Milan Beat Fiorentina As Paolo Maldini Played His Last Game


The Rossoneri took over Fiorentina for the last time with their captain and a great person, Paolo Maldini.

The main reason of winning this game was share honor. Share honor to a man that without him, Milan could have never done anything like she did. To share honor to great player who surely going to be named in the club’s histories books. To share respect to Paolo Maldini in the last time of him as player and win this match, mostly for him.

There were others reasons of course, like if the Rossoneri were draw with the Viola while Juventus’s makes the same result they did (2-0 over Lazio), they can could to find themselves in the third place, without any chance to run away from there. Or worse, if Milan were losing this game, then what – the thing that could happen is Juventus to second and if Fiorentina could find twice the net and keep the goal difference on two, they could be third and then Milan were in fourth place. Anyway, that never happened.

Besides the last game of Paolo Maldini,  This match also is the last in Carlo Ancelotti’s term in Milan as he announce today after the match that he leaves the club but he find another club yet. “These eight years have been a beautiful adventure for me,” Ancelotti says, but “I think my time has ended in the right way and I think it’s the best for both parties.” Defender goes, a coach leaves. How Milan suppose to battle the Champions League next season?

AC Milan came to Stadio Franchi with few injuries player: Borriello, Bonera, Kaladze, Abbiati, Cardacio and Viudez. Massimo Ambrosini was suspended from the match after sent off by the ref last week against Roma by argue with the coach about penalty kick (second yellow card). ACF Fiorentina were without Santana, Mutu, Bonazzoli, and Almiron, while Felipe Melo and Dainelli were suspended.


AC Milan: Dida; Gianluca Zambrotta, Giuseppe Favalli, Paolo Maldini, Marek Jankulovski; David Beckham, Andrea Pirlo, Mathieu Flamini; Kaká, Clarence Seedorf; Filippo Inzaghi.

ACF Fiorentina: Frey; Comotto, Gamberini, Zauri, Pasqual; Montolivo, Donadel, Semioli, Jovetic, Vargas; Gilardino.

First Half

The first half has started with Milan control, as they were the first to threatened Frey. Marek Jankulovski sending twice to the edge of the area box, with two chances to send a long-flat ball in the open wide, but nothing coming trough that. Milan continues the pressure over the hosts from Florence. Nine minutes are already behind us as now it the Viola tries to find the net as Franco Semioli headed to open space though he is unmarks by anyone, following cross by Manuel Pasqual.

This match is open and attractive so far. Both sides want to break through first for their own reasons. The crosses of Milana are recurring over and over but they just cannot do anything with that as Inzaghi can, Kaka and Seedorf cannot get the ball well. Fiorentina wants to secure the fourth place and maybe promoted to third as now Alessandro Gamberini headed straight at Dida. Again, Fiorentina tries to take the lead…Gilardino shoots from good position: Going just wide.

Now, Mathiue Flamini is backing to his favored midfield position and he was very close to break the deadlock in the 24 minute as his thunderous 30-yard drive crashed off the bar. Frey keep stop Milan’s goals as Zambrotta sanding the ball…but Frey take it. Not much happens now. We are few minutes before the half time as Florentina’s striker Alberto Gilardino is falling in the box after been fall from Giuseppe Favalli…The ref is wave to keep playing and not giving Firentina the chance to take the match to their hands. THE REF IS WHISTLING TO THE END OF THE FIRST HALF, WITH THE RESULT: 0-0.

Second Half

The Viola started the half strongly as Gilardino could have score, but shoot too wide from 12 yards. Kaka wins the ball on the 51 minute, now Inzaghi is free in the middle of the field. After 55 minutes of playing – Milan finally taking the lead as Zambrotta starting the process by sending a ball to Inzaghi from the right… Kaká is behind and takes advantage, putting it past Frey!! THE REF IS APPROVEING AND NOW IT IS ONE-NIL TO THE VISITORS FROM MILANO. WONDERFUL! JUST, WONDERFUL. KAKA BRINGS MILAN THE GOAL THEY WERE SO HOPING FOR.

It’s could be the second of Milan when a hour of playing is behind us as Inzaghi wriggled through three defenders but fail in Frey’s task. Not long after that, Inzaghi has officially done his Serie A adventure for season 08/09 as the young starlet Alexandre Pato replaces him. Pato miss his option to get to the goal following miss understanding with Beckham.

Few seconds later, now Pato can brings Milan the second goal in this match as he doing no mistakes in his deed, as he running fast and got control over the ball following brilliant pass by Kaka, the two Brazilians making the first goal together as Pato scores it by bounce over the goalkeeper Frey. PATO GIVING MILAN THIS GAME ONCE AGAIN, GREAT GOAL BY THE 19-YEARS-OLD BRAZILIAN!!

Now it Nesta time as he replace Favalli in the 77 minute and make his first game in the season, in the last match of Serie A 08/09. Nesta is injury for almost a year and he finally got back to play. Four minutes later, another substitute from Milan’s side and it was Gennero Gattuso who even shaved his beard for this even to take a spot in the game. Gattuso in – Beckham out.

The highlight of this game is not the goals. Is the respect people are giving Paolo Maldini. In the end of the match, the whole crowd just claps as the legendry player wave back. His children, his wife, his all fans around the world saw it and get excited because they know this match was only for Paolo Maldini.

Paolo Maldini’s last day

Milan won the game by two goals of Kaka and Pato, but the match was all about Maldini. The legend and the captain of Milan and of Italy, is finish his career in this day and will not play next season with any kind of uniform.

All we can wish him is the best. So, Paolo, may you be happy forever. You’re great!!

Match Details

Cards: Mathiue Flamini (45+1) – Yellow card.

Goals: Kaka (55). Pato (76).

Finish lines ups

AC Milan: Dida; Gianluca Zambrotta, Giuseppe Favalli (Alessandro Nesta – 77), Paolo Maldini, Marek Jankulovski; David Beckham (Gennaro Ivan Gattuso – 81), Andrea Pirlo, Mathieu Flamini; Kaká, Clarence Seedorf; Filippo Inzaghi (Alexandre Pato – 69).

ACF Fiorentina: Frey; Comotto, Gamberini, Zauri, Pasqual (Zdravko Kuzmanovic – 70); Montolivo, Donadel, Semioli, Jovetic (Martin Jorgensen – 65), Vargas (Massimo Gobbi – 65); Gilardino.

An End is an End

No matches are coming soon. Milan are going to do many friendly games and I hope for the best. With defender who retire and a coach who leaving it will be a hard to figure out what to do but Milan do the best they can.

What Place Milan Are In the End of the League

Milan finished this campaign with nothing, really nothing except the Champions League. The Serie A is over when Inter are champions, Juventus are in third place, and Milan are second, though the difference of Milan is better. However, because Juventus won Milan in the match between them (4-2), they are in second place what put Milan in the third round of Champions League.

By Meytar Zeevi, Rossoneri Blog

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