CL: AC Milan 0 – 1 FC Zurich, Nightmare Continues As Milan Lose Again


THE troubling question that beset Milan fans is scanty at San Siro, many watching television, and what version of Milan he will have to see tonight in the second round of the Champions League group stage, the retired and the disappointing season, or the convincing and winning in Marseille.

Compared to many glorious nights of Champions the stands of the Meazza stadium did not offer a glance at the event, but a much more serious is the climate of skepticism that we breathe, translated the low heat transmitted even in the sporting I continued the match.

Leonardo, after the indecipherable and disturbing game with Bari on Sunday evening, relies on 4-3-1-2 with Storari on goal, defense Jankulovski,Kaladze,Nesta (60° Onyewu) and Abate, midfield Pirlo, Flamini (46° Zambrotta) and Ambrosini, Seedorf (46° Ronaldinho) to juggle behind the two strikers Inzaghi and Pato. (Dida, Antonini, Gattuso, Huntelaar).

The Called Up AC Milan Players Against FC Zurich At San Siro

Challandes responds by deploying the FC Zurich with a 4-2-3-1: Leoni, Koch, Barmettler,Tihinen, Rochat (35° Stahel), Okonkwo, Aegerter,Gajic; Margairaz, Vonlanthen (76° Nikci), Djuric (86° Alphonse). (Guatelli, Lampi, Abdi, Schonbachler).

The Rossoneri seem alive and determined in the first minutes and take in hand the control of operations through the bucking of Abate on the right wing that embarrasses the rear guest, his cross Leoni scares you save in extremis foot.

At the first thrust, the Zurich wins a corner, caused by a lifeboat head Seedorf, deep in defensive retreat, the development of that Tihinen is inserted in the center area and heel beats Storari incredibly, we are the tenth and Zurich is dramatically ahead .

AC Milan are feeling the pinch and Zurich can defend themselves by order to make density in midfield and to set a dangerous forward, however, soon came immediately after the goal for a tie occasions, first with Inzaghi, who slipped into despair, deviates Assisted by Marek Jankulovski, ten inches from the pole, then Seedorf closing a narrow triangle running high, then again with Inzaghi hitting a middle area of the head an Abate great cross but the ball slipped again to the edge of the pole.

Reviewers, for their part, are not certain to look and touch with the doubling Margairaz whose dipping shot just high on the cross after a nice percussion on the right wing of Vonlanthen, and Rochat early exit for a breath of timely Storari.

AC Milan fails to propose more rational football, at the mercy of the physicality of guests that destroying the creative side of the opaque Pirlo and Seedorf, the Rossoneri give the impression that you believe deeply, openly and even some physical awkwardness.

The final time he sees a couple of shots of Flamini and Clarence Seedorf, who lost not too far from the poles, and just the 45th, a great shot from the edge of Gajic forcing Storari deviation into a difficult corner.

Leonardo changes and, on returning from the dressing rooms, places Ronaldinho and Zambrotta for Flamini and Clarence Seedorf, AC Milan, the maneuver seems to be gaining, for about twenty minutes the team played with intensity and effectiveness, creating scoring chances, one after another, starts again Inzaghi that in sliding, arrives late for a puff on a deflected shot by Ambosini, a draw seems a done a few moments later, when the Rossoneri striker, a central area, striking his head, but managed to deflect Leoni flies over the crossbar .

Zurich, perhaps having spent too tired for the first time, he defended with difficulty and against the own area, no longer able to share effectively, AC Milan, thanks to the fine intended attacks on the left wing between Ronaldinho and Pato, the Swiss seem to bunker close to collapse, however, surprisingly thinks Leoni to set himself up as the protagonist.

After a header just high Pato and unfortunately marred by a ball duck, all alone in front of the goalkeeper, seems to be made at 64 ° when Inzaghi, Ambrosini served by the fund, takes a sure shot, incredible response Leoni’s feet.

On the flip face is Margairaz to appear only in area, it also exceeds Storari running foot.

The finish is a desperate assault on the Rossoneri who merely, however, only to throw balls into the guest area, without any attempt to maneuver, but by offering the right of the Swiss border on the restarts still doubling.

When things do not run the right way you put also the luck to row against the Rossoneri, 87th a great shot from outside the pole Ambrosini sliver exterior, and, after Okonkwo’s shot off not by much, its very last moment, 95 °, a volley from the edge of Zambrotta crashes into the pole to the right of Leoni, simply to observe and hope.

Even in the Champions League so arrives a new defeat for Milan, which seems hopeless and slaves to a fate that seems to have reached, hovers a sort of fatalism, security seems to waver in their own ability in any environment, both in the field, which bench, emblematic in this regard, the image at the end game, a Leonardo almost dazed, sat speechless on the bench next to Tassotti.

The wins Zurich, where a draw would have been fairer result, and thus raises its ambitions make strong the path of Milan, waited two hours to commitments against the layer, and already on the run with maximum points, Real Madrid.

The best: in Milan Abate and Storari, in Zurich Leoni and Margairaz.

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I can’t believe we lost.
This is stinks!


We’re freaking bad!


Come On!


FC Zurich! Though Milan can beat them, but I was wrong. Very nice goal anyway.