Serie A: A.C. Siena 1 – AC Milan 2, a good starter


At the Stadio Franchi of Siena, Alexandre Pato, with the help of Ronaldinho and Mathieu Flamini, gave Milan two advantages, after Siena found the equalizer. At the first half of the beginning round of the 09/10 season, Milan beat Siena 1-2, and comfortably settle in front, with three points already in their hands

Milan are running for the championship this year. I know this thing seems impossible and Milan could barely take the third place after this kind of pre-season. However, the Berlusconi Cup gave many moral-boots to the team, who found the third win this summer.

The Rossoneri came without suspended Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. The new £13m purchase picked up a card in his last match with Real Madrid. Consequent upon to that, Huntelaar couldn’t take place in the first match against Siena. The Robur, as far and I know, replaced 19 players from the squad this summer, among them two of their stars. Despite even Palermo president declared they want a Scudetto this year, Siena know it’s impossible as have never crossed the 12th place (again, from what I’ve understood).

The three Brazilians showed very well in this match. Pato, who scored both of goals, maybe showed some disrespect in the last minutes, but besides that, he was wonderful, what else could we ask for – just great. Ronaldinho had a wonderful match of his own, caused most of situations and showed good teamwork also at the back of the pitch. Thiago Silva continued his good work from the pre-season, recorded good first official appearances.

First Half

Milan played with 4-3-1-2 formation (also 4-4-2 or 7-1-2 if you want), with Ronaldinho playing behind two strikers, 19-years-old Alexnadre Pato and 27-years old Marco Borriello. Siena played with the same formation (like many teams at the Serie A), with Jarolim behind Maccarone and Ghezzal.

The match started with Siena control. The Black & White outfit couldn’t find a shot in their first chances, but showed they been constituting a pretty good practice for Milan, before the big night against Inter in the second round of Serie A.

Despite Siena control, they were AC Milan to have the first real chance of this match, when Brazilian prodigy Alexnadre Pato crossed the ball into the penalty box, but Siena defender Jardim Brandao eventually dragged out to a corner kick, after 10 minutes of play.

Milan were the better team a little early then what I predicted, and in the 19th minutes, a good give-and-go (also known as one-two) move between the Czech international Marek Jankulovski and Ronaldinho ended with a save of ‘keeper Gianluca Curci after Janku couldn’t get the ball beofre Curci, he needed to pass the ball left to his own early, and then simply send it to the net.

Is this the wind? Is this a bird? No! This is Ronaldinho’s free kick: three minutes after the one-two process, Milan earned a free-kick, and Ronaldinho took it. The Brazilian sent the ball right through the net. It seemed 1-0, but the side-ref called on offside after apparently Pato touched the ball when was in offside position, few inches ahead of Siena defense. Millimetrico!

The match carried on with Milan control, the goal was about to knock on the door any minute. At the 29th minute, Marco Borriello got the ball and easily deliver it to Ronaldinho, who managed a terrific ball to Pato. Alexnadre amused a bit at the box and then made 1-0 to the visitors. The goal was deserved.

However, Milan advantage did not last too long as only five minutes later the equalizer arrived: Siena organized a good attack, starting with Lukas Jarolim who fired a nice shot to Marco Storari’s hands. Marco couldn’t keep the ball in his fingers and sent it away. Unfortunately, Milan defense didn’t cover the entire box, and Siena’s Abdel Ghezzal was in the right place to score, sent an unstoppable shot to Storari’s goal.

Half Time

Following a pretty good first half and attractive game from both teams, Siena nor Milan did something at the stoppage. Same formation, same players.

Second Half

Tagliavento di Terni whistled to the start of the second period of this game. Only three minutes were out of the second half and Milan got the lead back: again, Ronaldinho, the man of the match, who led the process, found Flamini in hard scoring position … It seemed like he was going for a shot and missing it, but apparently it was a very clever pass to Pato, who easily pushed the ball into the net and made it 2-1 to the San Siro outfit!

Before 60 minutes were behind us, Siena made first dangerous move in a while, Simone Vergassola lobbed the ball well to Massimo Maccarone, who was Siena’s best player at the entire game. However, Maccarone just found the crowd with his shot that could be Siena’s second equalizer but it went just wide of everything. With some more skills (not offense), he could make it 2-2. Defiantly the miss of the match…

In the 68th minute, the former Barcelona star unleashed an overhead kick on a corner kick, making Curci to tip the ball over the bar.

Around ten minutes later, Siena could find the way back into the match after won series of corner kicks. In one of those, Siena defender Daniele Ficagna headed well, but it was tipped by Milan ‘keeper Storari over the crossbar in the 77th minute to another corner which was cleared by Milan defense.

Milan took control then with a pair of central defenders from the first row – Alessandro Nesta and Thiago Silva (first official appearances with AC Milan) who weren’t too exciting with Siena attack work, despite it had surprise them for a few times.

Pato could score his third at this game after again, the hero of this match, Ronaldinho arranged him a perfect ball, but the young striker only found the outside of the net in the 86th minute. That was the last real chance either of team had until the final whistle that announced: AC Milan win by two goals.

Man Of The Match

It was hard to decide between Pato and Ronaldinho, but eventually, I choose Ronaldinho. The Brazilian starts to show his 2006 magics again, and hopefully, will play more like this in the future. Kaka was a little bit missing to Milan league confident, but Ronaldinho, in his own way, can get into Kaka’s shoes.

A.C. Siena 1 – AC Milan 2: Goals

Alexnadre Pato 29′
Abdel Ghezzal 34′
Alexnadre Pato 47′

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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11 years ago

Great win! Dinho is my Man Of The Match too!
Forza Milan!