AC Milan 3 – 0 U.C. Sampdoria: Rossoneri Demolish Blucerchiati


THE Saturday class in the series opens with the advance in the afternoon in the scenario of a San Siro, quite empty indeed, faced AC Milan and Sampdoria, separated by just 4 points, but in strips of diametrically opposite results, the Rossoneri have won six of last seven games played, Sampdoria are the only survivors of a success in the last five and two heavy defeats last week.

Despite Milan Tuesday is expected to be a vital Champions League match against Zurich Leonardo the eleventh row type, with the only novelty of Antonini on the band, and proposes the 4-3-1-2 with Dida, Antonini, Nesta, Thiago Silva, Zambrotta, Ambrosini (from 75 ° Flamini), Pirlo, Seedorf, Ronaldinho (from 34 ° Abate) Borriello (from 68 ° Huntelaar), Pato.

Del Neri, after the disaster, including disciplinary action, with the Genoa derby, must do without suspended Rossi, Palombo and hunters and responds with a 4-4-2 with Castellazzi; Gastaldello; Stankevicious, Accardi, Ziegler, Padalino (from 52 ° Semioli), Tissone, Poli, Mannini (from 25 ° Lucchini), Pazzini (from 76 ° Bellucci), Cassan o.

No time to sit in a chair that is immediately champagne football, Antonini steals ball on the trocar and flies towards the opponent’s area, arrived in the midline, sorted for Ronaldinho who advances and cuts a perfect cross to the dorian’s center area where Borriello jump more hi than all and realize the goal of advantage for Ac Milan.

Sampdoria, already in trouble of mind at the recent defeats, are feeling the pinch and quit the game immediately, slow, numb, empty offers, almost helpless, as a sacrificial victim to the red and black playing.

Pato is the 5th to receive the ball on the right, is focused and, just inside the area, sending a shot slightly deflected by Gastaldello, forcing a difficult Castellazzi deviation angle.

There is only one team on the field, AC Milan, who has fun with his shortstop for a girar ball, hiding their opponents, then it suddenly appeared in the final touch.

It works on the left wing in the arrangement between Ronaldinho and a lively and proactive Antonini, at 21 ° conquer the gaucho and the bottom line is that the onrushing Seedorf, just inside the area, first download a true intention-to-air missile that goes out under the intersection of the poles to the right of a property Castellazzi.

The moment of total domination of the Rossoneri continued to 23 ° when a perfect shore fishing head Borriello Pato in area, the duck, in contact with a defender, and takes control, Castellazzi can reject but the Brazilian is the quickest to reach the ball and stuck in the door unguarded net for a goal of three to zero, which definitely closes the games.

At 34 ° exit, for a muscle strain, a sumptuous Ronaldinho got two assists and a series of delightful play, in its place a willing and effective Abate that public square on the right wing in aiming consistently.

By a pair of raids by the young side, closed with two perfect cross from the fund, resulting the latest deals of time before that, in extremis is Gastaldello heel the ball away Borriello, already launched in dip, 5 meters from the goal line then Pato is to conclude without fail him kicking a defender.

The recovery does not see any kind of reaction from the Sampdoria, which seems more careful to avoid goleada not discover who groped forward to propose, Cassano is struggling like a fish out of water, unable to find the right position and never be able to affect.

The only beads a second time, played a mild pace, with the Rossoneri careful to consume little energy as possible and to control the game by relying on a peaceful rally orchestrated by majesty from Pirlo and Seedorf, Pato gives her two superb personal actions, to 63 ° when you drink two defenders, with two spectacular dribbling in area, and pulls hard on the first post, but Castellazzi is attentive and able to divert for a corner, and when it exceeds 92 ° in speed and agility Stankevicious Gastaldello, but is still Castelazzi prepared to deviate by foot.

Huntelaar, entered instead of Borriello, you admire for a nice percussive Central closed with an assist by Seedorf, from the edge of throw the ball to the side.

It ends with a clear and convincing success of the conquest of Milan who, without apparent difficulty, the fifth consecutive victory, ending the practice Sampdoria in 23 minutes, now it too has seemed too easy for the Rossoneri who have not found any opposition from Sampdoria, sometimes embarrassing, unwatchable by insignificance and lack of ideas and wickedness racing.

AC Milan confirmed in his best men, all in high dusting, and offers two good news, the two young side Abate and Antonini, who is proposed for two meshes to holders fixed on two bands.

The people Rossoneri have finally found a winning team and enjoy, as seems far off the American summer, went to take a slap on the right and left, cake is now the autumn, winter and spring it is hoped that gift all the more exciting moments e. … winners!

And now all to see the derby of Italy, hoping that …. not win the whole!

The Best: in Milan Pirlo and Antonini, in Sampdoria Castellazzi, others who saw them?

By Gfloriano, Rossoneri Blog

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10 years ago

Wonderful win. Really, there was no Samps on the field. Three amazing goals.

10 years ago

FORZA MILAN. I can’t believe we are a win and a draw from Inter. I was supporting Juve for 90 minutes and it totaly worked out. FORZA MILAN. Scudetto IS OURS

10 years ago


10 years ago

FORZA MILAN. We’re almost there.

10 years ago


10 years ago

wow milan. like galliani and leonardo said – milan was marvelous

10 years ago

Manchester won. Milan won. Great Saturday

10 years ago


10 years ago

Great win. I’m very happy

10 years ago


10 years ago


10 years ago

I said we would win 464 – 0. Well, we could. there was no Sapm at San Siro. FORZA MILAN

10 years ago


Franky T
10 years ago

A fantastic victory and one of the best performances by a Milan side in recent memory.

We really are challengers this season. Bring on Zurich.

10 years ago

@ Ban

That is so true, we could have scored that much, Milan was in total control.

Forza Milan, The Scudetto is ours!!!