Taarabt: “It’s an honour, I can’t wait to play for Milan”


ADEL TAARBT has landed in Italy today and is set to become the 4th signing of this January mercato, coming on loan.

Milan are ready to sign another player as after Keisuke Honda, Adil Rami and Michael Essien, the 24-year-old Adel Taarabt will join the squad of Clarence Seedorf and will try to help them reach a Serie A place that leads to a European competition.

Clarence Seedorf seems to believe that Taarabt can add something to his attack. At first Milan had tried to exchange him with 31-year-old Cristian Zaccardo but after that fell through, Milan decided to take Taarabt anyways and he’s landed today.

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“I am very happy. It’s an honour to play at the strongest team in Italy. I’ve already spoken with Seedorf and he told me what he expects from me. I can’t wait to play,” the Moroccan, whose loan spell at Fulham has been cut short, said at the Linate airport on Thursday. “My role? I like to play in the role of the attacking midfielder but can also play on the right or left wing.

“Balotelli? I don’t know him personally but it’s a great honour for me to play with him. I’m a player who likes to attack, score goals, make assists, dribble. My jersey number? I’ve worn number 7 and 10 in the past, but I’ll take whichever number is available. A message to the Milan fans? I’ll always try to give my best, and let’s hope that we’ll have a good time together. Flavio Briatore? He was my president at QPR and we have a great relationship. I’m sure that he’s happy that I’m at Milan.

“A message for the Moroccans? I hope to make them proud because I’m the first Moroccan to play for Milan. I’m glad to be coached by Seedorf and can’t wait to play with Kaka and Balotelli.” There is no buy-out clause in Taarabt’s contract as Milan and QPR, who still own him, will discuss what to do at the end of the season. The 24-year-old can obviously play in the CL.

Briatore, who reportedly recommended Milan to go for the forward, commented on the move: “Taarabt is a great player. My Queens Park Rangers made it to the EPL because of him. I have told many good things about him to Adriano Galliani.”

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Okay am not super excited about this transfer but to be honest it may be a necessary move considering Matri left without replacement, Honda being cup tied for the CL and SES out injured so for squad depth its a good move.


Matri was replaced with Petagna


Adel Taarabt: Since the start of last season, only 3 players have averaged more dribbles per game in the PL than Taarabt (2.6)….Seems legit


You are right Darko. Taarabt is like Ibrahim Afelay who is lazy in defending. To be honest, i think that the combination of SES on the left wing and Poli on the right wing is the best option for Milan. They are very useful for CL games. Milan need to play with pressure-football tactic in CL league. Kaka is the first choice for AM who plays behind the lone striker, then Honda as the second choice.


“””I’m a player who likes to attack, score goals, make assists, dribble”””
Hmmmmmm it seems he doesn’t like to defend


Relax.lets him prove himself wheter he is good signing or not!forza milano


In a 4-2-3-1 system now we have Kaka, Honda, Robinho, Saponara, Taarabt,Birsa, SeS (back in one month or so) fighting for three positions, so it is 7 for 2. Then we have NDJ, Monty, Essien, Muntari, Cristante and Poli for two positions, so it’s 6 for 2. And finally we have dead wood like Bonera, Silvestre, Constant Zaccardo, Amelia. We have way too many players, mediocre players or even bad players. We have 4 goalkeepers two of them being Copola and Amelia who almost cost us three points against Cagliari. We need 22-25 quality players


Yes you’re apsolutely right Drako, but i think that ACM is doing this on purpose so seedorf could evaluate who is Milan material so he keeps him for next season. The junk players will be sold or gone in the summer so Seedorf will have a fresh start next season with players he likes and hopefully succesful one.


1#fifa player is absolutely right supermario is our best player


Lazio director Igli Tare insists they “have not reached a deal” with Inter for Hernanes, but he’s in Milan for talks. Source : http://www.football-italia.net/news


I remember watching taarabt as a 17 years old kid at spurs and I said to be self ‘”WHAT?THIS KIND IS DAMN GOOD” I remember he came on as a substitute and his foot work killed me.he was amazing. yes what he said about Milan was annoying but he is here now so deal with it u guys always say Milan should buy one player or the other,do u guys think this is football manager ? you guys complain that Galliani like buying mediocre players yes I agree.he once bought us a mediocre player called Andrea Pirlo.loops u guys now… Read more »


No, i support him (Taarabt). yea i believe he would be a good addition for our squad depth. But i don’t like the management policy to sign an attacking midfielder as priority when our defence is like lack of quality right now. We better invest on top defender and goalkeeper.


There is a reason for that, Doria is going to be our new CB but we can’t have him now for few reasons (we need to let go Mexes and few others, the foreign spots and Seedorfs arrangement ….)
Seedorf wanna work with this CB until the end of the season and not experiment any more with the defense due to the fact that we have a week minded defense, however we got Rami. He is quite good and now we are experimenting with our attacking game.
Fingers crossed,
Go Milan.


I will own the flanks on fifa if Biabiany comes


The only good thing about Taarabt is his self confidence. Its off the chart and his always given his all when playing


@egule1 u re very rite. sum milan fans complain too much. you guys always say galliani doesnt buy skillfull or attacking players nw he brings one u people stil complain dat its suppose to be a cb dat he aint needed. who told u he aint needed? hw many attacking players do u tink barca or
madrid has? at d moment we only hve kaka.ses.binho.birsa.honda.taraabat. hw is dat toomuch? and dose of u who tinks dat wen a player is free it means hes nt gud enough must be jokin. pirlo.sneilder.seedorf.silva were regect in their respective club.


The reason why some of us are pissed off is because not only do we need defenders more than a winger, Taarabt’s garbage. I hope he proves me wrong of course but I doubt it.


im very happy with this transfer!!!
taraabt on left wing will be monster for most defenders;)
he can shoot from distance, he’s strong, fast and his dribling is amaizing-hope he will work more in defense!
but we still need defender-maybe ranocchia-i think he dosnt show all his potential in inter!
cant wait to see taraabt in milan shirt!!!


Like I said above the 2 of few players that I have suggested few times in this site for Milan to sigh Kurt Zouma and Mohamed Salah will both wear Chelsea’s shirt. The other one: Konoplyanka is linked with Liverpool, god damn. It makes me feel bat thinking that few years ago we were the one to do this kind of big sighing’s, however that doesn’t always means it’s a bad thing. Now we can go for those players that aren’t getting that much playing time in big clubs, especially now that there is more competition they might let them… Read more »

Pa ibra

i think the situation is clear here. people are against this move because of what taarabt said earlier but we all probably know he’s got talent. he can offer us something.

Pa ibra

i think the situation is clear here. fans are against this move because of what he said earlier about milan but we all probably knows he’s got talent. taarabt can offer something.


Just read on goal.com that we are signing Biabiany frm Parma. I hope its nt true cos we need defenders


Wow…. another free reject… and not even from a good club….

We get rid of Flamini and Boateng and bring in Essien…. We need a CB, LB and GK and we bring in Taarabt… Nothing this team does makes any sense anymore.


I hope Milan wins tommorow , we could try our new signings out and this should be a squad strong enough to beat torinio…. GK. Abbiati, RB. Abate, CB. Rami, CB. Mexes, LB. De Sglio, DM. Essien DM. Monolith, RM. Emanualson AM. Honda LM. Birsa CF. Pazzini… Cristante and Kaka as subs


Milan tried hiring the Portuguese midfielder Nani, but withdrew so he knew the player was injured.


Reports saying milan tried going for Nani unlikely to happen.. Go for Cerci or just give saponara a shot and get a cb!


we have way too many players, and still short in defence

scoga montana

can u people stop complaining for once anything Galliani does u dont want it we should keep on supporting and wish the players all the best forza milan


I’ll tell u why i complain – I complain becaus this is no team, this is bunch of free, high waged, washed up players thrown together without a system I complain because this team has no head or tail. We were desperate for creativity and wanted to get rid of defensive players. Now it’s opposite. Plus most of them are medicore I complain because we got no adequate replacements for certain players (Thiago Silva, Nesta, Pirlo etc.), knowing Galliani and Berlusconi got a lot of money for some of them I complain cause it looks like we have no scout… Read more »


simple answer, buy milan with your huge money… so you can do anything to milan… if you dont… sit, watch and give ur support… if dont like it, please choose another rich club or you can play football manager… forza milan


If this guy’s Milan material he’ll at least capped one goal & one assist. But beforehand he need to get into the lineup or subbed in amongst the attacking players we have, considering our injury cycle he got fair chance to play.

If he finally get some playtime, dude this is Serie-A who crushed the likes of Ronaldo, Van Basten, Pato and many more.

Do you really think he’ll survive if he don’t improve himself mentally. Thank god it’s just a loan!


Well that escalated quickly!!!