Taarabt: “It’s an honour, I can’t wait to play for Milan”


ADEL TAARBT has landed in Italy today and is set to become the 4th signing of this January mercato, coming on loan.

Milan are ready to sign another player as after Keisuke Honda, Adil Rami and Michael Essien, the 24-year-old Adel Taarabt will join the squad of Clarence Seedorf and will try to help them reach a Serie A place that leads to a European competition.

Clarence Seedorf seems to believe that Taarabt can add something to his attack. At first Milan had tried to exchange him with 31-year-old Cristian Zaccardo but after that fell through, Milan decided to take Taarabt anyways and he’s landed today.

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Pazzini: “It’s a great day for me and for the team”

“I am very happy. It’s an honour to play at the strongest team in Italy. I’ve already spoken with Seedorf and he told me what he expects from me. I can’t wait to play,” the Moroccan, whose loan spell at Fulham has been cut short, said at the Linate airport on Thursday. “My role? I like to play in the role of the attacking midfielder but can also play on the right or left wing.

“Balotelli? I don’t know him personally but it’s a great honour for me to play with him. I’m a player who likes to attack, score goals, make assists, dribble. My jersey number? I’ve worn number 7 and 10 in the past, but I’ll take whichever number is available. A message to the Milan fans? I’ll always try to give my best, and let’s hope that we’ll have a good time together. Flavio Briatore? He was my president at QPR and we have a great relationship. I’m sure that he’s happy that I’m at Milan.

“A message for the Moroccans? I hope to make them proud because I’m the first Moroccan to play for Milan. I’m glad to be coached by Seedorf and can’t wait to play with Kaka and Balotelli.” There is no buy-out clause in Taarabt’s contract as Milan and QPR, who still own him, will discuss what to do at the end of the season. The 24-year-old can obviously play in the CL.

Briatore, who reportedly recommended Milan to go for the forward, commented on the move: “Taarabt is a great player. My Queens Park Rangers made it to the EPL because of him. I have told many good things about him to Adriano Galliani.”

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we needed a defender. preferably a cb but once again they sign an offensive player. inter has signed d’ambrosio so that’s done. we missed that great opportunity.


Agree. Defender please…


what is rami’s position in the milan team?


i hope he will success at milan… i dont want comment because i’mnot manager of milan and dont has experience about football.. i’m only fans and always support what manajemen to do.. forza milan…


You always support what “manajemen” do? So I guess you support management even if they buy players like constant muntari birsa and coaches like Allegri?

Yeah right keep supporting the manajemen.

Opinion Varies

The chap got a point.Rather than coming on here to cry and whine on issues concerning the club.As a Milan fan,he’ll support the management regardless of what they deem is right to bolster the team – be it selling/buying players and decision making.


C’mon Galliani,nice try,at least you could learn some english.


LOL You’re very funny dude…!!! Nice one there..!

Aminu Yusuf

An African proverb said ” fire is expected at the blacksmith’s workshop but instead it was found in a textile”.
Welcome Adel, even though we dont know u, anything can happen. Good luck.


Wish it was Cerci, Well now he’s here so there’s jotting to do but support him. Now he says ‘milan is the best club in the world and he can’t wait to give his all and play’… U better realise what this shirt means and I really do hope u play well because u have potential.. Good luck


Another unnecessary signing.

I understand that Seedorf wants a natural winger to complement his new formation, but Taarabt is not the answer.

He prefers to play either as a striker or directly behind the striker.

Sevchenko Arafat

“My role? I like to play in the role of the attacking midfielder but can also play on the right or left wing.


Even if he goes on to win the balon d’or as a milanista i’ll never appreciate him. Where’s ur pride milan?!


You whine too much, let his past statements be past and just wish him the best so that he can win prizes with Milan..geez.


zeedorf blocked the departure of saponara to parma in exhange of bibiany..he wants to give him a chance to prove his worth..now the deal have to move in without him


Don’t care too much about this signing but now milan MUST go for a cb… Please milan get somebody like astori that we need badly, just 1 good cb and this team would change completely! Astori is for sale at a discount too so he better come in the last 48 hours!! If we make this signing I can honestly say this was a fantastic transfer window and one of milans best in years!!


Wat ar ur Guyz saying haven’t u watch him play 4 QPR ?..he is skilful&creative, he score sweet goals..av been waiting 2 see him in blac&whit shirt ..i lov me if u dnt..welcom Adel taarabt goodluck….add me 2go..IMOIBOHO..


After this guy talked so much smack about Milan in the summer transfer window… I can’t support him although he is good


I’m a player who likes to attack, score goals, make assists, dribble , selfish n im a liar ..


Milan and Seedorf must need their heads examined, apparently Briatore recommended him to the Milan president, this guy couldn’t cut it at English Championship level, let alone the Premiership, which is why QPR got rid of him, he’s lazy, disruptive and no where near the talent that the Milan squad already has, he’ll be shipped back to QPR come the summer. what a waste of time, effort and money on Milan’s part.


Agree with what you say but 1 thing i don’t is his talent. The guy can cause trouble to any opponent and he has what we need a more direct player who can take on defenders beat thena and create space upfront. I also don’t like him, when it comes to talent he is good but he is not desciplined. more like Bolateli at Man city. Cerci would have been better.

I’m optimistic, if we can do what Liverpool done to saurez.


To be honest, we needed this signing (we have no natural wingers besides ElSha) and he’s a skillful player with potential to be one of the best. I still can’t stomach his previous comments either, but let’s give him a chance and hope he learns to respect the weight of this jersey. Excluding what he said in the past, I think this is a great signing. Forza Milan!


what did he say


milan is a stepping stone to real madrid or barca.

Milan fan

He’s talented but I will never like him,I hope he’ll be gone in summer when his loan finishes.

Another really bad transfer market,another prove that milan is no longer big,and cannot spend like the other teams. Look at Chelsea,Man U. Meh why do I even bother.

They can’t see the obvious thing we need DEFENSE for F. sake. Gosh.


Well we all know that the management hasn’t been any good earlier and staff under Seedorf is in the making. I think that this is a pretty decent move (although it would have been better if it was Cerci coming in). Even if you don’t agree, give it some time and you’ll see how things shape up. As for defense we need a good GK ASAP! Zapata Rami De Sciglio and Abate are pretty decent in defending. I don’t like Mexes because of his wages and Bonera and Zaccardo are just old and scrappy. If you compare us to Chelsea,… Read more »


“[AC] Milan aren’t going through a glorious period now, and they’re no longer a part of the top clubs,” Taarabt said in 2012, per La Gazzetta dello Sport (h/t ESPN FC). “However, if I joined Milan then it would open up the doors for me to great clubs like Real Madrid and Barca.”

I always wish good luck for new players… but after reading this.. He will have to play a lot to compensate..

or maybe just takes robinho place.. then its all fine

Sevchenko Arafat

What he said is true because Milan really arent the best anymore. We havent won the CL since 2007 and we arent spending big money anymore unlike the big clubs ( man city, real, chelsea ect) look at all our signings this transfer window FREE. Look out our position in the league we are meant to be competing for the title not CL spot or even worse EL. When i look at our squad now and our squad 4 years ago i can see a big difference. We better start spenging in the summer again otherwise we are f’ed. FORZA… Read more »


Real Madrid haven’t won UCL since 2003, does that mean that they’re not the best? Milan is Milan however if we keep up with signings like Taarabt then bragging about our legacy won’t go for show anymore…

Sevchenko Arafat

but atleast they spend money to buy players like Ronaldo, Bale and Isco look at milan we dont spend as much as the big clubs thats why we arent as good. Nowadays the game is about Money and whoever has THE MONEY is going to succeed as a big club!!!


no its not… you answered yourself… Real spent and didnt won anything… since theyr last UCL we already won 2 and reach another final…

City spends a lot and didnt pass group stage 2 times in a row…

Football is tradition also!!! And Milan is tradition!


A player with a potential to become one of the best players in the world but hindered by his arrogance, selfishness and lack of descipline. I hope he realise this is his chance to break through. Let’s all wait and see what he ca do, but i’m sure he will offer more than what some of our players have offered. Good luck boy,


Wish you all the best.I hope you give us a hand in reaching our set objectives


He ‘s a liar, he ‘ll never be a real milanista…he has no respect for us just use us to make a “bigger” transfer..
Hope he leaves on summer


Just give ur huge money to milan then you can complaint about this transfer.. Or u can keep silence and give support for milan…

Stephen Omodara

It’s a good signing though I see Milan in the next European Competition. We ‘ll be among the top 3, that’s for sure. Forza Milan!!!


If you guys think Taarabt is the answer you’re dreaming.


Let’s hope seedorf can change him, because in this formation, everyone has to defend. So if he plays as a winger he better work his behind off when they counter

ac milan usa

4 new signing for milan ALL FOR FREE

scoga montana

what matter he says doesnt matter all we want is for him to do well and help us reach the place we deserved i wish u all the luck in this world


Recall Galliani statement during the start of the january transfer: ”Milan will no see new signings coming except for honda and rami BUT will see players leave”

now he has signed essiens and taarabat cos they are free……not mining the fact that will lack a good cb….i was thinking of d’ambrosio but inter got their hands on him already

mhen this galliani guy is a scammer


Recall Galliani statement during the start of the january transfer: ”Milan will no see new signings coming except for honda and rami BUT we will see players leave”

now he has signed essiens and taarabat cos they are free……not mining the fact that will lack a good cb….i was thinking of d’ambrosio but inter got their hands on him already

mhen this galliani guy is a scammer


A decent alternative for robinho


Milan buy so many craps making it difficult to sell them out. We always want players for free but we refuse give ours for free. Why don’t we just release bonera,zacardo,robinho,constant,birsa and mexes for free. They are just not good for milan.


Tnx guashow…i can remember i read dat…wat a crappy talk…nd d most annoying tin z, d guy z too selfish…well, i dnt xpect him to be selfish in Milan wen he has kaka, balo, honda, monty, de jong and odaz on d same pitch wit him….m nt moved by d transfer bt i wont complain….forza MILAN


WOW!! And then Galliani bitches that we have too many players on the squad, you wonder why in the hell are we getting players that are mediocre to average at best?, then we see the cases of Robinho, Constant, Mesba, Zaccardo ETC. nobody wants them, then to try and erase the error, Galliani want’s “Gazillions” of euros in exchange for mediocre players, that’s what you get for being cheap.
Please put us out of our misery and sell the club for god sake. Because god knows that you are not even trying anymore.


This is AC Milan in a nutcase. I mean, was it nessecary to bring in Taarabt and our 4 free agent signing? I rather cut down the team in numbers, save some on salary and play with the ones to count on. Our season is already ruined. Back to Taarabt and his comments back in summer about Milan. He might be a cunt saying what he said, but he is honest and he wish playing for R.Madrid, Barca and etc. That means he got to show what he is worth for on the pitch and work for it. Rather than… Read more »

kwabena Adu

Except for Essien who is old the rest of them are young, and the fact that we had them for cheap is a good deal,if only we can sign one reliable defender then this marcato have been excellent.
Forza Milan


thank god he was free and a loan…we’ll see where his skill gets us in 5 months…


Why is everyone whining and crying? Give the guy a chance to show what he can do before you complain and judge. Are Milan fans so shallow? You know Berlusconi will not spend any money.

Sevchenko Arafat

true say


because he didn’t show it at qpr or fulham that’s why……


i hope he will suceed with Milan and bring Milan to top 3 who say he cannot happen, we even win the uefa champions league


How can all these attacking players milan sign actually play together? There’s obviously no clear plan in place because it’s so obvious that we need a new goal keeper and center back that even someone with little or no football knowledge could see it


Milan should get Vital Dede and Fabio Coentrao and Rene Adler.
Offer Robinho plus 7mln for Dede. Get Coentrao on loan. And offer 7mln for Adler. Try to exchange Bianbiany.
Sell Mexes, Bonnera, Amelia, Muntari and Constant.
Our team would be:
De Sciglo-Dede-Rami-Coentrao
———De Jong–Essien———-


“I’m a player that likes to score, dribble, assist”. And so every other player likes scorin etc but they are kinda dificult Taarabt.


Some Milan fans are shallow… Thats right


And some Milan fans are kids all they know is football fantasy, and thanks god none of them is a board member !! Leave the kid alone and let him try to shine..
this transfer is a win-win if he is okay he will stay,if not is back to England


I know that it makes more sense to sign defenders right now, and I know that a lot of people are upset about his comment about using Milan as a springboard to get to the big clubs, but there is are some positives about this move. He’s young and he’s talented. Give him a chance!!

Welcome Taarabt!


Are we going to sign a LB or CB by Friday?


I hope so. I keep wishing for a dream move like T. Silva, but I know we’ll end up with someone of Antonini’s calibre…

Nana Billy

dis guy will nt get d chance to play for even napoli bt see galliani wt his stinginess attitude will sign him.
he should rada sign wright phillips dan dis guy.

Forza Milan

spend all the money! bring thiago silva back!




If Seedorf stimulates Adels with new and exiting ideas I think this boy would do really good. He has potential, he is strong as a bull and he can run towards his opponent, which is the key to play 4-2-3-1 formation. The best would be if all AM had the same quality of running through the opponent.
Thank you to all the players who still want to wear AC Milans shirt.
We will come back to show the real power of the Tigre, Milan forever loud and proud.


i feel like coming all the way from Fiji and pounding this guy to a pulp for his comments about our MILAN!!!


Look at Super Mario latest words ‘really happy to be at milan’ also stated what a privilege it is to wear the milan shirt and also praised Seedorf… I love mario and he’s milans best player and one for the future!! I hope he stays for a long time, but anyways latest reports saying biabiany is close to joining… I don’t know why we’re getting all these attacking players while we should be worrying about a cb.. But vant complain too much because it’s been a good transfer window… Hoping for a quality defender tomorrow!!


The 2 of few players that I have suggested few times in this site for Milan to sigh Kurt Zouma and Mohamed Salah will both wear Chelsea’s shirt.
It makes me feel bat thinking that few years ago we were the one to do this kind of big sighing’s ☹


Still better than Robinho for now