Pictures: Milan’s 2014/2015 home and third kits


MILAN HAVE released the third & home kits for next year and will wear them against Atalanta & Sassuolo respectively.

Milan have decided to release the new kits for the 14/15 season as they will already be in use in the next two games when Milan play Atalanta away (will use the third gold-green third jersey) and when Milan host Sassuolo (home red-black jersey).

The Rossoneri have changed the logo on the home jersey and gave it a more vintage look & the numbers on the back will also be stylized differently. The third kit is gold and green “as a tribute to Brazil” according to Milan’s commercial director.

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Here are some pictures of the new kits, released by AC Milan on Monday evening, the fifth of May 2014. What do you think?

The new home (left) and third (right) kits
The new home kit
The new logo on the new home kit
Stephan El Shaarawy, Nigel De Jong and Keisuke Honda wearing the new home kit
The new third kit
Kaka, Gabriel and Robinho wearing the new third kit
Adil Rami, Keisuke Honda, Mattia De Sciglio, Riccardo Montolivo, Nigel De Jong and Andrea Poli wearing the new third kit
How the numbers will be stylized on the new third kit
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The home kit is absolutely beautiful. The third kit is hideous!


I like this season home kit but the new one is also good but the third kit is horrible


Nice…i see they added our english origin theme to the jersey


No it’s the flag of Milano


Oh no ! Why the huge cross instead of the old logo? scandalous.


Well good to have something from the historical kit and as for the third kit best option was full black,but anyway they never get to use it so who cares 🙂


The cross is baaaaaad – we need our logo on the chest!


No 6?,is Baresi back?

isaac ayala

Please for the love of God Baresi, come back and replace these silly defenders.

Mr ZigZag (NAIJA)

Our home kit is just WOW


Home kit beautiful? dude, it’s ugly as hell… ok, shades of red are kinda cool, but thick black line in the middle is killing my eyes…


Love d third jersey


Vintage is the definition of our first shirt, and I actually am surprised to see how good our third jersey looks. Hopefully it will bring us luck as well for the coming seasons. Although I do miss our own ACM logo on our home kit, even though I know the history behind the cross.
I bet the shirt will look better for real as they often do, I liked our home jerseys this season as well, very classy and simple.


the home kit is just fascinating


The first kit is aweful luckily the third kit is wonderful!


I hope Balotelli’s absence from the photo shoot doesn’t mean anything regarding his future at the club…


All of these are disgusting.
they really need better designers.
Better off staying with the ones we have.


The third kit is embarrassing. What a horrendous color choice. Bring back the black! Lol


really liked the home one..

the third is awful..

milan san siro

The “new logo” is relatively TOO big on the home jersey. and I’m proud of the old traditional logo. I hate it when clubs modify their logo. The logo on the jersey is a sign of identity. You cannot change that easily. We are not Chelsea/Manchester city (check their logo history). Other than that the designs are awesome! I think they are improving each year. The black and red are more homogeneous in my opinion. (I don’t like blunt color: personal opinion). PLUS, how can you have two different logos: one on the home jersey, and another one on the… Read more »


those multiple red stripes are hidious such a cheep jersey. 2011 was the beste jersey ever we should get it back.


Nice looking kits. I like them both. We needed some change for the first (home) kit. And I still remember when we wore yellow kits in UEFA SuperCup against Arsenal, and won 2-0


We need to sign baselli and immobile.


Woo i like this old school symbol !!! great


This shirt is just so unaesthetic it is really to much to bare.


it’s a pity you don’t know what’s awful.
our home kit is never complete we need our logo back…..


yes it’s look beautiful


this years kit is better than next years…. 0_0


it seems that milan won’t sign rami ! we are not able to spend 7 millions ! berlusconi should sell the club!!


The home jerseys are fantastic. Something new and different the past couple years they have been hideous.would prefer the milan crest but the st George is ok….third kid isn’t nice but it’s still a lot better than this years seen pictures of the white ones and they look really nice as well!!,!


the new logo looks cheap.. they should change it. or keep it as it was before.


oh am very happy again to see this new beautiful jersey of the Micty Milan new jersey again Milan is my best favorite team in Europe i will support Milan until i will live this beautiful world no mater we are not in our good form that will not make me to live Milan football is like that win and lose so what next to keep Faith even you are beating by others clubs …..Milan is in my heart today up to my life end!!!!! oldo am not living in Europe that is the only problem for me not seeing… Read more »


where is the red & black stripes? I barely see it…


Who designed these? A blind man? Just awful. We have gone from some having the best looking tops in recent years to this mess. No wonder Barbara Berlusconi wanted to go with Nike next season.


Not comfortable with that badge.


These are such a step down from recent designs. Milan has always boasted one of the best kit designs across the globe. Looks like when it rains at Milanello, it pours.


Very good Home-kit. About our actual kit I dislike the golden shoulder- stripes.


Oh Nooooo… Who took our LOGO away??? We want our Logo back pleaseeeee. It’s gonna take sometime to get used to this. Apart from the logo, the home jersey is nice. By the way, wonder why Hondas face is so straight. loool


Our third jersey is lovely. The present away white jersey looks really poor. I wonder why we don’t use the golden third jersey more regularly. By the way,why is the home jersey not also a V neck.
All in all, I wish milan all the best in the coming season


Can anyone tell me why we need honda and essien when we have vergara and poli


Hope the Away Kit looks good..


Maybe its the Milano flag but looks English and i dnt like it


Home kit belongs to English symbol & 3rd kit belongs to Brazil. Where is Italy & AC Milan? i don’t like it.


It would have been much better with Italy flag in the middle of the jersey like Juve have and of course the Milan symbol to the right.


If I’m not mistaking, I believe the Italian flag patch in the middle of the jersey signifies the holders of the scudetto. Hopefully will be able to put that on our 2015/16 jeresys. Forza Milan!


aha ok, thanks for the info.


the blog owner should made a pool to see if we like or not…

i think the opinios are 50-50

Giuda Interista

aaaaa first is great


@San Siro:

There is no place for the italy flag

Alex The Mauler (SWE)

worst Milan kit in a long time for a team that comes from one of the Worlds best fashion cities

the referee

Perhaps they are getting to reaalize that these current loads do not deserve the real Milan shirt and logo. So change it for them like this, then change it back in again after they are all gone.

Hoping to see stars and the old logo back soon.


Strange and accidental design..very bad !! Forza Milan..


The home kit is very nice


that badge…thats the old badge…why? there is the new badge as a “watermark”. but still..what the reason behind milan using the old badge next season?
and i thought there is too many stripes in the home kit…