Injuries: De Sciglio sprains ankle, out for at least 2 weeks


MATTIA DE SCIGLIO suffered a sprain in his right ankle against Lazio and his situation will be re-evaluated in 14 days.

Things are just not going Milan’s way this season; the Rossoneri did stop their losing streak, drawing Lazio 1-1 on Sunday evening at the Olimpico but also lost arguably their best defender to injury as De Sciglio had to walk off in the 84′ minute.

De Sciglio started the game on the right flank but had to be substituted by Daniele Bonera and the Italy fullback is set to miss the games against Fiorentina, Chievo and Genoa at the very least as he’ll only be checked again in two weeks.

Galliani: “Right result, the team fought with real desire”
Seedorf: “We always try to give our, I am growing every day”

“AC Milan would like to communicate that following a visit from Prof. Andrea Ferretti and tests, Mattia De Sciglio has been diagnosed with a sprained right ankle. The injury will be evaluated again in 2 weeks’ time,” Milan announced through their website on Monday. This leaves the Rossoneri with no right backs as Ignazio Abate is also out with an injury and can’t play.

Captain Montolivo will also be unavailable for the game against his former team: “In addition, Riccardo Montolivo also underwent tests on his lower-back injury which still shows sign of bruising in that area,” the statement continued.

Seedorf and Balotelli shaking hands in training in Rome today (via @ACMilanArab)
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OMG the worst defence in milan history will be lined up vs fiorentina who r doing very well. bonera rami zapata urby..not looking good…i would play poli at rite back rather than that bonerrora


Use zacardo at Rb far more better then Bonera on the right…


or just dont play anyone there, having bonera playing there then we risk more of a chance of giving away a penalty, close range free kick or scoring a own goal…


i would rather promote someone from primera than do any of those things,but we can depate here as long as we wan at the end we will se Bonera on RB


oh dam

Pa ibra

play essien at RB he can handle that one i think. if he fail there too then dont play him anymore


or change the system in 3-5-2 at least for this match


Poli is suspended for that match,now Montolivo and MDS aren’t available,so i think Zaccardo or Essien should play at the RB.


Yeah i like that idea of deploying 3-man defence but its never gonna happen Seedorf will stick with the 4-2-3-1 formation and its a shame.


To be honest what Seedorf brings on to the field it’s not 4-2-3-1 cause Poli is not AM,he is classical CM,good player:fast,persistant,tenacius but not play-organising guy by any means.If he need to play he’s position would be beside Montolivo or De Jong.Sad thing is that real playmakers sit on the bench like Honda who when on the pitch plays wrong position,on right side instead on central attacking spot behind striker.Saponara needs more chances and ofcourse we all waiting for great El Sha! Forza MILAN!


Pazzini and Balotelli at the same time is best then Balo gets more room and Pazzini is a beast catching every loose ball that comes. Insteed of Balo alone up top taken all the hits and getting more and more frustrated and it hides his strengths.


Obviously the available players can’t offer their best with 4231 but Seedorf will not listen. When De Sciglio isn’t available, Milan loses a lot in terms of quality at the back and the best thing would be to revert to 352 with Zapata, Rami and Mexes at the back. This could as well give birth to another positive discovery for Seedorf but once again, he’s too stubborn.


Damn why is Milan having so many injuries? We need invest into a better medical team I think. Milan use to be world class medial lab and now they are about as average as the team itself. Just look at Pato, they couldn’t figure it out and once he left, he has been OK


U guys must have read bleacher reports article on “4 players Milan should sign” its pretty good nd i must say necessary, only one i don’t think we need is Fernando.
your thoughts..??

indo milanista

The four players i and all other fans are talking about since a year… With an addition of an lb perin doria luke shaw/azpilicueta cerci fernando at a total they will cost nearly 65 mil and if we sell balo we earn 30 mil on selling abate we can earn 10 mil on selling robinho,emanuelson,matri,noccerino,birsa , mexes,essein we can earn somewhat 20 mil so a total of 60 million can be earned from transfers we just want 30 million from Berlusconi to retain rami and tarrabt and that isn’t a big amount comeon gillani put your ear what all Milan… Read more »


I read this article but Barbara said that they have changed policy on transfers. She said they will buy players for the medium to long term not the short term. Cerci and Fernando are more short term as their best playing years will be over the next 3 or so years. Perin and Doria are long term, if they develop to their potential they will be 10 year players. Should Milan suffer over a couple of seasons for long term success or should we build a team for next season? Cerci and Fernando are great but maybe we should get… Read more »


Yea i second that, but I’d also want to see a more competitive Milan rather than the one that gives up after going a goal down to ‘big’ teams, it really is a pickle that Milan is in right now and @indo milanisti i know Milan fans have been wanting those players, i just MENTIONED the article…you don’t have to be sarcastic


I think with 5 young talents (GK LB CB CM RW) Milan will be competitive next season. Of course with so much young talent we wont always be consistent, but that’s okay by me. The other thing that needs to happen is that the older players should only be used as an emergency, for example if Montolivo is unable to play (injury/suspension etc) or needs to be subbed, Cristante should be the first back up NOT Essien/Muntari etc. After a while Cristante will be competing with Monty for a start. Same for Saponara/Petagna and other young talents. Also we need… Read more »


Yea also if perin stars in the world cup i.e. If his in the squad at all, than boy will that guys value rise, i think our major issues are the keeper and cb positions, hopefully seedorf has an ace or two up his sleeves for the summer


Yea let’s switch to a formation the squad has no practice in. Get realistic. It’s not fifa where you can play any formation you want without practicing the execution.

indo milanista



Man i hope next transfer window they really gonna think about stuff and not rush anything , the thing now is they got too many players that play on the same position , especially midfielders , and no matter how many times you change formation there are always at least 2 players not in a good position , if they play it smart in the next transfer window and think about position and formation first then they can change it all around , just my opinion , i been playing and watching , analyzing soccer since is was 8 im… Read more »


Rush? They wait all summer just to flop in last days of August. Don’t worry they won’t rush and they probably won’t do a lot of thinking either before bringing us more junk


Why is that our weaker players don’t get injured often? Like imagine if constant was injured for a lengthy period like how el sharaawy was. Or Muntari instead of abate. And so on. -_-


@jibola hmm…in d past you’ve posted some intelligent comments on this blog…but am disappointed 2 hear you bashing a rookie coach that is still trying to get a grip of the game against next season…oh! you must be wrong if you thought ‘dorf’ cud perform miracles…I just hope you’l cover yourself in shame next season when the team starts actually performing? all we needed is a coach with ‘milan mentality and identity’…so I expect you haters/clowns 2 choke yourselfs when the team gets to top gear….how cud you even expect something good from someone/something you keep bashing…word to the wise..


Your love for Seedorf beclouds your sense of reasoning to come to terms with reality. A club in such a problem as Milan (without funds) needs an experience manager and not a rookie, it’s not just about seedorf here but any rookie.

Only and i repeat again, only an experience manager can take Milan out of this situation.


with good summer transfers this club will be heading for greatness…be optimistic guys, it’s too early to start bashing y’all expect him to correct allegri’s woes of the past 3years in just 2months….use your brains…was he the one that bought muntari,constant,mexes,birsa,zaccardo,nuelson,matri,noce,binho?…smh


Fifa really… dont change formation cause they are not used to it… the season is over. Now is the time experiment tactics og formations…


Sell balotelli. Matri….. buy van persie torres n chicharito of man utd


It’s not about my love 4 seedorf(am nt gay)…it’s all about giving the man a chance and equip him with the right players…if he fails after that you can hang him upside down if u so wish..and be careful wht u wish for( they can bring an allegri-like experienced coach)….this milan squad is just so bad even guardiola will look bad with the likes of ‘bonera n the gang’…and again..I hope you’l come out wit a public apology on this blog if/wen this club starts performing well with seedorf as coach? tnx…no disrespect bro


It’s not about my love 4’s all about giving the man a chance and equip him with the right players…if he fails after that you can hang him upside down if u so wish..and be careful wht u wish for( they can bring an allegri-like experienced coach)….this milan squad is just so bad even guardiola will look bad with the likes of ‘bonera n the gang’…and again..I hope you’l come out wit a public apology on this blog if/wen this club starts performing well with seedorf as coach? tnx…no disrespect bro

Ross Oneri

ELsha is Back.


How can Seedorf keeps saying that he selected the best players to hurt the opponent? At times the players that he thinks to hurt others suck and this is the problem. He also sticks with 4-2-3-1 with any team coming up against. It means it is not true he is selecting the best for the game plan.


I’m more worried about reports and rumours that De Sciglio will be sold in summer. Anyone knows anything solid about this? I’ll go loco if this happens…


real madrid wants him….

Milan 4 ever

Mds wish u and other quick recovery