Pictures: Milan’s 2014/2015 home and third kits


MILAN HAVE released the third & home kits for next year and will wear them against Atalanta & Sassuolo respectively.

Milan have decided to release the new kits for the 14/15 season as they will already be in use in the next two games when Milan play Atalanta away (will use the third gold-green third jersey) and when Milan host Sassuolo (home red-black jersey).

The Rossoneri have changed the logo on the home jersey and gave it a more vintage look & the numbers on the back will also be stylized differently. The third kit is gold and green “as a tribute to Brazil” according to Milan’s commercial director.

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Here are some pictures of the new kits, released by AC Milan on Monday evening, the fifth of May 2014. What do you think?

The new home (left) and third (right) kits
The new home kit
The new logo on the new home kit
Stephan El Shaarawy, Nigel De Jong and Keisuke Honda wearing the new home kit
The new third kit
Kaka, Gabriel and Robinho wearing the new third kit
Adil Rami, Keisuke Honda, Mattia De Sciglio, Riccardo Montolivo, Nigel De Jong and Andrea Poli wearing the new third kit
How the numbers will be stylized on the new third kit
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El What?

Berardi and Zaza can fit in this kit


I dont like this white symbol in the first kit…
its horrible…


The home kit looks nice, but ruined by the badge as it looks like English flag with the white Cross making it like a religious symbol. It shows that little consideration has been given to Milan fans with different religious and cultural background, particularly disrespectful to those Milan players who do not share faith. For that reason I will not buy it.

the 3rd kit is really nice but hate the V neck. Why not replicate the home kit as third kit and use the Brazillian colors


the badge is the cross of st. george and is the symbol/flag/coat of arms of the comune di Milano. It was also the badge on the original Ac Milan jersey in 1899 and was the badge on the jerseys until 1940! It also appeared on the 1999 jersey as it was the club’s Centenary.

Before accusing someone of little consideration, and of disrespecting players and fans, do your research!!!!

Per sempre e ovunque, forza Milan!


My thoughts exactly! I will definitely buy this shirt because of the history the crest connotes.
Rossoneri siamo noi!. Siamo uno stile di vita non solo un club.
Forza Milan per sempre!


Well I won’t have to buy a new kit. Hopefully these will only last one year. The home kit it atrocious and the current home kit is the most badass kit I’ve ever seen anywhere


I personally like the current 2013/14 home kit. 2012/2013 away and black third kit. The new 2014/15 home kit, third kit and 2013/14 away kits are hideous IMO.


dont’t really hate the logo just don’t find it necessary. pointless marketing


the home kit is pretty good, refreshingly new and stylish, although changing the logo to the coat of arms of the city of milan is kind of weird

Pa ibra

I don’t think the logo is changed as you can still see the usual logo on the flag which is said to represent both milan and inter… im not sure they are crazy enough to think we’ll accept changing our main badge to a flag that has something to do with inter. still not convince with the changes but forza milan!


once again… the badge is the cross of st. george and is the symbol/flag/coat of arms of the comune di Milano (district of Milan), and the city itself. That is why it represents both clubs, and is not something to be ashamed of, but to be proud instead.


the logo is classic. good times. got to love it
i like the thirdk kit, though the one we have now is probably one of the best jerseys out ther


Love it or hate it, Milan as a club has its roots in England. The founder was English. We have to pay respect to that. Plus, it’s the symbol of the City of Milan!

We should be proud and associate passions with the City, the roots of the passion and the Colors!! I love it


Lukaku will fit perfectly in dis jersey, heard we are preparing a bid for him… I will party naked if we can acquire him, I mean I love dis guy like crazy, perfect for Sirie A, perfect for my darling club.
As usual, “Milan till the fucking caskette”
Forza Milan!


To speak with Margaret Thatcher:

No, no, no.

Keith Egan

As an Irish AC Milan fan I don’t like the new jersey at all. The new logo is basically an English flag which I don’t like. I’m aware of the clubs roots but the old logo which incorporated the clubs roots in a more subtle and attractive way was a much better looking jersey. Forza Milan!!!