Galliani: “Right result, the team fought with real desire”


ADRIANO GALLIANI is happy to have seen a Milan team in fighting spirit and has said cohesion is needed at this time.

Milan drew Lazio 1-1 at Stadio Olimpico on Sunday evening, ending a series of four consecutive losses between Serie A & the Champions League. The Rossoneri didn’t play particularly well but left the woes of Atletico and Parma behind them.

The press reported numerous times in past week that there are cracks in the Milan dressing room and that the squad is not united and for that reason, CEO Adriano Galliani joined Milan’s trip to Rome to show the faith of the management.

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“It’s a very important point, very important. As regardless of the result, the team fought hard and that’s a good signal. Kakà got his goal and Mario Balotelli hit the post, in the end we could even have won it. But it’s the right result and that’s fine,” Galliani, who watched the team from the stands, as he always does, told the Milan Channel right after the match last night.

“This is a draw that interrupts a series of losses, but most of all you could see that the team fought with real desire and that’s the signal that I wanted to see. There’s only one way to get out of this situation and that’s cohesion between the club, the coach and the players. If we all stick together, I think we’ll get out of this and find some satisfaction. We’re all close to the player as we should be as I’ve been doing this for 28 years (Galliani came in 1986) and I’m not doing anything new.

“The important thing though is that we saw the team really fighting.” Galliani and coach Clarence Seedorf had a face-to-face last weekend in which the Vice President reportedly expressed his support in the Dutch coach who’s had a rough start.

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Fighting spirit my arse


“We’re all close to the player as we should be as I’ve been doing this for 28 years (Galliani came in 1986) and I’m not doing anything new.” Does this comment not scare anyone else? He better start doing something new, this isnt the 80s anymore


Galliani is a past and can’t offer anything more in future, that’s why he would keep talking about the past just to sensor his weakness but unfortunately it’s too obvious.


If Milan play the same way against Fiorentina as they did against Lazio, we are gonna get our ass kicked 🙁


Wow am feed up with these Oloju Opolo Man called Galliani he says in an interview that all milan players will have to reduce the their wages if they could not qualify for european competition but it seems no player will leave with the way he is talking.