Video: Christian Maldini training with the first team


CHRISTIAN MALDINI, son of Paolo, was one of the seven players that trained with the squad ahead of the Juve clash.

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Future #3 is coming soon!!! 🙂


On the bench,that I believe, playtime I doubt,and On training an injury is also possible.

But playing a match and learn something, getting confident and experient…I don’t expect.

Not with Allegri as coach. He does not give chances to the youngsters.(See Cristante, Petagna, Salamon and others).


Another legend unvield #welcomemaldini


I’m 22 years old and have supported this team all my life. Remember me wering a milan shirt when I was 4 years.

I have supported milan and only milan my whole life. But I have never ever been so unmotivated over this team as I am today. This 3 years have been my worst years as a Milan supporter. AKa sack Allegri.


Hope plays for first team in 3 years


We may use defender in the first that is very good


Allegri: “If Matri doesn’t score tomorrow, then he will score in the next match..and if he doesn’t score again I will commit suicide…hahaha


No matter how good the legend son is, as long as alegry still on the bench, that talent is useless..
Milan will face the dark future.


Even if matri scores. I don’t like him….period


Didn’t Paolo start for senior team when he was 16? So Christian might be ready next year as least as a sub for low-pressure games. Hope he will succeed his father, though it is extremely difficult to reach his father’s level. Forza Milan, Forza Maldini…


His grandfather & father was a great player and trust me he will be a great player just not under Allegri!

milan bali

He has talent and Maldini’s Blood.
He still young,.
Be patience . I mean after allegri sacked , we will see new milan style..forza milan


He can not succeed his father because allegri don’t like young players


Allergy will leave at the end of the season at most so there is hope 4 the kid in the near future


So far he is mediocre even among youth players..
The standout one is his brother Daniel.


How did u know that he is a medicore flooresens, do u watch the primeveras regularly.


He is right.

the youth coaches and even Cesare Maldini mentioned it: Christian is a good player but his younger brother Daniel is the talented one and might probably play as an attacking mid in the future


cheers mate