Matri: “I miss scoring but I’m calm, Milan can win the title”


ALESSANDRO MATRI still believes Milan can fight for trophies this season and claims he’d celebrate against Juventus.

While the likes of Andrea Poli and Valter Birsa have begun to partially justify their summer signing, Alessandro Matri has so far failed to do so, as he was underwhelming in all of the seven games he’s played for Milan in Serie A in UCL this year.

Matri will get a chance to prove his worth on Sunday evening at the Juventus Stadium when Milan play the side with which they agreed a €11 million deal less than two months ago over the 29-year-old who remains calm despite his drought.

Video: Story of Juventus-Milan
The first 45 minutes at the Amsterdam Arena

“If I miss scoring? I miss it a lot, but I have already experienced moments like these and I got through them, so I’m calm,” Matri, a Milan youth product, told the Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport. “If I will celebrate if I score against Juventus? Yes, I think so. I don’t see it as a lack of respect. I also did it against Cagliari; I don’t see why I shouldn’t celebrate.

“If I have spoken with any of my former team-mates at Juventus recently? I have maintained a good relationship with many of them, and some of them have sent me messages to cheer me up because I haven’t managed to score. But the joke was always the same: ‘You still have to wait a bit before you start scoring again. Don’t score against us’. I left a great group of players, and I will be happy to see them all again. I have a special relationship with Pirlo, Chiellini and Simone Pepe.

“Andrea Pirlo going straight to the changing room after being subbed? It hasn’t happened to me because when I was at Juventus, I used to come on in the second half instead of being taken off. In any case, I don’t think Pirlo overreacted. You’ve to understand the context. It’s okay to be a bit irritated after an exhausting match where you were man-marked.

“The differences between Allegri and Conte? Conte is more obsessed with tactics than Allegri is, and he is a great motivator. Allegri has more of a relationship with the players, and he tries to interact more than Conte does. Allegri’s best quality is that he manages to keep his calm even in difficult moments. I have always had a great relationship with him. If I think that Juventus only sold me for financial reasons? When the club calls you and tells you that if they receive an offer they will take into serious consideration, then that means you’re not the first choice and that the club isn’t counting on you.

“Juventus wanted to make some investments and they needed money. It was between me and Quagliarella, and I left because Juventus got an offer for me first. If it’s true that foreigners like Llorente are being rated higher than Italian players? I won’t judge Llorente as he is a great guy, but it is true that the Italian clubs do not count a lot on Italian players.

“I didn’t expect Milan to be so far from the top spots, but it’s always strange when you start over again,” he continued. “Milan have changed a lot, and have also had a lot of injuries. This shouldn’t be an alibi, but it takes time to assemble a team. Playing every three days doesn’t help. If a win against Juventus on Sunday could be the turning point for us? Winning against a direct rival could give confidence and boost our morale. I believe that we can finish in the top three in Serie A.

“And I also believe that we can win the Scudetto. And why shouldn’t I? The season is long. Juventus seem vulnerable? I didn’t see the match against Galatasaray as I sometimes like to unwind. There is nothing more to add about Juve’s value. Only time will tell if they have become strengthened or weakened after last summer’s transfer window. Conte wasn’t wrong when said that it is difficult to stay at the top because after 3 years the opponents will study you. The other teams have strengthened themselves, primarily Roma and Napoli, and the competitiveness of Serie A has increased. It is only normal to experience a drop both mentally and physically.” Juve are 3rd, -2 from Roma; Milan are 9th, -10 from the leaders.

The interview with Matri (screenshot from La Gazzetta dello Sport)

“Mario Balotelli? I have known him since he was 15. He was already good back then, albeit more calm. He has unique qualities and it is great to play with him. He gets fouled a lot and those players should be punished more, but Balotelli must learn to stay calm. How many goals I have to score to convince Prandelli to take me to the World Cup? Besides goals, you also need to deliver good performances. I’m fortunate enough to play with El Shaarawy and Balotelli here at Milan, and they are already in the NT. Having a great understanding with them on the pitch could help me to become a part of the NT.

“How Federica Nargi and I deal with all the attention? We have been together for 5 years, so there is nothing new to report. In any case, we’re very aware of going to the right places. Does the press say that it’s her fault that I’m not scoring anymore? If I have found a house in Milano yet? Yes, but I still have to move my things. Federica can stay calm, because there is not much left to move, but I’m returning the favor by having us move into a larger apartment than the one we had in Torino.”

With Mario Balotelli suspended and Stephan El Shaarawy out for the next 3-4 weeks, Matri will start in attack on Sunday alongside Robinho with Riccardo Montolivo probably playing again as the attacking midfielder (Valter Birsa is injured).

Translation credit: @Milanello
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o boy score lots of goals and put, even, me to shame.


1 goal is all it takes to unlock it, i wish you get to scoring form sooner.


I’ll prefer a Robinho,Matri and Poli up front
Monto, Jong, Muntari in the middle……..
Which ever way it goes, i just want victory with campaign football


I will prefer poli de jong monto
Robi niang matri.




he only give pain to me

i just cant stop watching my team..


Calm yourself and the goals will come.

Kwabena Adu

Maxi Lopez or Boriello would’ve than better than this


wow those were near misses i must say
but just be calm the goals will definitely come.

r kenny

i wish u more goal 2 cum matri 4za milan.


“Conte is more obsessed with tactics than Allegri is, and he is a great motivator”

Even the players admit that allegri sucks as a manager.

That said i hope for Milans Sake he starts scoring goals and performing well cause they spent 12M on him. However It doesnt mean that the fans will start liking him though, because he is simply not good enough for Milan.


anybody that says Matri isn’t good enough for milan… Just have it at d back of ur mind that Milan trained him! Matri just keep calm.. Goals will come and it could just start off against Juve where we will come out victorious..forzamilan


“Conte is more obsessed with tactics than Allegri is, and he is a great motivator.”

nothing more to add


I can’t blame him for his poor luck. He is just not good enough. We all know by now who is to blame. I wish him all the best on Sunday.


I dont c it happening.aging keeper,very poor defense,static midfield.milan will b roasted


just 1 goal per game, is enough for me


when last did u watch milan play for their striker, rather balotelli foolishly balloons the ball. i miss El Sharaawy’s fine form.


@Gaushow, and Allegri has more of a gud relationshp wit his players.


big deal… he doenst win anything.. on the other hand Conte is winning every year

players dont need a best friend, they need a coach, to learn, respect and obey


nah, @gaushow won’t see that.


don’t blame him, he did everything right except scoring..


Maldini the 3rd is training with the first team


sadly, he is gonna get injured

he will train 90 hours per week

Baron kings

This man no be good striker jor e too dull Matri is waste of money


He didnt say Allegri dosen’t know anything about tactics, he said Conte his better tactically, and dats fair enough. In my opinion d only coach better @ tactics dan Conte in Italy is Prandelli.


and the worse is allegri

for sure he is worse than any other coach from the big teams, and is worse than verona coach, and bologna coach also…


this is what i want to see u and niang score on juve
—–montilivo—-de jong—– emanuelson
set up i would use

Forza Milan ^_^

u’ll bench Poli 0.o?? why??

isaac ayala

i dont want hims to score because then he will start over el shaarawy


And conte has got just 2pts in champs lg


I wish him the best of luck, I like Matri, he gets too much hate because we spent so much money on him, money that could have and should have been used for a quality centre back, but it’s not Matri’s fault, the hate should not be directed towards him, he’s our player now, all we can do is stand by and support him, hoping he performs well, and helps us win matches and trophies.
Forza Milan!


Hear the beautiful words of Roma Coach Rudi Garcia. ” Inter have a strong team with many talented players. They will have an advantage playing at home. But that does not change anything for me. I always tell my players to win all 38 games both home and away. We are very well prepared mentally and we will fight for everything. It will be obviously better to win all 3 points. Come onn. These bring tears to my eyes hearing a new Coach of only 6 serie A games talking like this, when one who has over 130 games for… Read more »


So, so true..


Man I hope we win, hope this month is “lucky”…


Worst striker… I think I am better then him I meen all u have to do is put a round shape ball inside a 20 feet net that’s all u have to do. How is that hard?


Thanks to Galliani and Allegri we’re stuck with another Gilardino / Lopez / Borriello not fit to wear a Milan shirt and especially not fit to wear Inzaghi’s Number 9. That said, I hope his drought ends on Sunday night………


September not a good month obviously not october pls allegri start something new


The main problem in Milan was highlighted in Matri’s take on Conte vs Allegri. Conte is business minded and delivers on the job, Allegri is incompetent looking for cheap excuses. Having said that my argument over the years on Max is that he can’t create the environment that’s needed for optimal performance of the players.. Sequel that to the fact that as tribal football puts it”he has a fetish for playing players out of position”. Watching Juve TV, Conte talked about rotating his players so as to let them recover and also giving them a day rest after each match… Read more »

Shadow Knight

……………. Matri………..
Dts hw I feel Milan shd line up against Juve 2mao and 4 d seasn( wr balo replaces Matri, Kaka replaces Saponara and ElShaarawy relaces Robinho). players lyk Poli, Nocerino, Matri, Birsa shd come off d bench in matches or replace players durin injuries….players lyk MUNTARI, Niang and Zarccardo shdnt b invited 2 matches