AC Milan 1 – 1 Real Madrid CF: Benzema & Dinho Score As Kaka Returns


TWO weeks after the incredible night of Bernabeu this evening at San Siro, will be the setting match the return of the queens of Champions AC Milan and Real Madrid.

From that game have changed, and much, scenarios, Milan at home this victory has given an unexpected and exhilarating certainty and security to that point unknown, the team is compact and has gained a greater awareness in their own ability that has dragged to a series of unconvincing performances and winning revived players up to that moment in an identity crisis.

By contrast in the ‘Casa Blanca’, it was suggested that perhaps the termite, the team of dreams, built this summer by spending millions of flowers, is ideal just to fill the front pages of newspapers and ignite the televised debates, while in the field is all another story, so much that performance came limping in La Liga, and even the King’s Cup elimination at the hands of a small team with a humiliating series C 4 to 0, all of which added together have held the same technical Pilgrims on the brink of dismissal.

A further theme of the evening, in addition to many others, is that the reception reserved for Kaka to return to his ‘stage’ in front of his former supporters, well Symptomatic of this is the banner of Curva Sud stated: “We come over here to see mark …. Milan. ”

San Siro offers a spectacle in the show with the wonderful color and warmth on the steps that ensure the best possible setting for this global event.

Leonardo, who is learning fast the hard job of manager makes a choice and iperoffesiva row with an unusual 4-2-1-3 with AC Milan Dida, Zambrotta, Thiago Silva, Nesta, Oddo, Pirlo, Ambrosini, Seedorf , Pato, Ronaldinho, Borriello (from 79 ° Inzaghi).

Pellegrini, called to a convincing ransom, respond to the real with a 4-2-2-2 with Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Pepe, Albiol, Arbeloa, Diarra, Xabi Alonso, Kaka, Marcelo; Benzema (82nd VanNistelrooy) , Higuain (from 74 ° Raul).

Real part of great career, short, specific, fast, attacking full-staff at a very high ball and attacking people with Rossoneri, preventing them from thinking for twenty minutes to admire the Real Summer of dreams, beautiful, effective and imaginative, driven Kaka from a vein in the evening, and an impregnable Benzema for the defenders Rossoneri.

The opportunities created by the merengues are numerous, Benzema is on the 6th to pull from the edge, responds by raising Dida over the crossbar, then they try, again from outside, Higuain 8th, with Dida who controls the ground in two days, and Diarra at 10 ° with the Brazilian goalkeeper who is found not ready yet.

The Rossoneri’s first foray comes on the 12th and carries the signature of Pato excess Arbeloa and puts the middle for Ronaldinho, who, Stratton, ends on the ground.

Real continues undaunted drove the ball, running the ball quickly and always finds the edge of the free men before the 13th Ramos grazes the post with a shot to go out, then Higuain to miss the mark in 15th

AC Milan suffered, unable to keep the team high, just relying on speed to launch Pato, Benzema much more effective at the 20th that leaves at Oddo and throws a shot from the edge that Dida manages to deflect.

Outstanding is an opportunity for Pato to 23 ° which, directly served by a court of Dida, manages to get in area, dribla a defender but then fired over Casillas output.

As often happens at the wrong goals, the goals soon followed and, at the 29th after a mistake in disengagement from Seedorf in midfield, Kaka exploded a shot from the edge, slightly deflected by a defender, Dida gets there but rejects weakly Springs on ball Benzema, who, off center, puts the ball nell’angolino opposite, Real deserved advantage.

Milan stung suddenly wakes up and, after a splendid fast triangulation, Zambrotta is covered in a slip area by Pepe, the ball seems to beat up on the arm, the referee awards the penalty that, at the 35th, Ronaldinho turns with a blow under the crossbar.

Milan are now there and pounced on all the pressing balls across the board, wonderful action by Pato on the 36th that on the edge of the area, please check at the chest and shoulder height sidereal, resists and is beautifully Arbeloa the farthest corner, the referee, however, undo mysteriously, the replay shows that there is no irregularity.

On the final time, the Real, we try again a couple of times with shots from a distance of Kaka who lose high above the cross.

The second half started with Milan who raises the defense of some ten meters, that is enough to make the team more short and compact, always ready to go, now the real difficulty in finding space and become more dangerous.

The frantic pace in the first half kept by the Madrid and Milan are blatantly stupid ready to throw himself forward on all the reconquest of the ball keeping on the alert fearing the Spanish rearguard.

The match, however, is still trying to make the Real, but less effective, the first pitch to the door of Dida arrives at the 59th and Benzema throws, a deflection of Ambrosini does however finish up.

At the turn of the 65th double opportunity for the Rossoneri before and Xabi to save in advance at the head of Silva, the development of the next corner and Borriello to jump higher than all but the header is lost on the side.

Kaka in the second half no longer able to be as devastating as in the first 45 minutes, a beautiful duel with Ambrosini, truly gladiatorial tonight.

After an attempt to come out of that Kaka just minutes away from one another Raul and Inzaghi just failed the national SuperPippo two glaring chances, 82 °, beautifully served by the fund from a cross by Pato, is left bewildered by smooth Pepe and uncoordinated strikes by sending the ball over the crossbar, and 83 °, launched from behind the lines Seedorf, appears only in front of Casillas kicking but wasted on the outside of the network.

The finish brings chills to all Milan fans, Marcelo tries to 88 ° from the edge, Dida sees the ball at the last moment and barely able to deflect, but it is 89 ° which Dida pulls the most thunderous applause when can literally remove a stone from the door to ride close to Raul.

It ends with a fair balance that if one side gives an image of Real Madrid solid and formidable attacking at full strength for most of the first half and for much of the second half, creating many opportunities, but also against leaving many opponents, on the other confirms the good shape of Milan and the new-found knowledge in their own strength.

Are therefore still wide open games, and for qualifying and for the first in the group, between the two team tonight they got a pleasant evening of great football with their fans and all sports neutral.

The Best: in Milan Pato and Ambrosini, Kaka and Benzema in Real Madrid.

By Gfloriano, Rossoneri Blog

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It was a very good and attractive to watch. Real played much more better in the first half, but it changed in the second. I hope that against Marseille we can promise the next level. FORZA MILAN


Astonishing shootout by Ronaldinho, but I don’t think we can blame Dida was that Benzema goal.


Damn with the ref. Milan should have won! FUCK OFF Felix Brych (GER)


I’m very happy that we scored, but Milan should have won this game, and they didn’t because the ref made a incomprehensible decision.


That’s nice, but one point not enough