Milan’s worst dealings in recent years


PERTAINING TO football that involves a mass of decision procedures, some decisions could prove prosperous, while others could fail as a result, and mark lasting, but unpleasant memories, giving their disastrous effects.

It is no secret, AC Milan, once the giant and fear factor of the beautiful game, has been for many years trailing behind in struggle to find their niche in the world’s most popular sport. They have been dominated by the good, the bad, and the worse teams, and are currently as hopeless as ever, having been of recent, thrashed by Atletico Madrid in the Champions League final rounds, the score board showed 4-1, a result that ensued the Rossoneri’s elimination from the prestigious competition in an ignoble fashion, and following 4-2, a heavy defeat to Parma, some few days later. The latest 1-1 draw versus Lazio that put an end to Milan’s fourth serial losses, remains their fifth games in a row without a victory.  Milan, though not absolutely as incompetent as the dead, has become a laughing stock.

The past couple of years have seen the rueful conditions of the Rossoneri exacerbate, considering many of their mistaken dealings. Milan that is famous for its expertise in acquiring players who are deemed surplus to requirement, as they come on the cheap, or gratis, but players who are rejected from their respective, and formal employers, for lack of luster. However, they find a new home at The San Siro, while expected by their new boss, to shine, but, many a time, have the bunch of rejects failed to meet expectations, and unsurprisingly so.

Injuries: De Sciglio sprains ankle, out for at least 2 weeks
Galliani: “Right result, the team fought with real desire”

Bringing to mind some of Milan’s worst dealings in the recent past, that have seen them been reduced to almost nothing, namely the appointment of Allegri as the head coach-much need not be covered on the matter, but the inept coach from Cagliari who failed to deliver, discharged for his erroneous governance that reaped disaster, and left his former side in a detrimental position. However, there remains a thorn in the flesh of the Rossoneri, though detected, yet, must be resolved contiguously, for impropriety to do so, will most definitely see Milan out of the frying pan into the fire.

The establishment of Balotelli, and Montolivo as the head and backbone of Milan, is the disease that plagues the Rossoneri. The arrival of the duo was indeed foreboding, apart from their being fellow rejects, but as was true their unimpressive records, that would not classify them as world-class, and though giving their grand talents, however, it is evident that talent alone amounts to nothing, without discipline to work hard, a virtue beyond the Italian Nationals. More impotent than dynamic, is their often miserable performances on the pitch. Now, there remains no doubt as to their lack of intestinal fortitude, resulting mediocrity, and becoming a liability to the Rosoneri.

Balotelli that has been relied upon to be the hero, especially in the prestigious games, has most often in them all, appeared the nobody, with almost a goalless account.

GameScoreGoalsYellow CardsRed Cards
Atletico Madrid0-1000
Atletico Madrid1-4010

If Milan are to achieve the stability, and success they vigorously desire, then an immediate act of courage to dispense Montolivo, and Balotelli could pave the way for greater things that might come. However, a potential opportunity to execute the agenda, must be handled most auspiciously, for in Milan’s possession lies the gems in Cristante and Petagna, the Midfielder and striker, who apart from their immense talents, are able to supplant their senior duo, and prove a better deal.

Cristante, who had seem just five minutes of game time, this season, but upon his full debut on home soil, against opposition side, Atalanta, he struck a sublime goal, a thunderbolt to the bottom corner of the net, a strike that mercilessly beat the goal keeper.

Petagna, known for his great composure on the ball, with an eye for goal, the big, and young Italian, having been called upon on too few occasions, has shown great promises nonetheless.

The two youngsters, between them, have bagged only six league games, an amount too little, to encourage their great prospects, as they ought to be provided more game time, and made the priority as the future of the Club. Cristante, and Petagna could indeed consolidate unshakeable bedrock upon which is born a new era of a greater Milan.

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Milan needs to change more than half of that team if they really want change. I mean serious adjustments in every department. From the so called Ownwers, the playes coaching team and the silly managers.


Reading the title “Milan’s worst dealings in recent years” I thought the piece was actually going to be on Milan’s worst dealings in recent years. i.e.

— Not replacing Ibra and Silva
— Letting Pirlo go to Juve
— Not swapping Pato with Tevez
— Buying Matri, Constant, Essien etc.
— Hiring Allegri

Balotelli and Montolivo (both of whom Milan miss terribly when they’re not playing) are surely the least of our problems right now.


I agree 100%, motolivo is nowhere near good enough to play for milan, think back to former captains who led the team like warriors and montolivo is not fit to place the armband on there arms let alone wear it himself, balotelli’s talent is there for all to see but he is fundamentally flawed in his genius and completely caught up in his belief that he’s bigger and better than the club itself or indeed any club he’s played for or likely to play for in the future, not one top 5 club in the world would sign him because… Read more »


balotelli has been performing like a star he is not getting the service that is why he is not scoring when you have to backtrack to the defensive line to get the ball it is a joke in the defence only abate, de scig and rami have played half decently kaka, monte playing well wait for cristante elshaz to come back maybe bring in a bit of mastour to get that creativity and movement we sorely miss and for f*#k sake play gabriel in goals abbiati and amelia are like crabs with broken legs


Letting Pirlo went to Juve was a big mistake by Allegri, but hired Allegri as coach was not. We have to remember that Allegri gave us scudetto in his fisrt year as a coach, after 7 years in waiting. We can’t underestimate this achievement though some ridiculuous decisions he made in picking up some players to Milan.

I just more dissapointed to management because they failed to bring in some world class players. They got a bunch of money after selling Ibra and Silva and filled our squad with some mediocre-unused-free transfer players. How could that happen in Milan?


well allegri gave us the scudetto when all the serie a was dead, our rivals were a napoli just starting to play and a inter crying after the loss of mourinho, allegri in his second season against a actually strong team as juve (even after they too were just begining) was not that good.


It’s true Balotelli nd montolivo are far from the worst signings. U cannot expect 4-5 ppl to do the work of a team of 11


There are many factors to blame for this condition not just allegri or a few players. Berlusconi doesn’t invest and galliani doesn’t use what little funds he gets wisely and eventually the coach must make do with what he gets

indo milanista

That’s what i have been calling from so long….
and was there any point to buy essein when we already have cristante to play at that position and he have also prooved himself…
none could be a great football star if not given chance…
give chances to inzagi’s boys they are really good he is truly producing class players that we need….


Waste of time and money with getting players like mexes or traore for free. Balotelli & montelivo can’t make milan better competitive alone. The problem lies in the defense which has no quality and the goalkeeper that needs to be retired. Also in letting go key players such as pirlo and thiago. The rebuild of Milan start with young players, a goalkeeper that mark the new Milan and quality defenders.

indo milanista

I really doubt that will we play with mastour or would just sell him…
we have some good players on whole whole world have kept there eyes we should give them proper chances


many have already prooved that they can be great

many have been sold and now prooving to be class players like aubameyang

why don’t we give chances to youngsters when we know that our greatest players were from youth squad




Balotelli is fine. We just have to partner up with a him a great striker to lead him. He cannot lead the front lines alone. Milan’s story would have been very different if we had signed Tevez. Balotelli would be on fire with their combination play. Put Lewandowski in this team and he still would do bad with the service that he would get. People tend to forget he’s still 23, and are expecting him to lead a team that is mentally down and has an inept coach. The mentality right now at Milan is contagious. Seedorf keeps emphasizing he’s… Read more »


Honda to be played in CAM position – obvious for all to see except seedorf and i just don’t know why Kaka can only play soo many games before fatigue gets to him- seedorf doesn’t get this too!! Balo CANNOT play upfront alone, the guy is not a holder of the ball like ibra, his a lanky, skillful, strong and FAST striker who needs balls supplied to him, although he can provide fantastic offloads also, but yet, the poor guy is tormented all alone by opposition defender’s while kaka and Honda are still running into the final third, obvious to… Read more »

Milan fan

Bringing players like Constant,Essien,Muntari and selling Silva and Ibra are the biggest mistakes. Hiring Allegri was not a mistake,he brought us the Scudeto,and remember last year ? He managed to get us in the C.L. only now when seedorf is the coach you see the miracles Allegri’s been making.


@ bula, milanista, ***, raphael and curvasud90 you’re all spot on. Balotelli and Monty are both being played out of position by Seedorf. They can’t do it all by themselves with the garbage we have bogging down the team, esp in defence.

And I can’t believe some of you are saying hiring Allegri was a good thing. Ok he won the scudetto but it would’ve been hard not to with the squad we had. Inter and Juve were both weak and we had Nesta/Silva defence and Ibra and Cassano up front.


Why hasn’t our squad call up been published yet?? This is the first time i haven’t seen on our official site before a game, its usually along with the final training session article and/or itself…anyone know the players called up???

Pa ibra

it will be the same squad from the lazio match. 26 players were called up and they’ll fly direct from rome to florens.


Cristante should play with montolivo in the midfield for the rest of the season. The duo with poli in the midfield would be milan class. Enough de jong ! Enough essien! Enough muntari!


I can’t believe this “article” (more like a child-like thought piece) got published on this site…. Seriosly. The dire state of our club isn’t like it is because of two regulars in a solid italian national team? There a deeper problem which needs to be adressed. One problem, amongst many, that i think there is, is that seedorf has been put under pressure to deliver instant results this season, otherwis he surely would be playing more youngsters?

Pa ibra

that might be the case because i heard galliani saying to seedorf that he still care for the points even if it means playing poorly. making the coach give up on youngsters and good football. galliani plz leave!!!!


Tonight if we dont make a good game and a win I hope to see some big changes

Alex The Mauler (SWE)

Petagna got some serious potential and Cristante too they can become worldclass players if they get the chance to play according to me Cristante can go directly to the starting line up in every game he has played this season he has impressed me especially the Atalanta game and Sassoulo Petagna should Always come off the bench… next season he should go on a loan to serie b or a bottom team in serie a that he can get regular playing time


Just here for the comments

Pa ibra

mario and MONTOLIVO are the worries in this team. youre joking, right?!.
as much as i’d love seeing youngsters… imagine petegna & cristante as the “head and backbone of this side” trying to carry birsa muntari and the other catania materials.

it seems that you think there are better players in this squad than montolivo. the team play even worst without him.


I strongly believe that these players should be sold or let go:

1. Balotelli-poor attitude. Needless to say more.
2. Montolivo
3. Urby
4. Bonera
5. Zaccardo
6. Mexes
7. Constante
8. Muntari
9. Essien

I would also recommend Milan parting ways with Galliani and Seedorf. Replace them with Sean Sogliano of Verona and Roberto Donadoni.

If I have to explain the list of players above to anyone then clearly you must be delusional.


Montolivo is the best player in our team. De jong should leave instead of him.

Alex The Mauler (SWE)


De Sciglio Astori Garay Criscito

Poli De Jong Cristante

Cerci Mastour El92


This is how our future team should be like if i were in charge


You realize that your line-up has 12 players, do you?


Alex i like your formation alot!

Just one question though. How will you convince referees to let us play with 12 men on the field?

Alex The Mauler (SWE)

haha true… forget that De jong was there


I really can” t understand the reason why people think that de jong is s good player? He is not good at all. Only average player.


Watch Montolivo and Balotelli in the Azurri national team,and see the difference between Quality and Mediocre.Sell all our best players including Balotelli and Montolivo and buy Messi or Ronaldo and lets play Spezia again to know our performances. The problem is neither Balotelli nor Montolivo,but it is the management and the type of players they gave us,”Messi and Ronaldo are fantastic because of the support and types of players they are playing with,Essien is 31 so is Alonso and Xavi,but the difference is there,Balotelli in the national team is different from Milan because of the quality”.I think AG said it… Read more »


Milan have asked Balloteli to drop Mino Raiola as agent….and why do I have a feeling it’s all a ploy to get rid of him in the summer? Cos in my opinion I don’t think Balloteli will comply…

Alex The Mauler (SWE)

yeah it was a rumour that he wanted to make a swap between Hamsik and Balotelli in the summer… i dont get why Milan complain i would make that swap happen because Hamsik is BEAST


So many people here is blaming Mario because they expect him to score in every game and when we lose you will be calling his name,this guy is not Ronaldo or Messi that does that by the support of world class or top players they play with.The difference between Mario and Messi or Ronaldo is the type of players they play with.In Madrid it is not only Ronaldo that score,Di Maria,Benzema,Bale,Morata,Jese,Ramos,they are always there to score,In Barca not only Messi,there is Alexis,Pedro,Neymar,Iniesta,Xavi,Cesc,In Chelsea,Hazard,Oscar,Ramirez,etc they are always there to score.In Milan every one expects Mario to score and when he doesn’t… Read more »


again and again management buy players without a clue whats needed, remenber under Leonardo we played with wingers the frontline was Ronaldinho Borriello Pato its fine but Pato was out due to injury most of the time and it was Huntelaar on the wing (wrong players) and the the start of Allegri he played 4-3-1-2 and then the management brought in Robinho when we did´nt need wingers we needed Real centerforward like Huntelaar. And now after the overhaul that saw many veterans leave san siro. We were promised the famous youth project and it all started with bringing in Matri… Read more »


Seedorf should play the youngsters until the end of the season and let them show what they can do. That would give him an idea who can step in next season instead of spending money on new overpriced players. This season is lost anyway so that would be a perfect opportunity to test out the young players and start building a team around them. I would rather see Milan try to use youngsters and lose than use what we currently have and lose anyway. In he summer have buy one get one free sale and get rid of dead wood.… Read more »


Well in my opinion, this is the fault of the OWNER and also THE MANAGEMENT itself. Berlusconi always said that milan need him in the situation like this, but actually where is he when milan is in this kind of situation? Where is his investment? He is not investing in top class player anymore because he doesnt have the money already, and yet he still doesnt want to sell some part of the shares to those arabian guys who are ready to inject a lot of cash. He is just a selfish person, not the same Berlusconi when he was… Read more »


I’ll write my own article in this case. I believe that Balotelli and Montolivo were necessary signings, but i can mention plenty of deals that were not: – Don’t give Pirlo another chance. As far as i remember, the whole italian media were about Pirlo was past his best. So it was unseen by everybody, but it proved a big mistake. If we would’ve given him what he wants, we would be the champions of Italia in 11-12. – The sale of Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva. The time, when great champions quit the club such as Gattuso, Nesta, Seedorf, Inzaghi,… Read more »

what the...

I think this is cool and I agree that with this idea we would be a lot better off than we are. But just to play devils advocate, would El Shaarawy be who he was last season and what we think he can be in the future among this stable of strikers? Who knows…


@Luke..I totally agree but he won’t. That’s what we should have done since the Parma game.


Uhm. I’m just wondering, have you seen the difference Monto makes to our style of play? Even if Monto haven’t been in the best of shape this season, it’s evident that he provides something to our game that no one else does, even when he’s been poor he still makes a difference. Cristante should rotate with him, definitely, but to dismantle Monto on behalf of Cristante when Monto isn’t even on the wrong side of 30 is just ridiculous. And Petagna have been injured and was getting some playing time up until the injury. So, sorry, the title and what… Read more »


Montolivo doesn’t have the impact to impose himself in midfield or make much of a difference in the game. He doesn’t make decisive plays or killer passes that create goals or goal scoring chances. And he doesn’t score goals. Montolivo at times works hard but he isn’t a decisive player. Cristante is and if Seedorf use these remaining games to build his confidence he will be amazing next season. In my opinion, Montolivo is unproductive. .just saying!


Simply put. This article is trash. It has been established for quite sometime now that we have been doing poor and the season is lost. Fine shut up and move past it. Try and focus on the little positives no matter how small they may be… also stop blaming the previous coach. He did well with what he had. Blame the management for giving him a bottom half team and wanting a top 3 finish.


In my mind Milan need five signings and I know who I’d like
Right winger – Cerci
Quality poacher to play with Balotelli – Chicarito or Pato
Quality ball playing centre mid to play with Montolivo – Maher (or play Cristante)
Centre back – Dede or Doria (or play Pacifico)
Keeper – Perin or Scuffet

So 14/15’s team would look like (cheaper)
Abate–Rami–Pacifico–De Sciglio
Cerci——-Honda——El Shaarawy

More expensive
Cerci—————-El Shaarawy