Allegri: “Juventus are favourites, you can’t always dominate”


MAX ALLEGRI has again said that he was pleased with the performance against Ajax and is undecided ahead of Juve.

Milan can find themselves eleven points away from the second place, which brings you directly to the Champions League group stage, should they lose to reigning champions Juventus on Sunday evening and they’re not favourites to win.

It’s been a while since Milan won in a convincing fashion and on Tuesday they managed to take just one point from the Amsterdam Arena against a relatively average Ajax side. But Allegri believes his boys did well then and waits for Juventus.

Video: Christian Maldini training with the first team
Matri: “I miss scoring but I’m calm, Milan can win the title”

“In the club’s history, Ajax, has always been a dangerous adversary. I was very happy with the team’s performance on Tuesday. We played tidy football and risked almost nothing. We played well in the second half and it was the opposite of what happened against Eindhoven,” the Milan coach told the media during today’s press conference at the Milanello center.

“The two players that had the most possession in that game were Ajax’s two central defenders.  Then team followed instructions well. I knew we’d be criticized for the performance but I was happy after the match. Maybe we could have played a bit farther forward but the team did what I told them. Everyone always wants to see us dominate the game but in football you can’t always do that.” Allegri’s plan in the 1st half was to give Ajax plenty of possession and they had 73% of it.

“Tomorrow will be a very tough match. Juventus will be angry after the Galatasaray draw and after the unjustified criticisms. They deserved a lot more on Wednesday. We’ll have to play a different game as it’s a different match. The Bianconeri are still favorites for the title and they are also the favorites to win the match tomorrow. They’re tough and experienced, the same as they were last season. They’re not in crisis. Tuesday was only one match and we’ll have to be attentive,” Allegri added.

“We’ll have to burn a lot of energy but I expect a fantastic spectacle. The result can depend on many factors. It’s no exam even if it is a fascinating match. There’s an 8 point gap in the league although we’ve the chance to get back up the table.

“It’s the last match before the break and luckily we’re at the end of a tough and tiring period. We haven’t had many players available lately. We’ll have to play intense football though and be very careful. We’ll get a lot of players back after the break. El Shaarawy and Kakà we’ll have to see about but all the other players should return. Silvestre, Bonera, Mattia De Sciglio and Birsa will be ready for the match against Udinese.  Riccardo Saponara will be in the squad that goes to Turin. Saponara’s role at Milan will be the trequartista role. He has great technical qualities. He has to grow without any pressure.

“Pazzini has to have some tests but he should be back soon too. Kakà might be back for the match against Barcelona. I haven’t decided how we’ll line out yet. Robinho and Matri up front are certainties and playing with three forwards is a possibility but it’s a tough one to see happening. Riccardo Montolivo might play out wide or maybe not. I haven’t decided about him. With three forwards, Montolivo will play in midfield three but with two forwards, he’ll play behind the front two.

Milan’s record against big 6 (Roma, Napoli, Juve, Inter, Fiorentina, Lazio) under Allegri in each side – Sconfitte (Defeats), Vittorie (Victories), Pareggi (Draws) (screenshot from La Gazzetta dello Sport)

“Matri has to keep calm. He’s been unlucky lately but the work he does for the team is really essential. He’s a different forward to the others we have in the team. Him and Niang are troublesome for defenders because they attack space well. Matri has had a lot of chances and he has to get better in front of goal. He came with a lot of enthusiasm  but also pressure as well. The goals will come if he keeps working. He has always scored in his career. He’s doing a lot for the team right now.

“There’s more balance in the league this year. the top teams have all been strengthened and we have to find continuity in our results. Roma is a top three team and I wouldn’t call them a surprise. They’ve sold great players but bought solidly as well. They’ll be contenders. They concede little and they score a lot. Inter is no surprise either. Without European football, they prepare well for their matches. Walter Mazzarri is doing well and they’ll be there or thereabouts for the league.

“Balotelli getting called up for the national side? It is a positive thing. He just needs to focus on his football and not getting hysterical. If he does that we’ll all be better off. Him, Milan and the national side. I’m happy with him. He played well on Tuesday and behaved normally.” The Juventus match is Balotelli’s last match suspended, he’ll be available after the break.

Allegri has also confirmed in the presser that Milan won’t give special attention to Pirlo or Bonucci “so there will be more entertainment” and said that “Conte is a great coach, and he is the most successful one in Italy in the last two years.”

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allegri you are a joke…


His press conference are all the same, no motivation no tactical build up. Am getting tired of Allegri.


According to allergic everyone seems to be favorite against us, cant always dominate? We can never dominate a team with u in-charge even a mid table serie a teams like bologna. I miss the days when we were one of the most feared teams in the world!


Why should we be the most feared team in the world, when we can be the most wanted team in the world. Said Allergic.


Yes admit that we are inferior to Juventus, admit that Conte is the more superior coach to yourself, admit that he is more tactically aware than yourself. Its just a whole load of negativity surrounding Milan at the moment, who still backs such a coach??


And Conte isn’t even all that great! I’d hate for Milan to be stuck in his 3-5-2 prison, still light years ahead of Allegri of course


I admit,for a while know I was still on Allegri’s side. I mean I gave him the benefit of the doubt last year dealing with all the kiddies. But by now, if you haven’t got it figured out, you’re never gonna. It’s past time for him to go. I’m kinda sad being the last to accept it…


Allegri is a complete joke! Most of us could do a better job! #AllegriOut!


Allegri sucks!
When u read what Allegri says, it seems to me that milan is a very bad team like sassulo or verona! It looks like that we fight against going to seria b!!!

He has to go!
He has not the “we have always to win – ’cause we are milan” mentality!
He is rubbish!

It looks like berlusconis political career and milans succesful time are over!!

#allegri out


What kind of msg’s are u sending to our milan players? “Juve r favourites” “Conte is the most successful”…. !!!!

Such a weak Coach with no confidence…

I really Hope this Allegri stay the hell away tomorrow and let Tassoti does the job maybe we can win then…

Forza Milan… I hate Losing to Juve OR Inter……. NeveR


A few things from this press conference: 1) We’ll soon have the chance to see Bonera playing again alongside Mesex, Zapata will be dropped. 2) Allergic is average at best, he has no winning mentality. He has s aid million of times before that he’s happy with the performance, even when Milan struggled to snatch a draw against far inferior teams at the last minutes. Maybe the players like him because he does not give them enough pressure to justify wearing the jersey. 3) Matri never managed to score more than 14 goals in his professional career and that’s already… Read more »


His press conference is getting boring. I’d rather him poking some journalist’s eye or insulting them than hearing his repeated lullaby.


Who reads his press conferences any more…. Waste of time…!!! I’ll rather watch paint dry…..!

Croocked rossoneri

I can be a better coach than you Allegri. Why don’t you just self resign? Atleast I get abreak of the tension you have been giving me whenever we play. You are such a stupid dumb ass Allegri, you don’t deserve what you are earning at Milan. Some to give me a website I can talk direct to Berlusconi coz I doubt they are reading these comment we daily post here.

what the...

no… but your play can get dominated quite often…

Kwabena Adu

No matter what happen tomorrow Milan will not qualify for Europe next season


allegri its time to go mennn we as the milan fans are not seeing any improvement now or to come jus resign or i hope you get sacked soon forza milan


Good news, Saponara is in the squad for tomorrow’s game! I hope he’ll get some game time.


Everyday same old stories like a song set to play on a repeat mode.

Milan fan

This Milan team,with this Milan coach can’t even dominate against Parma. Sick of this Milan.


D only time milan fans can ve respite is when allegri leaves.PS i hope saponara plays at least thirty minutes


i think he is the most efficient coach ever to be at milan’ helm..efficient in terms drawing critics !!!!…
plan to give away possession?? never heard that before..bravo Allegri!! bravo to your doom !!!!

De GiustiMilan

Chill out everyone you can’t always be at the top and even if allegri is doing what you think is bad, don’t turn around and tell me you could do a better job because you know if you were in charge of such a big club you would not even know how to handle the pressure coaches are faced with i have faith in my team and allegri that we will turn this season arouns and with the support of our fans we can cause an upset for Juve, Forza Milano!!!


That’s the spirit, more people should be like you, I get why people are being pessimistic on this blog, but we should support and stand by our players and coach!
Forza Milan!

Baron kings

Allegri pls just go!!!!

r kenny

4za milan


cancer, garbage, looser


@ Lanre583.u are getting tired of Allegri, me a TIRED of him and he should get lost.


You cant always dominate? Ok Allegri…fair enough, but that doesn´t mean you should NEVER dominate..ffs


Moroon coach and moroon lovers. You can never be a top coach.

Pa ibra

the fact that he’s plesed with that amsterdam performance shows the guy is clueless of the value of this club.


I hope Belusconi’s patience is exhausted SOONEST


“We can’t always dominate the match…” Like we’ve ever dominated any match during his time. Allegri disrespects the culture of Milan, Roma dodged a bullet, Milan chose to stay with this disease. Berlusconi comes out after the meeting and says they discussed type of players that should be bought, next thing they get matri. He mentions that they ordered Allegri to play attacking style of football, so far we haven’t seen attacking football, small teams have dominated us, and worst of all Allegri then comes out and says he ordered the players to defend and allow Ajax the possession, AND… Read more »


U guys should jst chill keep calm and pray berlusconis patience is exhausted


wtf, his plan was to let ajax have more possession, even though he has a squad with injuries, no wonder everyone is getting tired and injured.


Come on Allegri! Even if the team is doing bad you have to support them, not encourage the other team! What the hell is that??? Incase you forgot Juve is your rival!
Forza Milan




If Allegri decides to play the first half against Juventus like he did against Ajax on snooze control then we’re toast. It was pure luck we didn’t let in a couple of goals in Holland in those first 45, what with our “defending” from set pieces and Zapata suddenly turning into Bonera.


I’ve wanted Allegri gone since Febuary 15th 2011 when we played Spurs (it was my birthday so I remember!) but even with a new manager how can we expect a good future when Berlusconi demands this decrepit 4-3-1-2 system and totally reversing the youth policy and once again hunting for free players with big salaries, even Allegri isn’t to blame for that. He is to blame for terrible team selection, style of play and injuries though.


Agreed. I’ve hated Allegri ever since he screwed up Pirlo’s career at Milan by leaving him on the bench and then bringing him on to play on the left side of MvB. It’s grown stronger every day since.


So was I right about Rudi Garcia when he said that to him, he doesn’t care about the opposition or whether its an away game the mentality remains to win? When he said yesterday that he told his players that they are to win all 38 games?did Roma not lose their two top scorers last season and their best defender? Did they not bring in an average Gervinho, whom Milan fans would have crucified Galliani if he dared sign him? Would Allegri lovers not say that the squad is mediocre so we shd expect bad results? Hmm


Hmmm…how did he won the golden bench?


our history against the big 6 teams is a shame..

just was good when we had Ibra.. these 2 years they cost us the tittle… we only win against poor teams, and this is a fact


Allegri was a joke when i won the scudetto as well???You guys that can sit there and write all this shit because the team has a hard time,then you are not real fans!!!When things turn around you will sit there and think that you are the real jokes,not Allegri…A real fan doesn`t turn on there team !!!! 🙂


Er, when, apart from winning the scudetto (while getting humiliated in the CL by tottenham btw), haven’t we had a hard time under Allegri?? Can’t believe people on here are still trying to defend this joker.


I dont know what to say ,what to think about this ..iam sick of that i know that we going to loose on 95 % today ..I miss the days when i could say ,, i think Milan going to win that s for sure :/


In my opinion, our squad when all the players are fit, is fantastic. we only lack a goalkeeper and a defender, plus honda who will come in january and also akinfeev and vidic our being strongly linked, also we need a new coach, im 99.9% certain this is allegri’s last season. if i was milan coach i would use this team

abate zapata(vidic) mexes de sciglio
montilivo de jong poli
el sharaawy


Remember me for this: Milan will sell El Sharaawy, because of pressure from his Family to leave/not live his dream. Allegri is a VERY Major problem, hes trying to use his own self proclaimed strategy to convince B & G to avoid being under-fire. Get Rid of Allegri, or else, be ready to miss watching some Ac milan fixtures on LCD screens Balotelli’s head will get bigger , coz now he will get confirmation from Allegri, B & G (Management) that hes alone on that field, that he needs to do all that can be done from either outscoring or… Read more »


you stay their and feild so let them aint chaange allegri and arsenal come up with a good offer balotelli will say it was nice milan lol




we are AC MILAN. top class club. usually top in the league. not cagliari. sack this guy


how can u not know wat do who to play man, seriously. pleased with the performance against ajax. wow allegri. ur a great motivator. well done son. great coach. clueless. ajax ran riot against the so called Milan. wow. please leave.


i am expecting to see saponara starting ahead of montolivo as trequartista and montolivo reverts back as a central-midfielder alongside de jong and poli.Niang and matri as strikers.otherwise i will kill allegri..

———Montolivo——De Jong———Poli———-


this loser will play nocerino and muntari! he is a big looser!