Report: Flamengo to offer €10m for Robinho


ROBINHO will join Adriano Galliani in Brazil as a move to Flamengo seems very possible right now.

Robinho seems to be on his way out of Milan in January: he openly asked the Rossoneri to let him return to his homeland Brazil and Milan Vice President Adriano Galliani is in Brazil, trying to sell Binho and Pato.

Both Robinho and Alexandre have Saudade – a feeling of nostalgia – that they feel for Brazil. Binho has Flamengo and Santos after him while Pato attracted interest from World Champions Corinthians.

Taarabt wants Milan move, kinda
Milan: “Pato and Robinho asked to leave”

Galliani met with the leaders of Flamengo yesterday in his apartment in Brazil to talk about Robinho. According to reports in the Brazilian press, there was a sense of optimism in Flamengo regarding the success of the operation and Galliani even admitted that the 28-year-old’s move to the Urubu is “possible”.

As reported by, Flamengo intend to offer €10 million for Robinho: €7.5 million will come from their new deal with Adidas, while the remaining €2.5m will be spent from the coffers of the Brazilian club. In 2010, Milan paid roughly €18 million to bring the former Santos and Real Madrid man from Manchester City but his value dropped since his arrival and a bid of €10 million certainly satisfies the Rossoneri.

According to Sky Sport Italia, Robinho will arrive to Brazil today to speak with Galliani. The negotiations with Corinthians regarding Pato will begin tomorrow, a bid of €15 million may be enough to sign him.

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10mil for robinho
15mil + talent midfield player for pato

flamini 3-4 mil
bakaye traore 2-3 mil
mesbah 1-2 mil

total: 31-34 mil

if berlusconi invests 20-30 mil we would have a budget of 51-64 mil

balotelli, strootman, asotori/obgonna would be great


10 million is good for Robinho really. And if we’re really going to sell Pato, I hope we can get at least 20 million for him. And we’ll also save in with their wages.
And I really hope we sell Mesbah, Didac (who’s not going to be given a chance really) and Traoré as well.
If we’re reducing the squad size, we should do it correctly and out with quantity as well.
I hope they won’t disappoint us with new signings, such as Sissoko from PSG…

usman salis

its a good news, because earlier…milan were looking for 7m. If pato should go, mesbah, traore, flamini, abbiati should go. And only strootman, ogbonna and drogba are enough. But d likes of sneider, nene would be welcomed.

Milan fan

Wow nice,10 mil. plus we get ride of his big wage.
Hope to see Pato stay.

Stephan Kareem El Shaawary

We sold Robinho


Don deal. Bye bye to binho


Nice, 10 mil. is a decent amount considering his form. Now let’s get this Pato deal finalised.

Don’t think we’ll be getting Strootman or Balo. (really hope we don’t get Mario)

Saw reports that we’re getting Momo Sissoko from PSG to fill in for De Jong. Maybe Strootman goes to the prem anyways?


Heard we’ll be signing sissoko from psg..what happened to youth developement?


have you all watched Hachim Mastour in action at 15yrs old that kid dropped my jaw. No wonder milan want him playing for the senior team asap.the kids like a messi, dinho, cr7 hybrid.oh and merry christmas


Can’t play for senior team until he is 16. He is good, but lets see how well he does in primavera next season when he turns 15.


Sissoko??? Really????….


I really hope he doesn’t arrive…the man didn’t even perform well at Juve during their bad days, don’t know what good he can provide for us, rather give Cristante a shot…-.-


While your at it Galliani, sell Flamini, Traore, Mesbah, and even Amelia. I’d love to see Kevin-Prince Boateng leave also, although he’s had his great moments last season, it’s obvious he’s not that great without Ibra, and we should sell him before anyone else realizes how bad he really is.


Thank god we’re finally selling Pato, although it makes me weep to think we could’ve got 3x that in Jan. Oh well… Robinho can go as well and get someone who isn’t Pele one minute and missing a tap-in the next. I just hope they spend wisely – i.e. no Balotelli or Sissokho.


Thank god we selling pato? Do you know who was the replacement for Sheva? For kaka? for t.silva? let me telling NOBODY Selling pato means at best a serie D striker from galliani


Yes I guess you prefer player who costs 4mil a season, plays two matches (badly) and then gets injured again for another 6 games.


in january milan must buy these players to challenge barcelona..


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but we do not need players who don’t want to be at the club, it does not matter if its C.Ronaldo, Messi, Zidane, Maradonna…. Most of our wins this season have been because of Heart, and team spirit (and EL Sharr), and its likely to be that way for the next few years. A team must never sacrifice its chemistry for one player, unless they plan to rebuild around that player. So…Pato…my favourite young Striker in the world must go…and I’m sad to say I’m glad to see Binho go, the Jersey must come… Read more »


Rumours has it that Neto might join, according to Calciomercato we’re going to offer them 4 million plus Ganz on loan, or something like that, my Italian isn’t great. Before he joined Siena, both Porto and Arsenal wanted him and he has apparently impressed so far this season. Don’t know if it’s a good signing or not, if it will happen of course.


Yeah! Sell him now :D. 10 is enought for Michu!




i hope we sign 2-3 top players, and 2-3 talents
as i already said: balotelli, strootman, ogbonna
lucas mugni, gotoku sakai, vlad chiriches, pedro obiang…

there were so many talents on milans list in the past, but nevere bought, this time we should take the opportunity

for example: erik lamela, marco veratti, paul pogba…all these players could be in our squad now, but galliani…..


Sad to see my favorite Striker for the past 3 years leave the team, Oh Alexandre Pato, the young brazilian talent, oh what a wonderboy he was. Had his jerseys for the last 3 years, He’ll always be with us, Hope one day in the next 5 years he can make a return to the rosseneri. For right now I don’t believe Galliani will bring in a striker if both leave. he’ll probably let Niang play more & bring in somebody for 8-13m in the summer. But I believe the future line up of signings we need & lies to… Read more »


i’m very disappointed in pato all … He has been my favorite player for so long and i had such high hopes for him. To see that he’s leaving European football at such a young age is heartbreaking to me


i agree with you so much, everytime milan would score i would feel happy, but everytime pato would score a surge of energy would rock through my body, so much excitment to see pato score, his faboulous moments, the 3-0 inter game… those were the good days.


Sell Robinho, Pato, Flamini, Mesbah, Antonini, Vila, Bonera, Yepes & Traore. Give more minutes play for Bojan, Emmanuelson, Niang, Strasser, Muntari, Cristante and Ganz. Milan doesn’t need to buy new players, maximize Milan’s youngster & create stars from them.

dave nigeria

just saying, has anyone watched LODI of catania… Dat guy is a realy good central midfielder dat could play as a DM and AM

Ooohh my lovely pato i m gonna miss u…*crying*;(….and i ll always follow you even tho u leave for brazil….best stricker of his generation,i knw u ll be back @ ur best somday and u and i will say a big shame to ur injuries and hatters….forza patinho


@yareens dat’s wat i feel wen el sha or bojan scores.


allegri pushed pato i doubt he really wanted to leave, give allegri 2 more years & milan will be like catania or genoa… Big up to all allegri apologists, you really hate milan!!!


His turning 16 next year. Hachim mastour.

kelvin says the negotiations failed after an agreement couldn’t be made, how true is this??


i love d deal. Niang and bojan gat space now.


Not at all


i think for pato galliani should build a buy-out clause just for milan, for example 30-35 mil

if he can recover and gets better, we could buy him back in 2-3 years…he would be 25-26 years old, its the perfect age for a striker, especially because he would not need adaption time for serie a and for milan


Negotiations failed Flamengo doesn’t all this money.


Reports: São Paulo and Fluminense are intested in Robinho and Milan is planning offer Ganz + 4 millions for Neto of Siena.


A true milanista would never want pato to be sold. I swear I will never forgive milan management if we sell pato for just 15£ and he finds his form back only for madrid and barca to bring him back to europe so as to rip defenses apart! I swear I can’t stand the heart break!

Mee toooo;> caleb u are very correct…pato s gonna return as a bomb

Stephan Kareem El Shaawary

Only Allegri is responsible for Pato,when Ancelloti and Leo were a coaches Pato was been playing constantly and he was awsome.When Allegri came he became so mediocre and all time injured and I don’t have to tell you that we allways have 11-12 players injured since Allegri is a coach.


No. He was injury prone during Leonardo as well, stop being so blinded. Remember his thigh (muscle) injury during Atalanta when he was halted while sprinting away, he missed two-three months and came back for the last two-three matches of the season. He was also out for a while before that and then came back on against Udinese. I remember this very vividly.
Allegri probably deserves a lot of stick for his way of training, but stop blaming every SINGLE thing on him.
I’m surprised people aren’t blaming him for De Jongs injury…


“A true milanista would never want pato to be sold.” Jesus, when is this crying over Pato going to end? I was 100x more heartbroken over the sales of Shevchenko, Kaka, Pirlo, heck even Inzaghi’s exclusion from the CL squad, than Pato. We should’ve sold him in Jan but now we need to sell him ASAP before his value drops to that of Michael Owen.


@caleb & olawale, Milan is not a Clinic and Pato is neva going to be an ‘awesome’ player.

Sahin cudn’t settle down at Madrid n he was sent out.
Bojan & Giovanni dos Santos whr sent out of Barcelona.
Why must Milan be different?


” We should’ve sold him in Jan but now we need to sell
him ASAP before his value drops to that of Michael Owen” just listen to your awful self dejan 10. Pato is only 23 and nothing like owen milan fans have to exercise the ultimate acid test of PATIENCE! The injury is not gona last FOREVER! Trust me it gona come to an end one day .trust me six match in a row is all pato need to get your doubting ass hailing him as the finest!


15 million for Pato seems like a done deal, according to Gazzetta dello Sports


Taarabt couldn’t even make the morrocan AFCON player squad & yet that is kind of mediocre players that Mr Galiani bring to Milan in the name of youth and FFP. No wonder that idiot said if Boateng who is always in the stands @ portmouth can be a starter in Milan, then he thinks he will get his chance too.


Gazzetta dello Sport reports that Milan and Corinthians have reached an agreement for the transfer of Pato: €15 million.
Now that Pato is going to be sold together with Robinho and the club is going to net close to €25m on both of them, who is Galiani going to bring as a replacement for both? A free loan mediocre worth €3m with an option to buy spread over 10yrs….. He must be kidding me.


The sale of Pato is virtually finished according Di Marzio, missing only the official announcement to be made ​​tomorrow.


I swear i won’t lyk it if pato becomes a superstar sumwher else.pls barbara stop d transactions.u may neva see ur luv again

Kalle Klovn

Farao/Valoti Bojan/Mastour Niang/Pazzini
Boateng/Emanuelson Montolivo/Ambrosini Nocerino/Flamini
Didac/Constant Acerbi/Mexes Abate/Zapata Di Sciglio/Antonini

Rent an additional challenger for Bojan until Mastour is 16.
And get rid of Bonera, Yepes, Mesbah, Muntari and Traore for god sakes…