Serie A: A.S Livorno 0 – 0 AC Milan, just not there


After the break for the commitments of the national championship, returns at last in the weekly ritual of the Series A, Picchi stadium in Livorno go on stage the match, valid for the third day of the championship, between the hosts of Livorno and guests of Milan

After a year off back then one of the matches more ‘politicized’ Series A, always, when the Rossoneri President Silvio Berlusconi, down near the Tyrrhenian Sea, the curve of the home fans, notoriously left, prepares a welcome Goliardica which is a sensation, all still remember the 4000 bandannas fans amaranth in a trip to San Siro …

Returning to the football player, the home side, without a point after the not entirely deserved defeat at Napoli, seeking points and certainties, against the Rossoneri, after the loud and humiliating defeat in the derby, pursuing a credible size, play and above points not to be already detached from the top.

Ruotolo row with a 4-4-2 its Livorno: De Lucia, Raimondi, Perticone, Miglionico, Vitale, Pulzetti, Mozart (63 ° Filippini), Candreva, D. Moro (67 ° Bergvold), Tavano (82 ° Marchini) and Lucarelli.

Leonardo, already on the grill as I begin hesitantly responds by deploying a 4-3-1-2 with Storari, Oddo, Nesta, Tiago Silva , Jankulovski , Seedorf , Flamini (78° Abate ), Ambrosini , Ronaldinho (55° Pirlo ), Pato e Huntelaar (55° Inzaghi ).

Livorno springs into the game, the team is short and BALANCE, pressure, and high and consistent, good ideas are determined by the Tuscans offensive play that are a challenge to the department backlog Rossoneri.

The first twenty minutes of amaranth are all maneuvering speed and unable to open dangerous gaps in the rearguard host the 5th, by a raid on the band attacking the right, and Raymondi Storari to commit at the near post, the goalkeeper saved with rejected a fist, then twice Lucarelli to head it, all alone only in area, exposing the usual problems of high balls on the Rossoneri in the first case the ball just high, second only to the side.

Milan play bad, poor in ideas, with the usual bass rhythms, inappropriate to embarrass their opponents, Oddo tries to push the band, but the cross from the fund for the tips just do not get the response of Milan is therefore entirely in two shots from a distance of Flamini and Pato who perish on the high street.

After a pause, the central Livorno back in rhythm and repeatedly put AC Milan in crisis, to 33 ° is Candreva to force a low deviation Storari, just a minute and still Candreva, the best of her, forcing Storari difficult to divert to another at 36 °, from a beautiful insight Seedorf, created the best chance for Milan with Pato entering the area, dribbling a defender, and pulls sharply on the first post, you exceed De Lucia save for a corner with a miraculous intervention.

The push amaranth and 41 °, on a free kick from the edge, it is still getting heat Candreva fists of Storari, better than its first portion of the game, but the finish is good to start with two Rossoneri closed by Huntelaar, with a header easily controlled by De Lucia, Flamini with a shot from inside the area that you lose out not by much.

The recovery begins again with the beating Livorno to the dances and already at 50 ° Candreva located, with a wonderful insight, Lucarelli behind the lines, the striker goes back to the onrushing Moro, ready to hit the shot deflects sure Flamini edge stake.

Leonardo tries to shuffle the cards getting out Pirlo and Inzaghi, the Rossoneri seem to find new blood and some ideas and play a quarter of an hour of note, at 60 ° limit is calculated from a free kick by Pirlo from his par, and barrier porter have been exceeded, mocking the crossbar but the ball Rejects, 4 minutes later Inzaghi Pato to serve alone before the goalkeeper, the blow below the bomber is not enough, De Lucia diving can deflect over the crossbar with the body, 70 ° is Flamini area to pull the door, Inzaghi slipped into a breath lacks the impact at the goalkeeper beaten.

The rest of time becomes confusing and lack of emotion, the home side, with the changes made by Ruotolo, rallied and again effectively resist attacks opponents, in the absence of spaces are still bogged down near the area.

The latest attempt is to Inzaghi who protects the ball in area and turns around quickly, his left, however, is inaccurate and is lost on the outside of the network.

Then ends in a draw with just two teams that share the post by winning a time-to-head for Livorno when the result sounds like a well-deserved reward for their efforts as a worthy culmination of an excellent performance, well beyond expectations, AC Milan to a draw very disappointing, we expect a very different response after the disaster of the  derby ….

Instead, any good news, the team reveals obvious technical limitations and tactical ideas are few and very confused, the rhythms are still too low to worry opponents with consequent lack of supplies for the tips, again disappointing the performance of Ronaldinho, who At this rate can only end up on the bench!

The best: in Livorno Candreva and De Lucia, Storari and Flamini in Milan.

By Gfloriano, Rossoneri Blog

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11 years ago

Poor first half. Better in the second one. Milan could have won this match. Storari was wonderful!