muuucccchhhhhhh


Don’t worry most of this fans wanting pato to live didn’t start watching milan play till after ancelotti left (for basically d sell of kaka) and probably don’t still watch but on a few times in months. Visco or wat ever Ɣ☺ΰ shld be ashamed of urself, milanista 121 and all those writing balo really r pathetic, d only player available and worthy of d cash from pato’s departure is PASTORE. Imagine some people writing Drogba a veteran chelsea reject, jst cos he helped chelsea luckily (def. Not convincingly) win d CL. Our targets for ur info are armero, valoti… Read more »


Forza milan! Let us be positive and also keep our fingers cross. Milan,will surprise us next yr 2013. Balotelli, etc


dont worriy guys… pato and binho out and carvalho and drogba will come… what a mess galliani and berlusconi… its time to found new owner…


Should of sold pato to PSG for the 45mil that they offered then sell Ibra as well and keep silva and slowbinho can go now but who would you buy that is the question we obviously need another defensive mid cause de jong is broken and we need another forward and please don’t sign drogba we know he is a monster but what happened to making a younger milan