Milan-Bologna: Official line-ups


TEAMS NEWS: Milan are without Ferdinando Coppola, Daniele Bonera, Matias Silvestre, Valter Birsa, Bryan Cristante, Urby Emanuelson, Stephan El Shaarawy, Robinho and Andrea Petagna. Bologna have to deal without Michele Pazienza and Robert Acquafresca. The 24th matchday kicks off at Stadio San Siro this Friday evening at 20:45 CET / Italy time.

Highlights: Milan 1-0 Bologna

AC Milan (4-2-3-1) – Clarence Seedorf
Christian Abbiati; Mattia De Sciglio, Adil Rami, Cristian Zaccardo, Kevin Constant; Nigel De Jong, Riccardo Montolivo; Keisuke Honda, Ricardo Kaka, Adel Taarabt; Mario Balotelli.
Bench: Amelia, Gabriel, Abate, Mexes, Zapata, Essien, Muntari, Saponara, Poli, Pazzini.

Bologna F.C. 1909 (3-5-2) – Davide Ballardini
Gianluca Curci; Mikael Antonsson, Cesare Natali, Andrea Mantovani; György Garics, Lázaros Christodoulópoulos, Diego Pérez, Rene Krhin, Archimede Morleo; Rolando Bianchi, Jonathan Cristaldo.
Bench: Stojanovic, Malagoli, Sorensen, Cherubin, Crespo, Cech, Kone, Laxalt, Friberg, Ibson, Moscardelli, Paponi.

Referee: Mauro Bergonzi.

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Goal of the year right there.


balotti MUST play behind the striker! thats it!


King Baloo!!!!!!!!!!!

My fat mittlefinger to all the Balo haters!!!!!!!!

Arbër Cami

Y3ah thats why he wanted to leave the pitch after the game
Balo doesnt play with his heart…goals are not the most important thing

Opinion Varies

Goals are not the most important thing….what else is?Pls…just shut up already,enough with the whining.






Mario !!! Mario !!! Mario!!!
silence the haters


I stayed quiet while u guys bashed balo because he wasn’t having a good game, but that little glimpse just shows wat he can do.. He is great don’t forget it, it’s milan that’s just having a poor year… FORZA MILAN!!


this is why i wish mario had his head in the game more

could easily be one of the world’s best


u guy are so unpredictable


3 points that we really needed.


What happened to the kaka from 2 months ago?


I love what happens when Mario and Pazzo are on the pitch together. Pazzo stretches the defence so they cant focus so much on Mario.
I believe this is why Mario had time to set up the shot that scored the winning goal.

3points…FORZA MILAN!!!


We need to play 4-4-2. We need 2 guys on the front so the defense can focus just on one.


Balo imo plays better for us when he is NOT the main man i.e. lone striker where most of the goal scoring responsibilities lie with him. Honda needs to play centrally not on the wing but I think Seedorf is not playing him there just yet to give him less responsibilities as he is new to Italian football tactics culture etc. Btw great goal by Balo and ow yea Taarabt awesome player! However we still have plenty of improving to do. Forza Milan!


I agree with you, Ouch. I don’t want to look back on Allegri’s decision but the idea to copy what Barca have achieved with 4-3-3 formation is totally wrong considering the concept of tiki taka is not match with the nature of italians i.e: catenaccio. Milan have lost their identity in playing football with patience and balance between attack and defense. 4-4-2 imo is the best formation. Milan have strong wingers who can help to attack and defense very well like : SES, poli and taarabt. Birsa can be useful in that position too. The 2 strikers upfront should be… Read more »

Alex The Mauler (SWE)

i Think we should play 4-3-3 we are better with more strikers El Shaarawy is missed


Master Didi taught balotelli very well.


Mario and Pazzo do look great when on the pitch, it feels as if they have great chemistry and have characheristics that help complement each other. The question is if it would be as great if they start together as well. Only time will tell. Fantastic goal from Super Mario, it shows the entire world what he can do. He just needs to do this on a more consistent basis. Hopefully he can under the mentorship of Clarence. I don’t get why Constant gets to start ahead of Abate though, I really don’t. Anyhow, important win for morale even if… Read more »


Great match… only a few ajust has to be made…

Taarabt is very good, but needs a good player to play with him on the left.. constant is stupid and bad..

Our defence is still bad..

kaka and honda are not playing everything they know..

What was that subs? de jong for muntari?? argh

anyway good match!! lots of pressure

without robinho our team gets 300% better


He needs De Jong for Madrid, that’s why he pulled him off

Hamid Tavakoli

Yes that is true but why did he put on Muntari?
It’s simple Poli on for De jong, ok fine, Pazzo on for Honda but then you put on Saponara for Kaka.
Seedorf has been very un-impressive so far. No trust in youth, has his favourite players that he is trying to help reach the world cup squads, Kaka/Robinho cough cough.
Enough with these two already, They don’t deserve an automatic start every game that they are available for.


exactaly… the problem is muntari, the game was 0x0.. poli should have come


bandwagon balo fans here we come…
by the way i just noticed bologna had a bench of crespo and cech..
seriously.Rami is world class!Taarabt is the only one keeping milan football alive.Changing tactics was genious by freed balo to release the shot.

kwabena Adu

Happy we won this game but our performance was not good at all,we seem to possess the ball without any motives just kicking the ball around
But let’s enjoy this win it has really boast our moral,I hope we could beat Atl Madrid next week
Forza Milan

delex olabode

Well.well i tenk god we win @last gud goal frm balo nd i wish him many more goals 2 cm amen


Glad Milan won but this victory was out of pure luck!Again this 4-2-3-1 formation sucks. Milan looked ineffective and confused! A lucky strike by Balotelli and now he is great? Whatever! His attitude is poor on and off the pitch. This will only boost his pathetic ego and fool fans including Galliani to think that he is a great player when he is not! Seedorf needs to play with 2 strikers-that means ditching the 4-2-3-1 crap! This team is beoming one dimensional and confused like Allegri’s team! I really feel sorry for Kaka-1st Madrid now all this confusion at Milan.… Read more »

Hamid Tavakoli

Someone who talks sense finally. I mean I don’t agree with everything you mentioned but I find it incredible the amount of “fans” on this site that class this performance as great. This was as soul-crushing a performance as every other game under Seedorf as well as Allegei this season. I mean again no trust in Saponara. While for months now Kaka and Robinho have been terrible yet Seedorf still shuns Saponara. Muntari fir De Jong? Really? That should have been Poli coming on. Pazzo for Hibda fine, but then hoe about Saponara for Kaka? Again a very bad performance… Read more »


I completly agree with you Nick on all especially the pârt of when you mention BAlotelli is pathetic
I dont understand Milan fans…how can you call him a world class striker when he doesnt fight for his team, 80% of his goals are penalties….
Worst attitude on the pitch he thinks hes a star…i prefer not seeing him wearing that shirt it gets me sick

Raphael Minter

Well, I think yesterdays game was not that good but it was great, Milan played well but lacked creativity. Was very happy with Taraabt, he is a wonderful player.
People will talk, but Athletico will feel defeat, Forza Milan.

Milan fan

Gosh some people writing here are ether 13 or just blind.

The formation is catastrophic,we have no game,only individual shoots and if something goes in ok if not still ok.

Lucky win,nothing else.


i feel small kids and inter fans are writing on this blog,blaming kaka and honda for their you know how bad is our midfield with monty and muntari which give absolutely no supports to our many times kaka received a through pass to exploit defense or how many times honda got a clear through ball so that he can induce his dictatorship.look at xavi,pirlo,schweinsteiger,lampard,gerrard absolutely killer eagle eye to open therir forwards.I FEEL SO BAD FOR KAKA because he is two class above this squad.I also saw a stupid blaming kaka for his one touch play with balo… Read more »


forza milan…transition they say…give them time but no more excuses next season.


Complains………………………..when will all this pathetic faces who are only full of complains stop supporting this great team or get a clue about the round leather game?????????????????????????????…………seedorf’s only been here 1month and some days and you readily expect him to turn the team to a bayern straight away? where were you all when he said “a lot still needs to be done to get milan back to the top”? + that he ain’t no magician who works wonders……aaarrrggghhhhh as for those hating on balo, i guess you can do better in his position (he ain’t good right?, why hasn’t it occurred… Read more »

M Milan

Saw 2 things last night.
1- A team with a lot of problems, players playing as individuals instead as a team! Build up play was v slow and bologna if they played more attacking football could’ve won.
2- Balo scored a SCREAMER of a goal!!!!
Forza Milan!!!