Berlusconi: “I suffer more than the fans, I am not satisfied”


SILVIO BERLUSCONI has said the decision about Seedorf will be taken when the season ends and has tips for Balotelli.

Berlusconi has owned the club since 1986 but many people believe, especially following the disaster that is the 2013/2014 season, that it’s time for Silvio to sell the club as he seems to be reluctant to spend big to get Milan back on course.

The Rossoneri are unlikely to be in Europe next season and will be looking to start from Zero for the third straight season next year as they will also most likely have a new coaching staff. Berlusconi is less than happy with the state of his club.

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“I did not expect to lose against Atalanta,” Berlusconi told SportMediaset on Monday. “I suffer, like all the fans. But I suffer more than them because it’s me who puts up the money. But I remind everyone that we have had years of extraordinary success and we are still the most successful team in the world and we are already working on building the future Milan.

The color treatment at Casa Milan is done, and the installment of the giant screen will also be done soon (via @Milanelllo)

As a matter of fact the Rossoneri are not the most successful team in the world these days as they has 18 international titles (same as Boca Juniors) while the Egyptian club Al-Ahly have 19 international trophies. “We will put this season behind us,” he added. “The future of coach Clarence Seedorf? We will decide at the end of the season after the last game of it. The way Milan are playing? I’m not satisfied with how Milan are playing. Not at all. Therefore we have to reflect upon this fact.

“Mario Balotelli? He has extraordinary potential. Against Atalanta he hit the post with a fabulous shot and he was unlucky. He should, however, learn how to play as a center forward because we all agree that he is one. But he hasn’t learned how to play as one yet. I’d like to meet him one day and ask him a few questions. I would ask him: ‘Mario, do you go out to play to win or lose?’ And he will say ‘to win’. ‘And do you think we need to score goals to win or not’? And he will say ‘to score’. ‘And do you need to shoot at goal to score or not?’ And he will say ‘to shoot’. ‘And in order to shoot do you need to stay close to the goal or not? Be next to the goal? Then why do you play in our midfield in some matches?’ Hopefully Mario will learn.”

Berlusconi, a former Prime Minister, has talked several times about Milan in recent days and it appears that some changes are bound to happen there soon. The coach is almost certain to be replaced with also Tassotti’s future being unclear.

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stupid man. we are not happy with Galliani and not Milan. in fact we are not happy with both of u.

alaba adebisi

Pls leave seedorf is goin 2be a good coach in future,an we Need New striker which baloteli needs 2learn From.


@makaveli: have some respect for the president


D president hav no respect for Makaveli n all other Milan fans either.




wont spend so get out and take galliani with you

Pa ibra

i agree, the fan are not satisfied with you and galliani. dont need you guys anymore.

Milan fan

He’s right I’m not satisfied with milan,and he’s right to fire seedorf and baloteli.

But he also must invest,especially in the defense.


You guys don’t even need to spend crazy big like Qatar, Russian owned clubs or Real&Barca. Just spend wise like other clubs spend to compete in the CL. We are currently spending as much as teams like Parma, Samdporia, Hellas Verona which is embarrassing compared to our stature in football.

Sometimes you spend wisely like option to buy Poli, who should NOT be bought for 5m. He hasn’t proved anything.


Who told u we are not satisfied with the club …is the managers we are not satisfied with…..
Empty talk

indo milanista

The thing is we are not satisfied buy galliani…

indo milanista

And what did he said…” I am putting up the money.” is he joking… Where the hell are you putting it… ON MATRI….. hehehehe

Harrison Mifsud



I hope Balo leaves. Seedorf has helped him tremendously, but stuff like this will only frustrate someone like him. Silvio needs to learn some tact, but he’s probably too old for that. Balo has been giving a ton more effort since Seedorf’s arrival. Yes, he needs to keep from falling back, but he only does it when our midfield can’t get him the ball. Yes, that messes up the tactical plans, but the plans are worthless anyways if the midfield can keep up their end. If the midfield can play confidently, Balo will trust them, and we all know how… Read more »


Honestly, as crap as this team were before December, I’m proud of the players that have kept fighting. De Jong has always fought. Balo fights when he feels there are others fighting with him. Without that feeling of support, he’s easily frustrated. *shrugs* Abbiati, even though he’s aging, deserves respect. Pazzini, when not injured, always plays with heart and drive, goals or not. Montolivo, though not as consistent as I’d like, has done well, especially with the pressure of having Kaka back. Kaka is pretty much the same as Abbiati. A legend for Milan. Aging, obviously, but still class. And… Read more »


Mr B on next season please spend money on quality players


the management of milan is destroying what the team has effortfully worked for over the past years..the team lacks quality players…milan is compared to the likes of real madrid,bayern munich & teams like sassulo & atlanta are even better than milan….what is berlusconi and his men during??,,they are gradually destroying the team…i think they must leave milan…look at the likes of man-city!..thank u


What do you mean reflect on why the team aren’t playing well? It’s because you won’t spend any money and Galliani only deals with the same 3 agents who give him garbage players, it’s not complicated!


How s it that when the fans are satisfield, it s becus of B n G. when the fans are not satisfied, it s someone else. wat a fake.


With all due respect to Seedorf, because he will always be a Milan legend, but I’d personally sack him as well. Not because he hasn’t done a great job, since he clearly has, but rather for that there are some real quality Italian coaches available. I’m personally a fan of Montella and Mazzarri but I’d also love either Donadoni or Inzaghi! FORZA MILAN


And what has Inzaghi and Donadoni won in their coaching career? Nothing, just like Seedorf.


@ Milanhqip,please go and sleep. I would like to ask Silvio Berlusconi one day,if he wants Milan on top?and he says yes,then i would reply Spend the cash or sell the club and send Galliani to retirement home and then employ Paolo Maldini. Those bashing at Seedorf,before he arrived we weren’t thinking of anything relating to Europa league qualification. And to those bashing at Balotelli,if Pazzini was our number one striker he can’t do what Balotelli had done,but Pazzo can do only 50% of Balotelli contribution,there are so many matches that Mario single handedly gave us 1 or 3 points,he’s… Read more »


We don’t need to spend like crazy thats true. A 30 mil transfer budget would be acceptable to help rebuild but we don’t even have that. Cant even afford 14 mil to sign adel and adil. This is sad


A lot of talk no action from berlusconi lately. Allegri got a lotttttt of time when the team was not playing well and now it seems seedorf is going in such a short period of time. Don’t know what to say or think


Is better this crabs shut up and let milan be the way they building it
spend..u won’t spend
sell ……u wont sell
all u know is to sack sack sack coaches…..crazy man


But guys. B&G has always, always been amazing at what they do. Think how many times some fans and media questioned their decision making ? Capello ancelotti even inzaghi and all. How did that turn out? Pretty great right. Think about this, finvest spent 20mil last fin year. No shit he’s upset. Plus,B is at the centre of the media because of his community service. He’s a great politician. He knows how to redirect media’s energy from his community service(which directly brings up his recent shame in the court room) this is his tact to distract you. About G, imagine… Read more »


Sorry but muntari can’t pass more than 5 yards. An abysimal disrespectful waste of space. essien is anther stupid signing. freebie, over 30, not the player he used to be, and a crack player like Cristante isn’t getting playing time because of this and a stupid coach. matri is prob the worst signing in the last 6 years for Milan. Only Oliviera or emerson could rate above him. such a lazy player, cant hold the ball up, whilst a better player in Paloschi is ignored. buve signed tevez with the matri money!! their experience is useless if they keep making… Read more »


Yeh rosomatteo and please leave it another 2 years


Ridiculous !


So Mr. Berlusconi,

How do you suffer more than the fans? Your pockets don’t suffer because you don’t invest. And, when you do invest you invest in players that NONE of the fans desire. We could have gotten TEVEZ for lest, but you wanted MATRI!! No fan in the world desired that. Being a Milan fan is so hard right now. I’m tired of being the laughing stock of Europe right now. Nobody takes us seriously!


True.. B&G were somehow hypnotized by Allegri’s snake eyes into thinking Matri is better than Tevez. And Pirlo’s “past it.”


Reaction after action, a stitch in time save nine. Mr president, if u ve been more closer to and more concerned about Milan like Abrahamovic to Chelsea, things might not be worse as this. Your decision yesterday put us where we are today, and we are waiting for ur decision today to be sure of our place in club football tomorrow. And as u said about Balotelli, it really make sense on paper, just hope godtelli reply u as u thought. Lol. *F.M*.