AJ Auxerre 0 – 2 Milan


MILAN have qualified for the knockout stages of the champions league, after securing a 2-0 win in a difficult away tie against french opposition Auxerre, with the goals coming from Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Ronaldinho – who netted off the bench.

Auxerre pressed high up the pitch from the off, even though the game set off with a fairly casual pace, and they tried to deny the Milan players space to pass and move, and it seemed to work well, Milan not even having a sight of goal until the 8th minute, where Robinho had a half chance go over the bar.

The home side then settled in to the game, and came fairly close to taking the lead as a deflected freekick flew goalwards, only for Christian Abbiati to dive left and punch it clear. Milan kept conceding free kicks (albeit, in fairly safe locations) early on, and despite having a couple of shots at goal with them, Auxerre didn’t give Abbiati too much trouble in the opening 15 minutes.

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After a defensive error, the ball broke to Zlatan Ibrahimovic at the left-hand edge of the box in the 18th minute, however, his ball in to the box for the oncoming Clarence Seedorf lacked quality, and Auxerre broke on the counter (only to squander it by putting the ball high in to the stands)

Despite Auxerre playing fairly high up, they created very few chances, and in the process restricted Milan from making too many chances (even though only a win would do for Auxerre) and Milan still had 60% of the possession at this stage. Auxerre came fairly close 10 minutes before half time, but despite looking like a bit of a scramble, Nesta and Abate managed to work together to clear it.

7 minutes from the end of the half, Coulibaly’s error led to a golden oppertunity for Gennaro Gattuso, running on to it at the edge of the Auxerre box, but Rino could only blast it powerfully over the crossbar – maybe the shot was the mark of a defensive midfielder without a goal in 2 years!

As the half drew to a close, it was a fairly uneventful first 45 minutes, and a rather boring match to watch too, with neither side really creating many chances, Gennaro Gattuso squandering the best goalscoring oppertunity. The game was missing a creative spark, a moment of genius or a defensie error it seemed would settle this.

The second half continued in much the same vway (unfortunately) However, 10 minutes in to the second half, Milan had a good oppertunity to take the lead, with Abate breaking down the right flank, he pulled it across the box for Robinho, but maybe it wasn’t the best decision, because by the time the ball got to Robinho (who stopped it dead with his first touch) Coulibaly got back across to clear.

65 minutes in to the game, the Rossoneri finally broke through, after a slight defensive mistake by Auxerre (following Seedorf losing the ball for Milan!), the ball rolled kindly for Ibrahimovic near the edge of the box – similar to the chance that went to Gattuso – however, the swede made no mistake in blasting it past the goalkeeper, a truly devastating finish, giving Milan the all important lead with a strike of the utmost quality.

After the goal, the game seemed to settle back in to the rhythm of few oppertunities, and although Auxerre pressed a little more in an attempt to get back in the game, they still weren’t creating much. With quarter of an hour to go, Seedorf was replaced by Kevin-Prince Boateng (despite many thinking Ronaldinho would be the one to come on after he was seen warming up)

With just under 10 minutes to go, Pedretti had a decent chance for Auxerre, as he controlled it on his right, before hitting it on his left, but the ball flew over the bar (the shot was similar to Ibra’s goal against Fiorentina) Once again leaving Christian Abbiati relatively untroubled. Auxerre had seemingly sat back since Ibrahimovic’s goal, and it’s no surprie the amount of possession Milan had increased.

Ronaldinho finally did make an appearance – with just 5 minutes to go. The brazilian made his cameo coming off the bench for Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who’d done his job for the night. Perhaps the fact that Boateng came on before him, and that Ronaldinho was brought on for just 5 minutes was a message to him, but Ronaldinho had a message for Massimiliano Allegri too! Picking the ball up from Robinho, he rolled the ball over with his right, before placing it in to the bottom corner with a curling shot from his left foot.

The game fizzled out, and Milan got the 3 points they needed from this game, which was certainly not a classic. Nonetheless, the job was done, Ibrahimovic continued his great goalscoring form, Ronaldinho came off the bench and showed that he still has a role to play, even though he was on for just over 5 minutes, and Milan got through to the last 16.

By Hefin Davies, Rossoneri Blog

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BOOOOOM !!!!!! IBRACADABRA Class goal from dinho !!!,It was not our best performance but 3 points count the defense looks really solid but the left back spot is a major issue, binho plz get sharper in front of goal . Thiago Silva BOSSS !!!!!


before anyone says anything …. even my gran could of scored that ronnie goal i didnt even cheer… for me his shit and has to go

i imagine ronnie2009 will be back now


fdl that goal was pure skill.. you don’t know about football slightest bit..


@fdl you are a fool


my highlight is Robinho’s performace, below par, really below par. Keep wondering “why Robinho” since he came to Milan


fdl, u cant have seen his goal. It was a good finish with a nice twirl right into the bottom left cornor and he even shot it with his wrong foot! So please massimo start with dinho instead of binho!


I think that we are going to match Tottenham in the last 16 of the champions league! Hope we match an easy team!!! PLZ GOD LET US MATCH AN EASY TEAM!!!


We Survive!!!! FORZA MILAN!!!!

vs Ajax: please give the fringe and youth chances to shine…we can rest the 1st team players as we already qualify


yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……..that’s what im talking about,we fucking through to the round 16…and guess what we are winning the champions league….why? because..in 2002 after the world cup{korea/japan] we won [2003]the champions league…then again in 2006 after the world cup[germany]…we won the champions league[2007]….now you see 2010 world cup[south africa]…means we winning the champions league{2011}…..hahahaha FORZA IBRAHIMOVIC,FORZA ROBINHO……….AND FORZA MILAN !!!!


I really like the way Mr. Allegri has the team playing. This is what I expected from him. I’m really happy for Mr. Allegri but we need reinforcement in the January transfer window. I hope Galliani and co. is not stubborn because sooner or later Ambrrosini, Flamini. Ibra and Nesta will need a rest! Despite what Mr. Galliani may think we need another striker; Podolksi, Bianchi or Matri as well as a Left back Criscito and a center back Astori, Santacroce, Cribari or Ronnochia and at least another midfield player Poli or Lazzari. These players are not cup tied and… Read more »


F**k u fdl, ungrateful idiot! Build your own club and chase your players away! If he doesnt score or assist than its a problem, if he does than its not good too, go to hell and build a snowman fool


Today I pick 5 man as the star of the match
1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic
2. Ignazio Abate
3. Alessandro Nesta
4. Thiago Silva
5. Ronaldinho

Nonetheless, all milan players are stars actually!


@nick: poli is cup tied: we need tremoulinas,lazzari,(kiessling,carroll,matri,gonzalez,bianchi,paloschi)



I was expecting you in the line up. You were MI. Milan is a boring team with out ronie. I was a sleep the entire game but the last five minutes. The coach needs to stop playing games with the fans.


@milano86.. I forgot Sampdoria played in the Champions League preliminary round. Thanks for the reminder. Poli is indeed cup tied. I also forgot about Kiessling, he is good, not sure about Carrol though and I dont know much about Gonzalez. I also doubt Milan will bring back Paloschi. It would be great if they did.


I guess you’ve never watched Milan with Dinho on as a starter. When he is a starter, after 30 minutes of play, Milan has nothing. That is why Allegri is doing a good job of putting Dinho late in the game, where he does the most damage when he’s fresh. BUT, I would like it if he came on a lot earlier though. Like around around the 60th minute.


Matri, Lavazzi and Mertesacker = Milan building for the future.


glad to know this. congrats to the coach & the team. especially for gattuso and binho, both of you need to take extra training on shooting. overall, i am happy with the result. i hope the coach would give opportunity to montelongo, papa, strasser and merkel for the next CL match against ajax.


Its great to see Abate is really picking up the right back role well! We need a left back (Cissokho/Criscito/Coentrao), Centre back (Luiz/Astori/Santacroce), Midfielder (Lazzari/Diarra/Poli) and striker (Paloschi) plus integrating Strasser and Merkel more.


This was a game in which we had a poor first half on offense and a much better offensive second half. But defensively we were great throughout. You can take many things out of this game and first of all i would like to state once more that Amelia should be given a chance as Abbiati is not horrible but is simply not world class and whenever he goes for a save I am always scared that he will mess up and it will go in, especially on crosses which is why defending them is one of our weak spots.… Read more »


Ibra, great goal, Dinho showing us that his samba is still going. It was a good shot, great angle, don’t know why people are saying otherwise.

Allegri needs to sub in his subs more earlier. but the team seems to be shaping up. @Milan86 Lazzari would be a good addition. Paloschi also would be great along with Astori or Luiz.


Good tight match by us. Things are definitely looking brighter then in recent years. @Jomama we had 60 + percent possession in first half and I think in the whole match as well. We are getting better day by day. Remember we couldn’t keep the ball for five minutes a few months ago? I agree with you on playing Ambro and Gattuso together, I would rather prefer Boateng with Gattuso if Pirlo is missing. And definitely Seedorf should just be sent home, Ronaldinho should start in this new role more goals will come. Seedorf loses the ball all the time,… Read more »


thanks for replying to my comment Shosh. Yes in the first half we had 60% possession but all of it was in our defense. I’m not the biggest fan of Allegri’s defend then take the one or two chances you get a game tactic but it does work only we need a little more on offense than what we had in the first half. About Seedorf he’s not horrible and is a very classy player but Ronaldinho is better and has more to offer as does Pirlo if he was played as a trequistra although he’s better in the middle.… Read more »


I’m sorry that Ronaldinho scored a goal ….


to all my fellow bloggers.. i have been all over the world with milan.. maybe u have too on ur tv’s.. hence my name FDL who we are no more.. dinho does not belong in milan The game was tight but please who ever would like to tell me that for the last 6 mins the game was fantastic when ronnie came on need to stop .. And take his picture down of there bedroom wall. for such a world class player i would expect him to be able to play with both feet.. BUT hey were to the last… Read more »


I still say Dinho did well evading the defenders and scoring from a tight spot.

World class players have their ups and down. they are not robots to please us all the time. Even the great rooney is going through some tough times. Just look at Ibra, he is exhausted, he needs a rest.

Wolrd class players are made of Determination, Effort, and Heart!!

Forza Dinho! Forza Milan let’s dream again!


I bet my life that fdl is a england fan and he can’t get over the goal ronaldinho scored against david seaman at the 2002 world cup. Oh and ronaldinho took his girl at a night club while he was travelling with milan and we were watching milan channel Lmao! Forza Dinho!!! Forza Milan!!!

isaac opoku tuffour

Kevin prince should alwways start ahead of seedorf, gattusso, and ambrosini .they can’t run for balls.seedorf should be forced to retire because he is too old as well as Ambrosini,nesta for onyewu. i am very serious about this



im 100000000000000000000000% italiano sei un mongalo


RIP sheva….

HA HA yeah watching milan channel.. armchair supporter bet u got a shirt with dinho’s name.. u sad sack……


@ isaac opoku tuffour

what the fuck……are you really stupid? why are you saying prince should start ahead of seedorf,ambrosini…hey get this into your head…prince is not a playmaker and can never be a playmaker…cant you see the dude’s passes are horrible uh…what he’s only good at is tackling and even with the tackling ambrosini does more than he prince can do…just quit rooting for that dude…cuz you one-sided !!!


where is ash Did u see ronnie that is the reason he should stay at milan.


@fdl the bitter supporter! I am 10000000000000000000% milan! My Milan shirts has shevchenko who had you screaming 2003 like a crazy guy after he scored the winning penalty against juve in the CL, kaka, maldini, pirlo, inzaghi and the new shirt has pato and tiago silva at the back! As soon as dinho renew his contract i will get his shirt too! Stop acting like dinho is the only 30 year old at milan you faggot! Oh and i dont care what country you are from, i love milan like you do!


I’d like the idea of bringing in Dinho towards the end (Inzaghi style) so he can give 100%. He practically puts in all the effort of the 90 minutes inside of that 10 minutes! Excellent job Max Allegri!

PS. Ibra is God!!!


This is what i liked. Allegri repair the defense line that always been a big problem on Ancelotti last season and Leo season. Cause the logic “how can u attack if u’r defense line were bad?!”. Now after that problem solved, Allegri can focus on the attack line. And so far Allegri can have victory without Pato, Pippo, Pirlo, and Antonini. Let’s see when Milan faced Sampdoria. Can he bring Milan victory too without Ibra who got suspension?


@sheva i was there in manchester my armchair freind… and in athens when that donkey missed with his chelsea shirt underneath the milan shirt….you are so sad… let me know when ur in milan .. i would love to see your milan shirt maybe u could wear it with your ronnie shorts..

listen im totaly for AC milan my money i pay to the stadium helps.. not what u do .. u tv fan… now go n watch the tweenies

Sohel Sharif

Hey guys Stop sh**ting about Ronaldinho…he is top Class player…this is true…but the main problem is he doesnt suit the Milan Formation…so stop complaining about players…
Allegri is doing gr8…
The people who is saying Seedorf to retire…i wanna say only 1 thing he is the only player who won champions league with 3 different clubs…nd 2003 was his best year in his career…
If you watched last 3/4 matches…it was him who was the key for success
nd by the way who is going play in Trequartista if he leaves..??



ok now its official some people just hate ronaldinho for some reason whatever he does scores or not will still hate him i bet if he dribbles 11 players with his eyes blindfolded and with 1 legg and an elephant balanced on his head fdl will say my dead grand grand mother do that while asleep give me a break…



if he could do that i would want he to stay but he does not of the above get real..

AND the word IF is a very big one

As shakespeare said IF is a cliff

funny how everybody else slates dinho.. hmm

i wonder why


@fdl I am from South Africa & proud of it, so if it takes me a chair to watch my favourite club on the planet, than I will build a chair with my bare hands brother! This is my last reply to you, cause you will never learn the difference between me & you is that I appreciate and you hate lmao


fdl you see thats were you are wrong even if he could that you wouldnt accept him because i think that you have a problem with acceptance. your first comment perfectly show that.



so how the fck can u live and breath the real emotions in milan ..maybe if u ever go to mian or ever see them u might understand one day..

but hey were both milan fans..

so i say ur have your opinion n i have mine… we wont whats best for the team

hope you do come to milan 1 day


@ karimo by any chance are you ronnie2009 in disguise.. you know he’s a flop everyone knows he’s a flop he knows he’s a flop… but he cuts a mean move on the dance floor… going to 5 champion league finals 2 interclub.. having visited every major football stadium in europe .. well whats worth talking about…seeing a host of players who have donned the milan shirt and for he he’s as good as kluvert rizinger lentini bogart luther blisit etc the list goes on.. so with your solicitor chat maybe you should accept he’s no good…. yes i agree… Read more »


i am by no mean ronnie2009 i can assure you. its a shame really that he is not commenting any more ronni2009 if you read this then i hope you will come back. anyway if i argue with you 100 years you wouldnt convince me and i wouldnt convince you so its good to see that everyone has his own opinion


some so called milan fans can air your comment with out using foul languge. Every one has entitled to his own opinion. Forinstance, I do not think the current Milan coach is a good simply becuse he has been benching one of the best who ever played the game. Where was Alighre when Ronadhino was helping the team reach to the third place in Seira? Suddenly the team signed Ibra and ronadhino has to be a scape got what ever problems the team has. Foot ball is all about entertainment. Why would the worl love to watch Brazil play? Why… Read more »


I do hav only shirt of ronnie frm milan plyrz if he will leave many of us will leave milan too because a plyr is the treasure of any club and I am so proud that my club has the greaest footballer of the world he is ronaldinho(ronaldo de assis morriera).


will people stop fighting over nationality. Milan is a big diverse club with Fans all over the world. share your opinions and do not start wars against people’s nationality.

Ronnie this, Ronnie that,fine just don’t be including one’s nationality, that’s being racist.

oh, for your information, jersey sales helps the team also, plus countries around the world pay to televise such games, so people watching are contributing to the team. Why even question that.

isaac opoku tuffour

prince is better than seedorf ,ambrosini and gattussso .he should always start ahead of them.old men cannot run for balls and cannnot tackle.