Liverpool, Spurs reject Milan’s loan moves for Borini, Soldado

The Milan starting XI against Valencia (

FABIO BORINI and Roberto Soldado won’t leave their clubs on loan according to reports.

Milan are looking for a striker and yesterday the Milan Channel announced that the Rossoneri have narrowed down the list of possible strikers and it now includes Chelsea’s Fernando Torres, Liverpool’s Fabio Borini, Tottenham’s Roberto Soldado and Fulham’s Konstantinos Mitroglou.

The Diavolo sold Mario Balotelli for €20 million but as suggested by il Corriere della Sera, not all of the money will be reinvested in the market and will instead to be used to cover the deficit created by the Milan’s Champions League absence. The intention is to sign a striker on a loan deal but that seems to complicate the things for Milan.

Galliani: “Torres is a great striker, Van Ginkel is possible”
Zaccheroni: “Honda will do well this year, he can lead others”

Fernando Torres isn’t convinced by the solution of a loan and wants a three year deal (more updates are expected today) and the alternative is Borini. According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Borini’s agent Marco De Marchi has told Milan the player is willing to make the move but Liverpool want to sell the player and wouldn’t want to loan him out. Soldado is next in line but CorSera claims that Tottenham have rejected Milan’s loan approach and demand €12m or De Sciglio for the striker.

Mitroglou is an unlikely option. His agent said that “My client will leave Fulham, but he won’t join Milan” while Adriano Galliani said “I don’t think so” when asked if the Greek would arrive. Mattia Destro and Jackson Martinez are too expensive.

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pato milan

hahahaaaa on loan hahahaaaaa


Actually good news

Forza Milan

i still regret that last summer Milan payed 11 million for matri which was just 2m less than what spurs paid for eriksen who is a fantastic playmaker Galliani could have easily bought him.


We would sell him this summer anyway and didnt invest that money so what


“not all of the money will be reinvested in the market and will instead to be used to cover the deficit created by the Milan’s Champions League absence”
This got me mad!!!! 20 millions from Balo sale may not all be used.
Also, we shouldn’t have sold Balo to selfish Liverpool.
Come on we gave you our star but you gave us “No”.


You sold Balo to liverpool, then you wanna loan borini; Galliani always racking old men brain. Don’t you know If you don’t cultivate, how then will you harvest. What a man soweth, that he shall reap. If G and B end up signing a mediocre, they will still give him their mediocre abilities(mediocre results). I miss the days of Zlatan, sheva, crespo, stam, maldini, pipo, seedorf, gattuso, pirlo, nesta, serginho, kaka, T.silva….etc Milan to me is like a marriage; FOR BETTER FOR WORSE


Always loan n milan cant sign anyone in 3 day to go


Poor Galliani, if you want to bring Borini then you should include it in Mario’s deal. What a foolish guy he is!! Still we have some garbase (Essien, zacardo, agazi) to clean from our squad



El Greco

There must be some explanation behind all this money-lacking madness, but I don’t know what. For the moment, it seems that the only plan in place is to cut money from everywhere, no matter the results….


@markdini liverpool paid 4 our star so if we need their player we should pay,Our Administrators are so foolish alwaz selling 4 cheap Y is it dat we buy only players dat are surplus 2 requirement?

Forza Milan

I think we should really go after benteke he will be a great replacmebt for balo


Am sick and tired of the word ‘loan’ and AC Milan being used in the same sentence! This club is a damn joke! Always begging and scraping from other clubs, including clubs with less stature than us!! Its pathetic.

Kwabena Adu


cuore rosso

Iam so disappointed that we won’t go after Cerci anymore, hate milans transfers, just sell all the deadweight and don’t bring anyone, all of our targets are rubbish and won’t make us better, Damn it!


No club should accept Milan loan proposal and in fact no club should take Milan seriously again because Galliani has turned himself into a nuisance. He would never pay the clause at the end and would even expect the player to sacrifice some money either from salary as case of Honda or transfer fee as case of Rami. Even Taarabt did enough to be taken for 5m but Galliani is hopeless.

I pray Galliani gets it right before the end of the transfer window.


How difficult is to sign one of Destro Pato or Benteke?


Pretty easy if by sign you mean loan or get for free:)

Indian Fan

In my opinion Juve,Napoli,Roma,Inter ,Fiorentina are stronger than us and in 4 times out of 5 they will beat us.For a simple reasons They all spent much mpre than us.Money makes a club rise this is true from the times B&G bought the club we won a lot of trophies back then but now its our time to taste defeat.To get out of this we need a very intelligent CEO/Sporting Director like that of Dortmund or Atl Madrid which Galliani is not or to sell the club to a rich person.But the thing I Can do is wait and stay… Read more »

Milan Indonesia

Get benteke or Damiao ASAP


So milan is now a loan and free club, I love the way other clubs are treating stingy b n g. Next transfEr market it will be difficult becus nobody will like to loan any player to milan. Imagin chelsea saying no ryt of redemption on van wingil. Galliani goin around n begging for players


We ll stay with Pazzini guys…

All clubs want real money not loan money…they arent so silly as Galliani thinks!


Everyone saw what Milan did with Rami and Taarabt loans – they had an option to but but didn’t. Instead they robber Valencia and Rami himself and wanted to get Taarabt on cheap. No one want to deal with stupid Galliani and his games, he is a snake and cheat and everyone now knows it. The worst thing is that Milan’s reputation suffers because of this clown.


Get rid of expensive players, safe lot of money on their wages get 20M for Balo and acquire LOAN 😀 Dunno how long i can handle this…