S.S. Lazio 1 – 2 AC Milan: Silva & Pato Send Milan To The Third Place


OLIMPICO of Rome, under a leaden sky, which at times fetch water in buckets and large hailstones frozen, two teams that are over two times the total antithesis between them, on one side Lazio, who has returned from a series of disappointing results, the latest success dates back to the second day against Chievo Verona, and the modest haul of 5 points in the last nine challenges, the Milan has decided to graft the higher gears ringing a number, between season and cup, 4 wins and two draws.

Ballardini, high-risk waiver, as it is under a microscope observation of the volcanic Lotito, relies on a 4-3-1-2 with Muslera, Lichtsteiner, Seville (from 71 ° Cribari), Radu, Kolarov, Brocchi, Baronius (from 77 ° Meghni), Mauri (from 46 ° Cruz); Matuzalem, Zarate, Rocchi.

Leonardo, strong set of results came in throughout the month of October, insists the scheme since winning here, trusting to 4-3-3 with Dida, Zambrotta, Thiago Silva, Nesta, Oddo, Pirlo, Seedorf (81 ° Flamini), Ambrosini, Pato, Borriello (from 74 ° Inzaghi), Ronaldinho (from 87 ° Abate).

We Will Need Concentration Against Lazio – Leonardo
Pato Will Arrive High – Leonardo

No time to settle in the field that Lazio has a sensational occasion, a ball from the edge of the filter is not all alone and comes to Rocco, the captain, surprised by so much grace, butt ill send them the ball wide to the right first pole.

Milan by no means intimidated playing rhythms rather low, looking for the finest embroidery closely drawn from the foot of Pirlo, Ronaldinho and Seedorf,

but without finding a good quarter of the fair game, against Lazio of trying to spread as soon as the opportunity presents itself and tries to trouble Dida, but he succeeds only from distance, easy prey to the Brazilian goalkeeper, despite field and slippery ball.

Discovery comes almost as a bolt from the blue, the Rossoneri’s advantage to 20 °, brush a Pirlo free-kick from the band in which everyone anticipates Thiago Silva and head easily beat an innocent Muslera undersized.

The reaction of Lazio is unrealistic and confused and does not create special problems for a defense attentively, so, almost without firing a shot, at 34 °, reaches even the doubling Rossoneri on a rapid-start the ball reaches the end of Ronaldinho, who, at ‘height limit in the area, drawing a perfect trajectory that finds ready appointment Pato the Duck head it in advance Lichtsteiner, and sends the ball to the edge of the pole away from the door of Muslera vain thrust dip.

The half ends with a penalty to two in the Lazio region, for a back-pass to Lichtsteiner to Muslera doubt that Seedorf kicks just to the side,

The recovery, with the novelty of Cruz in place of Mauri, Lazio offers a more front-wheel drive, the blue-white show us, drawn by Zarate rising in tone and elusive qualities make for grim defenders Rossoneri, but it is still the Rossoneri l ‘opportunity to accomplish three goals, but Borriello, served in area in splendid isolation, it lacks control and waste.

Milan play too soft as sometimes happens, and timely punishment comes to 64 ° Zarate, following an initiative personalle download a rebound shot from the edge by Oddo, the ball comes from the parts of Thiago Silva who, backbeat, touches clumsily and beats imparabilmente Dida for the most classic and clamor of the own goal.

Milan, who had already pulled the plug, it should be in trouble, spend two minutes and drink the entire Zarate Rossoneri rearguard and, having reached the limit, it explodes a terrific right where Dida is very good to resist turning a corner.

As already happened in Naples, the Rossoneri are struggling to return to the game, the team splits into two pieces and no longer able to be proactive on, Lazio believe it and enfilade fire on the area of the guests come on dangerous mixtures and staple the corners, glaring opportunity for a tie at 76 ° when Rocchi, Solissimo a center area, impacting headache sending the ball in hand, we also test Matuzalem with a shot from outside that turns off to the side .

In the final frantic, with the teams long and diagrams totally skipped, come twice to the Rossoneri, 82nd tries with a wonderful volley from distance Flamini, but Muslera you find ready and able to fly with a beautiful up over the crossbar, then to 92 ° to explode Pato is a great shot from the top of the area, again Muslera is attentive and able to divert a huge leap beyond the cross.

It ends with the victory, all things considered legitimate, AC Milan, who hoisted the lone third spot, continuing its gradual and steady comeback after the initial false start, the three points came after a match with two faces, after leaving the feeling a superiority almost embarrassing in the first half, came a recovery, where as a result of the unfortunate own goal has put the inability to manage the lead with the team that lost connections and has gradually unraveled, threatening to undermine the good sown earlier.

Lazio too soft, confused and fearful in the first part, was able to catch the flight the manna from heaven, represented dall’autogol Silva, for meshing the fifth and repeatedly put in difficulty the enemy rearguard, the draw has not arrived but is still the feeling of a team with potential well above the paltry 11 points scrape up all the way here that are worth a modest sixteenth place.

The Best: in Lazio – Zarate and Lichsteiner; in Milan – Pato and Thiago Silva.

By Gfloriano, Rossoneri Blog

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I’m very glad that we won this one. Too bad Juventus didn’t fail against Atalanta, but hey, third spot good too


For few moments, I thought Lazio can be Napoli 2.0, and draw with us. I’m happy I was wrong!


I saw a very good first half, but in the second – it seemed like we were falling apart. Expect for Pato who was great, Milan found it very hard to move with the ball towards Lazio’s goal in the second half of course. Three points we deserved


Good win.




I can’t believe it. We had poor game, Milan deserved to win. I thought we can draw against the Rossoneri – but I was clearly wrong