Taarabt wants Milan move, kinda


ADEL TAARABT says his agent is talking with Milan but claims they are not a top club these days.

Milan will sign a forward in case Alexandre Pato and Robinho will both be sold in January – a scenario that seems very likely considering Adriano Galliani’s trip to Brazil which he will use to try and sell the players.

Milan have been linked with moves for Didier Drogba and Mario Balotelli but it seems that Taarabt is in Milan talks and he claims he’s interested in moving to Milan even if he doesn’t quite know how to say it.

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“I would only refuse offers from the big English clubs, if Milan made me an offer,” the Queens Park Rangers man, who also plays for the Moroccan national team, is quoted as saying on La Gazzetta dello Sport. “My agent is in talks with Galliani, but it depends on what happens with Robinho and Pastore.

“Milan aren’t going through a glorious period now, and they’re no longer a part of the top clubs. However, if I joined Milan then it would open up the doors for me to great clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona.  My friend Kevin-Prince Boateng is also at Milan. When we were at Tottenham he was often in the stands, so I think that I have a chance too.” The midfielder / winger joined more than 130 appearances with QPR.

Taarabt says he would reject offers from bid English sides for Milan, because that will open his doors to the real big clubs he wants like Barcelona and Madrid. He may be a skilled player but not a skilled talker.

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What we need it’s not just names, we need a 1. A right wing who can run at the oppositions defense the same as ElFaraon, fast and technical player who can cross dissent balls, and has a powerfool shot. 2.A Left Midfielder as Strootman it’s an apssolut investment and he would be able to play in champions. 3. And most importand: a strong Center Back who is fast, good in the air, strong and knows how to position him self during the movements with the ball and when the ball is stoped. For now let just wait and see what… Read more »


@Stephan Kareem El Shaawary no one his doubting the little skills he has got but Milan is no stepping stone to any idiot. If he wants a stepping stone then he can go to clubs like Everton not Milan. Period!

R kenny

hmmmmm taarabat u are mad 4 insult in our belove team


“However, if I joined Milan then it would open up the doors for me to great clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona.”

I never ever want to see this player in a red and black shirt.


@Stephan Kareem El Shaarawy: Yeah beacause it is oh so hard to be the best player in a team like QPR…
He would be average even in Swansea for example, with Michu, Routledge, Dyer etc being better players.

Austino milani

Am sorry but most milan fans are really pathetic.this guy insulted our team but its not enough reason to say he has no skill.tarabaat is more skill full than anybody in our team..u guys talk about mastour as if u guys have even een him play before.most of u have just read about his abilities.tarabaat is skillful and fast.if we can deal with ibra and cassano,we can deal with this guys arrogance too.

raden (indonesia)

Say no to adel taarabt
Say yes to Christian Eriksen


@Austino milani, you may not have seen Mastour play before but have and can tell you that he is one of the most talented player have ever seen and Milan is lucky to have signed a player like that and as for Taraabat or what ever he calls himself. If he is that good as he or you has painted then he would have been playing for one of the top six clubs in england and let me repeat myself again that Milan is no stepping stone to any idiot like him. We may not be where clubs like Barcelona… Read more »


Taraabt would not have been still playing for Queens Park Rangers at the age of 23 if he’s really good.


It is so sad but Milan became a stop over team for good players!


@austino milani.u said he’s skillful dan al milan players.i don’t agree wit u.is he mor skilful dan robinho or bojan?


again time for transfers and again galiani getting garbage players that have no respect for milan,I can say even the 50 year old seedorf is better than KBP and this garbage.

@austino milani…u re a dommey coz u said we ve nt seen hachim mastour s skills??ilhis videoes waz uploaded here @dis blog 2 to 3 days after we signed him…he even jugged orange and a little round fruit can that garbage of urs called tarrabt do that?and beside is he skillful than robinho??bojan??pato??even mexes s goal in champions league waz better than all taarabt s goal of his career…..lollz:D…forza milan


who does he think he is? Fundamental flop! Milan as a stepping stone? We are d most successful club dude. We can sign him and leave him on d bench to rot just as juve did to dt disrespectful Elia. Forza milan!


When we were at Tottenham he was often in the stands, so I think that I have a chance too.

if we can sell pato and binho, why can’t we sell that garbage KPB as well