Audi Cup: AC Milan 4 – Boca Juniors 5, shootouts ruled


The celebrations of 100 years to Audi ended yesterday when Milan played agaisnt Boca Juniors and finished in the last place after 1-1 tie in 90 minutes and four penalty shootsout. Few Minutes after Milan match, the clash for the first place began between Bayern Munich and Mancheter United, Bayern Munich won the Audi Cup with a triumph over Mancheter United on pens: 7-6, after goalless 90 minutes

AC Milan awful pre-season continued yesterday at the Allianz Arena, Munich, Germany. The Rossoneri maybe took the lead first and were in control for the most of the match but Boca made it 1-1 five minutes before the end of the match and won thanks to Milan’s Pato who missed the crucial penalty.

Milan and Boca was both been sent to the match for the third and the fourth places of “Audi Cup 2009” after been knocked out by Bayern Munich and Manchester United two days ago in the first round of the Cup.

Bayern humiliated Milan while Manchester United stumbled Boca Juniors and joined to Bayern Munich in the final stage of the Cup and compete on Audi Cup 2009 trophy which Bayern took eventually after 0-0 tie in 90 minutes and 7-6 win on pens.

Official comments
AC Milan official site: “The third place final ends in penalties. After Thiago Silva brought the Rossoneri in front in the 27th minute, the equalizer came 3 minutes before the end, thanks to Viatri’s header. Boca Juniors did better in the penalties, scoring 4 goals out of 5. For Milan Pirlo and Pato missed.”

Official line-ups
AC Milan: Storari; Oddo, Thiago Silva, Onyewu, Antonini; Abate, Gattuso, Pirlo, Antonini; Ronaldinho, Borriello, Pato.
Boca Juniors: Abbondanzieri; Gunino, Paletta, Sauro, Krupoviesa; Chavez, Forlin, Marino, Gaitan; Mouche, Viatri

Match story
Milan looked better at the start of the match, tried to induce everything but disappointment from Wednesday night when Bayern humbled them. AC Milan 19-years-old striker Pato looked impressive in the first minutes and took an initiative already at the beginning.

Although a complete control of the Rossoneri, the first dangerous moments were Argentineans when Pablo Mouche hit the ball, but it went just wide of the post from the edge of the penalty box on the 14 minutes.

The Rossoneri defense that were not so witty all along the game made a mistake, soon after Mouche missed out, now it was Nicolas Gaitan who was allowed to shoot following bad defense work, but no problem for Marco Storari who stood between the sticks.

The whole stadium was standing on their feet on the 24 minutes as they thinking the goal is about to arrive: Mouche sent a danger cross from the right towards the middle of the penalty box. Milan defenders and keeper missed the ball but then it came to Marino who shot well from behind but didn’t find the net.

A decisive moment in the game arrived within four minutes later when a corner from the right was curled and arrived to Gennaro Gattuso who sent the ball to Marco Borriello. Borriello was standing on the edge of the box, his cross/shot found Thiago Silva who dragged the ball into the net! Milan 1 – Boca Juniors 0.

Pato had a narrow miss following a well pass of Ronaldinho who was quite good, to Antonini who crossed towards Pato who missed it! Then Boca had a chance to equal the result as five minutes before half-time full-back Juan Krupoviesa was one-on-one against the keeper who jumped to the right way and dragged the ball out of danger with his hand.

Half time: Leonardo made two substitutions: Massimo Ambrosini out, Andrea Pirlo in; Gianluca Zambrotta replaced Massimo Oddo. Boca Juniors coach Carlos Bianchi made two substitutions as well: Juan Daniel Forlín and Guillermo Marino out, Sebastián Battaglia and Federico Insúa in.

The ten minutes into the second period of the game saw Ronaldinho superb ball-dispatching, all the way to Alexandre Pato who was tired from the long travel. Pato could chip over Boca goalkeeper Abbondanzieri but pass the ball parallel to his left foot … Abbondanzieri took it!

On the 62 minutes, Juan Román Riquelme joined the game, replacing Nicolás Gaitán. The Argentinean injected big dose vigor, as they played better since he came into this game. More from this minute: Boca’s left Luciano Fabián Monzón replaced.

Two minutes later Gennaro Gattuso said goodbye to Audi Cup as Mathieu Flamini took his spot on the field.

The Rossoneri should double their lead but veteran striker Marco Borriello was too lox with his shoot towards Boca’s goal after Ronaldinho sent a wonderful ball to Luca Antonini who stood on the left-edge of the box, Antonini pass the ball on the ground to Borriello who shot too weak.

Substitutions: Marek Jankulovski in, Ignazio Abate. Boca made a change as well, Martín Palermo in, Pablo Mouche out.

On the 76 minutes Ronaldinho got freed from to Boca players, head a little to the middle, passed the ball to Brazilian starlet Pato who chip the ball over the keeper but it went just wide to the open space and then, been sent off by Boca’s defense players.

There’s an old saying that says if you don’t score, you conceded, and this happened also today when Boca Juniors scored the equalizer. On the 86 minute, Boca reached a corner; the taker of it gave a short pass to Federico Insua who crossed from the right and found Lucas Viatri’s head who made it a draw. Milan 1 – Boca Juniors 1.

The ref then whistle to the end of 90 minutes, with no extra time, the go went straight to penalty shootsout to decide the winner:

Boca Juniors 1 AC Milan 0: First was Boca Juniors’s Martín Palermo who subjugated Storari!
Boca Juniors 1 AC Milan 1: Then, Milan’s Ronaldinho stood up and… scored!
Boca Juniors 2 AC Milan 1: Juan Román Riquelme took the next penalty and made it…
Boca Juniors 2 AC Milan 1: AC Milan free-kicks taker Andrea Pirlo should score a penalty but what a sensation in the Allianz Arena!
Boca Juniors 2 AC Milan 1: Federico Insúa missed too
Boca Juniors 2 AC Milan 2: Marek Jankulovski is the next to shoot and he scored!
Boca Juniors 3 AC Milan 2: One minute later Sebastián Battaglia shot from 11-meters and scored
Boca Juniors 3 AC Milan 3: Thiago Silva shot and put it into the net…
Boca Juniors 4 AC Milan 3: Lucas Ezequiel Viatri scored as well
Boca Juniors 4 AC Milan 3: The most important penalty of the game. Alexandre Pato stood for the shootout and missed it!

Match stats – AC Milan 1 (3), Boca Juniors 1 (4)
AC Milan: Storari; Oddo (46′ Zambrotta), Thiago Silva, Onyewu, Antonini; Abate (76′ Jankulovski), Gattuso (65′ Flamini), Pirlo, Ambrosini (46′ Pirlo); Ronaldinho (81′ Zigoni), Borriello, Pato
Boca Juniors: Abbondanzieri; Gunino, Paletta, Sauro, Krupoviesa (50′ Monzon); Chavez (46′ Battaglia), Forlin (46′ Insua), Marino (46′ Medel Soto), Gaitan (62′ Riquelme); Mouche (73′ Palermo), Viatri.
Goalscorers: Thiago Silva (M) 27′; Viatri (B) 86′
Penalties: Palermo (B) goal; Ronaldinho (M) goal; Riquelme (B) goal; Pirlo (M) saved; Insua (B) saved; Jankulovski (M) goal; Paletta (B) goal; Thiago Silva (M) goal; Viatri (B) goal; Pato (M) saved
Referee: Peter Sippel (Ger)
Booked: Abate – yellow (M) 45′

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Milan end another tournament with a disappointment, although control at the most of the game they couldn’t win. Next match is on August 8, there is some time to rest and train well before this clash against Benfica Lisbon.

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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