Abbiati: “One of the worst Milan seasons I have had”


CHRISTIAN ABBIATI believes a year without Europe can be good for Milan and doesn’t know if he stays or leaves.

Silvio Berlusconi has said he’s not satisfied with the way Milan have performed this season and the fans have had very few enjoyable moments in 13/14 as well. The Rossoneri can still finish in 6th and Abbiati has said it’s been a strange year.

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“Before the derby I said that by getting 9 points we would have qualified for the Europa League. After Sunday, we need to win and hope the other results go our way,” goalkeeper Abbiati told the Milan Channel today. “Recently El Shaarawy has been suffering, but he’s well now. It’s been a strange season. Bad in the league and good in the Champions League.

The change in coach gave us a jolt and we did well before Bergamo. The situation of Seedorf? We’ve already experienced a similar thing with Allegri. Our focus has to be solely on playing, we’re professionals and available to the coach. I’ve been at Milan for more than 15 years and never said anything. It’s not in my character, I’m focused on playing. 6th place is hardly a suitable objective for us, but in the first part of the season we collected 22 points, which is hardly up to Milan’s standards.

“A season out of Europe could help us work better, but I struggle to imagine Milan out of Europe. We’ve conceded some incredible goals this season. There aren’t specific reasons why. I’ve been at the club for many years and this is one of the worst seasons I’ve had. There’s disappointment about being knocked out of the Champions League. It’s a shame.”

Abbiati’s contract expires at the end of the season and if he doesn’t get a renewal he’s expected to retire and become a goalkeepers coach at Milan. Asked about whether he’ll get a new deal, Abbiati simply commented: “We still don’t know.”

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I just love Abbiati as a person, he seems to be so professional. Hope he can keep playing as long as he can, maybe not in milan but somewhere where he would enjoy to play.


I dont really know why people think Abbiati is a bad goalkeeper, sure, he has his ups and downs, but in some matches he’s the key player that helps us to not get destroyed. Instead of buying a keeper, i’ll surely get him for at least one season and focus on getting Rami and Taraabt, that’s just my point of view.


I wouldn’t be opposed to Abbiati staying on for another season but not as a first choice. We need a new keeper though for most games.


when the players with the spirit of champions left my milan started falling


The fans in milan should help us by carrying banners against the treatment seedorf is receiving.


For me, Abbiati should definitely be given a contract extension, a true loyal player, but with the management you never know. Abbiati getting a renewal along with signing Perin/Scuffet would be ideal so he can share his experience to them.


No matter how good a keeper is if the defence is not strong enough then the keeper will look useless


you know the milan is not what it was when you starting to praise abbiati as a hero or a vetern. that guy spend more times getting loaned