Serie A: AC Milan 0 – Inter Milan 4, more than a lost respect


Shame, Embarrassment, Humiliation, Disappointment, Disgrace – what any other words can describe the 200th derby between Milan and Inter that took place on Saturday, at the Stadio San Siro. Four goals, four different players, and a very unpredictable match. The only relive Milan fans had during the match was when the referee whistled for the half time or to the end of the match!

Despite good 15 minutes at the start of the player and another 10 in the end of it, the control was way off Milan hands. New Inter midfielder Wesley Sneijder made his debut for his team, but unlike his former team-mate Arjen Robben at Bayern Munich, who couldn’t find the net, although gave good first match. A thing you can’t say about AC Milan players, Ronaldinho in particular. Inter president Massimo Moratti said it wouldn’t be easy, it really wasn’t – to watch.

The Brazilian midfielder, who made a first impressive and positive appearance with Milan this season, didn’t do so much. He was like a black hole at Milan, but instead of sucking people in, Ronaldinho just avoid from any encounter with a ball and kept the ball out of his leg, but when he was needed, well, let’s say it ended with Inter attack. Ronaldinho mentioned his last year performance by doing almost doing nothing.

The most stupid thing is this horrible game was Gennaro Gattuso and Leonardo’s lace in experienced. The veteran midfielder got heart during the match and asked for a replacement, when the result board point out on zero-zero. However, Leonardo, who bided the time all along, kept Gattuso in the match and called Clarence in. However, Gattuso, who was the captain in the match, couldn’t block Inter player and got his second yellow card of this game, and sent off.

Historical View

Since 1998, the Milanese derby wasn’t decided by more than one goal. Since this day, at San Siro, when Milan host the match – like on Saturday, the gap in the result was never this big. The result on 29/8/09 is pretty historical, because this is highest win of Inter Milan over AC Milan in official stage since the 5-1 on 1998. Some believe 5-1 is higher than 4-0, but that’s really depends on what are you think.

The highest win in the history of the derbies between Milan and Inter still belongs, on 2001, Milan win 6-0. But times are changing.

Sorry For Milan? No, Maybe Just For Leonardo

The team didn’t play. And that’s not a new thing basing on the pre-season display. However, when Milan won at Siena last week, the critic just erased all those bad results. But, hard wounds need a lot of time to form a scab or just to disappear.

For the past weeks, Berlusconi told Leonardo to open Inter clash with Clarence Seedorf in the number 10 position, Alexandre Pato in the middle, and Ronaldinho on the edge of the box. Leonardo didn’t do it and showed Berlusconi well, who’s in charge over the squad.

However, the result showed he’s wrong, and Berlusconi might get Leo fired, but no-one believes he would. If Leonardo is out, the coach himself would announce on it, but it will be a mysteriously resignation. This is not Leonardo’s fault, it just the lack in experience that spoke there.

Leonardo needs to work very hard on his system, which failed again, for the tenth time during June and August. The players should be working harder, because not all the teams are like Siena. Inter lose was in the place, despite everyone are very pissed off right now.

First Half

AC Milan started with the regular 4-3-1-2 system, with Ronaldinho behind of Alexandre Pato and Marco Borriello. Inter coach Jose Mourinho tried some new tactics when the match was between his arms, but started with 4-4-2 formation, with Samuel Eto’o and Diego Milito up front.

The match started very balanced, but Inter were the first to create a dangerous move, when on the 6th minutes, former Real Madrid man Robben, who try to score the first goal of this match. The midfielder unleashed great shot from range, but Marco Storari saved it well, and the defense cleared up.

After four minutes, Milan reaction arrived when Alexandre Pato got the ball from Marco Borriello, shot, but Walter Samuel blocked it. Then, Ronaldinho, claimed for a penalty shootout, after got the ball back from Pato, but Dinho strike it just upon the crossbar.

Another chance for Milan as on the 13th minute Gianluca Zambrotta played the ball to Ronaldinho, who it the ball in low high, Julio Cesar couldn’t hold it and the rebound felt at Borriello’s leg, who couldn’t find the shot.

Like out of nowhere, Inter took the lead: an impressive effort that saw Samuel Eto’o sending the ball to Diego Milito, who crossed the ball through the right-hand side of Milan defense, right to Thiago Motta’s foot, who made it 0-1 to the guests. Good movement, but too bad it was to this side of the field.

Inter didn’t wait to long until doubled their lead, and this time it was Samuel Eto’o who managed a counterattack after Andrea Pirlo’s free-kick turns out all wrong but he was fallen at the penalty area by vice captain Gennaro Gattuso who wore the armband in this match. Gattuso was very lucky for getting only a yellow card, as he should get a clear sent off sign, because Eto’o was alone in front of Storari. Argentine striker Diego Milito took and penalty and scored. Two-nil.

Gattuso told Leonardo he wants a replacement after felt in bad. However, Leonardo, who wanted to replace Gattuso with Clarence Seedorf, took the time. Meanwhile on the pitch, impatience Gattuso made his self sent off after got his second yellow card following a foul on Sneijder. Gattuso was very upset about it and threw Massimo Ambrosini’s armband on the field, and just went away.

Now it seemed very hopeless for AC Milan, who were only with TEN men on the football field. However, when you think it can’t get any worse, you WRONG, as the third goal of the Nerazzuri arrived. Maicon gave the final call in this half with a nice one-two he managed with Milito, a world-class right-back like Maicon knows how to finish as well, and he made the third! AC Milan 0 – Inter Milan 3, WHAT A MESS!


During the half time, Leonardo decided to put Seedorf and Ambrosini in the match instead of Borriello and Flamini respectively.

Second Half

It was no surprise for anyone that Inter were dominate in the second half. With 3-0 lead in 45 minutes, Inter momentum was high and Milan self esteem was in the dumpster. Maicon could score his second goal and Inter’s fourth when he ran dangerously throughout the right side of the pitched and fired a shot on goal that went past the post, on the53rd minute.

Inter continued their domination after Sneijder turn around well and unleashed a shot from 30 meters, but it went over the crossbar. It was almost Inter’s fourth, actually, it was Inter fourth if there was no ref to whistle an offside, when Samuel Eto’o scored from the offside position.

When 68th miserable minutes were behind, Inter got the fourth, in very, very, very impressive shot; maybe it was prettier than Arshavin goal against Manchester United on Saturday. Dejan Stankovic fired one of his trademark shots from distance that found its way to the top corner.

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar had the most disappointment debut a player can ask – in a 4-0 lose. Now, he could make it 1-4, but the Dutch striker was marked by Inter defense, which didn’t let him shot well, as he rolled the ball to Julio Cesar from inside the box.

Inter’s Eto’o reacted and almost just did it five, but his shot passed the post. Huntelaar reacted to Samuel’s reaction and again, almost did it 1-4, when there were three minutes before 90 minutes were completed to the match, Klaas controlled over Pirlo’s ball from the air, but Cesar saved his shot.

No stoppage time was made, and the referee whistled to the end of the match, and the match ended with the result: AC Milan o – Inter Milan 4. Another bad result is entering to Leonardo’s record, who hopefully, wouldn’t get fired soon.

To Sum-Up…

Bummer match, we’re hoping for better next week against Livorno. But with this kind of play, Milan can forget about Champions League this year. This is still not the time or the place to judge, but let’s be honest – Inter can win also without their second name (Zlatan Ibarhimovic), in fact they better now because the others get more showtime.

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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11 years ago

That was one bad match for the Rossoneri. The last goal was very nice, but too bad Inter scored it…

11 years ago

That was a terrible match but AC Milan still being superior, dont worry, remember when Milan kicked Inter in others times, hohohoo, lol