Milan-Bologna: Official line-ups


TEAMS NEWS: Milan are without Ferdinando Coppola, Daniele Bonera, Matias Silvestre, Valter Birsa, Bryan Cristante, Urby Emanuelson, Stephan El Shaarawy, Robinho and Andrea Petagna. Bologna have to deal without Michele Pazienza and Robert Acquafresca. The 24th matchday kicks off at Stadio San Siro this Friday evening at 20:45 CET / Italy time.

Highlights: Milan 1-0 Bologna

AC Milan (4-2-3-1) – Clarence Seedorf
Christian Abbiati; Mattia De Sciglio, Adil Rami, Cristian Zaccardo, Kevin Constant; Nigel De Jong, Riccardo Montolivo; Keisuke Honda, Ricardo Kaka, Adel Taarabt; Mario Balotelli.
Bench: Amelia, Gabriel, Abate, Mexes, Zapata, Essien, Muntari, Saponara, Poli, Pazzini.

Bologna F.C. 1909 (3-5-2) – Davide Ballardini
Gianluca Curci; Mikael Antonsson, Cesare Natali, Andrea Mantovani; György Garics, Lázaros Christodoulópoulos, Diego Pérez, Rene Krhin, Archimede Morleo; Rolando Bianchi, Jonathan Cristaldo.
Bench: Stojanovic, Malagoli, Sorensen, Cherubin, Crespo, Cech, Kone, Laxalt, Friberg, Ibson, Moscardelli, Paponi.

Referee: Mauro Bergonzi.

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We would beat them by three goals to nothing. FORZA MILAN ; FORZA ROSSONERI ; FORZA MILAN


Why constant, and not abate

El Greco

It’s clear why Abate doesn’t start lately although he’s fit. He’s leaving in the summer. Which doesn’t bother me much, I’m only afraid who’s gonna replace him!!


in fact, I think that Seedorf wants to see ALL players how do they play. Thats why he put in constant, anyway its Milan-Bologna.. we should win this game 2-0 or 2-1.


No it’s not that he is leaving, because few weeks ago he was a starter under Allegri, it’s just that Seedorf prefers MDS as right back (although MDS can play as LB) over Abate. For this reason the LB position is now free for Constant and Urby.

Hope Seedorf changes his mind though and puts Abate as RB and MDS as LB.


we are looking at santon for the summer market

Pete Acquaviva

This blog used to have great posts but now it just has posts like the pre-match lineups like it has for the last 5 years. Everything was awesome but now it’s terrible and the sole reason is you, Meytar.


Pete go to

Gianfranco is much better at handling a website than Meytar. Plus you can write you’re own article.


Meytar, you are turning terrible, please keep up your old good work, not this rubbish.


oh man. im still missing & dreaming that one day, we could have a player with the magic of ronaldhino on the wing, creativeness of young seedorf & young kaka, long accurate passing & smartness of pirlo & beckham on the middle, barbaric midfielder like gattuso, partnership of nesta & silva at the back line, heart & soul of maldini at fullback, poaching skill of pippo, lightning speed & quickness of pato. hhaaayy, i really missed tha day or years that i started watching football because of the talents & entertainment that AC MILAN gives to the fans. im still… Read more »


OMG! Just before the match I was holding speeches everywhere on the internet saying claiming Honda must play as the playmaker (CAM), Seedorf still puts Honda as RAM. Seedorf did say that the trequartista role is swappable for our trequartistas, so let’s hope Honda changes his position with Kaka during the game…


From seedorfs point of view it doesn’t matter how anyone played under allegri. Everyone deserves a chance and so he’s giving everyone a shot. He wants to see how constant plays under him when given playing time.


what abt resting kaka n giving essien gametime ahead of cl

Arbër Cami

Oh no balotelli plays….
he will fall down 100000 times to have a panalty
he wont have a penalty and will start crying…the shame of milan this pathetic guy


Constant aa lb..zacardo as cb..we lose again..horible line up


if they let abate go they better be planning on buying a REAL LB…not a converted MF like constant and urby…who are terrible


They are thinking of getting Coentrao in the summer, he is a beast LB.


I get the feeling that Rami-Zapata partnership will be amazing in the future years.
Rami is looking very sharp and the more he plays the better he looks.


They better not let abate go, he is a great. He is a starter on Italy INT team for a Reason


Really now what the hell is doing Constant in Milan!???!?!Ahhh…….


for a side that doesnt have a true target man we sure love lobbing crosses into the box at random

Arbër Cami

Very true…
knowing that balo is really lazy we really need pazzo as striker at least he tries smthng not like uselesa balo who cant make a decent pass


Abate isn’t starting again???


Santon is another over hyped player some of you guys are always make noise about. This guy isn’t even on the itailan national team yet you guys think his better than Abate that is a starter


yea if we’re going for an italian LB then criscito is the only option


no a bad line up


santon blows bring coentrao as lb move de sciglio to rb


our best game after allegri left was that one with tassotti in charge! just saying he put honda behind strikers and he delivered very good…

Sevchenko Arafat

that was against spezia and i think they are in serie B just saying…


Taarabt is a beast!!!


balotelli, constant and honda! balotelli needs a partner player. honda as CAM and constant out! 4132 would be much better in my opinion!

Arbër Cami

Balotelli needs to be sold to a serie b team
People say that taarabt has a big mouth but at least hes usefull
balotelli has a big mouth and is useless thats a real shame
hope he will be sold asap in the summer….fingers crosses for this

Sevchenko Arafat

wat a goal from BALOTELLI wat did u say he can be a BEAST LIKE THAT forza BALO Forza MILAN


Balotelli just saved Milan once again. What a goal. In your face.


taarabt is amazing.if el sharawy comes back..atack would be Barcelona deadly


yea taarabt on the right with el shaarawy on the left

kaka/honda can rotate in the middle


We are so easily pressured its a joke!!! Taarabt is the only live-wire out there, mobile on and off the ball…. The rest are just static….pathetic!!


Great moves from Taarabat sadly milan stand still so when he gets pass a player and wants to make goal opportunity pass, he gets no option, I feel we need that killer instinct- in other words lets bring Pazzo as target man


Watching Taraabt tonight, I really can’t wait for El-Sharawwy’s return.. Him and Taraabt on both wings will be pretty cool… Taraabt is doing good, I really hope he keeps it up.. Best player for Milan so far tonight..!!!


what is all this hype over De Sciglio? he cannt evern cross! ah Milan lack true quality only reme, kaka, dj, monti, pazzini, el sha deserve play for milan! and maybe taarbat and honda(in his natural CAM)


Fully agree with u here, schiglo seems to be abate #2 cant ever cross the ball or cut into the opposition box effectively. Taarabt seems to be our best player today. Creating clear cut chances seems to be a problem for us! Imo our biggest weaknesses in terms of attacking is our full backs and balo.


@Azad De Sciglio is better on the left side.


balotelli,kaka off
pazzini,poli in

Alex The Mauler (SWE)

Taarabt is the only Milan player thats alive on the pitch and doing his job Montolivo had 2 dangerous shots but is looking a little slow Balotelli is useless and doesnt show any will to do anything Pazzini needs to come in


What iz the problem with Honda


Kaka should be replaced by Pazzo. Honda drops to midfield and balo to the wing. 4-3-3


This match is just so funny. For christ sake, Kaka is just a vessel running about on the field. Move Honda to CAM, take out Kaka and bring Poli. Poli is very energetic and creative.


lol Azad u are right iv notie abate and de sciglio cant cross only d mildfider can croo effectively milan players are bunch of waste


no free transferd player plays with heart for milan


milan cant play FOOTBALL!


wats wrong with milan we cant even score at d 60th minute atleticl madrid is going to distroy us for real


Seedorf what a hell of football is this and what a hell of formation?


Seedorf shouldve put Poli in, instead of Muntari


Berlusconi/Galliani what have you done to my dear Milan…


Milan is very predictable.

Arbër Cami

Wtf balo still on the pitch good lord help us…
athletico madrid will rape us ,we cant score against bologna


Who is this imposter labeling himself as KAKA? Come on, ur in the middle, help facilitate play for God’s sake. 4-2-3-1 is not the right formation, they’re all bunched together up top, and they all look restricted by the lack of space.

I still can’t believe Seedorf hasn’t changed Honda to the inside. He looks lost on the wing cuz Seedorf is telling him to go wider, which explains the lackluster game from him.


AGAIN, Honda’s match has been ruined by playing him out of position, honestly Kaka didnt do shit as playmaker, all he does is just one-twos with taarabt balo and thats all like wtf!


stupid players giving cheap clumsy fouls..


hahahaha muntari! save us! looooool wth seedorf doing! 4231 with these players? tassotti is miles better


muntari is just the worst


Oh great, he should have been subbed off for saponara a long time ago!!! We better not miss Kaka for champions lLeague now


You must be the most optimistic person if you think that after such a match we will stand a chance against Atletico….


Pazzini makes somethin happen and NOBODY IS CRASHING THE NET


Our attackers are too static! Too easy to defend. We need explosive players charging into the box and making runs. SES is dearly missed!