Primavera: Milan 5-0 Triestina


AC MILAN are looking good.

After two weeks of rest, the Rossoneri Primavera was back on the field this Saturday and they have done the work on the best side, as they crushed Triestina 5-0 and went up in the standings.

Simone Andrea Ganz opened the match very well with a brace at the 12′ and 21′ minutes. Nicola Pasini scored in the first half as well (24′).

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In the second half, Pasini again found the net (50′) but it didn’t stop there… former Barcelona man, Adria Carmona scored his very first goal for the Primavera and made it 5-0 at the end!

Following this win, Milan now have seven points but they are still far from the top of the league, after starting off the season with a host of bad results.

These were the line-ups of the two sides:

Milan: Di Fabio, Ghiringhelli, De Vito, Albertazzi, Santonocito, Pasini, Verdi, Novinic, Ganz, Merkel, Oduamadi.
Triestina: Paleari, Desci, Bertoni, Fossa, Carmona, Ceregatti, Mancuso, Trazzi, Tullio, Cecchini, Miraglia.

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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Can Rossoneri Blog get a video of Milan vs Triestina (Primavera)


There is a mistake. With the formation of Triestina. Paleari, Bertoni, Carmona, Ceregatti, Mancuso are the players of Milan, but not Triestina.

Very happy for our youngster! 😉 Great result


rossoneri blog please upload picture or video primavera


Good Future for teams like Genoa Cagliari Catania and others where these kids will be playing in a year from now.!!!!!Thanx to Milan


for the first time i like Ronnie2009’s comment!! Milan shldnt let go players like Paloschi,Astori,Matri,Zigoni!


Why u always sounds bitter? every big clubs always do this. They sent their young player for more experience in other clubs, before they call it home again. If u don’t like that than u’r in the wrong side dude. Try Arsenal if u want to watch little kids playing in their senior team, but don’t expect a lot of trophy to come every year!!!