Pazzini: “It’s a great day for me and for the team”


GIAMPAOLO PAZZINI and Ricky Kaka are happy with the victory and are ready to work even harder to improve.

Milan were losing until the 87′ minute and then came Mario Balotelli who put the Rossoneri level against Cagliari with a free kick. Two minutes later, Giampaolo Pazzini found the back of the net following a Honda corner to give Seedorf the win.

It’s the first time this season Milan managed to win two straight Serie A game after the victory over Hellas Verona last week and the win at the Sant’Elia on Sunday, Milan are in 9th place and are just five points off a Europa League spot (5th place).

Seedorf: “Milan deserved the win, victory important for morale”
Highlights: Cagliari 1-2 Milan

“It was a good test and a difficult match. We did well for the first half hour and could have gone ahead three or four times,” Ricardo Kaka, who like most of his teammates – didn’t impress today, told the Milan Channel. “Then we conceded and it all got a bit tough. These are three important points and the second win on the trot in the league and we’re very happy.

“The team knows what we’re going through. We played more direct in the second half and we got the win. We’re following what coach Seedorf tells us and what he wants. What he said at half time helped us get the win. It’s a good sign for the future. Now we have three weeks of hard work. Honda? He is technically gifted and he fought to the end. He was a big help.

“Pazzini? He always trains well and he’s always very focused. He was unlucky against Sassuolo but today he gave us the win and we’re very happy for him.” Pazzini came on in the 60th minute, replacing Robinho, and he scored the winning goal.

“It’s a great day for me and for the team,” Giampaolo Pazzini, who scored a Serie A goal for the first time since April 28, 2013 when he netted twice against Catania, said after the game. “I’m happy, I really wanted to play and it was an important goal for all of us. I’ve been missing everything in these last few months when I’ve been out, the team, training, the changing room. I just really wanted to play. I’ve been out for a while and now I have the second half of the season to look forward to.

“We hope to do well. On Saturday we have a tough match against a tough team. They have strong and fast players. We’ll be looking to improve in everything from Tuesday onwards. We have to look to our pride to get out of this situation. We can’t be in the league position that we’re in, We won today and we’re all happy.” It was Pazzini 4th game since returning from injury.

Milan will hope to continue this momentum in the next weeks as the UCL game against Atletico Madrid is fast approaching and Milan’s only way of being the UCL next year is by winning this year’s edition but that’s of course nearly impossible.

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Actually taarabt isnt bad talent nor mediocre, he is fast, agile, and good with ball. But what i really (i mean really really) dont like about him is his comment backthen in 2012, he said that milan is no longer a big club, and joining milan could be a stepping stone to brca or real madrid.

We dont really need that kind of person, we need milanisti.
Unless he take that words back, i’m not into this deal.

Forza milan!


Even if he took his words back (which he wouldn’t mean, obviously), I would not forgive him. That loser is not welcome and I’m shocked that Galliani & co. are actually considering signing him. Should the deal happen, he’d become the first Milan player I would not support. Not under any circumstances.

There are things you just can’t say and get away with. It wouldn’t change anything if he had the talent of Totti, he needs to stay away from Milan. Forever.


My fellow Milanisti. Can anyone tell me why Galliani really signed Essien? Is it because he has a lot to contribute to our cause? Or is it because he is cheap? Read this article, if you will and tell me what you think.

Forza Milan per sempre!!!!!!


I NEVER supported Essien signing and a lot of people here had a go at me for saying that signing Essien was the stupidiest thing Galliani has done-which is why I believe Galliani must leave Milan. Signing Essien only means less playing time for Cristante. and why signing a 31yr old player who is way pass his best when we could have signing Jorginho? Galliani makes no sense whatsoever!So much for our so called youth policy! Milan must think towards the future for long term solutions and not short term solutions. Does anyone even know how much we will pay… Read more »

kwabena Adu

Don’t believe everything you read,they said the same thing about Kaka before he joint Us but his performance has been very good.Yes I would have been very happy if we could have signed a younger midfielder but lets give him a chance before we crucify him,maybe he will do well like Van Bommel,he can even play as a CB like he use to do at Madrid

Obi Kaka

Why are you suddenly justifying Galliani’s signing of essein after calling him stupid severally? Has it to do with you being a Ghanaian

kwabena Adu

No it has nothing to do with that,I am only making a suggestion


Honda, Essien, Rami (DONE)
CB(only if Mexes is Sold)
Hoping for Coentrao and Marchetti, doubt it.


as much as I want cerci, think of it this way, I bet we could make a larger profit off of taarabt in the future than we can make on Zaccardo……and for a swap deal, we are clearly the winners. With that being said, there is no room for attitudes like his in such a transitional period. I too remember his statements about milan


Why essien plz what does he want to offer to these situation


Freebies again? And we want Seedorf to come up with result? I feel deeply sorry for Seedorf because he’s working with the most stingy man in the world.

Alex The Mauler (SWE)

We need players that play for the team and not themselves only thats why Taarabt is not a good signing bad attitude if qpr and Fulham dont want him why should we??


Taarabt is really talented. Yes, he made a comment about joining Milan as a sort of stepping stone until he plays for a big club like Madrid or Barcelona. Those who think that’s disrespectful don’t live in reality. Madrid and Barcelona are 2 of the biggest clubs now. Both Milan and Serie A have been going downhill. I don’t like it anymore than any of you, but it’s reality. Taarabt isn’t always consistent, but is a very talented footballer. I welcome him!!


I still don’t understand why we are talking about signing midfielders when our defense is in shambles….


what nearly nobody here is asking…do we really need cerci,taarabt or biabiany??i think not…positions :4-2-3-1 Forward: Balo,Pazzo,Petagna >may be ganz,niang when back lw: el92 ,robi,(birsa) om:kaka,sapo,birsa(poli) rw:honda,niang,kings.boa(when back), ldm: de jong,essien,munt rdm:monto,cristante,(poli) lb:const,emma,de sciglio cbs:mèx,rami,zap,bon,zacc,silvestre(when back verghara,salamon) rb:abate …………???!!!!????!!!??!!?!?????….(de sciglio) as you can see for the offensive part nobody is needed..loaned players will come back..niang is doing fine..if we sign somebody then its just for a couple of months cause lots of players will come back..if u see the cb and rb position,there is some work to do..zacc,mex,bon,zap are not really good..and old…>astori,richards,marquinhos? i hope salamon ,pacifico and verghara will… Read more »


yes i agree that we really need support in defense but we have to stop thinking like a small club. Cerci would be a great addition to the squad and would give it more speed and depth. Just think about honda feeding el shaarawy and cerci on the wings and then they cross it to balo who is great in the air, or they cut and shoot. However, i would only take Cerci, not biabiany or taarabt. We need to show that we are a major club, our squad depth is horrible. If we do get Cerci and some defense… Read more »


D’ambrosio is passing Inter medical exams


what do you guys think of a player like micah richards from man city who can play as RB and CB?


I feel like Cerci would be the perfrct signing. He’s such an underrated player.


Ha! Zaccardo too is refusing to be used in an exchange or sold. Holy crap all Galliani’s poor players don’t want to leave. That’s what you will get when you pay big bucks for average players.


It seems that Silvio and GAlliany has got to the age that they started to not understand into the fotbal ..

I think its because Ancelotis era was very long and great so they didnt have to think about squad too much …

The legends like Maldini,Nesta,Ambrosini,Pirlo,Gatusso were in the squad that great that Galliani , Silvio didnt have to think about transfers and the squad was the same that long that it afected their intelectual thinking of fotbal . Very sad


I hate when it’s a new day and I go to check milan updates and there’s absolutely nothing lol.. No new names or nobody close to signing.. Maybe things r quiet because they’re working on something I don’t know, but there’s only a couple days left so let’s go!!


I agree even the ADMIN of this page could update here some rumours or anything where fans can talk about the things .. Everything is wrong ..


Current transfer policy seems to me that Milan is not cou nting this season…they are going to offload most of the players of 2013-2014 season in this summer & trying to build a new team for next season.

ac milan usa

Adel Taarabt could arrive in Milan tonight on loan from Fulham and QPR, removing Cristian Zaccardo from the deal. It had originally been conceived as an exchange of six-month loans between defender Zaccardo and creative midfielder Taarabt. However, according to Sport Mediaset and La Gazzetta dello Sport, Milan have removed Zaccardo from the situation after he failed to agree personal terms with Fulham and are negotiating just to take Taarabt on loan. The Moroccan would fly in tonight and have his medical tomorrow morning, signing on a six-month loan with option to buy at the end of the season for… Read more »


I think some Rossoneri fans have missed the comments made by Taarabt about Milan (and Serie A), since there isn’t an absolute consensus that he doesn’t deserve to wear our colours under any circumstances. Let me remind you: “Milan don’t belong to the top clubs in the world. However, performing well for Milan could lay the ground for a possible Barça or Madrid move in the future.” “The truth is that since even my friend Boateng, who was a no. 6 at Tottenham and used to warm the standings every Sunday, plays as a #10 there, then I too can… Read more »


Well he just said his opinion ..The Milan managment is the one to be blameed for … We have new unexperienced coach with a possible great future and they picked him up from Botafogo(during his still playing carer) here and they are giving him a present TAARABAT ..

This is the messege from the Milans managment to how will look our Club in the next i dont know how many years .. very sad


No update yet??…the fans are particularly doing the admin’s job by basically updating one another. Geez -_-


Some reports say Zaccardo would accept only Parma. Exchange for Biabiany would be better than getting this mercenary Taarabt who looks set to come. Let’s see what will happen


But knowing Galliani he’ll probably make an assault to get us more garbage we’ll never get rid of – Palleta


Taarabt refuse milan bid last season but when he has no option at his current club than to be a bench warmer he now accept milan offer wow am very sorry for Galliani he has turn milan to a dump refuse where others club dump there wastful players


INTER going to sign NANI , HERNANES and swap deal with CHICARITO – GUARIN …

Hernanes 28 Nani 28 Chicarito 25

That s the way how to try to climb up the table !


Milan Channel have confirmed that taarabt will arrive in milan tomorrow.. I wish it was Cerci instead and we don really need taarabt I guess, but hopefully he can change and play well for milan.


Cerci is Milan quality Taarabt is Inter quality :S


Taarabt can join us and as long as he gives his best on the pitch and apologise for his words I will support him. Benitez was Chelsea fans most hated manager when he was at Liverpool and reason why they didn’t support him but in the end he won the Uefa cup for them and they apologise to him. Sometimes in life we have to sacrifice our emotions to get to greater heights, I felt real bad when he made those statements but time heals.

All d best to Milan