Inter Milan 2 – 0 AC Milan: Diavolo Fail Again


THE WAIT is over, in front of 80,000 enthusiastic spectators, the night is the scene of the Milan game matches, the Milan derby, Inter face, called to preserve its long-standing Italian leadership, and Milan who throws his key challenge shield.

The last pieces of the afternoon exclude from super challenge Nesta, replaced by Favalli and Stankovic, Muntari and getting things instead Sneijder, play from the beginning Santon, Balotelli is instead ruled in favor of Pandev.

Mourinho row with a 4-3-1-2 with Inter: 12 Julio Cesar, Maicon 13, 6 Lucio, 25 Samuel, 39 Santon, 4 Zanetti, 19 Cambiasso, 11 Muntari (42’s. T. Cordoba), Sneijder 10 , 27 Pandev (21’s. t. Thiago Motta), 22 Milito (36’s. t. Balotelli). A disposizione: 1 Toldo, 23 Materazzi, 30 Mancini, 89 Arnautovic. Subs: 1 Toldo, 23 Materazzi, 30 Mancini, 89 Arnautovic.

Inter Milan-AC Milan: Key Contests
Inter Milan-AC Milan: Time To Revenge

Leonardo responded with the usual 4-3-3 with AC Milan: 1 Dida, 20 Abate, 19 Favalli, 33 Thiago Silva, 77 Antonini (32 ‘st Jankulovski), 8 Gattuso (1’s. Seedorf t.), 21 Pirlo, 23 Ambrosini (35’s. Huntelaar t.) 32 Beckham, 22 Borriello, Ronaldinho 80. A disposizione: 12 Abbiati, 4 Kaladze, 9 Inzaghi, 25 Bonera. Replacements: 12 Abbiati, Kaladze 4, 9 Inzaghi, Bonera 25.

The challenge to the 100 part time and makes the game immediately Inter who attacks people with high ball Rossoneri preventing them from thinking and build the usual plots offensive, badminton calcioni by Rossoneri, he gets Ronaldinho is becca instead yellow Beckham.

Not even two rounds of the clock and Sneijder free edge of the area and fired a volley that is printed on the pole outside to the right of Dida, the Rossoneri responded with a triangulation Antonini-Ronaldinho-Borriello, ended with a shot from the center-top .

AC Milan attacking so unbalanced and lost every ball is transformed into an inviting and lethal Inter-start on the 6th Sneijder is still only fish in area, ready control and rapid firing, Dida is exceeded by diverting foot.

Deserved and inevitable comes, the 9th, the advantage Inter, AC Milan loses trivially ball in midfield, Pandev is very able to run on cue Diego Milito, Abate is guilty of naivety and touch back of head by serving the prince, who controls it, and pierces into the area Dida with a precise shot that slips nell’angolino opposite to that shooting.

Milan are feeling the pinch even more restarts and gives their opponents, yet Milito, served up to the summit area, forcing Dida to a non-simple deviation at the near post.

The game changed on the 23rd when Rocco cautions for simulation questionable in midfield Lucio’s reaction Sneijder is reckless and free, in fact, ironically applauding the referee and for a long, inevitable red for the Dutch.

The game gets out of hand Rocchi, successive battles, the evil, the calcioni in all areas of the field, the AC Milan for a sharp protest, but perhaps not entirely voluntary, handball in the area Maicon, but l ‘ unique opportunity for the Rossoneri, who gradually take over the reins of the meeting, is a Pirlo free-kick from the edge of the barrier deflected over the crossbar with Julio Cesar property.

Milan are back on the field with the recovery Seedorf instead of an opaque, soft Gattuso, the first fifteen minutes of the restart is a real assault on the door Inter, the Rossoneri, bolstered by superior numbers, they play in spreading the game speed on the wings and closing Inter in his area but they are not small, wrong to squander opportunities on occasions.

It seems already made in the 46th when, on the corner of Beckham, Seedorf, a center area, striking his head without fail, you exceed that Julio Cesar saved miraculously, at the 47th Ronaldinho is half turned the wheel to send the ball just to the side ignite on mixtures frightening when Lucio and Samuel stature, well supported by a attentive and effective Julio Cesar.

After two Borriello’s header, the first parried by the goalkeeper, the second just above, the first fully reviewed with the Rossoneri metacampo Milito concluding feebly, then with Pandev that the output of Dida, hit the post with a resounding lovely shot below.

When Mourinho has already decided to replace it, at 65 °, Goran Pandev brush a punishment from the edge flying over the barrier and hits a milestone Dida version.

2 to 0 on the Milan are feeling the pinch and takes a little ‘time to take up the game, continuing to seek superiority on the wings from which cross pass to the towers, the Inter rearguard, however admirable, almost heroic, and unable to close all gates.

The Last Tycoon Rossoneri, after a series of tiracci from the edge, finished corner, Pirlo, Seedorf and Ronaldinho, who will turn Huntelaar, before pulling a shot with half turn of two safe passages extolling the brilliance of a Julio Cesar version rubber wall, then, finding the hands of Lucius on a roll close second yellow and then red for Lucio and penalty for Milan, Ronaldinho is on the diskette, the author nevertheless a good game, kicking feebly doing do well Julio Cesar who bends diving and even deflects for a corner.

It ends with Inter, which confirms its national leadership and closes the door on the aspirations of Milan, showing rocky team, united, firm, strong, physically and mentally, despite a referee penalizing, but also a bit lucky in some key episodes.

What about Milan? The absence of Nesta has probably cracked the security team and the initial approach has not lived up to expectations and the strength of the team, only the expulsion stupid Sneijder has rebalanced the match, recovering some of the Rossoneri, from that But when the team played its Rossoneri levels, creating many scoring chances, all regularly Throwing aside for lack of precision on, for the miracles of Julio Cesar and a bit of bad luck.

Milan will not, however, comes from the defeat but was reduced significantly rejected in a key league, for that matter if you meet three times during the season Inter 8 and submit to it without performing any network, something will say no?

The Best: in Inter Zanetti and Pandev, Thiago Silva and Pirlo in Milan.

By Gfloriano, Rossoneri Blog

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Milan didn’t do a very good job…
You could see the absencse of Nesta was well-felt. Milan must get better and Leonardo must think what he is going to do about the defense, while the players out injured. That was not a good game, and I’m very sorry for it. All week I told my Inter-friends-fans that Milan will win, but in the day after, they would’t stop laughing at me… Shit happens, and it happened on Sunday. Well, Forza Milan! Scudetto dream isn’t over!


Come On! We Didn’t Play. Forza Milan, let’s grow and beat those basters next time, which could be at the final of the Coppa Italia right?


F*** That! I HATE YOU INTER. until, today I had nothing against Goran Pandev, But Now I Do! Dammit with you and your free-kick, that was going through the net only because of Dida!!

AC Milan fan

I still can believe it!!! I was so sure we’re gonna win, and like Forza, others wouldn’t stop laughing at me and say Inter is better


Ok, the difference between the two sides was the coach, and the coach only. I’m sure Mourinho told his players something like: “We are here to WIN! It’s the Derby dello Madonnina. Make me and Inter proud.” While Leonardo must had said: “Don’t panic away, this is just one game, play comfortably and calmy.” He surely wasn’t fired up to the derby like Mou was


wow, it’s been a while since the entire match-report has been filled with the oppenents pictures…let’s hope not to see that again.


This f***ing Mourinho. I HATE HIM. “We could won with 7-players”. F*** him!


I’m still pissed off! Forza Milan, let’s don’t stop dreaming


Forza AC Milan!!!! Nothing is over yet, we can still win the Scudetto!! Sneijder sould be punished by 5 games out! “Bravo”!!?! Come on, grow Up




Dammit!! We haven’t lost for many games now. I hate you Inter Milan. F*** you and your memebers. This faggot Morrati!! Forza Milan


Forza Milan! We lost…big deal…sometimes we do…the important thing is…that this face wouldn’t hurt our game!


After the match I couldn’t talk nor smile. In morning, I barely talked. I took it really hard. Now, I understand that I shouldn’t…


this really sucks. I was so sure Milan was going to win. But I hope Leonardo now wakes up and stop chasing Dzeko, we need defenders and Midfielders. Since Nesta was not there, our defense was weak. I hate Inter, now they are complaining about Milan cheating, they are the big cheaters.

Milan needs to get stronger, its not enough what they are doing, especially Leonardo.


Forza Milan. INTER SUCKS




I hate you Inter. I wish each one of the players and mangers and fans will BURN IN HELL


Fuck Inter Milan!! I hate you


Milan played very bad. Lost too many balls. We must get better. Against Udinese it would be Milan test. Forza MIlan, Inter Sucks!! I hate you