Udinese 2 – 1 Milan


Finally after the championship-drip of Milan, vintage finish, as puritanic by Mourinho, with ‘zero tituli’.

AC Milan, presented by the Friuli Ancelotti, has perfectly summed up the performance unsatisfactory and disappointing for the whole season, as with Juventus last Sunday, the team played without backbone, without malice, in the rhythm, quite inadequate to overcome an Udinese, well placed in the field by Marino, orderly, balanced and toned.

After more that a trace can not be soft, the Bianconeri to spend half an hour thanks to a penalty given by Rizzoli, with a regular tension between Maldini, at 900 game with Milan, andFloro Flores, D’Agostino transforms, although Dida had guessed the direction of the shot.

The reaction is completely non-existent, the team continues to play soft without relying on fantasy and a maneuver too slow and predictable, Pato has left itself without supplies, Seedorf in midfield run without any construct, but it never plays, Kakà is lost desperate for himself, Pirlo will not even try.

The defense only if it should be immediately engaged in difficulty.

The resumption of hostilities, with Inzaghi on in place of  Flamini, Rizzoli flying on a clear thrust of Inler against Ambrosini, and after a few moments on a corner by right, an Udinese player, elongated head of the trajectory of the cross, the ball arriving at Zapata which, on the second pole, very alone no difficulty in beating an innocent Dida.

They come during the recovery and Ronaldinho and Shevchenko but things do not change, AC Milan struggled to create opportunities, the Udinese dangerously again whenever the opportunity presents only Dida, almost returned to acceptable levels, prevents the scoring of assume the size of the defeat.

Only in the final Milan can find new life and some ‘of conviction and Inzaghi goes close to scoring twice, in both good times Handanovic to save in the first 4 minutes of recovery on a precise cross to reach Kakà  gore winning Ambrosini, fixing the final result at 2-1 to Udinese.

Without playing the Inter is ‘Italian champion’, deservedly, and without playing, which photographs to perfection the inconsistency and inadequacy of its contenders.

I hope that in society, if ever there was someone still convinced that this is Milan compete, we have finally awakened from the dream and run properly and promptly to repair, from the bench tonight where Ancelotti has written the de profundis on its history of helmsman rossonero, and passing the area where the graft must be a lot of quality and above average.

About Udinese nothing to say, win sixth consecutive game and applied, effective, successful very deserved and some regret for the incredible black-out that made it slip from first place to limit the danger zone.

The best: in Udinese D’agostino and Quagliarella in Milan Dida and Maldini

By gfloriano, Rossoneri Blog

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