Montolivo: “Milan move changed my career”


RICCARDO MONTOLIVO concluded his year, claiming the 2012 move to Milan changed his career.

Montolivo joined Milan in the summer on a Bosman after his deal with Fiorentina expired and he’s a starting XI player for Milan as he plays as one of the 2 holding midfielders or as part of the midfield-three.

Riccardo has already worn the Milan captain armband a few times this season as the Rossoneri lost many of their more-experienced players in the summer and he’s proud to be playing for a club like Milan.

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“It has been a year full of emotions: the first months were difficult because of my complicated situation in Florence,” Montolivo told the Milan Channel today. “I’ve grown a lot and I was called-up to the 2012 Euro. It was a great ride even though it ended badly in the final. However, I had experienced beautiful emotions.

“Then there was the move to Milan, which changed my career. The best moments of the passing year? The brace against Novara from when I was at Fiorentina, the 2012 Euro final and the match against Juventus when I was wearing the Milan captain armband. I arrived to a team that had lost their reference points so there was time needed to find the fight balance. I’m happy we managed to get past the difficult moment.

“I’m here for the coach like all the rest of the players. Milan have always built their wins in the changing room. The players’ behaviour off the field is very important for this club. I think that I can play in front of the defence. By working on it for a while I do think I can do a job there, but I’m being used as an outside central midfielder for now. I’m at the disposal of the coach so it will be up to him to decide where to field me.

“Being given the captain’s armband was like an award for what I’m doing both on and off the pitch. It was an unexpected surprise to wear it in such an important match like the one against Juventus. When Berlusconi gave it to me in the changing room, i was really happy but also surprised as I wasn’t expecting it. It’s very satisfying for me to be playing in one of the biggest teams in Europe. It is nice that the club is pleased with the growth of the team even if a team like Milan will take advantage of the market chances.

“I have a great regret that my goal against inter wasn’t approved as it would have been nice to score my first Milan goal against Inter. Against Chievo I scored my best goal at Milan but against Palermo it was the most important one because we were having a hard time and my goal started the comeback,” he added.

“De Jong? He’s a player that gives a lot to the team and to the locker room. I’m sorry for his serious injury because in the last games he was giving a great contribution to the team. The game against Barcelona? It will be an exciting and fascinating game. Both teams have made history in European football. On paper, we’re underdogs, but in football you never know. Being disadvantaged should be a stimulus to do well.

“In the home game it’ll be important to play a great game. Playing at the Camp Nou will be a great satisfaction for me since I’ve never played there. Milan’s objectives for the season? The league table is still quite tight; we are close to the top. We must continue to play well and win; we can get to the top positions.”

Montolivo, like all the other Milan players, is currently enjoying his Christmas vacation with his family. He will return to training in Milanello on December 30. Milan’s next game is against Siena on January 6.

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montolivo i luv u,hapi xmas nd a wondaful 2nd half of d season

Pa ibra

you want Allegri to play you infront of the defence? he’s thinking about playing you as center forward

Signor Eskola

Nah, I think Allegri fields him as the goalkeeper rather.


i hope he will get our next captain

R kenny

Monty great 2 av u in our team our next captain marry xmas,forza milan.


montolivo is outstanding .. a true class act and should be milans captain .. unfortunatley the last couple of games milan played not so well due to montolivo’s slight dip in form .. when monto is on top .. so are milan 😀


Drogba and calvalio for milan. God save us.

rosseneri fan

according to sky italia milan are in advanced talks with lazio for zarate, we want him on loan for 2m with the right to purchase at the end of the season for 6m.

gee thanks galliani !


Hope we can find some quality in the centre of the pitch so Monto won’t have to do it all by himself.
Even if both Robi and Pato are (probably) leaving, I don’t care if we get another striker or not, what matters is to strengthen the defence (with a quality centre back and a new quality midfielder, and we should be fine.


I like Zarate!

Zarate will be great addition


Zarate is a very good player – it’s just his attitude that has been very bad lately.


What will happen for barbara if pato leaves milan?


I thought Babs and Pato had broken up. Hey, maybe he wants to go back to Brazil to mend his broken heart!


he should b deployed more as a regista and not as a mezzala as he gives de sciglio a lot of work to do.

Kalle Klovn

Think Monto would suit better as a regista as you´re saying. Especially since De Jong is out for the rest of the season… And it´s weird Allegri has moved Nocerino out of the position where he figured most last year… Montolivo isn´t too keen on the box runs meaning we´ve lost an attacking option on the right flank. With Boateng on the left flank, we´d have a midfield with lots of power defensive and offensive. And maybe Bojan would get a chance to make the AM position his own… With Shaarawy and Pazzini on each flank we´re also better covered… Read more »


Ilicic has been thrown in transfer talks aswell


Big up to you monty! U are the new Rui costa. I love milan not players,but, i always enjoy players with great determination. Wishing milan and all d fans h+a+p+p+y n+e+w +y+e+a+r in advance.


@rosseneri fan, Zirate is never a team player. He is not the kind of player we want in Milan. He couldn’t break into Lazio first eleven neither was he relevant in Inter. What we need is players that have proven themselves in other teams and not players that are regarded as garbage by other teams like traore.


Youth Transfer Targets

CDM: Tymoshuk
CAM: Lampard
CB: Carvalho
LB: A.Cole
ST: Drogba

By: B&G Co.

Illicic to replace binho and zarate for pato…hmmmn what did you guyz think bout it tho its not likely to happen


Ilicic and Zarate?

God forbid.


Ilicic is a good player, fast and attack minded so I really wouldn’t mind him joining, plus he’s only 24

Kalle Klovn

Why should we buy players at 24+ of age if they´ve not proven to be a quality player? Drogba may be a short spell solutions while Niang grows, but Ilicic and Zarate? I´d rather give some of our youngsters a chance. Why shouldn´t Strasser have a chance of becoming a great player? Astori was in our squad some years ago, but we got Yepes in as a backup for Nesta/SIlva instead… And look how Aubameyang is performing now…

R kenny

Forza rossoneri av faith.


O! My God is this the new milan youth policy;
Cf – drogba, zarate, henry.
Mf – lampard, sissoko.
Df – cavalho, ferdinand.
Gk – skelenburg, j.ceaser


Milan has line bid for palermo attacker ilicic to replace robinho. According to gazzetta news

King of Milan

Ilicic’s agent has said there is a possabillty of him joining Milan and they think it would cost around 9 million euros


I am happy if we could recruit Ilicic…he is complete midfielder…but I am not sure about that plan…because of that CRAZY ZAMPA…


If he’s Good..just Go for Him…but is it until Barca Disgrace us b4 we know Center Backs shud be our priority???..let’s get center backs for christ’s sake…..

@julius Yeah u are right…but we just have to get d perfect defender and not to rush in and rushoutby conceding more goals


ilicic would be a great signing he has one hell of a long shot and can pass the ball very well


Out of the name’s that are circulating about, Balotelli for attack, Strootman midfield and Astori for centre back, those names are the most appealing and I would be THRILLED if all these players would arrive, it would be the smartest and most well spent money on the transfer market since we bought Ibra. Well Balo is a bit of a gamble, but Astori and Strootman are ideal, just what we need.


Zamparini: “Illicic will not leave Palermo even for 30 million euros.”


I’m not surprise if thats what Zamparini said. Also Berlusconi wife filed for a divorce and it is rumored that Berlusconi will pay her 4mil per month!

There goes our transfer money:-(


Can sum1 compare ilcic nd taarabt pls?


The two are just average players.
only difference between them that Ilicic shoots well from outside the box and that’s it.


What of getting diamanti?


We Milan fans shud just pray.B and G are out of idea..let’s see what happens this Jan transfer..


Thanks juninho.taarabt is mor skillful i think?

Stephan Kareem El Shaawary

Taarabt is really skillful and he could be great add for low price.


Not with his attitude. I would imagine he’s not the first player to think Milan is now just a stepping stone club but the fact that he was crass and arrogant enough to mention it means he will probably never suit up for us.

I prefer pastore coz he reminds me of kaka at times..but he s too cost but one of illicic and taraabt will be fine …tho taraabt is stupid for insulting us….forza 1899


And now montolivo look at the table. Thoughts gone hazy as there it is fiorentina on 3rd spot..