Reports: Pato set for €15 million Corinthians move


ALEXANDRE PATO’S Milan exit is all but official according to reports in the Italian peninsula today.

Pato’s Milan experience is about to end if reports in Italy this evening are to be believed. Pato official asked for a transfer out of Milan and Sport Club Corinthians Paulista seem to have won the player’s signature.

Pato has failed to live up to his massive hype in his Milan years as though his numbers are impressive, in the last years he struggled with injuries and showed only glimpses of his old self from time to time.

Report: Flamengo to offer €10m for Robinho
Taarabt wants Milan move, kinda

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, today’s meeting between Milan Vice President Adriano Galliani, who is in Brazil on a mission to sell The Duck and Robinho, and Corinthians’ leadership went very well and there seems to be an agreement between the sides over the sale of Pato: Milan will receive €15m for him.

As reported by Gazzetta and Sky Sport Italia, there will be a meeting between the two sides again after the New Year to finalize the deal. Only in January 2012, President Silvio Berlusconi famously rejected Paris Saint-Germain’s €35 million offer for Pato and the player stayed at Milan. Pato had a very tough year and he will be hoping to find his old self back in Brazil. Alexandre Pato joined Milan in 2007 for around €22 million.

Meanwhile, Flamengo announced that they will no longer pursue Robinho as they don’t have the money for him. However, there are a number of other clubs wanting him including Santos and Atletico Mineiro.

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The sale of Pato is virtually finished according Di Marzio, missing only the official announcement to be made ​​tomorrow.




What happened to the 15mil + Paulinho deal?? 15mil by itself is not enough imo, though I think Pato should be sold or loaned.


Omg!.is dis how pato has fallen?


Haven’t you watched Milan games last 2-3 years?


According to Skysports Galliani left the meeting satisfied and another meeting between the clubs must occur after the New Year.

Signor Eskola

Glad that you actually bothered to read this article over here…

Milan fan

I wouldn’t mind both of them going away if I knew that the money from their sale will be used for CB and MC…..knowing Berlusconi he’ll just spend them on wh0res.

red 'n' black

bye pato, and goodluck , we will miss you, we did have some good times together and we will never forget your double against real madrid at the bernebeu. it shouldnt have ended this way, we should have been saluting a legend of milan but his injuries got the better of him, sorry il paparo 🙁


Good riddance!

Olalekan Mojeed

PA70 my favorite guy i will surely miss u still yet forza rossoneri

R kenny

Pato is a great player i wish u gud luck any where u go forza pato.

Bye Pato, You are truely a hero.
I,ll never 4get ur 1st goal against Napoli.
I,m wishing u all the best in future.


Good luck pato , wish you all the best, forza pato. Let’s hope that he will come back in the future. Now he has to rediscover his good old self in brazil.


I can’t just stop crying. Is this a good news or the oppositi? The saddest thing is there is no buy back clause. Hope u’ll return one day. Forza pato Forza MILAN


Great news for Milan fans. Those who think we lost money are fools. You know why no one wants Pato? Because they see he’s past his prime. He had great potential, but never fulfilled it mostly due to injuries. Those who think this is a mistake are fools because Pato wants to leave. His hearts not in it anymore so how can he succeed??!!

Some Guy

You can’t say that he is past his prime or never fulfilled his potential. For gods sake, he is only 23! I am totally 100% against this, as I know that at 23 you still have potential, and this guy has massive potential to become one of the world’s best. I’m afraid that he’ll find his talent in Corinthians, and then Barca, Real or Chelsea would offer big money for him. I hope he’s only loaned,or they don’t accept the money, I REALLY don’t want him to go. Van Basten, Van Persie, Pirlo, Kaka, all stars who started out injury… Read more »


Tears in Ma eyes,there should have a buy back clause in the deal…We love you pato but injury kill it all


The true fan loves the club not the players.


Players come and go and who stays is the entity Milan you guys should already know that.


Milan will regret this sale. From 3 years, if we have looked at the names of milan players, i’m 100 percent sure that no one of milan fans even thought that the players who left the club will leave and ambrosini, antonini, bonera and so on will still playing in 2013. Total chaos!


if he wasn’t sleeping with barbara…we could’ve sold him to psg for much more and maybe thiago silva would still play for us

sad state of affairs




fuc* milan and their management. Berlu for using milan ONLY and ONLY for a tool for his political campaign. GAlliani for making our club look like a sorry a** club only looking for free agent and loan signings. And allegri for making our best players FLEE our club.


Hope they don’t use the money to balance books but rather spend the money on quality players not mediocres. Galliani shd do something meaningful this time


Let’s hope the money really comes to use. Let’s say we receieve 25 million for the sales of Pato and Robi (excluding their wages that gets lifted off our shoulders) we should really spend the 20 million or so on Ogbonna, who is valued for as much. That would be wise spending really. Rather have ONE quality player than 5-6 quantity players, honestly. We’re Milan, just listen to the name, all you think about is quality, not quantity as such this squad is filled with.


with 15M who we can buy?


We could’ve bought Nuri Sahin, Axel Witsel, Yanga Mbiwa, Belhanda, etc. Not sure now though, i think we can still offer that much for Mbiwa and Belhanda, I still think we should try Christian Eriksen and Ogbonna would be swell too!


What is going on at Milan, seriously are we going to have any decent players left? Thiago Silva, Ibrahimovic and now Pato and Robinho..The there are all the senior players that were let go, that were past their best, but haven’t been replaces adequately.
I don’t think I’ve felt this low about a Milan side since the late 90s before we started to buy Rui Costa, Inzaghi and Nesta and things changed. I can’t get my head around how things have gone downhill so fast, we were winning the league only two years ago..

rosseneri fan

dont excect too much, milan sold ibra and thiago and replaced them with pazzini and zapata, you think they are gonna replace pato with a quality player ? dream on, were linked to matri,borriello that says it all


SES is next to go….


I hope nothing but the best for Pato, I will always remember that goal he scored against Barca last year in the opening minutes. It regrettable, the while situation is. Good luck again


In 2013: sell/release Pato, Robinho, Bonera, Mesbah, Antonini, Yepes, Vila, Ambrosini, Abbiati, Amelia, Flamini, Mexes, Acerbi, Traore & Boateng. No need to buy new players, just promote from Milan Junior and give them more minutes to play.

Sylvester italian

Reva, do u actually tink b4 commenting?hw can u sell Ambrosini nd Mexes just like dat,players who have helped us a lot dix season especially Mexes is wat u intend Milan to sell.

Olalekan Mojeed

Wow pato and binho again gud,most of the fans luv such a transfer rather releasing Bonera,yepes,mesbah,abiatti,amelia,antonini and so on, we keep quantity and release quality,luk @ sir alex e prefered lossing dan aving a player un d bench duyn noghting.’ if u luk @ is goal keper arangement us 1 today the other 1 2morow since we v bought Gabriel as e ever put un is glove to play a game.i kind hate max B&G tassotti day are the cause of our team weare just blaming Abrahamovic 4 sending of his coaches any time plz wat is the diffrent btw… Read more »

Olalekan Mojeed

Wow pato and binho again gud,most of the fans luv such a transfer rather releasing Bonera,yepes,mesbah,abiatti,amelia,antonini and so on, we keep quantity and release quality,luk @ sir alex e prefered lossing dan aving a player un d bench duyn noghting.’ if u luk @ is goal keper arangement us 1 today the other 1 2morow since we v bought Gabriel as e ever put un is glove to play a game.i kind hate max B&G tassotti day are the cause of our team weare just blaming Abrahamovic 4 sending of his coaches any time plz wat is the diffrent btw… Read more »


Phew!I’m glad pato will soon leave,guy’s a waste of space and money.

U re a big fool for saying that…mtcheeeew


Milan’s destiny depends on this transfer season. The kind of players milan will buy will determine how the season will go but its my prayer B&G will not use the money for their selfish interest and later bring mediocres claiming to be quality players. We live to see.

Olalekan Mojeed

I am tired of this transfer saga

Stephan Kareem El Shaawary

I would never sell Pato


“We should never sell Pato.” “He’s the future of Milan!” Pato will come good, mark my words!” “He’s only 23!!” “No true Milanista wants Pato to leave!!!” Jesus, get over it guys! He’s finished at Milan. If he rediscovers his form and gets over his injuries in a year’s time then good for him, but I’m glad Milan’s not waiting around to see if it happens. The penny’s finally dropped – A year ago he was worth 40mil now he’s worth 15. Next year after another 200 injuries he’ll be…. Exactly. Thanks for the memories Pato… Can we find someone… Read more »


Its sad to see another champion leave. Especially one that is so young! Pato’s injuries were really down to Milan Lab’s incompetence! I can almost gauarantee that once Pato leaves Milan he will not be as injury prone as most people think he is! Milan should get rid of the Milan Lab staff instead of Pato or send their players to Germany or England for major injury problems! Of all the teams in Serie A Milan had the most injuries last season. Why is that? The medical staff and coaching staff are either incompetent or Milan needs to invest money… Read more »


I agree with the Milan Lab comments. I read they are just now sending him to Atlanta to see a specialist. Why now and not 3 or 4 years ago?


If reports are true, then with Robinho’s and Pato’s sales we will be getting Strootman, Drogba/Balotelli, and a defender. Other recruits may be a CAM and a winger.


I hope this is true, Strootman, Balo and a defender.
We would be great if this happens. We really would.


I’ve been a fan of AC Milan all my life and i’ve never seen the managment act this headless… Buying low qualitiy players just to fill the quota, legends of the club leaving… It’s a sad thing that Pato is leaving for a miserable amount but i wouldn’t be that upset if there was a light at the end of the tunnel. A few years ago we wouldn’t be so worried every transfer period because Galliani was a great negotiator… Now he doesn’t look anywhere near the Galliani everyone feared… The money we got for Pato and Robinho should be… Read more »


let’s hope we can get rid of more dead weight and wish for better signings.
Flamini, Traore, Mesbah, Vila, and Gabriel(loan) maybe loan out Valoti, Carmona too.

Sell Mexes too if we get Ogbonna.


i wish pato the best of luck and best wishes if he does go to corinthians. so many memories from him. thinking of the magic moments just makes me cry at times. i mean the goals at the bernabeu to topple Real Madrid. his brilliant goal against inter in the derby inside 45 seconds. the goal at the camp nou inside 25 seconds. great times, great times indeed


Please just loan him you fools! I think it’s very likely his injuries will clear up if he’s not being coached by Allegri


Have nothing 2 say about that…… 4ck d management.


milan problem only 3… management, milan lab and wrong manager… that’s it…

Kalle Klovn

Let´s just hope Galliani get a buy back clause like the one Barca has for Bojan if we decide to buy him.


let’s get :
G.Rossi(If we manage to sell Pazzini too)
Santon(in the summer)


Atl. Mineiro are planning to offer Bernard in exchange for Robinho.


why is it not saying boateng is on his way to munich for a medical i rather pato on the field than boateng he is selfish even torres has a better goal average than him


Pato is a gamble. All who say he will pick up form.. Base their arguments on pure sentiments, no facts. The only regret i have is him not being sold earlier in january. We lost 22mil just because he couldn’t keep his drawers on. But no one will pay anything close to that now. Pato has not achieved anything close to any of the legends guys have mentioned. If he eventually does get up and running again, best of luck. But overall i don’t think he’s cut out for the italian game or anything requiring intense physical activity. At the… Read more »


if people claim you’re injured when you bruised & it transpires that you weren’t injured, but frozen out, most of the time they calimed you’re injured. pato is saving his career. eversince allegri arrived, pato has suffered & his injuries increased 5fold, trully confusing to say the least. when in brazil pato is never injured, never. the last time pato played was as a sub when he asked allegri to put him in & promised a goal which he duly delivered, this infuriated allegri & the fool chose to cut his nose to spite his face. there is only 1… Read more »