Seedorf: “My future? I am focused on bringing home points”


CLARENCE SEEDORF has refused to discuss rumours about his future and only wanted to talk about the Livorno win.

Adriano Galliani seemed less than excited today at San Siro, despite the 3-0 win, and that has led fans on social media to believe that there is some truth behind the rumours that Galliani and coach Clarence Seedorf aren’t on the best of terms.

There have been talks that Galliani wants Pippo Inzaghi or Vincenzo Montella to replace Seedorf already this summer but the Dutchman, who had already arrived this January and replaced Massimiliano Allegri, is not interested in ‘talks’.

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“My future? I am demonstrating my work with facts, not with words. I leave the rumours to the press,” Seedorf told Rai Italia after the game. “The game? Great credit goes to the players, they were really good: three goals, great plays and no goals conceded. The Europa League race? Now we have to think about Roma. It will definitely not be a walk in the park.

“We’ll see where we are at the end of the season. Milan isn’t accustomed to this kind of ranking but 5 wins in a row is quite a signal.” Milan got 15 points from matches against Fiorentina, Chievo, Genoa, Catania and Livorno and are now tied on 6th.

Clarence Seedorf during the match (L), the Milan players celebrating the first (R)

“We are in a position that boosts confidence, as we are closer to the top teams and the final few rounds will be decisive,” ‘Dorf said to Sky Italia. “The side really put in a great performance and had the right approach to this game. We are targeting the Europa League, so first we have Roma and then Inter. We had the utmost respect for Livorno today and will do the same at Roma next week. Livorno’s complains about the referee (they claim that Balotelli pushed the defender on his goal and that Abate deserved a red card)? You can stir up controversy if you want, there’s no point saying if it was a foul.

“I want to talk only about the good performance. Balo? He is maturing psychologically and this allows him to do better both on and off the field. I hope he continues along this path. Inzaghi or Montella? I don’t know, you’d have to talk to the club. I can’t speak for others. I am focused on bringing home as many points as possible, that’s what was asked of me, and try to prepare for next year. Am I perplexed on the club’s failure to make my position clear? You’d have to ask the club that.”

Seedorf also spoke to Milan Channel: “I had a feeling Pazzini could score. He’s a player that has always given his all. I saw that he was in good shape and I thought that he would have the space out on the pitch to do well. I told him to come on and score. It went well. We struggled versus Catania, the players took lots of shots and gave their all physically and mentally.

“We grinded out the result vs. Catania, whereas today we showed the quality of the squad. We’re growing and we’re getting to know each other better. Things don’t just happen out of nothing, they take time to create. We’ll continue with this intensity and approach. We’ve now got a tough Roma side to play. They’re achieving incredible things this season. We’ll try and give our very best. Robinho played a good 80 minutes and I’m happy about this. I’m happy to have lots of choice up front.

“I’m also happy about the Primavera result and for Stephan El Shaarawy. We’ll now wait and see how his body reacts. We don’t want to make any mistakes with him. We want to now finish the season in the best way possible. We’ve stated our objective and we’re trying to achieve that. I thank all the Milan fans for their support of the team that is improving.

“Happy Easter with the hope that it will be spent with family.” This is the first time Milan have managed five wins in a row since the 2011/2012 season (October-November 2011); they finished that season in 2nd place just behind Juventus.

Seedorf was again asked about his future by the media in the press conferences room at Stadio San Siro after the win: “I wanted to respect the personal situation of President Berlusconi and hence we haven’t spoken much. Until the club says otherwise, I will continue on this path, trying to help improve the side and its results and looking to plan for next season.

“The Parma match (on March 16, which Milan lost 4-2) wasn’t the turning point, we had already given a good response out on the pitch against Juve and Atletico Madrid. The Parma game wasn’t the match which motivated the players to bounce back. To suggest that is an insult to these professionals who were determined to get out of this tough situation for the club.

“The squad had already performed well prior to the fans’ protests.  In that moment, the fans wanted to show their feelings, but the players were already on the right path to improving the situation and we’re now seeing the positive results.”

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After managing the club for 25 years, the only thing Galliani could offer now is trouble, From Barbara to Seedorf and who knowS who’s next. Galliani was backing up Allegri to the last when even Inter fans couldn’t imagine how he wasn’t sacked after loads of bad results. Now it’s hard for Galliani to give Seedorf same support just because his preference was Inzaghi despite Seedorf doing well as a rookie coach.

Milan have one problem and it’s called ADRIANO GALLIANI


Montella would be a perfect fit though.


I guarentee we’re not going for Montella, he has a 7m buyout


The fans want you in Milan as coach,you will prove Galliani and Berlusconi wrong until end of the season! You raised Milan from ashes and i can’t imagine where Taarabt would be in Allegri’s squad. FORZA DORF!!! FORZA MILAN!


The results and displays of the last few games remind me a little of those from the Carlo Ancelotti days, solid, not always spectacular, but with that little extra decisive spark of individual brilliance. It might be too early to talk as we have two tough games coming up, but I believe you guys know what I’m talking about. We’ll see how it turns out, I’m just hoping for the best. I would love it to see Pippo coach our team someday and he was my first choice after Allegri, but it would be unfair to let Clarence go, based… Read more »


It’s an absolute joke if they sack seedorf, galiani needs to retire and fast before he ruins everything he’s achieved with the club, I mean what more can seedorf do? He’s picked a team up that was so low on confidence and ideas and actually got them playing some good football and winning 5 games in a row which we haven’t done since the 2010/2011 season and that’s 3 years which isn’t good enough for a club like ours, it’s also worth mentioning that it’s the worst milan squad for a long time and whos fault is that?? You’ve guessed… Read more »


Berlusconi, as always, is playing his political game. He won’t talk to ‘Dorf till the end of the season and just let the media & Galliani pressure ‘Dorf to get to the 5th/6th place. I think that is nasty but that’s just the way politics is. You need to give credit where credit is due. With Allergi in charge we would have never gotten this far.

Alex The Mauler (SWE)

Uncle Fester need to leave now this man is poison to the team… Clarence is doing amazingly well and Galliani cant stand it he just wants someone that kiss his @ss and doesnt speak back it was the same thing with Leonardo


SEEDorf Is da man, anyone who denies that is delusional. Not doing bad as a rookie coach and I only see improvement for next year. FORZA MILAN E SEEDORF


Few points after the Livorno game:

1. I wish Balotelli would celebrate a goal properly like a normal footballer. (He makes me miss seeing Inzaghi score even more.)

2. Great to see Saponara and my man Pazzini get some time.

3. It’s ridiculous to think B&G are giving Seedorf an ultimate to qualify for Europa or he’s out. Yes, Inzaghi was my first choice but Seedorf should be given a chance now that he’s there.


Hey guys how was saponara perfomance I could’nt watch the match


He was only on for about ten minutes, but he looked lively, good combination play, he can really be an asset to our team if given the chance. I really hope he will and we will focus a lot on him and Cristante among other youngsters this summer. We don’t need to spend just for the “fun” of it, we have to act smart, something we haven’t in a few years time.


Berlusconi is a politcian and he as handled all kinds of pressure from government, business and family. He will never and has never taught of scaking dorf. Gallani only want a caoch he can control especially in buying player. Seedorf is so diffiernt bcos he can’t allow Gallani to buy a poor player for him. Wen an engineer work with poor spare part the engine will be under perform well. Seedorf is not scared becos S&B is strongly behind him. Gallani u can’t move a muscle against dorf. Period.


The uncertainty surrounding Seedorf is really an unwanted distraction. Why Galliani is not defending him is beyond me! He kept shielding allegri but never comes close to defend or dispel the rumors about Seedorf yet. That’s baffling… There’s no smoke without fire.
Fingers crossed and if this manager is sacked having done well so far then what do we expect from Inzaghi?
I hope we get minimum of 4point from Roma n Inter


fan GTFO you immature uneducated pig


SEdorf left his profesionl carrer to come back to Milan and hes doing well so dont expect he will leave ..

He s got 2,5 year contract and hes jumped into the game in the middle of the season so chill …

If everything is true about Sedorf and Galli .. thats just good because now its sure Galianii gonna be sacked IN the summer .. He can take Matri and Alegri to A barbECue

Milanista K

Galliani’s ideas has clearly expired and can’t save Milan’s future. The smartest thing to do now to regain lost glory is to put the team in the hands and ideas of our legends whose hearts beat Milan through their veins like Maldini and Dorf among others – these guy KNOW FOOTBALL. And yet the biggest opposition to this is Galliani – he is fast making himself Milan’s enemy. He has done his part. He should bow out gracefully before being forced out disgracefully.


I see Governor Wallace is back… How’s it going “Milan Fan,” doing okay there stewing in hate?